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I can’t believe I’m actually going to defend the BBC here, but there’s no way around it. I want to nominate Owen Jones. Again. He was on Newsnight recently, accusing Al-Beeb of photoshopping Jeremy Corbyn’s stupid Commie hat, to make it look more Communist. This claim, parroted by his butt-buddies in Momentum, has already been proven to be complete bullshit, but two million people have seen the post on Momentum’s Facefuck page. Obviously, not all of them would have believed that the BBC deliberately photoshopped an photo of Corbyn in a Lenin style hat that he CHOSE to wear, just to make him look more left wing. Sadly though, a lot of them would have been stupid enough to believe that outright lie.

The BBC doesn’t need to do such a thing. Corbyn proves to the entire nation what a extreme far left cunt he is on an hourly basis. He proved his Communist credentials when he not only sided with Russia at PMQ’s last Wednesday, but pretty much said word for word what the Russian government have been saying. And the simple fact is, as I said, Corbyn CHOOSES to wear that ridiculous hat. It’s the headwear equivalent of Kim Jong Un’s haircut.

Incidentally, if you want real proof that Putin sent his cunts to try to murder Skripal and his daughter, look no further than the childish outbursts from the Russian government and their stooges at the state run TV channel. Nobody who is innocent hurls insults and innuendo at their accusers. And I see that Putin has won 75% of the vote in the elections. Yeah, right, three quarters of the Russian people actually voted for Putin, a man who regularly feels the need to prove his masculinity by being photographed topless doing what he thinks is manly shit.

In some ways, it’s amusing to watch Jones hurling such lies at the BBC. It wasn’t too long ago that he was calling for Corbyn to stand down as leader of the Labour Party. Until Corbyn won a challenge to his leadership, then Owen the Onanist climbed right back Corbyn’s arse. So, on top of being an egostical, idiotic, drivel spouting, lying drama queen, with a penchant for storming off when he doesn’t get his way, he’s also a massive hypocrite. Mostly though, Owen Jones, is an annoying, bigoted little twat. Like most of his ilk, he considers freedom of speech that only people like him have a right to, and will happily shout down anyone who disagrees with him. He is, a CUNT.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Great cunting, and timely – Owen the lifelong Citizen smith parody tribute act only yesterday retweeted his supported of an anti-Jewish group ‘without him knowing who they were’.

    Grovelling explanation later, someone astutely asked the cunt what exactly was the difference between his action and Trump’s retweeting of Britain First. No answer from the fucking bastard.

    Owen Jones is one of the landmarks of the cancerous left. Someone who double backs to suit the left narrative (Hated Corbyn then loved him), and even his fellow fucking Guardian writers fell out with him last week over this whole ‘trans women are women’ bullshit liberal paradox.

    This cunt is seismic and another ISAC double-figure-dodger.

  2. Are there no limits to these sublime Cuntings?

    Surely this QDM fella is the son of God…

    • …and Shaun so loved ISAC that he gave his bastard son.

      The Gospel according to Dioclese
      Chapter x, Verse y

      With particular regard to this cunt…to whom I profess an Americuntish ignorance…I now ask you to turn to the book Nominations and read along with me…

      …and the number of the cuntings shall be 6 and 6 shall be the number of the cuntings. Thou shalt be prepared to count 7…8…9 or even more as this cunt surely shall thrive in his cuntishness and incur thy wrath.


      Blessed be the cuntmakers for they shall dominate the forum.


      • Oh yeah…

        …and the Admin said unto Qweeksdraw…thou art a right worthy Cunter. Do not be fruitful…but go forth anyhow and spreadith thy cuntings sost that all may know the word and tremble in fear lest you posteth their heathen name on ISAC.

