White fragility

I wish to nominate “white fragility” for a cunting on the award-winning website ISAC.

The internet is absolutely awash was made up terms by fuckwits to make other fuckwits feel bad. Dislike a medievalist religion that treats women and unbelievers like shit? You have Islamophobia. Don’t think cutting off your knackers and wearing a dress makes you a woman? Transphobia! Are you a well-known Australian feminist with fairly ordinary opinions about transgender ‘women’? Misogynist!

I thought ‘intersectionality’ was the maddest piece of shit on the internet. (For those of you who don’t know, that’s the idea that having different forms of butt hurt makes you top of the pile in Victimhood Top Trumps). But bugger me butler, I was wrong. Apparently, if a white person says they are not a racist that is evidence that they are a racist! This insane idea is called “white fragility.” Fuck me up the fucking ass with a fucking rusty fucking fish fork.

I’m off to buy an island and I am going to put up a sign saying “No cunts allowed.”

Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt

105 thoughts on “White fragility

  1. Any race under such constant pressure , and subjected to behavioural modification at every level, is likely to succumb eventually.
    The pity is, the cunts that vilify us are our own race. In the old days, any twat who spoke ill of the indigenous race would have a dental re-arrangement. Anyone not of the “clan”, anyone “different” would soon fall in line or get their testicular region compressed most forcefully.
    FFS, bring back those days, when a white man in his own country could be white.
    I shall never apologize for being white, English, bigoted and superior.

    • Here! Here! I’m not ash of being a white male nor ever will be. I’ve got nothing to apologise for what’s happened in the past, or the present for that matter. Yes, I am alright Jack, or as alright as I’ll ever be? If those 3rd world savages want reduce their country to a pile of rubble let them get the fuck on with it, just don’t keep trying to scrounge £3 a fucking month to rebuild the shithole after you’ve destroyed it. It’s got fuck all to do with me, and I honestly don’t give a flying fuck.

    • I am so proud of my country beautiful England, i stand tall when i see the Trooping of the Colour, i am over the moon that i am a subject of Big Liz and not some cum bubble president like Blair.
      I am very proud of our Empire and the fact we have invented 40% of the good stuff on the planet the fact that our language is top dog worldwide. How can anybody be embarrassed by the fact our military is one of the best and bravest anywhere.
      To all you spineless left-wing babies with your tears and hand wringing antics and your hatred of the country that gives you shelter and comfort FUCK OFF YOU FESTERING CUNTS.

    • Excellent cunting and excellent commentary. From across the pond I say Hear, Hear!


      🌍. ☀ 🌎. ☀. 🌏. 🇬🇧. (This is the sun never sitting on the Union Jack.)

  2. Dear conquered peoples.
    The history of humanity is one of constant conflict and competition for resources like land, food, water and women. You whine about the fact that the English were and are better at this contest than any other race of men in the World. You losers want us to regret being better at conquest and exploration than you were. You want apologies and reparations from people who were stronger and smarter than you, people who unequivocally won.
    We aren’t sorry and we owe you NOTHING – Deal with it. White fragility wont effect me and mine. I will never apologise nor yield to any cunt from anywhere in my own land. So all you slopes, academics, libtards,. Asians, dindoos. Europeans, Africunts, Antipodeans (I count Londonistan as foreign too) can fuck right off. If I visit your land I will obey all laws and customs – I always have and always do and always will no matter how stupid or ill thought out they may appear to me as I would not disrespect anyones country, flag or its peoples – IN ITS OWN LAND. Kindly afford me the same courtesy. If not, our ports include points of exit as well as entry. Should you wish to ignore or break my laws or plot to harm or kill me or my countrymen kindly either don’t come or avail yourselves of one of the many exit points, take your breed with you and FUCK OFF.

    • If all white people are racist then let’s disband all these Equal Opprtunities committees,enquiries and positive discrimination exercises. After all,there can’t be any point in them can there?. Think of the money and time that would be saved. In future,any cunt who wants to set up one of these things needs to raise the money for it by doing a Sponsored Walk,preferably on a motorway in the rush hour.

