Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato is a prize cunt.

This cunt is an MEP for the green party – a highly cuntable offence on it’s own – but the reason I’m cunting her today is because she’s taking legal action against the government to get them to release details of the negotiating position and economic predictions in regards to brexit.

Not only does this idiot want us to tell the EU exactly what we want and expect during the divorce shakedown (completely undermining any chance that we may have had of gaining acceptable terms), but also wants economic projections.

She no doubt only wants the most pessimistic predictions just so that she can play her part in the concerted sabotage operation currently being conducted by the more traitorous elements in society (namely the “intelectuals” or “cunts” as we prefer to call them).

She’d love it if the forecast was gloomy, just so that her and her smug, stuck up cunt friends can chirp “told you so! … better cancel brexit then”.
These twats seem to get more and more desperate by the day.
From “lied to”, to “the vote was only advisory”, to “parliament needs a vote”, to “poor people don’t realise what they’ve done to themselves”, and now to court action only designed to sabotage the negotiations and any possibility of investment or trade deals with other countries.

Her excuse is that she thinks that the government should be transparent …. just like the EU and their traitorous skivvies have been with us then. … what a twat.

Her and her club of cunts (The Good Law Project) managed to raise £60,000 in crowdfunding from dicks that obviously have way too much money and not enough brains.

A agree there should be a court case.
But it should be against Molly Scott Cato for treason.

The cunt.

Nominated by deploythesausage

96 thoughts on “Molly Scott Cato

  1. The most surprising word in this cunting is “she”. I genuinely thought it’s a fucking bloke.

  2. Scott is a Quaker. Wonder if she is getting her oats?

    Unlikely would have to be the favourite bet.

  3. Fuck me when o saw that picture thought i was ar the fun fair looking at the wobbly mirrors.

    Why do all green party members look like spastics ot kiddie fiddler’s?.

  4. They cant let it go can they? Transparency means giving it all out and wrecking any chance of a deal. Economic forecast means negative predictions. All of which have been wrong so far. But will predict that ‘they’ know best.
    I wonder if she might be worried about her seat on the Gravy Train? No, couldn’t be that unprincipled surely?
    Never heard of this prize cunt before which possible shows how hard working and effective the EU cunts are. And the Green Party are by and large fucking flat earthers.

    • And another fucking thing. What the fuck were Bristolians doing voting for a Green Party tosser? Was the ballot box in the Tofu shop at the University?
      These cunts would shut down Avonmouth except for recycled cardboard yachts and tidal power. The aircraft industry around Filton would never have been allowed. Concorde? Not on their watch.It would be all organic beards (particularly for the fucker pictured) Quinao whatever the fuck that is. Sandals and ponchos.

    • Quite, but while we’re at it showing everyone our trump cards how come no-one (well, fucking Remainer cunts) asks the same of the cunts in Brussels. Or is it just us that shows our hand? Or is it just because those cunts are making it up as they go along and deliberately making life hard for us, to discourage any other uppity cuntries with the foolish idea of leaving their fucked-up gravy-train.

  5. Christ ! That animal is seriously fucking ugly.! She’ a green, says it all really , a brain more closely related to a cabbage than a human , and hence the allegiance to a “green” party.
    On the matter of Government transparency, it is the EU who are less than transparent in all matters.Mind you, the fuckwits in our country are as thick as a donkey turd, and that’s pretty thick!

    She is in need of a serious makeover, a bit of lippy and a decent shag! ( but not by me )

    • It’s not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

      Take one for the team brother … We’ll cheer you on!

  6. As a Green she is no doubt concerned about animal welfare so she should put a bag over her head to stop frightening the shit out of the poor little critters.

  7. I intensely dislike Caroline Lucas but would definitely shag her. My first preference though would be for a blowjob, as I wouldn’t have to listen to her.

  8. You can tell she is a green at just a glimpse of her.Ugly frumpy tatty old cunt.Bet her cunt is a mess too.

  9. As we’re doing insults….

    Apparently her dentist said because her breath is so bad, he won’t enter the surgery until they’ve sent in a canary….

  10. Excellent cunting DTS ……
    This self serving sack of shits real concern would be losing her precious cushy number over in Brussels!
    The European Parliament is quite possibly the most over bloated organisation in the world!! It’s got 14! Yes 14 Vice Presidents for starters and an eye watering 750+ greedy fuckin pigs at the tax payers teat!!
    Where else would someone like her get a job like that? Big base salary, lots of travel expenses, nice hotels, food etc etc and a big fat pension at the end!! , she’s just another EU paid up traitor feathering her own nest!
    Fuck her……..