        The Acts of General Cunster
        Chapter $ Verse £

  3. Just where do you start with this little cunt? A great cunting by the way QDMG. He of the countersunk turd persuasion is amongst a very few people who can get my piss from normal to 100 degrees in a heartbeat. One of a number who banned me from their twatter feed simply because I just cant abide the cunt. Yorkshire / Stockport (2 places I fucking hate with a passion – arrested in Sheffield after United v Wednesday in the 80’s – Stockport – full of Bertie Magoos)? Check, leftie? Check, conceived by equally leftie cuntish parents? Check, gobby and opinionated? Check, changes his mind as often as his anal sanitowels? Check. He describes himself as a “fourth-generation socialist”; his grandfather was involved with the Communist Party and his parents met as members of the Trotskyist Militant tendency Ticks just about all my hate points like not many others. Having first heard of this man child via his book chavs and latterly the establishment with a column in the gnardiu and far too many appearances on TV he has the uncanny but well practised talent of turning every subject into his favourite subject – the downtrodden but well drilled anal channel dwellers. He has that face you would never get sick of kicking – a bit like Rigsbys cat. It would be glorious to have him chained in the basement so that when your day has turned to ratshit you can just go and give Owen a fucking good hiding before Corrie comes on. He will attend the opening of a fucking envelope if it furthers his opinions and he is to be seen at any type of metoo / nomore / gimmegrants welcome marches in Londonistan. Watching him stood with Genghis Khan at one of the “Islam is all right and welcome anytime here” he is too fucking thick to figure that if Genghis and his chums had their way he would doing a nose dive from a very tall building for his manloving habit. A daily standing order in the hallowed halls of ISAC wouldn’t be too much, as like having him chained in the basement to batter every night, it would be good to go back and add yet another reason daily why this cunt is a prince(ess) amongst cunts.

  4. Horrible little shirtlifter. Degenerate champagne socialist confused little fuckwit. Fuck this cunt.

    • That did make me chuckle – he must have a manual on ‘how to make yourself look like a total cunt’ and didn’t miss a single trick.

  5. Has this whiney cunt ever left the London bubble? He does no serious reporting, just googling shit and moaning about it. One hundred percent CUNT.

  6. Is it wrong that I hope this cunt gets locked in a room full of pissed off ex-squaddies? For how he was such a cunt to Simon Weston alone he deserves to at least get his head kicked in.

    Figures the little maggot writes for the Groaniad.

    • Indeed, PMS. It’s rather a shame that the peacefuls don’t go all “Charlie Hebdo” in the offices of the Guardian, that disgusting rag of treason, especially as it’s stuffed to the gills with clit cannibals and friends of Dorothy…

  7. Owen Jones is truly a cunt of the highest order and so is his twin sister, Eleanor. This is only to be expected, as anyone who spends any time with the sad, twisted, little jobbyjammer cunt has to be a cunt as well. 39 weeks face to face is bound to cuntify anyone, although she would probably be one without his input. His parents were cunts too, you see (Christ, I sound Welsh).

  8. Apparently, before this cumbucket cunt decided he’d rather put his cock in other chaps buttcheeks he had a girlfriend, whom, when he came home one time, caught some olive skinned young buck bollock deep in her, well, he got turned on perusing the lad giving her it good style and knocked a mix out right there and then.
    Probably over the fellas arse, the degenerate cunt

    • So he wasn’t born a bum-bandit? This confirms my belief that they chose their deviant lifestyle. Either that,or it’s a disease that they’ve caught from another of The Gays. Whatever it is,it proves that if they can choose/catch their Gayness,then they can be dissuaded/ cured of their illness. Instead of wasting money on Aids research,scientists should be trying to invent a vaccine to make sure that nobody has to endure this crippling illness. Just think of the crime and disease that could be prevented if The Gayness could be eradicated, like Anthrax.
      Elton John can get fucked too. whinging old queen.

      • You certainly seem to display an admirable, almost Muslim-esque, attitude toward shirt-lifterd and wimminz, Mr F.
        Are you sure they haven’t applied some sort of “Rochdale drive-by”, where a passing minicab (containing a crying 12 year old girl) throws a Koran at you and you instantly change your name to Mohammed Iqbal?

