June Sarpong [3]

Occasionally I watch the pledge on sly news.
I only watch it for Nick Ferrari (The king), that businesswoman from hull, Michelle Dewberry (who is quite hot and wise by the way …my dream woman) and Carole Malone (that always puts up a good fight on the side of common sense).
They are the only ones that speak any sense. The rest are cunts, but kind of ok in a “you’re a cunt, but not to the point that I want to kill you” kind of way.

Boris Johnson’s sister is an anti democratic cunt that hates brexit and everyone that voted for it, and I’m sure would be quite happy to see the UK descend into civil war just as long as her beloved Reich kept us under their jack boot. She is an utter, good for nothing cunt, but she seems ok.
…how can this be?
Well, she’s only ok because everything in the universe is relative and she’s only relative to the biggest cunt at the table.

That cunt is June Sarpong.

This cunt is the epitome of lefty cuntitude. A British hating, utterly idiotic cunt that thinks she’s “intelectual” or “important” just coz she has a big mouth and hates our ancestors.

June Sarpong is famous (apparrently) coz she was on loose women.
Quite how being an idiotic, loudmouthed cunt, talking shit on a programme only watched by cunts that aren’t at work when they should be, constitutes being considered worthy of political debate is way beyond me.

Then, for some unknown reason, some twat decided to put the cunt on national telly (at a time when people that work for a living are watching) to discuss her fucked up opinions…

These are some, but not all, of the reasons that I think that she’s a cunt:

She’s writing a book called “diversity”.
I don’t need to read it to know that it’s going to be shite.

Apparently Britain has a failure to “embrace diversity”.
Huh? …you’ve done ok out of it you cunt, and if you’re so oppressed please feel free to fuck off anytime you like.
Besides. You know full well why we hold back from “embracing diversity”, as will be confirmed further down.

The cunt defended Keith Vas-been on loose cunts, and even they were pissed of and thought she was a cunt.
We all know what cunts they are. And if you’re an even bigger cunt than them, then you’re some kind of goliath of a cunt that should just get the fuck off the telly and find someone else to wind up before the whole nation cunts you off to oblivion.

She went out with David Lamy and HE dumped HER. How much of a cunt do you need to be to get dumped by DAVID fucking LAMY? …The cunt won’t even split his tongue from junkers bumhole without crying like a bitch.
Maybe her cuntitude was too hard-core, even for him.

Apparrently they still get on well.
That makes her an even bigger cunt.

She’s one of those typical “I love the EU” cunts. Constantly defending them, then moaning about rich, white people ruling everything and not giving the “poor” and “minorities” a say. …Twat.

I can’t be bothered look up everything she’s said on the pledge but trust me.
Common sense? … NO, RUBBISH.
Reason? … NO, BOLLOCKS.
White people? …NO, CUNTS.
(Stated more subtly that that obviously, but you get the drift).

Just watch it for 30 seconds and you’ll see what I mean, which brings me onto this:

This is by far the biggest reason that I think she’s a cunt.
When discussing the constantly offended and mob justice going around at the moment, the issue of the Rourkes Drift argument was brought up.
Most agreed that it was cuntish and I’m sure all you cunters agree that it was just another pathetic capitulation by the weak cunts of society giving into the twitch fork mob.

June the cunt said:
“I agree completely. Why would you celebrate colonialism?”


Those men sacrificed their lives for this country.

The institutions, rights, laws and freedoms that we have are all built on the lives that were sacrificed to build this country.

When the boys (and girls) are sent to Iraq, Africa or whatever other shithole, they don’t do it out of animosity for that country or it’s people. They do their job. They do it out of love for THIS country and EVERY person that sacrificed their life for this country deserves respect.

The only thing she has going for her is that she’s not quite as much of a cunt as Arfua Hirsch (thorough cunting currently being formulated), who is, in my mind, just about the biggest cunt on earth.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that June Sarpong is a 42 carat, weapons grade, class A, goliath of a cunt.

Nominated by deploythesausage

87 thoughts on “June Sarpong [3]

  1. She needs to get on a plane to Lagosxand see if they tolerate her nonsence.

    June darling:SHUT THE FUCK UP.

      • DtS, well done again !!

        I should really thank-you for bringing this festering heap of fly-blown filth to my attention, but…(you’ll understand, I’m sure !)…

        Evidently a “sister” to Flabbott and Windbag…
        Her lips look like she’s been kissing a mirror too often.
        And I bet she is pretty pongy, too.

