Windows 10

The deplorable fucking mess that is Windows 10, ‘given out’ for free from old Philanthropist Bill Gates, to force the masses to adopt Windows 10, taking peoples retails keys and exchanging them for oem, yes, when you upgrade your system your key will no longer work.

With Windows 10 you don’t need to worry about getting malware any more, you already have the most data thirsty malware ever created.

Windows is not so much an operating system as it is a fucking service, a service that tracks every thing, every file, every keystroke, every email, every website, every search and so on.
like that nosy neighbour next door who has to come and see what you are doing every time you go in to the garden, Windows 10 is there hoovering up everything.

It is a front-end for the mighty fucking app store, a way to get you to buy an app to do something that Windows 7 did for free.

I never took ‘advantage’ of the free upgrade, I could see it for what it was, a power grab over to Microsofts new model, harvest all the data, sell it and get mug punters to buy endless apps.

So now Windows 7 has essentially been destroyed by Spectre & Meltdown I had to upgrade to Windows 10. (I have software and hardware that requires Windows FFS)
So did I go out and spend £100 to let Microsoft steal all my data? Did I fuck, I pirated Windows 10 Enterprise which does not have apps, cortana, tracking, onedrive (cloud), forced updates every day and you can actually disable 95% of their data harvesting.

So thank you Bill Gates for my free copy of Enterprise LTSB 1607, I pirated Win98 and Winxp but actually paid for win7 as it was only £40. But fucked if I am paying £100 for Windows 10 home or £140 for Windows 10 pro when you are harvesting that much data and have full control of the system.

Fucking jog on Gates, you speccy twat

Nominated by Steve Jobs corpse

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  1. Get a Mac Mr Jobs and use a good VPN , As you can see I’m not tech savvy but after dumping windows and using Mac I get no problems. Never use the cloud as that seems to be a way of monitoring your activity.

    • Totally agree. Dumping Windows and going Apple was the best decision I ever made.
      Problem is that the Mac lasts so long that the latest OSX won’t run on it but if it ain’t broke it doesn’t need fixing.
      Would likely be thinking about buying my third Windows Craptop by now and the Mac is still going strong. New ones are expensive so buy a second hand one from some moron snowflake who just has to have the latest upgrade.

  2. I’m sure this means something to somebody somewhere but it may have well been written in goatshagger language as far as i’m concerned.

    Sir Vincent Cable is a nasty fucking CUNT.

  3. Now you mention it Freddie, Vince cable has decimated any credibility the Lib Dem’s might of had. This Brexit malarkey has certainly exposed the cunts you will NEVER vote for in the future.

  4. Mr Corpse,

    the sensible option for you is to now install alongside your naughty Windoze version a version of Linux. Personally, I use Linux Mint. You need to chose the 32 or 64 bit version, You almost certainly have a 64bit machine. Burn this (called an ISO file) to a DVD and boot from that. You can even try it before you buy it (and it’s free).

    I migrated my 82 year old dad’s machine from Doze to Mint four years ago and he has not had a single issue since. His previous complaint was “every fucking time this shit updates itself, it fucking changes everything” He was an engineer so he knows how to express himself when things don’t suit him.

    With all (or damn near all (and there are fucking thousands)) versions of Linux they can be loaded alongside pre-installed Micro$oft Windoze. You cannot load Linux then Doze alongside as it is too crap for that. When you power-up, you get a simple black and white screen asking which operating system you want to use. Simples.

    Ever wondered what PC techies use to fix Doze issues? Yep, a live version of Linux.

    Mint comes with Libre Office (as good if not better than Micro$oft Office, Firefox, etc, music player, everything) ALL FOR FUCKING FREE.

    In keeping with ISAC rules, you have to be some kind of cunt to use Microshit software at all.

    • Linux has the advantage of dumping Microsoft Office. Regrettably the Mac still uses Office. Fucking Gates polutes everything.
      Apparently the great guru inventor Gates bought DOS and just marketed it. Guru my arse. Just a snake oil salesman.

      • Absolutely Ped.
        My daughter is a designer and uses a Mac. She pays (pays FFS) for Word and Exshit on her device. I have said repeatedly, use this
        But No.

