The 48.1%

I am sorry but, as tolerant as I am, my piss has flashed to steam at the constant and perpetual moaning of the minority cunts.

It is a democracy you cunts – you get to put your fucking x in whatever box you choose and, when the result comes in, you fucking well get on with it.

When was the last time you had an election and the fucking loosing side kept moaning for a ‘do over’ because they fucking lost? Never is when you cunts and that is because we are supposed to live in a fucking democracy.

If you don’t fucking like it then move to the non Cuntry that is Belgium or any other continental shithole of your choice.

I appreciate that our current beloved leader is a cunt of the highest order (and a member of the 48.1%) and is making a total shitfest of what should have been a fairly straight forward matter of telling the Euro Cunts to Fuck Right Off. This is a symptom of the constant cunting our Country has taken over the past 40 years. If Parliament is relegated to the status of a Parish Council is it any wonder that it fills up with inept cunts over time?

We are now regaled with a never ending stream of hated cunts of the highest order (Blair, Miller, Soubry etc) telling the 52% that they are thick and racist. Well, I am not thick and, in my opinion, not a racist – I do not consider it to be racist to not want a peaceful to blow up/ lop off heads / have a shootathon / mow people down in front of me by refusing to let any more of the cunts into the country.

48.1% – you fucking well lost – get over it you cunts.

Nominated by Proper Cunt

67 thoughts on “The 48.1%

  1. It is setting an ugly precedent… If these cunts want a democratic referendum – a legal and official vote – overturned, simply because they didn’t get their way, there will be no end to it… My old man was no lover of Maggie, but he didn’t demand a re-election in 79, 83, and 87 because she won… Then again, it could apply to anything… As a young lad I was horrified when The Doc was sacked and even more gutted when Sexton replaced him… Every supporter wanted Doc to stay and nobody – fans or players (except for that little cunt, Willie Morgan) – wanted Sexton… But did Louis Edwards listen to us? Did he fuck…. But there was no foot stamping and dummy spitting… You can’t always get what you want, as the song goes, and these Remainer snowflake fannies should fucking grow a pair and man up… Mardarse cunts…

    • “Mardarse” fucking love it Norman. The Doc was ok other than that he was the catalyst for Georgie boys demise. Having told him he could train when he liked as long as he put the training in he then went full cunt and dropped him for not training. Now Georgie was his own worst enemy and was until the day he passed over the bar. I know not whether you saw George play or not. If you did no explanation is necessary, if you didn’t no explanation is possible. We won fuck all till the really big money moved in but I was never happier with the odd trip to Wemberley (sic) and standing in the United road paddock watching who the fuck KrugerRon Atkinson had bought that week.
      Oh, and on topic I have ceased having debate with remoaners – it just isn’t worth inflaming the ulcer. Suffice to say cunts, one and all.

      • My time started just after Bestie, cunto… My dad told me all about him as a player and the old man used to occasionally have a pint with Bestie, Kiddo and John Fitzpatrick during the late 60s…George was probably sick of playing with shite like O’ Neil, MacDougal, George Graham, and Ian fucking Ure… When he was used to playing with the likes of Bobby, King Denis, Paddy, Nobby and Kiddo… My heroes were Gordon Hill, Stevie Coppell, Pancho, Buchan, Jimmy Greenhoff , Macari, Gerry Daly and Sammy Mac… I loathed Sexton because he was as boring as fuck and he sold Hill and replaced him with Micky Thomas.. The daft cunt also sold Andy Ritchie and bought that useless twat Birtles for over a million… In Ron’s defence, he did by Robbo and brought through Sparky , Paul McGrath and Big Norm… And Mourinho is a far bigger cunt than Ron and The Doc combined…

  2. Totally bored with Brexit and completely fucked off with absolutely everything to do with it.

    It has taken up so much of everyone’s time and stirred up much anger and hatred dividing the peoples of this country.

    Brexit negotiations led by a weak and useless Remainer against the nasty bully boys of the EU who have never wanted to cooperate in arriving at any sensible deal.

    Of course it is a fucking shambles, and it will continue to be so until whatever happens is eventually over. Whichever way it goes (possibly not even concluded in my lifetime) it will not have been worth the bother.

    The only thing that I can be sure of is that Remoaners and the European Commission are all Grade A cunts.

    • “Totally bored with Brexit and completely fucked off with absolutely everything to do with it.”

      That will be music to the Remoaner’s ears!