  2. Off topic, but black ex copper on LBC last night. A kommunniteee leader “kinfe crime in London is nit a black problem and stop and swarch is racist.” Really? Tell me: how many honkies have died in Londonistan this year? Deluded cunt

    • If we judged them on the content of their character, they would be begging us to judge them on the colour of their skin.

      • Which of course is the reason they want to keep the issue focused squarely on colour. That fucking racist cunt Stormzy, spends all his time basically having a go at our culture yet has fuck all to say about the vast numbers of black youth who are assaulted and murdered by other black youths. Nothing to say about that, oh no. Why not ? Because he is a racist cunt.

  3. An excellent post DTS, you’ve done far better than me, I actually can’t watch sarpong , her utter cuntishness makes my fuckin head spin!! , I get the same thing with brexit denying cunt Anna Soubry!
    Sarpongs a fuckin racist make no mistake ! You don’t even need to scratch the veneer to see the loathing she has for this country and it’s history…..
    If you don’t like OUR country FUCK OFF BACK TO wherever your family came from you despicable and ungrateful CUNT

    • Mornin’ Q,

      MeToo, I literally have to look away when Sarpongo’s on the box.

      Forced to watch ‘The Pledge’ (the masochist in me), the competition between Sarbongo and Afua Hirsch to express the greatest hate for Britain, its people, culture and history requires a stomach and piss cooling system far in advance of mine!

      Cannot imagine for a second how Nick Ferrari can stand being in the same building as these rancid cunts, let alone contain the understandable urge to strangle them when sitting at the same table.

      • Morning SB 😎
        I generally tend to listen to what the opposing view is but sapong and Co haven’t got anything interesting to say, they obviously hate this country and especially it’s history….
        What really boils my piss is they are given so much airtime to spout their wonky eyed views!
        If sapong wants to see a racist she only needs to take a look in the mirror!!

      • Sarpong and Hirsch have been all over the MSM in the last few weeks, not to mention that other blockhead Britain hater Ash Sarkar (recently on Q-time & The Big Questions), all given platforms wholly out of proportion to the factions they purport to represent with their repulsive views.

        They are the living embodiments of Hate Crime.

      • Yea i dont think these cunts realise that they’re causing racism.
        Every time she opens her mouth I just want to get in her face and yell “fuck off to Ghana then you cunt!”

      • An episode of the Pledge with Arsepong & Afua Shit has to be the ultimate challenge in life and for the life of your television. How do these racist cunts get away with it?

        This challenge can only be topped with the addition of Majid Noways fighting the corner of the GB citizen. Are we fucked or what?

        Mind you, I can tolerate Noways more than that thick pwick that still can’t speak pwoperly despite hours of on air bwoadcasting. I suggest some elocution lessons & thewapy for starters. People are paying good money for TV services and don’t want to hear you whine for an hour.

  4. Well said DTS, June Sarpong just comes across as thick to me. She attempts to use big words and arguments not knowing what the fuck she is talking about. I can see Nick Ferrari cringe at her childish simplistic answers. You can see she never stops and thinks and considers any situation before opening her stupid gob. She was obviously brainwashed at the James O’Brian school for Snowflake Marxists, her way or no way. She behaves like stupidity was a virtue.
    She is typical of the next generation of Journalists and Politicians. GOD HELP US ALL.

    • How the cunt got a platform in the first place is way beyond me.
      She probably just the token black person.
      It’s wierd how these shows put on a black person and then presume that they have the right to speak for their own community.

      Black people probably hate her just as much as the rest of us.

  5. Excellent cunting of this rancid rabid black bitch DTS. I have only ever seen this retarded degenerate once on television and that was enough. She is a piss boiler of the first order and deserves to be kicked off the fucking planet.

    On the matter of “colonialism ” and “white men ” The fucking bitch and her chums need to remember that it is the chalkies who have shovelled nearly 40 TRILLION into the shithole of Africa over the past 60 years, and without any effect upon anything other that Mugabes bank balance!

    If it were not for this annual “offering” of white mans money each year, then they would all no doubt be still running round with banana leaves up their arseholes.

    Sarong is as you say DTS, a cunt!

    • Cheers. Yea they hate the white man but forget about the millions that have been saved by the white man’s medicine and technology.
      The cunts.