        Gates and Balmer did not buy DOS, they nicked it off of Novell and re-packaged it. Cunts.

        Ask yourself this, why is does one of the five richest men in the world have such a shit haircut? Are there no decent barbers in America. There’s go to be one or two surely!

    • +1 for mint… ditched winderz for mint a long back. I got it running just fine on a 7 year old pavilion that’s been dropped in the bath a couple of times… I ‘do’ Micro$hite for a living and the only reason for its prevalence is because most people can’t take 24 hours out of there oh so busy work lives to read a fucking book and learn some Linux basics. And to be fair, with mint you don’t even really need that long.

      • Yes indeed.

        Mint at home (11-year-old desktop, still going strong) and Ubuntu at work – following my serious meltdown on having W10 forcibly installed by our IT heads. They keep upgrading our computers, but they don’t upgrade the much pricier hardware which needs software written for XP. And they won’t allow XP on the network…Cunts, but at least they allow LInux. On account of it’s designed for networks and outperforms bloatware pasted onto an MSDOS browser, aka any Doze release.

        You really do have to know sod-all about Linux to run current Debian/Ubuntu/Mint distros. Though being able to use the terminal is perhaps a good idea. And they’re free.

      • Nice one Komodo. They have to let Linux run on the network as that’s the shit that’s running the servers. Unless they are re-boot overnight “specialists”.

  5. I tried Win 10 when it was free and kept it for about a year before realising it was an utter heap of intrusive shit, and then I reinstalled Win 7. I often wish I’d never ‘upgraded’ from XP but MS are great at stopping support for a popular OS in order to foist some crap on us. I remember 98 being bollocks but the SE version was great, then ME ruined all that before XP came along. Then they introduced Vista which was perhaps the worst OS ever, and 8 was no great shakes either. I don’t understand how a company rammed so full of ‘geniuses’ can often get it so wrong. And why does any sort of upgrade so often result in the loss of the only elements of the previous OS that made it worth anything at all?
    I’ve been thinking about setting up a dual boot system with a Linux distro and this year it’s going to happen.

      • I already keep copies of important files on a external drive that I only plug in when I use it to back up. I learnt that one from experience, but only after the 4th time I lost a shitload of important stuff! Thick cunt.

      • Moggie, Linux keeps everything and I do mean everything in your Home directory, files software options, config files etc. Dead easy to back up and restore. You’re half way there.

      • I never use the native Windows folders for any documents, music, pictures etc otherwise if I have to reinstall the OS I lose everything. I’ve had a PC at home for well over 20 years and am generally quite competent so I wonder why the delay in installing Linux.

    • Having worked for a US purveyor of contact centres (you know – the ones answered by dopy cunts in Mumbai and call themselves Tina or Eric when they answer shitty talktalk “tech support”) it is incumbent on their fucking revenue (quarterly driven of course) and the slavish NASDAQ to release a new version of their software at advertised intervals. Therein lies the problem. They Alpha test, Beta test, create more bugs than they fix, release it and go through the break/fix engineers nightmare of “patches”. Having spent many a lonely night freezing my bollocks off in air conditioned hell on earth known as the “comms room” I can attest to the fact that its all a fucking game and in 30 years non of this shit will matter a fuck – well at least I used to repeat that to myself frequently after explaining to sooooooo many IT directors and managers that yes indeed our software has “issues” but we are working as hard as possible blah blah fucking blah etc etc etc.
      Having cashed in my final salary pension at 50 I am ecstatic that I don’t have to drive / fly a gazillion miles with a copy of the 1972 copy of the Beano annual stuffed down my keks to receive a caning by the specialists of supplier tormentors AKA the IT director. Sometimes it had its upside but not many – 2 of note include verbal throw away apologies from non other than Sir Dicky Branson and Sir Fred the shred Goodwin – and they were first class cunts on a scale not yet even invented.
      Technology now consists of cracking up my windows 7 Dell (Kevin Dell is also an uber cunt) machine, logging on to ISAC and chuckling at my virtual best mates posts. Nirvana 😉

      • Interesting point, just as the Kelvin scale had to be invented when the concept of absolute zero was discovered then perhaps something similar needs to be constructed to facilitate the true cuntitude of the likes of Blair, Branson and the compromised Clegg Cunt. It could be called the Soubry Scale for example. Any suggestions?