      Leavers need to stay fully engaged. The cunts have already achieved an unacceptable fudge imho. Before you know it we’ll be back to full membership or Brexit in name only (BRINO) at best.

      What a fuck up.

  3. As I said in a previous post. I am fucking amazed how so called Politicians such as Blair , Clegg, Hesseltine , Clarke and the arch cunt of them all Vince cunting Cable all banging on about the virtues of democracy and when they loose behave like spoilt children and insist we turn over the result and keep doing it till they get what they want.
    All of those bastards have got their cards marked now and will never get the support they crave from the Public ever again. They have left them selves exposed as total shits and all Parties Need to fire the fucking lot of the toxic cunts.

    • May should of let Jacob Rees Mogg and his team deal with it.
      Surprisingly Nigel Farage has been quite

      • Mr .Farage had a view on a narrow majority……….. 7 Nov 2016 – The former/current/interim Ukip leader said in May that a narrow 52-48% win for Remain side would be “unfinished business” and would prompt him to fight for a second referendum. … The irony has not gone unnoticed. In May this year Farage said he wouldn’t accept a 48/52% referendum result.

  4. Sorry but my patience has worn thin and as far as i’m concerned all these remoaners are cunts and they can all go fuck themselves.
    I can understand the rich cunts all over the telly and radio crying their eyes out……it’s pure self interest for them the greedy bastards.
    But, what I don’t get is the ordinary cunt in the street. What’s in it for him except more of the same old shit? I think they are just thick cunts who swallowed project fear the muggy wankers. Now, encouraged by the rich cunts and their media friends and tame politicians, they just can’t admit they were wrong. It’s much easier to fool a cunt than to persuade him he was fooled in the first place. Oh no, I couldn’t have been fooled, i’m fucking smart…..all those politicians keep telling me I am.
    Fuck the lot of them the gullible fucking cunts.
    Oh, and the next fucking remoaner cunt who cries to me about that slogan on that fucking bus is going to get his bollocks kicked into next week.
    Thick fucking wankers.

    • Freddie , couldn’t agree more mate

      one disclaimer I must point out from reading the past cuntings , please don’t regard every Scot as some fuckwit jock who hates his English neighbours and sucks the sturgeon teet .
      Please be assured there is a silent majority who voted remain in the independence referendum and …. to the tune of over a fucking million ….to vote leave in the referendum on the EU . I personally like my neighbours of these isles, like minded in values and history instead of a plethora of nationalities with which I have no affinity
      Rant begins :
      My mind and soul hit rock bottom today when the realisation hit me of the massive con job being done on the British People by the cunty establishment. Ive watched day by day the cunty behaviour ….but something is going unchallenged since Farage hinted another referendum may be needed. Now, none is needed, but my despair is that were being cunted into accepting, as the norm ,that the 2 questions will be ….. accept the deal or remain in the EU.
      Eh ? what you cunts ? surely its accept the deal or leave with no deal ? not fucking scrap the whole thing altogether.
      so lets get this right, heres the plan since day 1 after the referendum
      1: 18month project fear utilising the liberal leftist media BBC/CH4/ Sky…andy every leftist cunt you can drag onto a talk show or political programme et etc
      2: ignore manufacturing being highest since the ’80s / no recession / no 500,000 immediate job losses / no major business relocation / no major financial institution relocation / Record inward investment / record employment figures
      3: Convince every leftist libtard and snowflake millenial that the EU is some arms around the fucking globe people movement and not a fucking diabolical stitch up of big business /evil bastard elitist /nose in the trough cunty bastards who keep wages artificially low and prices artificially high whilst moving their production to any fucking where they like as soon as it can be done cheaper.
      4: Report as fact and cower under every bit of pish that is spewed out of the three cuntmigos mouths … a’la Barnier / Verhofstdat / Junker without as much as a fuck off from anyone this side of the pond
      5 : Go on and on and fucking on about the number on the side of a bus. Well heres a fucking fact remoaners , after the rebate and any planned spend of EU funds in the UK it works out at £180 MILLION A FUCKING WEEK. Why not just put that on the bus ? Thats eye watering enough surely ? So shut the fuck up about that
      the list could go on and on
      what a total bunch of 2 faced spineless useless fuckwits weve ended up with here , backed up by half a nation of self doubting pathetic little fith column cunts , actually hoping for any bad news on the economy to further push their agenda
      Apologies, im not as eloquent on this subject as most of you cunters, im just too fucking angry to find hmour in it
      sorry for the long post

      Rant over

  5. Let’s not forget that we didn’t know what we were voting for, although in my case, I voted for
    1. An end to free movement
    2. An end to ECJ supremacy over the Supreme Court
    3. Exiting the single market
    4. Exiting the customs union
    5. An end to subsidising Eastern Europe

    Clearly I got all that wrong and am a little Englander xenophobic undemocratic racist bigot.