      • Time for the money tap to be turned off while we get our country prepared for EU departure.

        That includes the “Grenfell Tap” too stormzy, you fucking shit stain cunt. Why don’t you throw your money to them instead if you believe they are entitled to compensation when none of them seemed to have an insurance policy in place.

        Also a good time to establish where the 30 trillion has gone before we send another penny to cunts who are not using the money for the problems they claim to have.

        We give them millions to help the plight of their people actually in Africa and we are also expected to spend millions here on British soil paying for the thousands that are fleeing these countries to come here. We are paying for these cunts at both ends…Why the hell should we?

        The foreign aid budget should be used to pay for the foreign cunts that arrive here claiming asylum and if there is anything left over, we can send that to Africa.

        If we tell Africa that we are giving them £50 million or whatever the figure is and then say we will deduct £50,000 for each African that arrives at GB, this might entice African leaders to stop its people fleeing to Great Britain.

        The countries we throw money to that spend millions on space programs and nuclear weapons clearly don’t need foreign aid.

        I just hope North Korea doesnt fall or we will be faced with multiple adverts of little North Korean kids who will also “cry out on demand” as the stethoscope is rammed into their gut.

        Maybe I should start preparing to set up a means to help the northern cunts. I will start at the top and sort Kim Wrong Un’s wife out first. At least she will be able to breathe when I’m attending to her.

      • South Africa under Afrikaaner rule was better for the the black South Africans: Even they are now realising it!

      • I wouldn’t give a cent in overseas economic aid! I don’t believe it is anything more than slush to fill pockets of greedy bastards who in turn make a “donation” to party funds.

    • But we could learn from Ghana, where the Sarpong (of whom I had been blissfully unaware prior to this cunting), or at least her parents originated:

      “In 2010, the Ghana Immigration Service reported that there was a large number of economic migrants and Illegal immigrants inhabiting Ghana 14.6% (or 3.1 million) of Ghana’s 2010 population (predominantly Nigerians, Burkinabe citizens, Togolese citizens, and Malian citizens). In 1969, under the “Ghana Aliens Compliance Order” (GACO) enacted by the Prime Minister of Ghana Kofi Abrefa Busia;[178] Government of Ghana with BGU (Border Guard Unit) deported over 3,000,000 aliens and illegal immigrants in three months as they made up 20% of the inhabiting population at the time.[178][179] In 2013, there was a mass deportation of illegal miners, more than 4,000 of whom were Chinese nationals.”

      (Wikipedia, bless it)

      • Wow!. I was totally unaware of that So it IS possible to deport 3 million in 3 months. So in the UK it would only take a year.!
        Great news eh Mrs May ? Amber Rug?

    • She’s a scrotum-faced hag and no mistake. And that fucking jarring Wearside accent makes me want to force knitting needles into my inner ears.

      Yet she’s only a fraction of the cunt Sarpong is.

    • Is Carol Malone a bloke ? or was a bloke or is thinking of becoming a bloke. Oh shit i am so confused , i need to have a lay down.

  6. I remember June Sarpong’s early days as a co-host with Vernon ‘Cunt from Borlton’ Kay on C4’s ‘youth’ programmes for T4. In fact, T4 was a highly efficient stable for breeding then-unknown utter cunts and foisting them into the world of entertainment with devastating efficiency: Kay, Sarpong, Dermot O’Leary, Simon Amstell, Alexa Chung, Steve Jones and Ben Shepherd – and those are just the elite cunts who I can remember.

    Sarpong always looked fucking stoned out of her loaf on that fucking show, pretty much fucking asleep on that bastard sofa. She was infuriating even back then without the ham-fisted political bollockry. Now though, she is just yet another fucking quisling pushing a rather obvious agenda. Having caught The Pledge a few times, it’s safe to say that the piss has been boiled supercritical during several of these occassions. While watching Sarpong.

    An Italian friend once asked me why so many people from Britain hate their country, and hate the flag, and see national pride as effectively racist. I couldn’t have answered him without entering into multi-act Shakespearian soliloquy on how the left evolved under Blair and the terminal cancer of the liberalists. I didn’t bother in the end and just told him “that’s the UK for you”. I probably would have been better off just showing him a tape of June Sarpong’s cunt highlight reel.

