Cambridge Analytica

A cunting for the Cambridge Analytica bullshit.

Firstly, anyone who ‘shares’ personal data with Facebook deserves whatever shite falls on them from above. No sympathy whatsoever. But the fuss being made here seems to be that it benefitted Trump and Leave. Two outcomes that have truly shaken up the elite who know best.

I don’t know or care about the American campaign. Whoever uses the most money most effectively wins. That’s the way it is.

The Remoaners here have found yet another excuse to quash a democratic vote. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that the Remain campaign had the backing of government, civil service, universities, Bank of England etc while Leave was a ragbag of individuals. Oh no. The vote was rigged because some cunts let Facebook give their data to Cambridge Analytica. Their dishonesty is fucking breathtaking.

Here we fucking go again!

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

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  1. In the bumper harvest of cunts we appear to be blessed with currently, the biggest über cunt has to be the pinky orange haired remoaner wankstain Christopher Wylie – ex Cambridge analytica employee – moaning the vote leave won as they had more funding and we must have a referendum again.
    Heard him on the radio yesterday and saw him on tv today. What a snow flake cocksocket he is – yelling at questioners and in tears about abuse of democracy.
    That’s all right then isn’t it if you’ve worked for Cambridge Analytica, a company under scrutiny for that very behaviour. That’s the way it works you twat, better resources and better organised usually wins the day.
    Also screeching that the conservatives have outed his cabinet serving bum chum private secretary too.
    Have a look at him fellow cunters, a prize specimen of everything that is wrong with our once great country.
    Utter cunt.

    • I just looked up that Wylie coyote cunt and Holy Shitbags….is that human? It looks like a transginger Snackbar halfway through the gender operation (though I’ll be fucked if I know in which direction). Write a cunting for this bell-end.

  2. Good cunting well put.

    The funny part is that we are always being told by the remainers that brexiteers are all old cunts who are barely hanging on to life long enough to ruin the lives of the young. We the old cunts who are so stupid we are still using VHS and cannot do emails without asking the kind lady down the library to help us supposedly affected the referendum by giving all our details to facefuk, yeah right wish they would make their fucking minds up, cunts!!

  3. I thoroughly endorse this cunting. There was a concerted campaign across the establishment to bully, frighten and coerce the British people into voting remain, this included a flyer through every door extolling the virtues of staying in the fourth Reich which cost millions, there wasn’t a corresponding exercise giving the other side of the argument and similarly funded. That’s the anomaly that needs looking at, but instead we get this constant drip, drip, drip of anti democratic rhetoric, no doubt orchestrated from the shadows by the usual cunts.
    As for the arguments that it was all old cunts that voted for Brexit , well that’s just bullshit, both my kids voted leave as did others in their circle, a fact that doesn’t fit the whining, remain narrative. Exile the cunts.

    • I’m still baffled by this whole business. In the nearly 2 years since the referendum I have yet to meet a single person who claims to have voted remain.

      • I agree moggie. I have only two neighbors who openly admit to voting remain. No one else seems to ( in my circle of acquaintance ) and considering some 16 million did ( allegedly ) I’m surprised I’m not exactly falling over the cunts. The biggest surprise to me moggie, was last weeks QT where the under 30 audience had a good spattering of leavers!

      • I must confess that I don’t watch any politics programmes, and even stopped watching the national news some years ago because coverage to my mind was utter shit and the bias, particularly on the part of the BBC, incensed me. And yet I don’t feel uninformed.

      • Whenever I see a person on tv for the first time, I can usually tell which way they voted in the EU referendum.

        What I would consider to be nice, decent and friendly people have usually voted to Leave with those I would consider shifty devious looking people I take an immediate dislike to have usually voted Remain.

        This also applies to people I know personally, with those I like the most and have the greatest affinity usually voting Leave

        Very rarely is my barometer wrong.


  4. In the not to distant future some arse hole will come up with a reason why global warming and the reduction in numbers of the Patagonian rock bobber influenced the vote to leave the fourth reich. Talk about false news fucking arse holes the lot of them utter cunts.

    • Don’t worry about the Patagonian rock bobbers, they may be a bit short at home but there are plenty on the rocks at Calais, must be the global warming extending their range

  5. Good cunting CC, Facefuck, Twatter and cunts that use and share personal info deserve whatever they get. Brexit and the Trump election victory didn’t happen because of this, Killery, Cameron and the so-called elite ignored, patronised and tried to scaremonger voters then insulted them as thick xenophobes and got a kick in the ballot bollocks for their efforts.

    A bit rich MP’s summoning Zuckerberg to a committee hearing to answer questions on ethical practices, like those bunch freeloading money grabbing parasites are in any position to pass judgement.

  6. Any complaints from Remoan can safely be dismissed, as Guido Fawkes shows:
    £38 M vs £27M…

    IMO, this goes to the heart of it:
    “The problem, says Jill Lepore, a historian of polling at Harvard, is that while traditional polling was bad for democracy and could be unreliable, data science was still more damaging.
    **Politicians’ views were dictated by consultants, not principle, while voters were told only what they wanted to hear.**
    ‘The effects of data science on the political process are probably considerably worse. Data science is the solution to one problem but the amplification of a much bigger one — the political problem.’ ”

  7. The rag bag army of remain at all costs are getting desperate, working on the theory that if you throw enough shit some will hopefully stick!!
    Driving this charabanc of cuntitude a dwindling coalition of the most wonky eyed unsavoury Cunts that the U.K. has to offer!!
    Let’s hope they hit a wall called democracy and are all killed instantly…….