    • Yea they pretend that they care about the country and care about “poor people” but really they just don’t want to have to pull their noses out of the trough.

      She might have to get a proper job, where she’ll be accountable and will have to achieve results or explain herself.
      Though I suspect that the government will create cushy taxpayer funded jobs for them after we leave (IF we leave).

      • They are such transparent Cunts it borders on fuckin embarrassing!! Not that you could ever embarrass these scum sucking sell out 24 carat Cunts!!
        Fuck everything that is EU!! From the cock sucking goblins in their Mickey Mouse Parliament to their German shills juncker, vehorstadt and Tusk!! I’m not buying anymore of it!! Fuck you! Fuck off!! CUNTS……

  11. The fucking quislings are like
    rats desperately looking for something to cling to as the EU brititanica starts to slip beneath the waves!! , most of the passengers and crew decided to leave this outdated rudderless ship months ago, it’s now being manned by a wonky eyed crew and some of the biggest dirtiest bilge rats ever seen! , expect lots more screaming as the fucker sinks!

  12. I’d rather lick up a tramp’s puke than go down on that. Seriously, can my fellow cunters think of a single famous leftie fuckwit who is genuinely attractive? Other than Diane Abbott, obviously…phhwwooaar!

    • Liz Kendall perhaps? Or Gloria De Piero?

      At the other end of the spectrum Sophie Cook who stood for Worthing and Shoreham (pictured) in the 2017 general election and Heather Peto who is on Labour’s all-women shortlist for Rushcliffe (also pictured) both sadly just missed out.

      • Thank you so much for the link Mr Stroker. Yet another sleepless night lies ahead.

      • Jesus fuckin Christ… What a freak show.

        I’m suffering from gender euphoria… I’m GLAD to have a willy.

      • A snapshot of the extent of liberal stupidity right there on the huffpo. 63% believe the swivel eyed lunatic will be the next PM. Maybe of Venezuela or North Korea but in the UK? I don’t think there is such stupidity in the numbers he needs to be elected. If, and its a big if. I’m off, I have a nice little bolthole in the form of a little flat at my daughters in a tiny hamlet in the Pyrenees with France and Spain equidistant. It would break my heart to leave England but if that swivel eyed cunt gets elected this country will be totally fucked in a way I can’t see it recovering from.

      • I might possibly be able to get it up for Sarah Champion. Barbara Castle once gave me the horn in the early 1970s.

      • @ Ruff Tuff..
        A strange post considering your user name…

        Welcome to the site….

      • @RTC Barbara fucking Castle gave you the horn !? You really are a disgrace. 🙂 .

      • Mr Cuntley, I cannot claim to fathom your cryptic insinuation, but I thank you for your warm welcome – your posts have already had me LOL-ing all over the shop on more than one occasion… and to Mr Fiddler, your straight, no nonsense chat is also much appreciated, I value a man who calls a spade a cunt. Sadly, your word “disgrace”, if applied to my state of mind, barely scratches the surface…

  13. Ive always been self conscious about my looks, being so far down the scale my best chance was Chrissie Brinkley. This is where Ms Cato performs a public service, making people like me feel a million times better about themselves.

  14. As did John Prescott, if you can be a barely literate, arse scratching fuckwit from ‘oop north’ and have access to nuclear codes while No 1 is on holiday sunning himself on a shady billionaires yacht, there is hope.

  15. Well I guess this cunting is irrelevant now seeing as Treeza the Appeeza and that useless cunt Davis davies have given away our fishing waters and Northern Ireland in return for the honour of being allowed to sign (but not implement) trade deals during the (probably indefinite) “transition”.

    Back stabbing, useless, shit for brains cunts.

    Let’s hope Jacob Reese Mogg does something about it otherwise we’ve got the worst of both worlds deal that we all knew the spineless pricks that rule us would get.
    ….Or they’ll just cancel the whole thing and fuck us over.

    The cunts.

    • Confirmed on the 6 news. Fucking syphilis may has fucked over our coutry by giving away our fishing grounds, and allowing benefit scroungers from the EU ( notably ROMA ) a licence to continue sucking the system fucking dry, and fucking billions in compo to the fucking shitpile that is the EU.

      I hope to fuck that the muzzies blow the fucking shite out of parliament and the population take to the streets and burn every bastard Government building to the ground. CUNTS!

    • This gives the Spanish fleet 2 years to turn our coastal waters into dead zones. And they fucking will. Nothing surer.

    • All you need to know about the deal is that ‘sir’ Kunt Stamerer has said ‘it’s a step in right direction’

      That’ll be his direction then of denying the democratic right of the majority.