    • Exactly the same things I voted for, and I suspect most people who voted Leave did.

      No such thing as a hard or soft Brexit- either in or out.

      52% (the majority) voted Leave.

    • Me too !

      I think our government isn’t even a “parish council” – more a “pariah council” / cuntcil.

      Ian Hislop (photo at top…) doesn’t get any better looking, does he ? The cunt.

    • Agreed, but to be Pedantic (see what I did there?) I also voted for my vote to mean something. ie, the cunt I vote for should represent me and my country, not a vote for some rubber-stamping dip-shit who does as s/he is told by some Belgian cunt.
      The EU and its bollocks about vacuum cleaners and hairdriers and I read this morning the fucking idiots wanted to ban saucers of olive oil on restaurant tables. You know, like they have served it for tens of thousands of fucking years in the Mediterranean countries. For Fucks Sake!

  6. I blame David Cameron. He should have done as he said and signed Article 50 immediately that he lost the vote. Instead,he left the door open for May to dither for months while the Remainers gathered money and support for their cause.
    He also had been so arrogant about Project Fear winning the day for Remain,that he hadn’t even instructed the Civil Service to prepare for the possible ramifications of a Leave vote.

    Cameron is a bigger cause of the discontent and Remainers’ refusal to accept the result than ANYONE. The man is a craven Cunt.

    • Totally agree. It was fucking Dave who should have had a plan B. He was PM for fucks sake. Nothing was prepared and the Civil Service seized it’s chance to fuck it up assisted by useless cunts like May and Davis.
      Cameron, the smooth faced cunt tiptoed quietly away leaving the fuck up behind him.

  7. The refusal to accept the Brexit and Trump results are basically endemic of the gift of anti-social meejah where the view of said individual is more important than democracy.

    Any view not of their own and their group-think ilk are immediately suppressed/removed and therefore no longer exist.

    Unfortunately – dear snowflakes and libtards – you cannot “unfriend” reality my friends.


    I don’t suppose there’s any chance of re-opening Traitors Gate for its intended purpose again is there?

    Many a Cuntminster, interfering twat and News Reporter’s heads would make for pleasing ornaments there.

  8. Nearly every time these remoaning cunts speak it almost always starts with……we accept the referendum/leave result…..but…..the cunts don’t know the meaning of the word democracy and as fellow cunters have said on here, they must have a lot to lose.

  9. I voted leave on sound ideological reasoning. A lot of techno comes from Europe and if we leave we can make it illegal to listen to it, download it, talk about it or anything else it.

    • You make a very good point and one which hitherto has been ignored . The truth is that most rock/pop music from the continent has been a steaming pile of fucking dross. All the good stuff has come from us or the States. And before you start, Kraftwank were pretentious twats as well. Techno gave these talentless wankers an excuse. Tuneless cunts.

      • A lot of the early Krautrock was at least equal to our better output in the early 1970s – Amon Duul II, Can, Neu!, Tangerine Dream, Faust, plus a whole bunch of more obscure stuff.

        Mind you, it all went pretty much downhill for Kuntrock after 1975. Wonder why…

      • @Cunts n Roses
        Hate to break it to you Mr (((whinestein))) but krautrock wasn’t the only progenitor of techno sure krautrock laid the groundwork for it and alot of early techno came from germany but it was britons and uks best electronic artists and dj’s who really made techno what it was

        Artists like Orbital, Future sound of london, LFO, Boards of canada, underground, massive attack, Aphex Twin and Autechre So if you hate techno you hate britain and europe M8

        Also I’ve proposed the opposite of your idea to Barry Stanton the future PM of britain so be warned in the near future bud unsheathes katana nothing personal, kid but techno hating communists must be dealt with

  10. I was at a ‘do’ over Christmas.
    Some cunt was giving it the usual remoaner shit.
    He was pro limited immigration.
    I said bollocks, I don’t want any more cunts entering the country.
    Not because I’m a racist, it’s just a numbers thing. The countrys’ full.
    He didn’t like that.
    He then went on to say how disappointed he was with the decision making of the British people and feared for the future of his grand daughter and was glad he wasn’t going to be around to see the shit that was yet to come.
    I said “If things don’t change right now, you will be glad you’re dead because your grand daughter could be wearing a burkha at some point during her life”
    He didn’t like that either.
    I said “You’re asleep, you need to wake up to what’s happening in front of your eyes.”
    He didn’t like that.
    I was asked to leave.
    It was his do…

    • Don’t know about you JR but when I get into an argument with a snowflake, their smug virtue signaling arrogance really makes me want to deck the Cunt. I get so wound up that I become speechless. Im 61 FFS, and no other type of cunt boils my piss to this degree.