    • @Cunto

      Well said indeed. Might I respectfully suggest we do have something to apologize and offer a slight revision.

      Dear Third World Shit Hole Savage,

      You’re welcome…for Democracy, Basic Medicine, Modern Agriculture, and Quadrillions of Dollars and Pounds in aid and give away programs.

      My only regret is that my ancestors didn’t nuke your barbarian asses and for that I apologize.

      Warmest…in the literal sense…regards,

      Guilty civilized white person.

      • Yes, I did omit a few bits n bobs General that had I gone full tilt I would have suffered a fucking stroke such was my absolute disdain at the whole fucking apology for being white thing.
        Yup, we conquered and owned most of the world that was worth a wank back in the day and we were fucking good at it. As late as the Falklands we took no shit and beat all comers. We do it in a very English way. Slow to start but fucking animals when we have been in the game a bit. I am sure if we changed the rules of World football to 24 hours each way in International matches we could fuck any cunt – or even altogether. Nelson remarked “give me an oak ship and a complement of English sailors and I will smite the pens of the European administrators” (not verbatim as I cant find the original quote).
        As I am on a roll nowhere was left poorer than when we took the cunts apart. Law, Education, Governance, roads, transport per se, Industrialisation, banking all were gifts of we so called “Imperialists”. Look at Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe as the clown cunts call it now. Once the bread basket of Africa. I had a friend whose parents owned a tobacco plantation. He employed >400 black south Africans on that land. They were given housing, education, sick pay, maternity benefits, holidays with pay and even buried on the pay of the estate. The Szolga family were Boers and proud of it too but they never forgot the people who made their money and they treat them well. Fast forward to the evil cunt Mugabe telling the “War veterans” that the land of the Szolgas could be reclaimed and the white farmers ejected. The Szolga family lost 2 members, their farm and their lifetimes work. Along with that 400 black families lost a living, a home and the life they had enjoyed under the “evil whites”. Ten were shot and killed and countless women and young girls raped. Fast forward a little longer to harvest time. After the dumb cunts had pillaged and drunk everything worth having the crops rotted in the fields as none of the Neanderthal cunts had a clue how to reap and sow for the next season – hence Zimbabwe became the basket case of Africa. Without fear of negation I cant think of a single country who made a better fist of independence after separation.
        So (fuck me I can waffle) I don’t have any time for any of the attached list (and fuck me I learnt a few new ones) so I say I am white, middle aged, working class and proud of my colour, ethnicity, religion and history. More importantly through the blood of my forefathers from Waterloo to Trafalgar, South Africa to the South Atlantic, Ypres to the Somme, El Alamein to Berlin, Palestine to Portsmouth I can trace my bloodline back to the 1600’s via Parish records. We travelled and fought in the shitholes of the World but those fortunate enough to come back alive stayed here. White fragility? Cry me a fucking river you gormless pickaninny come latelys. This is my land, my country and my people. Night God bless fellow cunters.

  3. Would shit like this even exist without the blessing of (anti) social media where the neo-liberal (fascist) tech giants basically censor anything they don’t agree with and push the ridiculous on the easily impressionable?

    Possibly, but I doubt it, and certainly in far fewer numbers.

    When the t’interweb was first used in earnest back in the early 90’s everyone knew that society would end because now you could download a colour pornographic image in just 2 minutes! Society was doomed!

    And while porn is one facet of the whole that is the t’interweb it is not the destructive force that folk assumed it would be and t’interweb based business flourished.

    As bandwidth increased, and browsers became more powerful to deliver content rich and – more importantly – interactive sites the dot.com bubble flourished, and at the very start of the noughties (at the Peak of Britain’s 2nd Dark Age 1997-2010) when generation snowflake were mere tots, the world was gifted with “Friends Reunited”.

    Now this site put folk in touch with folk they’d lost contact with and it’s early usage was just that (as it was used by the generation preceding generation snowflake – who still thought for themselves and had a greater proportion of social activity offline than online).

    Several years later this was succeeded by FaceCunt and TwatCunt and all the rest. Accessing them was no longer a “switch on, boot up” ball ache as the t’interweb was now literally at your fingers via your mobile phone and “likes” became the new social currency rather than the “content of your character”.

