Paloma Faith [2]

Paloma fucking Faith. Again.

This half baked, talent-free cunt thinks more men should have worn white roses to some cuntfest or other. To show solidarity with some cuntfest or other.

Yes, that would make all the difference wouldn’t it. The pervs would think twice if more people wore white roses. Oxfam etc wouldn’t have these problems if a collection of lightweight, warbling cunts wore white roses.

What is the matter with this vacant, half baked cunt that she thinks futile gestures and her views on them matter?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

43 thoughts on “Paloma Faith [2]

      • I think Gender Neutral is correct but I’m very definitely getting a queer vibe from her photo. Yuck!

      • My comment is awaiting moderation. Is it because I am a person of extremes. 🤔

        Naw. I must’ve transgressed the unwritten law. 😱

    • Paloma is Spanish for ‘Dove’ an attractive bird I think. The Bird is the picture Paloma Faith Bloomfield is an ugly cunt of the first order. You just know she has a hairy top lip and pubes growing down to her knees.

      • Actually Paloma is from the old Celtic word Palomain, meaning: vacuous, inane, dumb, lamebrained, birdbrained

      • “Paloma” is Pigeon.

        “Paloma Blanca” is dove (white pigeon).

        “Paloma Faith” is vacant.

    • She has the look of a window Licker. Word has it that she has one big hairy old bush. Put your hand down there and it feels like you’ve grabbed hold of a very large Persian Cat.

  1. What next?, she will be suggesting rapists wear them to identify to their victims that they are truly sorry for the crime they are committing.

    How come that Dumbo cunt from madchester couldn’t hit a venue full of cunts instead of innocent kids.

    This one just can’t help herself. I think she’s afraid that if she keeps her mouth shut for too long, that she will be forgotten about.

    I know that I wouldn’t miss her in the slightest.

    • Love it. Diane Morgan is my favourite lady. Philomena Cunk has the enquiring mind of a great philosopher.

    • Hang on, was their really a time where Luton had non-ethnics in it!?!

      I work there now and by the Christ, “peaceful” doesn’t even come close!

  2. “This one just can’t help herself. I think she’s afraid that if she keeps her mouth shut for too long, that she will be forgotten about.”

    sums up 90% of the cunts in music, TV, film and the media.

    Shower of bastards, the lot of them, easy to call for action, much harder to actually do something other than tweet #MeToo

    • Publicity is their only TRUE business…

      Because in the acting, music dept. &c., they are utterly bereft of talent.

      As Mr. Wilde once said, “There is only one thing worse than being talked about – NOT being talked about”

      The obvious difference being that Mr. Wilde had more talent in his foreskin and ringpiece than these jerkoffs ever will.

  3. Does anyone actually give a fuck about these awards? Or the cunts that attend or win them? If I saw ‘Brit award winner’ on the cover of a cd, I’d give it a miss, as it would most definitely be shit, as the awards are for the crap region of the music spectrum, the dross that appeals to the young, and slow adults. Lightweight meaningless trash, forever included on the playlists of the dreaded commercial radio (separate Cunting in progress).
    It’s not just the low brow awards that are meaningless either. Didn’t one of the more respected music mags give Liam Gallagher ‘god like status’ recently? Give me a fucking break. From a band that did poorly performed Beatles covers, to his unremarkable solo dross, he is probably more famous for arguing with his monobrow brother, than artistic merit.
    Also, when did you last see a film, purely because it had been nominated for several academy awards? Or that it was starring a BAFTA winner? Awards shows are just one big reach around for the industry, a free night out on the piss, and a chance for the paparazzi scum to try and get the best side boob shot for the sidebar of shame. So, in summary, no one gives a fuck if everyone wears black, or holds a flower, or drags along a feminist cunt to these award shows. Ever.

    • Agree, what would you rather watch? Multi award winning Titanic or Arnie blowing fuck out of bad guys in Commando?

      Don’t get me wrong I quite enjoy some of these well regarded films(though admittedly it’s more the older ones than anything recent) but so many of them are just pretentious shite.

      • “Agree, what would you rather watch? Multi award winning Titanic or Arnie blowing fuck out of bad guys in Commando?”

        Commando was alright kindof dated now but I prefered arnold in predator and the original total recall The 1st two terminator films was great classic action films too

        The Oscar award winning titanic on the otherhand is a absolute borefest mate. I have yet to watch the whole thing because everytime I try to watch it puts me right to bloody sleep

    • As has been said before, Oasis were a Rutles cover band with less talent. Never understood the hype for a pair of sibling cunts.
      Wouldn’t watch any awards ceremony and certainly wouldn’t be influenced by them. The sickening sight of gushing luvvies or Karaoke singers with attitude is more than I can take. And I haven’t even started on rappers who are neither musicians or karaoke singers, just cunts in couplets.
      Fuck the lot of them.