      • Think you had it right first time. The BIC…the Blair Index of Cuntitude. Logarithmic scale: Blair rates 10 and an ordinary run of the mill cunt 1, but Blair is 10^10 as much a cunt.

  6. Windows 10 is indeed a bag of shit. The font is designed for someone with owl-like vision. You cant find fuckall. Yet another example of updated software that is worse than before.

  7. Of all the comments above, the only one I understand is that posted by Mr Fiddler (regards, esteemed sir). Now where’s my fucking quill…?

  8. For cunters who are being harrassed by Microsoft to upgrade, install a tiny program entitled “never10” which will halt the automatic update from Windows 7 to 10. I did it a year or so ago and have had no problems.

  9. Windows 10 has now gone all snot green. Fuck me drunk with a pineapple chunk – it’s gopping – Are microcock’s programmers all colour blind ?

  10. Off topic but this is an emergency. Bill de Blasio is an utter fucking cunt. At a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast also attended by Teaset Leo Varadkar he declared 17 March 2018 ‘ Gerry Adams day ‘. He stated that Adams recognised the power of peace and fought against colonialism, that great ideas never die and wanted to praise him for pursuing the goal of a united Ireland.Adams is nothing but a murdering cunt who should have been taken out years ago, as for de Blasio, I hope his wife uses her arse to pull a train with a gang of peacefuls and sends him a high definition video of the whole event, cunts the lot of them.
    Good morning.

    • 1973.A “member” was heard telling us that he had had Adams in his sights, and that the next time he was going to take the “cunt out “. We never saw him again.

      I guess that the powers that be wanted McGuiness and Adams to live.? But I don’t know why.

      • Who knows what goes on, wheels within wheels and all that. Meanwhile, security services and civilians get maimed and murdered and their families lives are ruined for ever.

    • October 31 2017 in New York. A person of peaceful persuasion drove a pickup truck and deliberately drove it into cyclists and runners. 8 people died, 11 were injured. When the cunt was finally arrested, they found inside the truck a flag and documents showing his support for ISIS. New Yorks Fenian loving Mayor Bill de Blasio had this to say: “A particularly cowardly act of terror”. No arguments from me there, but it goes to show that some Yanks (no disrespect to all Americans) don’t have a fucking clue. Adams and his Oirish cunts were terrorists, something that de Blasio will obviously not accept.

  11. Recently bought a new laptop which unfortunately had windows 10 pre installed.

    It is a pile of shit aimed at teenagers with the attention span of a carrot.

    Since I don’t use those tile things and liked the old start menu and filing options, I have installed a skin that makes the whole thing look and feel like XP.

    The daily software updates are still a pain in the bollocks though. Leave the laptop fully charged and come back to it a week later to find the battery almost flat.

    Apparently you can’t stop that either. Microsoft cunts.

  12. Alas I bought a craptop and this shite was already on it.

    The last decent (i.e. worked) MickeySoft OS was Windows XP (and then only after umpteen revisions) and Windows 98SE before that.

    Vista, 7 and now 10 have all been mince! I only use my craptop when I’m away to watch Sky Sports On Demand and Amazon Prime but every time I switch the cunt on this “new, improved, even better” OS renders it unusable for 20 minutes after every shutdown/restart cycle.

    Even more infuriating is that I have (allegedly) switched off all auto updates, etc., and yet all of the cunt processes which deal with all that shit are still whirring away at 100-fucking-% as soon as I start up my machine.

    I also (allegedly) told the OS that I would decide when any updates would be applied and not to fucking just decide to randomly shutdown (usually at a key point in a sports event or film) rendering it unusable for a further 20 bastard minutes.

    Even though all of those settings are off the cunt still decides it knows best and auto reboots itself.

    And don’t even get me started on the extortion that is Office 365! I used to pay £60 quid for Office and have that forever and on as many fucking machines I liked.

    Office 365 is £100 – every fucking year! What a bastard rip-off!