      Where’s the revolution brothers and sisters?

  16. Fucking shit. We’re the ones in the driving seat and these spineless cunts can’t wait to get down on their knees and suck cock. In any normal business these wankers would have been sacked years ago.
    We’re being shafted good and proper. Time to get prepared I reckon.

    • Sacked??? The fuckers would have never got a job in the first place! I wouldn’t trust any of these cunts to get me newspaper. Run the country? Yeah, into the fucking ground!

  17. Her photograph looks like someone’s cut-and-pasted an old bulldyke’s face onto a giant sausage roll! Perhaps somebody told her to wind her neck in…and she did!

    Come on love, forego your Green Party anti-electricity’s “Let’s-all-live-in-a-cave” nonsense, plug the iron in and push ‘Steam.’

  18. I’m quite partial to necks, Nicole Kidmans in particular, but this has put me off for life. It’s fucking grotesque.

    • Don’t know what to make of that. Lib Dems most costly but as they general represent far flung incestuous sheep farmers I suppose that’s to be expected. Whether they are worth it is another matter.
      Why would any fucker claim for pennies? Doesn’t make sense except to suspect they will claim for absolutely anyfuckingthing.
      Havent looked much further.
      By and large they are a bunch of cunts anyway.

    • Looks like the SNP have their hands in the till more than anyone else.
      Quite how can a relatively small part of the country that is almost empty (sorry Scotland, no offence) claim that much?

      No surprise that the Muslim in Birmingham claimed the most, he’s probably got about 30 members of his family “employed”.

      Can’t believe some cunts have put in claims for 1p ! …. tight cunts.

      Nice one japseye.

      • Glad to be of service. SNP cunts neck deep in the trough, and cunts claiming a penny. What a fucking sewer. The expenses scandal is long forgotten now, and I think most people would just shrug their shoulders and say ‘well, what do you expect?’. Business as usual, and no one gives a fuck.

      • He claims for staff and office costs only. Still about 150k though.
        Think he claims for printer toners and stationary but he doesn’t claim for travel or accommodation.

        The rest are claiming for posh 2nd homes in London.

    • To be objective and fair……
      1. The March spike is hardly surprising as it’s the end of the tax year
      2. The SNP are in Scotland and need lots of trips to Westminster
      3. Any MP who claims 1p is a pedantic cunt

  19. Fuck my fucking boots.

    Never heard of the yoghurt knitting oxygen thief and never seen her mush before but shown her picture in an ID parade of cunts I’d definitely say she conforms to absolutely every known stereotype a lefty Green cunt has to offer.

    I bet her minge by choice is like Terry Waites allotment and has breath that smells like anchovies that you left out on the kitchen unit by mistake and then went to work.

    She really can get fucked.

    • Yes but by who CC ? ……
      I can’t imagine taking this cunt out for tofu lasagna With a bottle of elderberry wine! then giving her a poke in the back of her Toyota Prius…….

  20. That’s the Clifton suspension bridge in the background of the picture, apparently quite a few people jump off and commit suicide each year. I wonder if looking at her has anything to do with it.

  21. She looks like my dead Uncle Dennis. He died peacefully in his sleep..a luxury not enjoyed by the passengers on his bus, unfortunately. He was a bit of a Cunt,too.

  22. I’m watching Masterchef while fuelled by a bottle of Bushmills. Greg Wallace is a fucking Wanker. I’d pull the Cunts arsehole up round his fucking ears if I ever got close enough. The Cunt.

  23. Uber… What a load of cunts.
    Some poor woman gets killed by a driverless Uber in America.
    So Uber have apparently dropped the testing of these driverless cars. Apparently they pay their drivers fuck all anyways yet that’s enough is it, that want to save more money by using driverless cars. The cunts. I would never get in a driverless car, what if the Russians hacked into the software?

    • Could be worse. What if the fucking things ran on Windows 10?
      Then again that might explain this incident. Would you trust anything written by Microsoft? I wouldn’t.

      And it’s not driverless, it’s self driving to be precise.

      • “BO-BINGGGG… You seem to have pressed the brake pedal. Do you wish your Microshit assistant to help with bringing your vehicle to a halt or merely slowing down the rate of progress”

        Click on [YES].

        “BO-BINGGGG… Select one of these choices… STOP | SLOW”

        Click on [STOP].

        Milliseconds later…

        “BO-BINGGGG…You have encountered a fatal error. Would you like to download a crash report to Microshite? YES | NO”

  24. “Some of the parties best-know figures attending”….any Abdul or Ahmed with a 7.5 ton welcome wagon and reckon most of the country would give you a pass on this one.

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