    Joining in (following) like digital sheep became more important than opinion because to have an opinion outside of the group-think is baaaad.

    White fragility could no more exist (IMO) outside of social media as humans could exist in space without a spacesuit on.

    Here is my ode to t’interweb doting neo-liberal group-think cunts: “The t’interweb is made up of 1’s and 0’s and nothing more, it is binary. Even in a quantum state, there are no 2’s!”

    You have to wait a while but eventually they explode!

    • Great stuff Rebel. Ive just nicked your “digital sheep ” Love it. I’ll plagierize ( no shame )

    • Ah, me. I remember Friends Reunited. Actually signed up to see if my old school chums were still arseholes. They were. Some had developed into massive festering cunts. End of investigation.

      Good points as always, RwaC. But you might have worked in quantum entanglement somehow, perhaps? As in, you can’t describe the state of entangled snowflakes without reference to the others?

      • The only snowflake entanglement I know is when you get two flake gingers, sporting a head of right-on “Eddie Grant” dreads, colliding with one another!

        All I know about snowflakes is that they eventually melt, preferably sooner rather than later!

  4. I’m fed up of trying to put forward a reasoned point of view to most of the brainwashed twats who constantly run down the British white heterosexual for being who they are. Oddly enough it’s me they call a bigot when it’s they that won’t listen.
    Well fuck you from now on cunts. If I’m going to be labelled a racist, homophobic, intolerant, right wing extremist then I’ll act like one.

  5. What’s the use,
    What’s the use.
    What’s the use,
    What’s the use.

    The Pretty Things 1970

  6. This is all personified in the form of that irritating pain in the arse Paris something or the other. That cunt wakes up every morning thinking what can I get upset about today, You would forever be treading on eggshells interacting with that prize tosser.Try and catch her/ him / whatever.

  7. Superb cunting, CMC.

    I have ceased to feel guilt (although I have a modicum left, but only for genuine use).

    And as Python once said, “Tolerance is a great British virtue, far too great to be wasted on spicks, wops, krauts and various unmentionable FILTH, such as The Two Emmaaahs, Rowlinginit, Eddie the Gizzard &c.”

    And please spare a thought for “our” long-suffering imaginary butler !! He may not appreciate all the “demands” made on his servant’s entry…

    I shall donate a quid or two next time I see anyone shaking a tin for “Buggered Butlers” in Queen Street.

  8. If anyone accuses me of being racist,bigoted,intolerant etc., I certainly don’t try to deny it. Fuck that,I revel in my “ignorance”,the pleasure I get from shocking some right-on Cunt with some revolting remark is good enough,but the finest is when they attempt to admonish me. Then I can really get up a full head of steam,swearing and spitting bile,I launch into a tirade about everyone and everything of which I strongly disapprove…there’s not many who can endure more than a minute or two of my wild-eyed,non-stop stream of intolerance,particularly if they,themselves,fall into one of my “most-favoured” categories.
    I really couldn’t give a fuck,I’m passed the stage of caring what other people’s opinion is. Unless there’s something I want off them,I see no reason to hide my dislike of certain people. No doubt I’ll eventually come a cropper,but I’ll worry about that the day that it happens.
    There’s no “white fragility” with me,just a robust delivery of opinion…you’ll probably recognise my “fingerprints” when you read of my,probably inevitable,trial for some “ism” or another.
    Fuck them.

    • Bit surprised you’re not already on death row Dick.

      You’re not, are you? Could be… After all, I occupy a suite of rooms in Buckingham Palace. Not a lot of people know that.

      • I fucking knew it….you’re Paul Burrell and I claim my skid-marked pair of Di panties that she asked you,through a medium,to look after in the event of her untimely demise.
        Hand them over, you Rock you, and what are England’s Rose’s thought on her half-blood marrying a half-blood?

      • You have unmasked the fucker Dick. I bet he has the aforementioned skidded kecks on his head as he types, the dirty bastard.

      • He’s an utter disgrace, C.C. You’re right,I can just picture the foul degenerate…panties over the head as he prepares to buttle himself…shameless.