  11. I voted to leave ‘coz I’m an uninformed thick racist cunt who didn’t understand the question.

      • As I recall the referendum asked if I wanted to leave the EU – wording that’s far too subtle for the likes of me to understand.

  12. It was a referendum with a simple question. In or Out. You cant have endless nuances of this that and the other in a referendum. But the Remoaners say we didn’t know what we voted for so the deal should get further approval. We voted Out. Not in/out/shake it all about. Out means out of single market. Out of Customs Union. Remoaners are trying to subvert the process because they ‘know best’ Fuck them. Fuck the EU with it’s 32000 gnomes of Brussels. Fuck the Roma shit that has crept in. Fuck unelected cunts, usually from fucking Belgium or Luxembourg or some such non country. Fuck Frau Merkel and her million refugees. Amazon with it’s sweat shops employing mainly the poorest Eastern Europeans can fuck off too.
    We have benefitted from European workers. There is no reason they cant continue to have controlled entry.
    Cable, Blair, Soubry. Clegg, Miller. Self interest. Says it all really.

    • That’s the spirit Cuntsable , great post, took the words out of my gob 👍👍👍

    • Actually Cuntsable we have not benefited from Eastern Europeans. Think of all the tax credits and child benefits they receive . They do breed like fucking rabbits , maybe not as much as peacefuls. Oh don’t tell Mrs Fistula, she’s Polish but I have to say has never received a penny in benefits and often works 10 hour shifts.

      • My view is that the EU workers at least work, even though they may get benefits. It’s the 3rd world scum that breeds like rabbits, milk the system and contribute next to fuck all.
        No problem with Poles, Latvians, Portugese etc who keep Lincolnshire afloat.

      • For an immigrant to be a net financial benefit to the country they have to earn more than £29,000 per annum. This is the salary required to pay sufficient tax to offset the annual government spend per person. And that is for a single person with no kids, as soon as offspring are factored in that figure rises dramatically. Any person from anywhere in the world who has a guaranteed job paying in excess of £29,000 can come on in so long as it is a job that no native Britain can do. Everybody else can fuck off.

  13. The latest trick of the remain fuckers as represented by their shit-brained parliamentary committee is to advise the government to delay Brexit. Obviously too many of the pansy politicians still want to stroke the cock of Jean Claude Drunker and the other EU motherfuckers.

    We have tried to negotiate in good faith but seeing as we are negotiating with childish little cunts we should just walk away frm the table and tell them to go fuck themselves

  14. There’s plenty of footage available of Agent’s Clegg, Cameron, Osbourne et al prior to the 23/6/16 on the MSM channels explicitly stating a vote to leave was a vote to leave the Customs Union and the Single Market.

    On the Sunday Politics show several months ago Andrew Neil confronted Agent Clegg with footage of him making that very point but Sir Cuntalot got very angry and denied that was what he meant leaving Andrew Neil close to speechless.

    And that’s the nub of it for me. These cunts live in a parallel universe where they genuinely believe they are above redress.

    When I watch Crimewatch in future I’m not going to take a blind bit of notice of those crimes caught on camera instead I’m going to jam the phone lines telling Officer Dibble it simply didn’t happen.


    • Yes. They used leaving the Customs Union, Single Market as part of Project Fear. Now the slimy wankstains are twisting it around.

      • And we welcome our next guest in the studio today, Agent Clegg.

        Agent Clegg can you believe it’s 2018…..

        No it’s not

        Well I’m pretty certain it is because..

        No it’s not

        Well when I got up this morning my

        NO IT IS NOT

        Ok well we need to press on we’ve only got 5 minutes

        That simply isn’t true

        Well my producer is shouting in my ear and he says

        No he isn’t.

        Well he is….

        Well even if he is he’s being lied to, take that clock on the wall it’s just like the lie that was emblazoned on the bus, it’s a lie, the people are being lied to.

        But Agent Clegg that clock is set to GMT and shadows Big Ben.

        No it doesn’t.