    She’s just a token trying to keep her career going, as far as I can see. I never thought anyone could appear on the same show as Carole Malone and eclipse her in the cunt stakes. But Sarpong is Jupiter to Malone’s Pluto in the metaphorical cunt stakes.

    • So TECB using your metaphorical planetary guide Anna Soubry must be Saturn….
      she’s making all the early running for COTY 2018……….

  7. Fortunately I have no idea who this cunt is but the superb cunting by DtS leaves me in no doubt that she is indeed a cunt!

    She’s no doubt a big mucka of Diane Abbott too!?!

    Q: If June Sarpong and Diane Abbott are in KFC and KFC has no chicken, how much chicken does Sarpong get?

    A: Zero pieces.

    Q: If June Sarpong and Diane Abbott are in KFC and KFC has loads of chicken, how much chicken does Sarpong get?

    A: Zero pieces.


    “Yes Diane?”

    “I’m being interviewed by Paxo later and that cunt knows I’m not the best at mathematics so he always axes me a maths question. I was getting briefed today on what he’s likely to ask and he’s likely to ask me about Carillion.”

    “Hmmm, I see. What do you need to know?”

    “How many is a Carillion?”

  8. Hear hear… she’s another feather brained media luvvie cunt who should be loaded into a giant trebuchet and shot into the north sea, I’d pay to see it.

  9. I too remember from kids TV. I despised her utterly within the first 5 seconds of hearing her speak. You can tell without looking that it is her sole aim in life to be seen as cool, and people like that should *I deleted what I said here because it wasn’t very nice*.

    Ronnie above in his wisdom pointed out her connection with Dermot O Leary, perhaps the only creature more deserving of *censored* because he thinks he is cool and tries to act cool and talks like a complete twat.

    But back on topic, there are few barely conscious sub-human cunts that deserve a cunting more than the despicable sycophantic vapid mass of loathsome self-soul-deprication for the sake of popularity than June Sarpong.

  10. I had no intention of commenting on this cunting…even though I thought it was extremely well written…because I had no idea who this cunt was. But I googled the cunt because I wanted a frame of reference.

    Jesus Fucking Christ…this cunt is an MBE. Given her rhetoric, how the fuck did that happen? Is Ole Bess senile or is that one of those PM recommendation things? What the fuck?

    But I did learn something that will give you all cause for hope. Her brother…Sam…was an MTV host who offed himself. Maybe it’s genetic?

      • Duh! 😕. Tis a wee hour here in the states and my brain isn’t fully functional. (At least that’s the excuse I’m going with. 😔💤 )

        Actually, ScB, if she were my sister I’d off her…and my mom and dad. 🔫 🗡 🔪 🏹

      • But you’d still be left with the defective genes – as an officer & gentleman, surely you would want to do the decent thing?

        (Reprise – “happiness is a warm gun…”)

      • ScB, decent is not a word / concept most people associate with me.

        Perhaps one last stand? 🤔

      • Fruitcake? Not really. Headcase…Nutjob…Loonytunes…I hear those a lot but not Fruitcake. Same church different pew I guess.

        🚑. 💉. 💊 (The men in the white coats coming after me with a sedative and my meds.)

      • @ScB

        Asking if the word “fruit” cake applies to me and using the word “tart” to describe yourself has me questioning your intentions.

        Am I missing something here or is there more here than meets the eye? 🤔

      • Are you still here General? What happened to the men in white coats with your meds?

        Fruitcake. Prize plum. I rest my case.

      • As has been said…”two peoples separated by a common language.”

        As to the men in the white coats…they were here and I got my drugs. I hope they come back tomorrow before the high wears off.


    • General. I am impressed by your devotion to finding out who these cunts are. I haven’t a fucking clue and I live here. Perhaps you should throw an American cunt at us to keep us on our toes.
      Hands across the sea and all that shit.

      • Actually Cunstable, I do have a World Class Americunt in mind. However, with all the whining that Admin and the mods have done about the nominations pool being backed up I decided to hold off. 😛

        Cliche time! No rest for the wicked 👿…especially when there are so many cunts and so little time. 🕛

        Besides, the last nomination I made has apparently been relegated to the ash heap of cuntstory. 😢

  11. Gotta watch this 😂http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-43172719/brexit-remain-bus-visit-to-liverpool-met-by-mogg-fans

    • Ha ha.

      I gotta get me one of those masks.

      I think someone should tell those remain bus cunts that they’re about 2 years too late.