      • ”Tis true, I am a dirty bastard, but I am NOT that bum bandit Burrell! Best I can do to appease is send you a couple of used tampax, heavy with premium dried mare’s blood. Would go well with a bottle of Fiddler’s Organic.

        Regarding Ginger Nut’s latest vulgar bit of exotic totty, my opinion was recently sought by a certain Mrs Maybot. I informed her in no uncertain terms:

        “I am uneasy, I think she’s trouble. Background…attitude…I worry. She’s older than him, she’s been married before… I add it all up and I am uneasy, but there we go.”

        Naturally she called me a “Raaaaaccisssst!!!!” so I kicked her in the chuff and we went our separate ways, agreeing to say no more about it.

      • PS: You boys will be my undoing. Would appreciate you keep this correspondence to yourselves.

      • I don’t know what is worse. Died’s skidded keks or Camillas tampon.
        I think the skidded keks win because it’s what she would have wanted.

      • Fucking hell K, how many more times do I have to say it – I am not P fucking B!!! And you have inadvertently proved it with your link, cos I could not be here in Buckingham Palace AND in the Australian jungle at the same time if I was P fucking B, could I?

        Regardless however, I am saddened to see the extent to which the soppy poof’s psychosis has further degenerated since we had to let him go for that unfortunate episode of attempted necrophilia with my late trouble n’ strife’s corpse.

      • Oops! I meant Dodo’s fiancé! Couldn’t be my wife cos I never even met the slag. Apologies for any confusion…

      • Enough,you dodgy butler. I’ll bet that there are still severe punishments for Commoners who claim to be Royal. I’d long thought that you had the whiff of a “below-the-stairs” factotum about you. Your increasingly hysterical denials merely confirm my belief that you are,indeed, the defrocked Butler Burrell. ….have you got any topless photos of The People’s Princess? The pictures of Kate Middleton were a real let-down,I’ve seen more tit on a mouse. I bet Princess Pippa has a lovely set of tits,but I’ll settle for a few of Diana’s (pre accident,preferably,but it’s not a deal-breaker.)

      • Don’t knock Kate’s knockers till you’ve given them a good sucking. My late mother brought me up to believe anything over a mouthful is wasted. Possibly explains why I prefer the less ample, more boyish figure, as you well know – you tits the size of Zeppelins loving cunt.

        Sadly all topless Di’s since defiled beyond recognition. Sorry.

      • Is it true that those pics of Kate’s tits appeared on the net on Pancake day…?
        Seen bigger tits in a birdbath….

      • Yes Dick, I can see the Cad now sucking the last morsel of Royal Fudge from those delightful pair of Panties.

    • I’m absolutely with you on this DF.

      I’ve never really had a problem with making my feelings known but I will confess that at times I found myself turning the volume down when talking about race or immigration in a public place.

      About 2 years ago I found myself in a curry house in Colliers Wood, Wimbledon.

      I’d had a few scoops waiting for my curry and then a party arrived and were seated next to me.

      I had no option but to listen to them as they were so fucking self satisfied and full of themselves, the one word that kept being repeated was ‘Jeremy’, turns out I was sat next to 20 or so Corbynista’s who just attended what I can only assume was a victory rally.

      I was getting increasingly irritated by some iffeminate nonce so started to echo his words in an iffeminate manner.

      He did his best to ignore me but eventually lost his rag, slammed his knife and fork down and screamed ‘I refuse to tolerate your homophobia’.

      Just for a second I felt dominated and didn’t know how to respond so I can’t explain why I did what I did next as I really could have got my head kicked in but I stood up and assumed that teapot stance ala John Inman and said in a gay voice ‘what you going to fucking do about it’.

      What followed was lots of advice from his fellow diners saying ‘just leave it, he’s not worth it’ there were 20 or so of the cunts and not one of them had the balls to take me on, I’m glad they didn’t as I’m sure I’d have come off worse but faced with somebody who wasn’t cowed they really didn’t know how to react.

      And that was the turning point for me. These cunts are so used to closing down any dissent by shouting ‘racist’ ‘homophobe’ or any other manner of ‘ists’ at anybody they disagree with they’ve not developed the skills or strategies to deal with anyone who stands up to them and who embraces their slurs.