  8. Remain had the full propaganda weight of all the cunts listed below – and they have the cheek to whinge about Cambridge Analytica? Butter wouldn’t melt in their fucking chuffs.

    As southeast astutely pointed out in a previous post, Cambridge Analytica would have had minimal contact with most Leavers who were all old and technophobic and probably dead and buried in the rocks by now anyway.

    So how many £billions would having the Cunts below campaigning on your side have been worth?

    Governor of the Bank of England
    International Monetary Fund
    Institute for Fiscal Studies
    Confederation of British Industry
    The European Union
    President of the United States of America
    Eight former US Treasury Secretaries
    President of China
    Prime Minister of India
    Prime Minister of Canada
    Prime Minister of Australia
    Prime Minister of Japan
    Prime Minister of New Zealand
    Chief executives of most UK top 100 companies
    Kofi Annan (former Secretary General of the United Nations)
    ALL living former UK Prime Ministers (both parties)
    Prime Minister of the UK
    Leader of the Labour Party
    Leader of the Liberal Democrats
    Leader of the Green Party
    Leader of the Scottish Nazi Party
    Leader of Plaid Cymru
    leader of Sinn Fein
    Damian Green (when not busy downloading porn)
    Secretary General of the TUC
    National Union of Students
    National Union of Farmers
    Stephen Hawking (proven scientific evidence that it’s Remoaners dying off not Leavers…)
    99% of all Celebricunts
    Chief Executive of the NHS
    Director of Europol
    David Anderson QC, Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation
    Secretary General of NATO
    Church of England
    Church of Scotland
    Church of Wales
    Friends of the Earth
    Director General of the World Trade Organisation
    World bank

    And that’s just a few of the mainstream cunts!

    • southeast and Ruff are both onto something here with us old farts and technology. Look no further than a series of my post below for proof.

      But of course the dumbass leftist cunts will try anything to justify overturning Trump and Brexit.

      • Dig the new avatar General – an esteemed ancestor perchance?

        Congrats on mastering the technology…

      • @Ruff

        Yes! Distantly related on my Grandmother’s side.

        Alas I cannot take credit for mastering any technology. I ended up praying to the Gods of Cunting. I had to sacrifice a ram…2 goat fuckers and a tranny but eventually they granted my prayer.

        😱. 😬

      • @General

        Actually I just left you a related reply which ended up in the wrong fucking place, about 5 posts below…

        Thanks for clearing up the mystery though – that avatar is the spitting image of your Grandmother!

      • Actually…my Grandmother had shorter hair and a longer mustache…and a bit of beard. She was…as perhaps you Brits would say…a tough old bird.

        (In reality she was a sweet old lady of Scots descent. She was a God fearin’ woman who [unlike her husband…and her grandson] didn’t “…smoke, drink nor chew.”)

        She’s the only bit of thistledown in a otherwise very WASPish ancestry.

    • Excellent posting Ruff Tuff.

      All looks a bit one sided doesn’t it.

      And with all this influence still the majority want to leave. Perhaps this is the reason they want to leave.

  9. Obviously a complete myth that we’re short of housing in this country. There’s enough housing stock for this delightful family to enjoy two addresses. Note that he was actually “entitled”.

    Jihadi who wanted to bomb Big Ben had TWO council houses – one for him and one for his wife who ‘wanted her independence’ (then claimed MORE taxpayer money for being her ‘carer’)

    Read more:

    • I’m not saying I’d like to see him thrown into a pit of wild dogs but…….

  10. This is a great and timely cunting for both of our great nations.

    Cuntstable of course hit on the essence of the matter when he said; “Their dishonesty is fucking breathtaking.”

    This has nothing to do with anyone objecting to the collection of data. They object to other people collecting data. They want to collect data on all of us so they can root out unorthodox thinking…persecute us heretics and force their agenda upon us. This is then rather about not getting the result they want. i.e Trump and Brexit.

    When they used data to elect the Community Con Artist…(at least they believed it helped elect that fucking cunt)…they were hailing his campaign as genius. Now of course after Trump and Brexit it’s evil and thwarts democracy. Not only is the dishonesty breathtaking but also the hypocrisy.

  11. Aha!

    I just sent out for a four year old child and he informed me that your new avatar is in fact a picture of… General Armstrong Custer!

    Nice one General.

    Sorry for being a bit thick earlier on. Have you shot yourself yet?

      • Gotcha.

        Btw – and keep this under yer cowboy hat – but I am the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin! Not a lot of Cunters (thankfully) know that…

  12. Remainiac cunts have also conveniently forgotten to include the £9 Million that Piggy-fiddler Cameron spent in the referendum on a biased handout full of propaganda on The EU, informing us thickies how wonderfully kind they are, how like angels they are, how they conscientiously uphold propriety and democracy.


    £9 Million of our fucking money spent forcing us to listen to his craven rhetoric because some drunk Belgian cunt promised him a piggy reach-around and a top job in the nest of gangsters if he retained Britain as a huge cash cow for these parasites.

    Keep firing this dogshit at us you turd-eating cowards and we’ll keep fighting. It only further reveals your desperation, your loathing of democracy, your intellectual petulance and your crippling mediocrity.

  13. Totally agree and thanks for nominating them .
    I was going to nominate them myself , but was too fucking angry yesterday to think straight to do it .

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