Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black, a 3rd rate comedian from the U.S. who believes that men are fucked up, that we all need fixing, his bullshit is lapped up by frothing feminists who believe his deluded rhetoric and encourage him to shit out more misandry, the pisswitted cunt should concentrate on waxing his mangina and stop spouting bullshit on social media.

Nominated by Cuntspack of notredam

48 thoughts on “Michael Ian Black

    • Of course it was free and fair, the fact that he had his political opponents shot or locked up had nothing to do with it. Here’s to the next six years of freedom and fairness.

  1. Just look at this simpering cunt. He’s a walking argument for abortion.

    I’m a little surprised to see an Americunt (alleged) comedian cunted here by someone other than me. But well done Cuntspack!

    This nauseating little turd pukes out his idiocy on TV…in books…in film and of course social media. And what he says is only half of it. His know it all, shit eating, condescending, smugness just frosts my ass…and my balls. Jesus he’s a repugnant little cunt!

    Seriously…if I saw this cunt on a NARAL poster…I’d donate to the cause.

    • Your right about ‘alleged’ comedians General, what is it with terminally unfunny twats who in the wake of The Donald’s election victory and Brexit turns then into a political authority?

      One trick pony Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer, Jimmy Kimmel…all cunts, we have the same over here, all recycled panel show roundabout cunts spouting the same tired pc approved dogma.

  2. Is it possible to look more gay? Never heard of the cunt but he makes Julian Clary look butch.

    • I’m susprised the cunt hasn’t changed his name, he must be kept awake nights worrying that he’s continually offending the permanently offended by retaing the surname ‘black’

  3. Off subject but:
    Latest Brexit Scare. A report says that the UK’s custom’s system will not be ready by 2020 or whenever. Shock horror, delay and defer.
    And guess where this report came from? Senior civil servants. Now there’s a surprise. And where might these senior civil servants reside? Sunderland? Hull? Birmingham? No. You guessed it. That hotbed of practical solutions to the leave process, Whitehall. Which, I am not certain of this being a foam flecked slavering provincial racist, is possibly in London.

  4. Yes, have to agree with ■Asimplearsehole■ above. Never heard of the twat, but he looks like a cunt, so clearly he is a cunt. I also second ■Liberal Liquator■`s observation – giggity-giggity.

  5. This cunt looks like he should have his computer forensically examined by the police.

    • Do the Yanks have an equivalent to Yewtree? If so, he should be looked at.

      • Tie me yankaroo down sport
        Tie me yankeroo down
        Bend him over the bed, Fred
        Bend him over the bed.

        Can you see what it is yet?

      • He could share a cell with Harris except for the fact that the old Convict is walking about freely and unapologetically after serving half of his sentence.

  6. Speaking of no comedic value whatsoever…

    “Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway!”

    To the nick that is! Ant at least. Burp!


    • I dunno, laughed me cock off when I read the story about the pissed up twat.

  7. Never heard of the filthy little turd. As soon as I saw his face though I wanted to punch it beyond all recognition. Has he done time in Prison, he was probably Leroy’s sweetheart.

  8. …and in other news…

    Anna Campbell – heroine or cunt?

    Leaves a good finance job in the shitty to go and play pretend soldiers with one bunch of “peacefuls” against another bunch and ends up dead.

    I have complete and utmost respect for her Dad, Dirk Campbell, who – devastated as he must be – was able to give a rational interview with the ABBC explaining it was his daughter’s wish, would not be dissuaded (even though he said she could wind up dead), and that her death was down to the choices she made, and hers alone.

    There was no blaming of anyone or anything other than her own decisions.

    How refreshing and noble to hear someone dealing with tragedy not to immediately lash out and blame all and sundry for their mistakes.

    The disappointment in Victoria Derbycunt’s voice when he didn’t go on a blame tirade was also very palpable.

    Mind you what do you expect when they (the ABBC) have dined out on the blame culture of Grief-fell for almost a year!


    • Yes. The families of the savage fuckers who went to join Isis blamed everybody but themselves and their evil beliefs.

      • And we must welcome them back, house them (ahead of any non Jihadi infidel killing cunt) finance them and re-educate them not to kill the infidel again.

        You might as well flick a rattlesnake on the nose and expect the cunt not to bite you! That’s how blind the authorities are in this country towards Jihadi “peaceful” cunts.

        But woe betide you if you’re a white, middle class woman trying to enter the country just to do an interview on free speech.