      I have a nephew who I’d love to twat, the term Snowflake really could have been invented for him.

      Our dislike of one another isn’t hidden, he thinks I’m a racist because I voted for Brexit when in fact I’m a racist cus I don’t like foreigners and I think he’s a cunt cus he’s a cunt.

      At a family gathering last year things got a bit heated between us and predictably he called me a raaaaaacccciiisssst, to which I said, I take offence at that you twat, I’m a racist and a bigot now fuck off.

      • I like the Mr Burns approach when, after some argument and confusion, a student at Yale shouted at him ‘You’re worse than Hitler!’

        Burns’ reply…. “The time for flattery is long over’.

  9. I see today that historian Mary Beard has been howled down by the twatterati for saying ‘ It must be difficult to maintain civilised values in a disaster zone’
    This was referring to the Oxfam affair.
    She has been accused of using colonial language. This is the world of the offended we live in. All comments are subjected intense scrutiny by an army of fucking right-on loonies.
    And back to the cunting. Phobe is bandied about as a term for hatred. It is no such thing. Phobia is fear and there are good reasons to fear Islam. Any non Muslim who is not an Islamophobe is a fucking idiot and would be better concentrating on Mary Beard and her outrageous colonial language. Oh, and denying that Haiti was an uncivilised shithole way before the last disaster struck.
    And it is a shithole due to Whitey of course. Not the 100s of years of independence

    • If our great and good, and their media, referred to a shithole as a shithole, that might spark the vestiges of national pride in the shithole’s inhabitants and move them to doing something about it themselves out of a sense of shame and humiliation. I so move.

      And the UK is rapidly becoming a shithole…

      • Correction Komodo, the UK is already a shithole and rapidly descending into chaos of unimaginable proportions

        Factor in Corbyns likely victory next election I think it best that anyone reading this make preparations to leave as fast as you can before you find yourselves taxed to buggery and at the back of the queue for all the benefits that your tax pays for (NHS etc).

        Whilst being blamed for every imaginary wrong and branded a bigot and racist whenever you question anything coming from the leftist libtard mantra and likely you ending up in prison (re-education) or having all your assets seized. Or both.

        We all know that this will only last a few short years until total economic collapse and loss of confidence in Government internally and externally, then the real brutality of the left will show itself once more. Oh yeah, Venezuela springs to mind. Don’t think it could happen in Europe? Well think again.

        Welcome to the glorious revolution. Get out while you still can.

      • For not the first time Dick, I am convinced you’ve been reading my mind. Solid analysis there – cheers!

      • I’ve seen it coming for years.

        I have noticed in my lifetime that things have really changed in the way people think and behave because of legislation and political correctness, the best way I can describe is this;

        Back in the days when I was young unless something was strictly prohibited then one could just get on with what you wanted to do, but that has changed now, how many times to you hear ‘you are not allowed to do/say that’ or people questioning themselves ‘am I allowed to do that’ “am I allowed to park there’ ‘am I allowed to say that’ ‘am I allowed to say black person’ “am I allowed to say gay’. So they say nothing and take the easy comfortable action cedeing linguistic ground to the libtards, snowflakes and PC brigade, only encouraging them to steal more linguistic territory till it will be too late.

        People today are self censoring out of fear of repercussion even for minor things, this is a sure fire route to government mandated censorship and the fact that google and youtube censor so much is just the start.

        Some of my youtube buddies have to self sensor otherwise their videos get demonetised immediately, mention knife, gun, war, army, fighting, even words like black can get caught up and demonetised with a 2 or 3 day review process, the first few days when they generally get the most views, funnily enough ads are still shown but the creator receives no revenue….., and if anyone reports the video (maliciously usually) it is immediately demonetised pending investigation.

        Strange world we live in, either a brutal (for the ordinary white working man) collapse of socialism in west or a right wing backlash beckons. Or both.

        Sometimes I think that the ordinary white working man should do an Atlas Shrugged, just stop doing, cash in his chips and fuck off. If enough do it they can laughingly watch the inevitable collapse from somewhere warmer and cheaper to live, taking all their skills and productivity with them.

