Shani Davis

I offer up to you what is in my eyes the Cunt Colossus of last week Shani Davis.

This heavily suntanned Americunt speed skater lost a coin toss to a White Americunt athlete to decide which cunt carried the Americunt flag at the Winter Olympic games opening ceremony.

So what you say? This piece of outdated farm equipment then went on twatter to play the usual race card, didn’t turn up for the ceremony and anyone who criticises him is racist. That’ll be me then.

Oh, and his name is Shani. Should be Shami. The names Leather, Shami Leather…coming to an empty cinema near you. Black Panther will be a cunt. A violent cunt I predict…

Nominated by Findus C Pancake

28 thoughts on “Shani Davis

  1. The “athlete” he lost the toss to is a white female so that presents a bit of a snowflake dilemma. Who has the greater victimhood, the black or the female?
    If Shani had been thinking on his feet he would have declared himself a self determined transgender for the day. The fact that he’s got a girls name would have helped i’m sure.
    This is what happens when you don’t keep up to date with the rapidly changing world of snowflake ideology.
    It’s your own fault ,cunt.

    • Bit like Brexit really! You lose the toss and go into a hissy fit.

      I read the original article and he reckons he should have won the toss on both racial grounds and his past success ( whatever that was )
      So why did he agree to the toss?

      • Probably agreed to the toss so he didn’t look like an utter cunt!!
        So it appears he has lost twice…
        CUNT!! And a cry baby to boot….

  2. Presumably, the US Olympic Team Manager took exception to this cunt dissing the opening ceremony and sent the cunt home. What with the Yanks being a paragon of virtue. Nope? I’m shocked!

  3. Incredibly, for such a ‘tough’, ‘real’ and ‘down’ demographic, these folk don’t half do a lot of squealing and crying these days when things don’t go their way.

    Just to be clear, is he saying dat da coin be racis’?

    Fuck off and skate around that oval, you cunt.

  4. I had no idea that “people of colour” went to cold climates(apart from the Jamaican bobsleigh team,which I assumed was just done as a joke). I thought that it was like swimming, (coloureds can’t swim because their skin absorbs water and they sink) just something that they don’t do. I must say that I think it’s very brave of Mr.Davis to take up ice-skating..if the ice cracks and he goes through,there’ll be no way back for him,he’ll sink like a stone.
    I’ve watched a lot of programmes on Discovery about Alaska,and I’ve never seen a black Eskimo yet. I always rather envied the Eskimos that,and did briefly consider moving into an igloo up Nantucket way until I got a look at the Eskimo women…For Fucks Sake,I’d have a prod at a disemboweled walrus before I tackled one of those “hotties”….Utter grunters.(nasty chinky looking eyes on them,too)
    All that I can conclude from this story is that Americans are ignorant bigots who should get educated and show more respect to our sooty cousins.
    Fuck them.

    • You should have seen Bury town centre last week, Dickie…
      It was like Zulu meets Scott of the Antartic….

      • Why just last week Norman? Come oop north to any of our old mill towns and every day is like that. Preston, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Rochdale, Oldham, Bradford, Leeds, Bingley, Shipley, Keighley et al lost to the gimmegrants. Phase 2 of Shia is well under way. Councillors and minor seats on Local Town / County councils filled rapidly with the rancid goat bothering cunts. And still we walk blindly into the dark night. When the libtards and millennial yoof finally wake up it will be too late. Still, they stopped fracking and building on greenbelt sites – woopy fucking doo.

      • Libtard cunts will never wake up…

        They don’t know wtf they really want, but they sure as hell know how to go on demos, virtue-semaphore and whine…

  5. So let me get this straight…

    If a “person of colour” goes into Billy Hills with an evens (50/50) bet which loses can they demand they get paid anyway because the result is racist?

    What about a Casino roulette table? They bet odd but the result is red, does the casino still have to pay out because that result was racists too?

    Hmmm, interesting…

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if this cunt was the second ice skater to “take the knee.”

    The first being Tonya Harding….

    • Like I say just importing votes from poor background types dependent on the state and therefore more likely to keep voting left in order to keep getting the handouts.

      • Even lefties think that twat is too liberal. Still, I love that the Indian PM thought Turdeaux was so insignificant that he sent a junior minister to meet him. But at least he’s not a granny shagger like Macaroon. And it’s a sign of how sad and pathetic you are that THAT is your ONLY good point.


    Not keen to see guys kissing in public. Not homophobic, not keen to see anyone kissing in public unless just a quick peck on the cheek.