        Agent Clegg I put it to you that you really are a cunt.

        Ahhh ya got me there……

      • What a ratfaced piece of shit he is. Former MEP so no conflict there then, married a former advisor to the EU, so certainly no self interest there either.
        Why is the cunt getting exposure. The voters kicked the fucker out so what is his standing?

      • The good people of Sheffield gave the cunt his cards. So he was shifted up to the house of Lords instead.

      • His argument seems to be that people don’t watch TV interviews so it doesn’t matter what you say on them. Begs the question, why does he fucking bother continuing to appear on the very TV shows that no body watches? What a cunt.

        And buy a fucking tie you scruffy twat.

  15. Hey Remainiacs, don’t forget to:-

    ▫ call every white person who voted Leave a “racist”, ignoring the fact that Europeans are the same race as us. Also, please ensure you ignore and marginalise ethnic minority leave voters. Cunts.

    ▫ claim that the (huge) turnout wasn’t high enough. 72%? It should have been at least 75%! 80%? It should have been 85%! Keep moving the goalposts! Cunts.

    ▫ demand another referendum. Every few months. Cunts.

    ▫share memes bashing Brexit and read dogshit websites like DailyMash guffawing at how stupid Leave voters are. Cunts.

    ▫ consistently moan about how the future has been ‘stolen’ from The Youth as if it’s a pleasantly-wrapped, inevitable gift which needn’t require conscientious years of had work. Cunts.

    ▫ continually threaten to emigrate but do ab-so-fucking-lutely NOTHING because despite your endless Britain-bashing, you know there’s nowhere better. Cunts.

    ▫ learn nothing from the campaign, blaming the result on everyone but yourself. Stew in your own rancour and bitterness for the rest of your life. Cunts.

    • Oh yes Captain, how many fucking times have I been accused of stealing the future from the Yoof.

      Get fucking fucked I say, I have 3 teenage children and without question I voted to protect their future.

      And if generation Snowflake was so concerned why did only 23% of 18-25 yr old flakes only turnout to vote.

      How many times have I heard the majority wasn’t significant enough? Sorry cunts the majority is 1 more than you sour cunts got but it turned out to be over 1m more, 1.3m to be precise.

      How is it that we had a General Election last year where the vote was decided by 68% of the electorate and despite Theresa promising us a ‘strong and Stable Govermnent’ we got anything but, but I don’t hear anyone saying they were lied to or misled? So how is it that 72% of the electorate all of a sudden we’re lied too?

      Fucked if I know. Could it be sour grapes……..

      • Apart from some thick cunts filtered on to O Briens shit fest, I don’t know of one brexiteer who has changed their mind. I do know a couple of remainers who have changed their mind because of the exposed cuntery that is the hierarchy of the EU.

      • If only it could’ve been James O’Brien clogging up the pool filter at Michael Barrymore’s house whilst sporting an arsehole like a blood orange.

    • A perfect summary Captain. 48.1% of the population are 100% certifiable cunts with no further investigation required.

      • Every time a smarmy, tedious cunt replies to my “Majority voted to Leave” with “Only Just… wahh wahhh…. percentage…. wahh wahhh… so close…”

        I say, “IT WAS CLOSE….BUT IT WAS CLEAR!”

        Tiresome, monochrome-minded, anti-democratic, cock-less trite fuckwits.

  16. I suggest all those who claim that brexit has “stolen our youth’s future” take their next holiday in Italy, Spain or Greece where youth unemployment is 31.5% 36%, and a staggering 43.7% respectively. For perspective the average EU figure is 16.1%.

    The remoaners don’t have any actual arguments, it is all based on appeal to emotion, appeal to authority, ad hominem attacks, argument by repetition, false attribution and garden variety lies. Bunch of cunt, in other words.

    • I’ve read it’s 40% in Spain but was thankfully corrected by a Remainer colleague who told me that that’s just propaganda. When I asked why so many are coming here, they replied, “They’re not.”
      I reiterated that they are, to which she said, “They come here for the language.”
      Confused (presumably the intention), I asked which answer she preferred. Ignoring that she said that Spain is doing so well that British people are going there for medical procedures (!?).

      Phew, thank Goodness we had a proper, intellectual exchange. To think, Brexiteers have the stereotype of being thick-as-shit.