        Fuck the UK and the West, every Empire has its day and sadly here we are at endgame.

        15 years max, that’s all the West has got left.

      • Yes, I’d give it 10 – but agree 15 years max.

        PC /self censorship /narcissistic social order and unshakeable snowflake sense of self entitlement is the real enemy, and has been coming since the early 1970s in my experience.

        Can’t say we weren’t given adequate warning though – it’s all there in the writings of George Orwell, and to a lesser extent Aldous Huxley. Even in Churchill re: the threat posed by Islam, in his book ‘The River War’.

        Do not believe there’s any going back. We’ve gone beyond the point of no return. Corbyn will be elected, Economy will collapse a lot faster than it’s going to anyway, regardless of who’s in power.

        Civil war? Putin? Scorched earth? Who knows, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.

        Have no idea as to your age Dick, but with any luck I’ll be buried in the rocks before the worst of it comes my way. Failing that I have a large jar full of very dangerous drugs and a bottle of Jim Beam to wash ’em down with, and a convenient bridge to throw myself off. A gun might come in handy too (are you reading this General?)…

      • I’m 47, part of the reason I moved away and cashed in my chips was the simple reason that I’d had enough and could only see things getting worse.

        I pity those trying to do the decent thing, work hard, god forbid be self employed or a small business owner with all the crap that goes with it these days. As soon as one puts ones head above the parapet it is shot at. Dare to run your own business? It feels like you are being persecuted for trying.

        All this ‘fairness’ gets on my goat. Who determines what is fair, the rich have to pay their fair share so what is that then? who determines what rich is, given that you pay 40% income tax on 34,501 to 150k, well 34,501 hardly seems rich to me to be handing over 4 pounds in every 10 to the bastard government above that threshold, how about NO. Only then to find that there is nothing left for you when you are old.

        Equality and fairness are the vanguard of the demise.

        Why on Earth anyone stays in the UK if they have the skills and means to move away I really don’t understand. Hopefully the gifted young people will wake up and realise that staying only means peonage, up sticks and go out into the world and engineer an online working world for themselves, I know quite a few that have.

        If China instantiates contract laws, property rights and the rule of law I would be there like a shot.

        Live frugally, save, save and save more, get skills that enable you to work online from anywhere and get out.

      • I’ll go along with all of that, it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only person on the planet who believes in fiscal responsibility.

        I turn 65 in May, and because I’m relatively comfortable right now (having saved all my life, etc) I’d be loathe to up sticks unless in extremis. Presumably you have found somewhere devoid of the sort of madness we have invited upon ourselves back in Blighty.

        Have thought for awhile China is the future. Can’t decide if that’s good or bad for us. Bad for snowflakes, which has to be a massive plus!

        Xenophobia tends to obscure my view of the world, ha ha.

      • Well, yes, Dick. I was perhaps erring on the side of politeness and misguided patriotism – however there are shitholes and shitholes, and it’s just possible there will be a reaction against the current all-embracing cuntitude before I snuff it. and before we fully resemble South Sudan with rain. An equal chance exists IMO that it will be impossible to find any part of this planet which is not run by cunts in suits working Ponzi schemes for the exclusive benefit of their loaded shareholders, in the same timeframe.

        I’m stuck here, anyway, and even if the grass is greener, I am surrounded by financial fencing. So I’ll lend my support to any and all proposals to delay the inevitable appearance of a shit sinkhole. I reckon the chaos ensuing from a Corbyn win will be just what is needed in terms of a lethal shock to a cunt-run system, and there may be some reimagining to follow.

    • And S Wales news the other day carried mugshots of five drug-dealers, all arrested.

      Oh, horribly waaaycist !

      Not a single whitey to be seen.