      • Cant be Moslim, Mr. CE…I shower more than once a month. I also have no desire to fiddle either the benefit system or the nursery class at the local day-care centre,
        However,their ideas on making ugly women wear a burqa in public,and their lack of understanding for the sexually confused certainly have merit.

        Fuck Allah…Inshallah.

      • As suicide is a sin in the Qur’an, I sometimes wonder if an ISIS fighter who, in a moment of weakness, decides he fancies his fellow Muzzies’ botty…is he then compelled to climb the nearest tower and hurl himself from it rather than admitting he likes to ride side-saddle?

      • Suicide is a sin in most religions, I think. It must be the only sin that Michael Barrymore hasn’t committed….go on Michael,give us all a giggle.
        It always amazes me how frightened religious people are of death,you’d think that they’d be queuing up to get to meet their god…still,I suppose the Gays have more reason than most to want to delay the inevitable…what with all the bumming and drug-taking that they’ve done.

      • Well, if hell exists, Michael Barrymore’s going to spend eternity being fisted by an army of demons who look like Stuart Lubbock and who have hands the size of King Kong’s.

      • If Hell exists, Mavis May will regret running through those fields of wheat.

        As sure as eggs is feckin eggs.

      • Owen Jones would love to be found face down in Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool, donut well and trully punched through by a peaceful bum bandit and with a stomach full of jihadi jizz and excrement freshly feltched from the goat.

        For him, this would tick all of the leftard boxes.

  9. The days biggest über cunt has to be the orange haired remoaner wankstain Christopher Wylie – ex Cambridge analytica employee – moaning the vote leave won as they had more funding and we must have a referendum again.
    Heard him on the radio yesterday and saw him on tv today. What a snow flake cocksocket he is – yelling at questioners and in tears about abuse of democracy.
    That’s all right then isn’t it if you’ve worked for Cambridge Analytica, a company under scrutiny for that very behaviour. That’s the way it works you twat, better resources and better organised usually wins the day.
    Also screeching that the conservatives have outed his cabinet serving bum chum private secretary too.
    Would love to nominate this mong for a proper cunting, but being relatively new to ISAC I’m not sure how !
    Have a look at him fellow cunters, a prize specimen of everything that is wrong with our once great country.
    Utter cunt.

    • To nominate.Go to the home page,click on the big red “Cunt me” button and have at it.

    • If I was on that commitee and that pink haired, bespectacled, ring thru nose excuse of a homosapien walked through the door I would splurt my fucking tea out while exclaiming rather loudly ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT’. Then I would ask him ‘why the pink syrup’ and then I’d ask him to pass on my commiserations to his ma and da before telling him to get the fuck out of my safe space. Oh and Owing Jones is a squealy little runt and totally belongs at the Graunio with the rest of the freak show of blancmange pussyfuck libtards.

      • Owen Jones just gets all Owens a bad name, so he’s a cunt…

        What has Gobowen done to deserve this ?? (apart from, perhaps, having a window-lickers’ club, and a garden centre which is probably NOT run by Hitler’s remaining descendants, although Germany has such a horticultural emporium. Probably doing a special on BUNA-rubber plants, and “products” to clean your greenhouse…)

        Jones, in my book, has always been “Moaning”…

    • Just copy & paste what you’ve written above to ‘Cunt Me’ – it’s perfect!

  10. Owen Jones has never had a proper job, has expressed admiration for Hugo Chavez and supports the idea of a united Ireland. He’s a radical lefty who supports Corbyn and he’s also an apologist for radical Islam. In short, a multi level cunt who would have had his entrails burnt in front of his dying eyes if he had lived in the days of Merrie olde England.

    • Wearing pointy wooden clogs to give someone a good kicking would, methinks, be most satisfying

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