  17. Just a quick word about a man who should be hailed as a fucking hero, but who instead is called a far right extremist the BBC. I talk, of course of Tommy Robinson who today delivered a banned speech at speakers corner cheered on by an estimated 2000 strong crowd of supporters. As far as I know, the craven cowards of antifa shat it and didn’t turn up. However, some peacefuls did kick off proving once again that islime is a fountain of tolerance, human rights and peace. Quite a lot of dark faces in the crowd too….good.

    • FYI Skidmark, you posted this several times and bitched several more that it had been ‘edited by moderation’. This is bollocks!

      Any comment containing two or more links is treated as spam by WordPress. It AUTOMATICALLY goes into moderation.

      It has categorically NOT been edited and has been released as submitted, so before you have a go at us, GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS RIGHT!y

      • It was edited by me to get it passed moderation! I never claimed it was edited by the moderators! GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS RIGHT!

      • Have been moderated 3 times now. WTF?

        You’re in the cooler for a week.
        Chew on that!

      • Chill the fuck out all – we are all on the same fucking side here – battling a world of cunts. No fucking political agendas or other bollocks is necessary.

        Lets face it, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a total cunt so lets keep the aim true to single out the ones that need taking down ffs.

      • That’s right. No-platform him. for a bit of a fall out. We are all on the same side as said by Proper Cunt.

  18. I’m just waiting for the inevitable chorus in the aftermath of this poisoning fucking event of all the remainiac hystericalites pissing in the undergarments and declaring that it is utter madness for us to be leaving the EfuckingU at a time when we must all be sticking together to fight the evil tyranny of the Kremlin. My mate knows a bloke who works in a chemist near Salisbury and he swears blind that some cunt who was the fucking spitting image slime stain Andrew Madonis came in and bought some of that Novichok poison saying it was for boyfriends piles. Now I’m no conspiracy theorist but seems a little bit coincidental to me that low and behold some poor cunt cops for it with the VERY same poison shortly afterwards. It may well be that cunt faces boyf just happened to sit in the same seat before the hapless victim sat on his pile juice and inadvertantly exposed himself to the toxin. Not only that but apparently Madonis’s sister is now saying she regrets bitterly ever giving birth to the weasily sperm blob.

    • Adonis wasn’t born, they just scraped a pile off his mother’s arse and it grew into what he is now.

    • You make sense Kendo. Have you passed this info to Putin? He hasn’t quite suggested this yet but given time—

  19. What a lot of people forget, prior to the whole build up before June 2016, is that decrying the EU and wanting to leave was a popular shout and much more accepted than it is now. In addition, I lost count of how many ‘reluctant remainers’ were interviewed/voxpopped prior to the vote, who were going to vote to stay for no other reason than project fear got to them. I would wager a fair percentage of the remainers would have flocked to leave if they had any notion that the vote to exit had such a good chance of succeeding.

    Still, in the same way that everyone who voted Brexit is typecast as a knuckle-dragging ruddy-faced meathead, I’m more than happy to return the favour and assume that each and every one of the 48.1% is a Birkenstocked, hemp-chewing luvvie cunt of unfathomable proportions.

    • Mhairi Black, for all her alleged faults, said that when she was obliged to vote remain by Turdgun (presumably “whipped”), she did so with a bad smell up her nose.

      Even if she flicks and munches for the other side, I still find her quite toothsome.

      Btw, Scottishness… Had some Golden Wonder Haggis-flavour crisps from Home Bargains the other day. VERY peppery, hot and spicy, sausagey, almost-but-not-quite curry. Probably most successful crisps I’ve had in about three years.
      I wonder if that’s what MB’s pussy tastes of…

  20. Funny, isn’t it, that the only people I hear spouting, “people did not understand what they were voting for”, is remoaners. Maybe that’s why they wanted to preserve the status quo so much; because the majority of leave voters had a very good idea what they were voting for.

    Maybe, just for a week, we should give them a taste of what their own idea of democracy is. Hold votes and overrule them. Speak to them in every language you know except English and expect them to keep up. Make them pay extra to ‘representatives’ on every street corner who do nothing but criticize your consumer and lifestyle choices. As they are now jobless as targeted immigration and unskilled refugees have replaced them, make sure they have a choice between begging for handouts or joining a brothel to pay their way, whilst making sure there is a big queue for every service they desperately need, particularly the NHS when they accidentally walked into the crossfire of replica country wars over tenement blocks. No public holidays allowed unless they are ‘diverse’ so as not to offend. Let them attend a meeting to voice their opinions on the upcoming European army conscription and count their attendance as their sign up. One week should do it, unless its nick clegg and he won’t last two minutes on the front line waving his tightly whiteys on a stick.

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