      Pinching our jobs, the CANTS !! The ultimate in equal opportunities…

      • I’d love to be at one of the Al-BBCeerer editorial meetings featuring Tristan O’Brien and Officer Dibble when they’re putting together Crimewatch…,

        …….. Hi Tristram, right tonight we really need your help, there’s a gang of Peaceful rapists that are roaming the country drugging young girls and raping them. They pick them up in fancy cars from school, ply them with drugs and alcohol then along with their mates gang bang them to the point they can’t walk the next day’

        ‘Right yeh that’s bad but there’s a shop lifting epidemic in Camden and lots of people have actually lost money so we’re thinking of leading on that’…,,,

        ‘Ok then but what about this gang of Eastern Europeans that are trafficking thousands of young girls from their homelands to work as sex slaves, we’ve almost nailed their network but need your help to find Bratislav the Butcher’.

        ‘Like that’s bad but have you heard about the Croydon Cat Killer, we really feel we need to bring his reign of terror to an end so that’s our second story’.

        ‘Listen Tristram, we’ve uncovered a plot that’s targeting the Royal Family. We’re not 100% certain who they will target but think it may be the Queen, we need you to go live with this as we need to smoke out the culprits who’ve gone to ground. We know they travelled into Europe posing as Syrian refugees but we’re certain viewers will be able to help us complete the jigsaw’.

        ‘Yah, that’s bad but we really need to get to the bottom of Grenfel, the culprits are at large and need to face justice and to be honest officer I think you’re being raaaaacccciiiissssttt, not all serious crime is committed by foreigners as I’ve clearly demonstrated’.

    • Get rid of the lot of them, if their homeland doesn’t want them back, send them to the lab to test pet pharmaceutical products.

      Measuring their effects on an empty stomach of course.

  10. Brexit – good news.
    Tont Bliar is on the World at One making the case for a second referendum. The intervention of this lying, venal, incompetent war criminal must be worth an extra million Leave votes.

      • That’s a great site, not just covering the dodgy dealings of ‘he who cannot be named’, but of the whole neo liberal shit pile. Haven’t been able to stop reading it.

      • Interesting.
        I would recommend Tom Bower’s book on the cunt if you haven’t already read it.

      • Sometimes a little karma creeps in, though. As you may have seen, Tuesday before last he was chatting up the then Ethiopian president. Thursday before last the president was out on his ear, amid national unrest, and a state of emergency was declared. I liked that, but none of the media mentioned it.

    • If that vile cunt Blair wants a 2nd referendum I want a 2nd Inquiry into the Iraq war, but this time headed by Reg Keys, not one of the warmongers fucking mates, the bastard
      Seems fair to me

  11. A good one to scupper these libflake fannies is when you tell them ‘My mrs is black’… And even though mine isn’t it’s good fun to fling it at these knobheads and watch their stupid faces and bile turn to shite…

    Also, ask any libfuck man hating femstapo cunt who formed the Me Too movement and they look at you like apes staring at that mononlith in 2001… Great stuff…

  12. “if a white person says they are not a racist that is evidence that they are a racist! ”
    This horseshit isn’t new…as far back as the 80’s I remember some twonk on TV saying that anyone who starts a sentence with “I’m not a racist BUT…” is by default a racist. I always thought how unfair this is, to preemptively tie someone up with their own words, like a straightjacket. It’s what these cunts do though, they tie up language so that you don’t even have a voice to argue any more. The left love doing that that especially. The problem is, is that people are giving up and saying “yes, OK I’m a racist. Now fuck off.” which is basically my stance. We’re all Nazis and commies now, there’s no in between.

  13. For the snowflakes all white men are cunts…..er…..except the ones that are running the E fucking U.
    When you look at the bastards pushing The Hunchback about and taking the piss you don’t see many black faces or any of them wearing skirts.
    Different rules for the heroes of the EU of course.

  14. Great cunting cunts mate.

    So saying that you’re not racist makes them think that you are.

    I’d better start saying that I’m racist then.
    …oh wait, I already do.

    Coz I AM racist.

    Fuck it.

    • You really cannot win DtS, as Dick Fiddler mentioned earlier, say what you like and if it offends then its harsh beans cunt waffles.

      • Yea there have always been weak cunts that whinged and whined about everything they could but in the past they were laughed at and told to fuck off.
        Now thanks to twatter they can congregate in numbers and rather than just being called cunts their utterances were given some kind of credibility.
        Now they have a taste of power and there’s no going back.
        The only way to get the demon back into it’s box is to say what you want and tell em to fuck off if they don’t like it.
        Of course there’s violence too but lefties are such pathetic weaklings, I’d feel guilty.
        …actually no I wouldn’t.