    Remember being in a train carriage about 30 years ago sitting opposite a young overweight spotty girl and her nerdy boyfriend. Desperately in love and staring pathetically onto each other’s eyes, followed by much snogging, involving tongues and slurping.

    So sickeningly nauseating, had to get off the train at the next station to check carriages.

    Don’t care in the slightest what people get up to in private, just expect them to show some consideration towards others.

    Kissing in public in Japan is not the done thing, even at airports when welcoming an arriving passenger.

    Once read that Japanese girls would rather give a blow job to a new boyfriend rather than engage in intimate kissing. Not sure how common this is but knowing how weird Japanese girls can be coupled with my own experience would lead me to believe it to be true.

    • Deviants do things like that to try and provoke a reaction from people who really don’t want to see two degenerates going at it in public. Ffs,when you’re out for a meal with kids, the last thing that you’d want to see is Sodomites drooling (aids infected?) over each other. The diner and the restauranteur should have joined forces and given the fuckers a sound thrashing.
      The cheap Gays were probably trying to score a free meal so that they could use the money to buy hamsters to shove up each other’s hoops.

    • I fucking love this story.

      It absolutely sums up so much of what’s posted on ISAC.

      So here’s the dichotomy absolutely laid out in glorious Technicolor.

      A pair of Nancy boys out for a Valentines meal decide to visit the MUMBAI INN, it’s in Leicester, the first town or city in UK to have over 51% of the population ‘ethnic’.

      I’m under no illusion that these chutney ferrets wouldn’t have given a second thought to having a little kissiwissy in public, I don’t know if they’re students but I wouldn’t be surprised, so probably not used to ever being challenged. On anything.

      I really love this next bit, the owner ANDAZ RANA, who sounds a Peaceful type then tells them to basically fuck off.

      Brilliant, get used to it you pair of Snowflake woofters, this is the world you’re designing!!

      And when your being lined up to be thrown off the top of a tall building by your Peaceful friends, I’ll be at the bottom cheering like a demented monkey

    • Fuck me !!
      When I lived in Feicester, that was The Cherry Tree Restaurant.

      Mind you, it was crap. At least there’s enough competition amongst Indian joints to keep standards pretty high. The Koh-I-Noor, (Conduit St., next to the main station) back in the late 80s / early nineties, was a good “old” Indian place (like a favourite old boozer). Flock wallpaper, but blue, and even an upright piano. And a gilded standard lamp (even managed to buy on like it)…
      I had my one and only Tindaloo there. Never again. Agony that required pints of warm water and sodium bicarb…

  8. I remember reading about this a couple of weeks back. What a piss licker this little gimp is. Apparently, prior to the coin toss there was a vote to decide which one of the two nominated would carry the flag. It ended in a draw, so it was decided to toss a coin. So far so fair as far as I can tell. Then, disaster, Shamu…wait, that was a whale…Shani (isn’t that a girl’s name?) lost the toss. Cue much dummy spitting and “WAH WAH, YOU’RE ALL RACISMISTS AND I’M GOING TO TELL MY MOMMY”. Carrying your country’s flag at an Olympics is a great honour, and I can understand him being upset that he missed out. But his childish reaction to losing the coin toss, shows it was an honour he didn’t deserve in the first place.

    The fact that there has been NO outrage from the usual white people hating black “activists”, shows that the only racism involved here is in Shani’s head. And it’s not alone. Because this incident showed that not only is Shani a sore loser, he’s also a colossal cunt, with a massively overblown sense of his own importance, ability and entitlement. And refusing to attend the opening ceremony because you lost a COIN TOSS? That’s just fucking pathetic If I’d been in charge of that team I would have told him; “you have a simple choice. You either crack a smile and get the fuck out there with the rest of the team, or you pack your bags and fuck off back to the US, you sulking, childish little twat”!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if, when he gets home, he does a tour of the usual left wing media outlets, making all kinds of allegations regarding racism. He’s already tried it by whingeing about the lack of brotha’s and sista’s in the US team. The fact is, it’s down to numbers rather than racism. There aren’t that many black athletes interested in winter sports, so not that many to represent the US.

  9. This will come as a surprise to you Britannic Cunters…But this Africunt – Americunt feels entitled to carry the flag. And the really revolting thing is he has defenders here in the states who feel the same way.

    You see this Cunt was the first Melatonin Enhanced US athlete to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics and at his age he probably won’t be able to win another…so therefore he is entitled to a hero’s farewell tour.

    See for yourselves:

    ♠ 🎖

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