        No for that you’re intercepted at the airport, bound over in prison (with a boat load of illegal scum and criminals) for 3 days and then summarily deported without so much as a bye or leave.

        The fucking country’s gone mad!

      • I don’t think she is a cunt more than stupid. She chose to freedom fight for cunts that will only want to either follow her home and claim asylum or not give two fucks for what she did.

        Still the point is right her dad knows shes a stupid cunt and he is the poor bloke to have to live with the bints decisions.

        Still anyone that wears Grolsh and stella tops as earings deserves a cunting on that merit.

  9. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this cunt but he looks like a cunt so that’s good enough for me!

    No doubt he’s the same as all comedians today
    …. trump
    …. brexit
    …. aren’t poor people stupid
    …. refugees are great
    …. patriots are cunts
    …. the working classes are homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic ….

    Cunts to a man.
    (Of course I mean “man” in its loosest possible sense).

    • Have to correct you there Deploy. It isn’t poor people in America who are stupid. It’s poor white people. Rednecks. Poor of other races are discriminated against and noble.

  10. In case anyone’s wondering how the speakers corner event went yesterday.


    I didn’t go coz everyone bailed but it looked like it got a bit frisky at times.
    Red Pill Phil got some good footage, there are a few streams though with more of the speech.

  11. Never heard of the cunt, but he has a simpering dial, which is eminently suitable for playing the xylophone with a 4.5 Lb club hammer.

    Amy Schumer is an annoying arsepain, but she looks like the kind of girl who likes a creamy load shot in all her holes, but on the quiet mind.

  12. Off Post ( apologies )

    Huw Davies who is a Welsh minister in the Welsh assembly, has called for consultation regarding Brexit with younger people between the ages of 7 & 13, stating that their wishes and concerns have not been fully taken into account.

    THIS from an elected Government Minister!

    I reckon this sheep molesting twat should be disembowelled in public for that.

      • He is typical of the unemployable bigoted simpletons who make up the Welsh Assembly. The referendum should be rerun for 7-13 year olds to be safe then? Logical for such a twat brained moron.
        We hear some shit from the Jock SNP/Krankie lot but at least they voted to remain. Wales voted out but the cretinous oxygen thieves embezzling public salaries in the Welsh Assembly seem to have forgotten.

      • Yes, I read it. It just proves how desperate remainers are becoming. There was another story about Hillary Benn and other Remainers releasing a completely unbiased report calling for the Brexit transition period to be extended indefinitely because the government hasn’t prepared for it. Let’s face it, calling for an indefinite transition period is just a political way of demanding that Brexit be stopped. They worded it like that, because politicians are arrogant cunts, who think we won’t notice what they’re actually calling for.

      • The Leave members on that Brexit Select Committee refused to endorse the report, so far from unanimous as being portrayed by Remainers.

  13. No idea about this odd quagmire lookalike but he sounds a proper cunt!!!
    Off point ….
    Offensively posh and 3 rd rate Captain Kirk baldy wanker Patrick Stewart popped his ugly noggin over the parapet in the guardian this morning, according to this LA living toff the war shaped his childhood and he doesn’t want brexit to threaten the peace?
    May I tell this absolute pain in the arse to boldly go we’re no man has been before and FUCKIN stay there!! I absolutely hate posh actor Cunts who spend most of their time abroad telling working class people what to do…..

    • Add grinning bearded hippy tax avoiding cunts who live in the Caribbean to the list.

    • If war shaped his childhood and, let’s face it, he’s done alright for himself, then perhaps we ought to leave now, start a fucking war and give our current generation of knobheaded yoof a chance at greatness.

      • Just think of the cunts trying to update Fuckbook in a battle: ‘Somebody fired a gun 10 miles away, I’ve shit myself and run to my safe place.’

    • “to boldly go we’re no man has been before and FUCKIN stay there!!”

      Ha ha ha ha ha … 👍


  14. That twat’s face has so much plastic, he daren’t go near any source of heat. I’ve seen this guy a couple of times while visiting family in the US. It shows how shite modern television is, because he’s less funny than stepping in dog shit. A complete and utter lefty fuckwit.

  15. Glad to admit I don’t know the cunt either but he does look like he has seen more pricks than a second hand dartboard.

  16. Thankfully I’ve never heard of this berk but judging by the picture, he was the love child of David Walliams and any of the Osmond devil-dodgers.

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