Brendan Cox [2]

Mail On Sunday – 2015

I know he’s been nominated before but the white helmet enabling, self serving, lefty arseflute known as Brendan Cox deserves another cunting.

The shitweasel is a serial groper using his position in organisations to feel up his co-workers and subordinates while virtue signalling and profiting from his widower victim status.

Seems the slimeball has had his day and admits what a dirty, fanny grabbing, hypocritical lefty shithead he really is.

Nominated by Cuntspack of Notredame

62 thoughts on “Brendan Cox [2]

  1. This ‘new’ scandal has been doing the rounds for at least a year.

    This shithouse and his late wife spent the last day of her life on a pleasureboat on the Thames with Bob Geldof showing their kids how to flip the bird at fishermen on working boats. I remember thinking that pretty much summed up the referendum in a nutshell.

    Very pleased that he is now being exposed as a hypocrite and a pervert.

    • I remember that… On their Goldman Sachs boat, hurling abuse at decent working men… Fuck Saint Jo, fuck Brendan, and fuck that smelly bogtrotting tramp, Geldof….They are/were all cunts….

    • Shifty looking cunt. Oh how fucking glorious this ‘fall’ from grace has been.

      Funny how the story has now been dropped like a hot potato by the MSM.

      All the lefties claiming he’s a decent bloke are the same bunch of shrills that respect the electorate, but want to overturn Brexit and think Islam is a religion of peace and turn a blind eye to the RoPers treatment of the gay…

    • The same shrill cunts who think Islam is a truly a religion of peace, and who turn a blind eye to the RoPers treatment of the gay.

      • I hope that all the shrill shrew-wimmin who stand by this piece of anal mucus get peacefully raped by a load of filthy goatfuckers.

  2. Staggering to think that after eventually being exposed as being nothing more than a grubby sex pest and disrespecting his late wife has received support from Jo Cox’s immediate family.

    Horrible man who should be ashamed of himself. Suspect instead he just feels sorry he has been found out.

    His unfortunate children losing their mother and having a cunt for a father.

  3. Prior to her death St. Jo of Cox was a sell-out cunt to “peacefuls” in order to retain their vote for the left. That coupled with “always voted left” persons meant St. Jo of Cox was going to kept busy as a leather seat polisher in Westminster for as long as she liked.

    St. Jo did not deserve to be killed (and the deluded cunt who did it put the cause of non-“peacefuls” back years – along with Darren “cunt” Osborne) but because she was killed does not make her any less of a sell-out cunt.

    Enter grief-jacking (and MP hopeful by proxy) St. Brendan of Cox. Another bandwagon cunt in order to garner votes and so Saintly that I hope he has his excuses in order if his indiscretions pre-date his wife’s death.

    These are the types of cunt you get who value their position over and above the lot of their (indigenous) constituents.

    There’s an old adage:

    Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.

    I would like to add the following to this:

    And those that can’t teach, go into politics!

  4. I could Brendan Cocks’ fall from grace in 4K, 240fps slow-mo from multiple camera angles 6 hours a day and never get bored of it.

    Absolutely fucking delightful.

  5. And expect that smarmy cunt Lineker to say ‘Well, apart from his unsavoury side, Brendan was a man of principle who hates Brexit’….

  6. Rent-a-gob Jess Fuckface Phillips MP has defended the dirty old bastard on TV part of the broadcasting duties this oily old cunt undertakes on a daily basis, but the man is indefensible but as ever according to Phillips because he is on the left that excuses the old lecher. The double standards of the lefty bleeders is jaw dropping. Or perhaps Phillips is hoping he will give her a good seeing to as well?

  7. Anyone live in London ?? With kfc running out of “chicken”, I can see hundreds of dindus rioting and robbing and knifing tonight.

    • Spent the first 39 years of my life in Lewisham. I can tell you with some conviction if they don’t get their KFC tonight, we could be in for Cat5 chimpouts tonight.

      • Gibsmeedat! There’s going to be a whole load of ooking and eeking when the dindus are rationed their beloved chiggun.

        I foresee Tottenham 2 outside many London branches of KFC. If grape juice and waddymelon suffer the same shortage then those poor London folk living amongst that shee-eet an’ ting will witness the mother of chimpouts to too all shit flinging, looting and car burnings. Nomesayin?

  8. Off point but-
    Good old so called BBC news tonight. A piece on University fees in Derby I think. And do you know there are no white students? All students shown or interviewed were black. So, is Derby a centre for black education? Or are the BBC a bunch of right-on cunts? I think we should be told.

    • The Big Bunch of Cunts are free to set their own agenda, as unless they report it, it hasn’t happened. Lying by omission is the favoured tactic. As with this business of Comrade Corbyn actually being a comrade cunt, along with those other two red scum, McDonnel and Livingstone. Perhaps it’s a massive smear campaign, using the cunts questionable pasts to build an elaborate but believable lie. At the very least an enquiry should be held, because if it is remotely true, they should not be anywhere near the levers of power.
      Nothing on Al-Beeb about it at all, which is funny, because if it were Boris or Gove, or any tory cunt, it would be rolling headline news for the next few days, like with Trump and the Russian bollocks. Fuck the BBC.

    • They are a bunch of right on lefty cunts pushing their own agenda. Look at their news page on the website. How much of it is actually factual news articles ?

      The population of the U.K is approx 95 to 96% white/Caucasian, however if you were to take as given the image the BBC portrays then you’d believe that it’s a veritable smorgasbord of efnic sand bunnies jungle dwellers brown eyed boys all living in peace and harmony.

    • Last night’s ABBC BARF-TAs were absolutely sickening in neo-liberal virtue-signalling.