  12. Boris’s anti Brexit sister must have been creaming her knickers if she had Radio 4 on yesterday – in the morning on the Today programme they had that oily bald headed poncy motherfucker Chuka Ummuna then on The World At One king of the cunts Tony Blair talikng in his best pansyfied . Later in the day the BBC denied they were biased – hours after that pair of brown-nosing shitbags had spread their bile. Couldnt face Any Questions as there was another anti-Brexit arsehole on the panel

      • I’m astonished he found a woman daft enough to marry him. Quite an attractive lass she is too, in addition to being a beard I guess she has to hand over her knickers suspender belts and wigs when he has a session with Mandy

    • Yea nice. Than ginger one with the huge jugs is worth a poke as well.

      Rachel Brooks would get it too.

  13. A well-written piece, DeployTS, and what a horrid, odious human this is.

    Thankfully I haven’t seen this programme but I remember her from Channel 4 teenagers’ tv, lethargically interviewing losers from Big Brother and chatting with DJ StabaLot about his new remix. When the fuck did she graduate to having political journalism aspirations?

    What next, a Tweeney reading the news? Tinky-Winky on Question Time? If this skanky hag doesn’t like it then just catch the next available aeroplane to a shithole and remember to take your bags of ketamine and methadone. She probably thinks her slow drawl makes her sound languorous and attractive but she just sounds like she’s had a stroke.

  14. She is one of those cunts who is only where she is because of positive discrimination, PC box ticking, or diversity quotas. Because it isn’t for talent, or social or political insight. To be honest, these cunts have to trot out the anti British shit they come out with, otherwise they would have to accept that truth.

    • With a honking hole down below too I bet. You ever wondered what Ebola smells like?, cop a smell at this ones stench trench.

  15. She was part of the team on Jessie Ventura’s conspiracy theory show. As I could tell, her contribition was minimal. She does seem to have a talent for talking shite though, and her relationship with leading race baiter David Lammy on its own is proof of her cuntishness.

  16. Ah, Michelle Dewberry, the self-proclaimed Entrepreneur, who is such a success she can now be found on any TV show paying her the £500 appearance fee, from The Pledge, To the Sky Paper Review, to GMB, to Breakfast to The BBC Paper Review to Question Time to anything that pays a few quid.
    Hardly an Entrepreneur, more like a cancer, like that Katherine Ryan twat who appears on every panel show going

    • Yes but Katherine Ryan is hotter than the centre of the sun!

      Pity she’s a neo-liberal cunt!

  17. I look after an elderly relative and sometimes contract the disease that is Loose Women. Have to say, I wouldn’t mind three minutes with Tracey Solomon.

  18. I have managed to live my life to date in blissfully unaware of this cunts existence. I think it helps that I refuse to expose myself to the utter banal craptitude that comes out of the idiot’s lantern in the living room unlike most of the population who hang off the TV like it is their mother’s tit.

    Anyway, following this superb cunting, I have discovered a previously unknown cunt to avoid.

    • Not the same Stormzy who lives in a £2 million London flat and lectures the Government for being arrogant ,out of touch heartless cunts?

    • What I would really like to know is how many of the people who were subletting flats in Grenfell tower or whatever it’s called were receiving housing benefit for the sublet flat. Nice little earner what.

      • Simple:a lot! Arch femanazi in chief Beverley Turner on LBC. Runs natural birth classes and had home births. Tonights sermon: It is a womens right to demand a Ceasarian birth.

        Hypocrityical femanazi cuntard.

      • Kravvy me auld sausage. You’re in the medical field right?

        Do you reckon that birds who opt for cesarean section births in this day and age are just vain cunts who don’t want a welly-top cunt with “John Wayne Saddle Bags” piss flaps?

        I mean there will be those cases where cesarean section is the only option but every fucker I see who’s “with child” is banging on about their cesarean section birth!?!

        I’ve also noticed (when the bikini slips) a dirth of women with C section scars too when on holiday (yes I look, so what, it’s my holiday too)!

        Mrs Rebel has popped out two younglings (and yes I got the blame) and while birthed naturally one included a Ventouse delivery and a bit of stitching.

        Too me that has added character to the old “badly packed kebab” and I still love munching on it – even more so! 😀

  19. The thought of this one with Lammy? …Disgusting, I’m gonna have nightmares all week now

    Thank god they never make any kids, imagine what they would have been like.

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