      • The great irony is, that it is white and in a great part British men through the Industrial Revolution that contributed to the booming economies of places like India.

      • Yea so many cunts would like to see the the white man erased from history.

        Think for a minute.

        What would the world be like if the white man or western civilization never existed?

        The west is the best.

      • This is what mystifies me about these Antifa wankers in the balaclavas and all the black – they’re clueless middle class cunts that wouldn’t say boo to a goose. A pub full of any football firm in the country would have 500 of them running off with shit dribbling down their trousers to their safe space. I don’t follow football but I’ve always wondered what would happen if the WWC started mobilising a bit more at what is happening to our country. ‘Hope lies with the proles and all that’.

  15. Having been moderated. Trudeau is a very pleasant and appropriate gentleman of whom we should all be very proud, and a shining example as to why we should submit to foreign subjugation.

    • Trudeau is a cunt.
      Foreigners are cunts.
      The world is a cunt.

      …so am I.

      But I like being a cunt.

      • @DtS

        By saying you’re a cunt you’re actually denying you’re a cunt and displaying classic signs of cuntophobia.


      • Well it’s a very psycocuntical way of cuntsamining the cuntulogy of the basic cuntitude of the cunt-modern neo-cuntist view of the cunt.

        Who defines “cunt” or indeed, “cuntitude”?

        Well I’m certainally too drunk to decide, but I’m sure this site can at least provide us all with some claririty on the cuntitude of the world.

      • Fucked if I know Sausage, and I’m a Doctor Of Psychotic Enlightenment… so if anyone should know…

        Yours truly,

        SB (D.O.P.E.)

      • I’m a doctor of cuntitude sb, but i don’t think my qualification holds any ground intellectualy. …

      • Damn all these educated Ivy Tower Eggheads with impressive degrees and a string of alphabet soup after their names.

        I’m just a cunt…and I know it…and I don’t try to deny it…in fact I’m proud of it.


        Although sometimes for clarification and to distinguish me from other…foreign cunts…I refer to myself as an Americunt.

        🇺🇸. 🗽. ⚾. 🌎. 🔫.

      • ?

        Cunts 🙂

        I’m goin back to Willie’s post.

        African guy fallin off a chair.

        What could be better in this state.

        Again I state AUOTOSPELL IS A FUCKIN GENios. ..ish.

      • @ScB

        Spell check is a tool of the devil and auto correct is programmed by The New World order…which are one and the same. 👿

        My keyboard is also possessed by poltergeists. 👻

        And I’m kind of a tard. 🤓

      • I like it! 🤓

        We are an adaptable people…Americunt…Ameritard…Amerinerd…Ameridork…Amerijerk…Ameriscum…

        It’s the American dream writ large. In the land of opportunity you can be whatever you want to be. 😎

        Or whatever you really are. 🤔

      • Watched the trump speech before I went out. It was ok I guess, better than the cunts we’ve got.

        Treeza the apeeza is a cunt.

        Went out to the local.
        Come in very drunk.

        Put on Crowder… Nigel farage was AWESOME as always.

        Crowder showed off his guns and it even made me dribble and think I WANT ONE .

        Don’t let me near any fuckin guns.

        Please. … even I don’t trust me that much.

        Don’t know how that can be legal mate.

        If I had a gun I’d be shootin rounds off for the hell of it right now.

        Fuck I’d love a gun right now.

  16. ‘White fragility’ fucking hell. Just another term they’ve pulled out of their arses to childishly shut down any contrary opinion. It’s infuriating that this kind of shit has flourished. Fucking, fucking cunts.

  17. White shame is a fucking travesty, those snowflake cunts who practice this fuckwittery using our former colonialism to berate their own race forget all the good we have done for those nations we colonised, health care, transport, education, we even stopped the fuzzy wuzzy cunts from eating each other, they give the uppity cunts like black lives matter the ammunition to carry on their race baiting shitwittery.

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