      • All rappers are cunts. Who would listen to social commentary from a cunt who can’t even put his trousers on properly. And when you do listen to it, it’s all about bitches and Ho’s, guns, drugs and money. All aspirations of the target audience. There are some twats who work with me who like this shit. They are the whitest, mid twenties, living with mum and dad nerds you will find.

      • I’d rather bury my head in a bucket of bukake colostomy bag contents than watch an award ceremony.

      • I have NEVER watched any x fucktor type dross or never seen an awards programme i aĺso avoid like the pox any thing with the words Star or Celebrity in the title im on 4 different drugs for high blood pressure and according to Doc am at high risk of stroke or heart attack those progs and people would be the trigger i dont need, having BP done yesterday i started talking about immigration and your brown hatters and machine went up to 275 over 145 so he has told me not to look at or listen to anything agitating for an hour or 2 before i see him next.
        I am turning into a raving intolerant twat and i love it

  4. Why is it that black rapper can say nigger nigger nigger and win an award for it, but when a white man says nigger nigger nigger in a song he would be prosecuted?

    If the rapper knows he can say nigger nigger nigger and get away with it does that mean he knows he is one, but a white man cant tell him? Is that racist? Nigga?

    • They will come out with some double standard bullshit of ‘reclaiming’ the word, like ‘queer’ with er..the queers.

      • Geordies use the word queer for many thins. “My , that beer tastes a bit queer” And another w ord. “Darkies” Meaning miners ( go to work in the dark, come up in the dark”
        Cadgin a tab. “giz a puff”or even “giz a fag “

      • He probably went into moderation for an hour or so while they checked the Q word was not being used illegitimately.

    • Actually the gangsterization of hip hop is well documented, but god forbid anyone would blame the **** who control the music publishing industry.

      back in the 80’s hip hop was delivering a positive message (Public Enemy etc) then NWA came out and pushed the gangster/cop killing/drug dealing.killing brothers rhetoric.

      And, for your information I am white!

      • White…and dead. But being the genius that you were you can post from the grave.

        😀. 💻

      • For my sins as a youth I actually liked some NWA stuff (mainly white label stuff as most of the material was banned from play over here).

        Until I saw the film “Straight Outta Compton” I always thought Eric Wright (Eazy-E) had OD’d but he actually died of aids (through heterosexual banging).

  5. Its because they have spent there whole lifes being praised and worshipped for stupid cunt gesture’s,so think it would work for everything because they have put there own name to it .

    Who is she exactly ? I know it sings and talks in a weird pitch but its not a star by a long fucking chalk, how big has your ego got to be to think anyone gives a fuck what a 3rd rate singer has to say on any issue.

    If i had been invited i would have worn a bright yellow suit with fuck you badge instead of a white rose .

  6. I don’t know who this fucker is, I’ve never heard of her. I gather that she is some kind of singer, but so is the wife’s sewing machine.

    She looks pretty uninspiring, but, if she appears here on ISAC, then she must of course be some kind of cunt.

    Therefore…..yer a cunt!

  7. Another dull as dishwater cunt with a ludicrous fake name to make her look less dull and awful (St Vincent, Lana Del Cunt etc)… ‘Paloma’ is also one of the ugliest birds of all time…

    As for old gee-gee mush saying blokes should wear white roses (or whatever bollocks it is this week) in support of ‘harassed’ celebrislappers? Someone should point out to Paloma Trigger how Jimmy Franco showed his support, only to be set upon and stitched up by some demented celebrislag bitch… But this is not untypical of them… First it’s ‘This is women only! Keep your nose out!’ Then it’s ‘More men should show their support!’ Typical goalpost moving hypocritical when it suits them wimmins shite… Fucking witches….

  8. Well cunted cuntbubble.

    She doesn’t so much sing as shriek.
    I can’t stand more than a few seconds of it.

  9. Franco (as well as Damon and Neeson) are a lesson for us all… These harpies will yap on (when they feel like it, of course) about men not doing enough (Paloma Trigger etc)… Yet when a bloke does put his head above the parapet he is then scrutinised, grilled, and judged whether he is ‘allowed’ to be a part of their vanity project (Scarlett Johansscunt and that fat cunt, Not so Mini Driver etc)… So while I am all for real and genuine victims of sexual abuse and harassment getting help and justice, the Time’s Up and Me Too slags can fuck right off… A lad would be safer putting his knob in a wasps nest….

    • I see Saint Jennifer of Jizz was objectifying herself in a revealing photo shoot the other day. Hypocritical bitch.

      • Aye… While Catholics favour the waters of Lourdes, J-Law of the Blessed Order of Cocksuckers prefers to spread the word of the jizz pool….

  10. I know naught of this example of liberated somethinghood, but I think she’d look even tastier with a Cadbury’s Flake stuck in her hair. Or was it curled out by a very large dog?

  11. 2 years ago I had the misfortune of having to sit at the next table to this foul loud mouth bint in a vietnamese restaurant in the socialist republic of Islington.

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