    Office 365, Office 36Fuckoff more like!

    Gates has to charge these eye-watering amounts so that his foundation can piss more billions away on Africunts! Cos that’s clearly working isn’t it!

    Bill fuck Africa, you should blow your billions to pay us for having to use your shit software you lucky cunt!

    Why Gary Kildall had to be out fishing when IBM turn up forra PC based OS I don’t know. And now we’ve had 40yrs of the alternative! A bag of shite!

  13. Telemetry… That’s all any cunt needs to know about M$ flavoured shite. Look it up. They know what you are reading before you’ve finished the first sentence.

  14. Steven Hawkins milking it from beyond the grave
    ” The paper, which was completed on his deathbed, discusses the idea that we could measure other universes using a detector on a spaceship.
    If this evidence was discovered during Hawking’s lifetime it may have put him in the running for a Nobel Prize – something he was never able to achieve.
    However the potentially ground-breaking research also suggests the existence of earth will fade into darkness when the stars run out of energy.”
    Fuck me.I wouldn’t have thought that you needed to be a genius to suggest “measuring universes using a detector on a spaceship” (even my old vehicle has a trip switch on the mileometer),or that “”earth will fade into darkness when the stars run out of energy”
    What next? The light goes on and off when you flick the switch? I reckon he’d just been coasting along for years but nobody dared tell him. Has anyone tried switching him off and back on again? It sometimes works when my phone appears dead.
    Fuck them.

    • attempts to restart Hawkins with jump leads have met with only limited success with only the slightest erection being noted!

    • “The Earth will fade into darkness when the stars run out of energy”. I suppose this will lead to a breakdown of society, governments will fall, rioting, civil wars, drought, famine and religious zealots abound, just like the Middle East then.

    • Exactly Dick.
      I could never understand why Stephen Hawking was Elivated to genius level for what I could see was stating the obvious ? It could be because he was some sort of Cyborg / Davros Dalek being.
      I think he would be alive today if his family had dialled 999 instead of taking him to PC world.

  15. Why should that bother me? What exactly are they doing with that info? Sure if I visit a golf website 30 minutes later golf related ads appear ( well they don’t now ‘ cos I use adblocker). .I think is windows 10 is great. In theory I suppose it’s possible that I could be being tracked everywhere I go via my mobile phone but in reality is that really happening? It might be if I was up to no good but isthat a bad thing? Maybe i’m A bit naive but the info Microsoft collects is all a big lump, I doubt very much they are spying on each individual of their billions of customers.

    • Even more creepy is that your phone is listening in to your conversarions, even when it is in your pocket.

      I was having a chat with someone about assisted suicide the other day.

      Half an hour later I turn on the phone to look something up and hey presto! An ad for dignitas or some other such place pops up.

      These cunts ARE listening in, even when you think your mobile is off.

    • Yes Richard, I just booked a Holiday to Egypt and not once did I inform my phone provider O2. Then I get a text from them wishing me a great holiday in Egypt ?????

  16. I still use Windows 7 at home. At work I have to use fucking 10 but it is so bloated it slows everything and as the OP said it’ like a nosy neighbour checking up on you all the time. I loathe the bastard *suggestions* they make based on what you have just been doing. Suppose you had been viewing material of an adult content and then the missus uses the machine after you. Like a sodding elephant *10* never forgets.

    • Just like Facebook which every now and again will post up a message which all your friends can see stating Mr Slipper has just liked ‘Big boobs and funbags page’. Bastards.

      • This is where CuntBook, TwatCunt and Googlecunt anti-social meejah fail and their filters fall down.

        Dare mention anything about Trump or Brexit in a positive sense and you get fuck all back. Put in “terrorist peaceful cunts” and you get fuck all back. Put in “I love peacefuls” and the memory on your machine runs out with the number of hits returned.

        Ok it’s coming up to Easter and Easter themed school projects are on the menu (surprised Easter hasn’t been deemed to be racist yet).

        Put in “chicks images” and get treated to links to “chucks with dicks” which is what you’d expect from all of the LGBTQXYZ fuckwittery being promoted by the cunts in Silicon Valley these days!

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