      The BAFTAs should be a celebration of good TV and Film over the year not a socio-globo-libero platform for the cunts in W1A!

      They should give the BAFTAs to Sky. Probably the same right-on agenda but at least less easily lead sheep watching the on-message drivel!

      • Spot on Rebel.

        No difference between the BBC and SLY, however I choose not to pay for the shite bollocks on SLY. There is currently no choice to unsubscribe from the Tele Tax.

        Gary Lineaker and Chris Evans wages paid by people under threat of prison.

  9. Oh, the irony. The wonderful, gorgeous, sumptuous irony of it all. Whenever these turds go hard and almost break their back finger-wagging us immoral dead-ends, you just know that there’s an odious, shitty bucket of hypocrisy being hidden, just like this grotty cunt.

    Glorious. What next? Gina Miller exploiting Iron Curtain au pairs at €1 an hour? Diane Flabbatpotamus shouting, “Fuck Off, you Pakì” at a brown taxi driver? Little Timmy Liberal found asphyxiated in cycling shorts and rainbow tee-shirt at a Sausage Fest?

  10. Cox is like the Hollywood “celebs” now panning Winestein after colluding with him when it suited them,or the politicians saying that they’ll never try to block the will of the people while doing their damnest to derail Brexit,or the religious leaders praying for the vulnerable and weak while covering up years of abuse,or the pop stars demanding more money be spent on whatever the latest cause may be,while they deliberately avoiding paying a penny into the tax-pot themselves.

    I have a very low opinion of people.Given the chance ,most will prove themselves to be hypocritical Cunts whose private persona is the very different to the public perception of them. The sooner people realise that it’s a pretty fair bet that the louder people shout about their virtue,the more that they’ve got to hide. I’m a bigot,a racist and out of tune with modern ideas,apparently…too fucking right I am,but at least I’m not some velvet-tongued,two-faced charlatan.

    Oh,and people are saying how sorry they are for the Coxs’ children, don’t be …they’ll grow up to be just as entitled and self-centered as their parents.
    Fuck them.

  11. I am very appreciative of beautiful women and may have accidently posted a sexist comment once but i would never grope a woman. I wouldnt even think about it, its so off limits.

    My And god did try to tempt me as i once sat next to Chrissy Brinkley at a school play as my daughter went to the same school as her son. I thought about asking her out but decided that listening to Led Zeppelins entire back catalogue while devouring a litre of brandy was not her ideal date.

    She was fucking gorgeous though.

    • I’ll never know how that Noo Yoik pug faced dwarf, Billy Joel, ever pulled a piece like her…

    • You’re a better man than me. I’ve sometimes mulled over whether it would be worth the prison sentence for grabbing,say …Gemma Arterton by the tits and shouting “Gissa gobble.dahlin'”….On balance,I think that it probably would be worth every day of the inevitable incarceration.

      • Anything under ten years has gotta be worth it !!
        I reckon she knows her way around in the sack!!
        Definitely no stranger to the pork sword!

  12. Brendan Cox should have his turn in the dead pool. Slimy fucking left wing cunt. He held a woman by the throat and inappropriately touched her and still some split-arses think he is a decent person. Fucking beggars belief.

  13. If he was of a right wing leaning, a Conservative MP, or just associated with the tories, the twatter-artti and left wing media would be baying for his blood!. MP’s like Jess Phillips and Yvette Cooper would be on every TV outlets, standing up for the sisterhood, condemning and asking for a public inquiry.

    Cunts, Utter Cunts, the lot of them!

  14. Music to my ears. The creepy cunt. Jess Philips a leftie Labour Femanazi bitch and real big ole bruiser,Yes, she’s the one with her arm pits in braids, has been friends with the cunt for years said she knows nothing about his activities. If this had been a Tory she would be screaming her ugly head off about it. Actually She’s well over due for a cunting.

    • I dare say somebody has already taken a magnet to it. Or found some other way to ensure there is nothing incriminating on it.

  15. I’ve heard Oxfam are sending a crack team to KFC outlets to bring aid and comfort to the starving chavettes.
    Leading the way is special envoy Saint Brendan of Cox, white helmet to the fore. Three cheers for the humanitarians!!!

  16. That cunt Cocks should do the decent thing and go in a room with a bottle of Scotch and a loaded revolver. I might just have a tiny bit of resect for him then.

  17. haven’t read all the posts so this might have been mentioned but was James O’ Brian aware of these allegations when he had Cox on his programme for the inevitable simpering hagiography of an interview?

      • Which interview was that?

        O’Shithead today was whining on and on about Cox being a victim of double standards, how Cox was getting crucified by racist bigots, whilst Trump had got a “completely free ride” for his heinous crimes against wimmin and wimminhood, far worse than anything Saint Brendan was alleged to have got up to etc, etc, blah blah, blue passports, fish & tumbleweed…

      • There’s nothing that O’Shithead won’t stoop to. He has been bragging that his youngest daughter has been secretly sending text messages to her grandfather who has been dead for five years. Ah… sweet.
        And so fucking secret that O’Shithead has plastered it all over social media.
        Next chapter….. my mentally ill daughter’s world shattered by Brexit and Trump!

  18. Jesus, I know this might come across as being somewhat mean-spirited, but fuck me pink that Jess Phillips looks like a gummy, lummoxing great cart horse with giant tits.

    A real quadruple bagger – two for her in case one falls off and two for the brave (or foolhardy) man in case both her bags come off.

  19. Petroleum dollar A-rab scumsuckers City dumped out of the cup by ( according to Gary Taxdodger) “Wigan Town”.
    I wonder why the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation keep employing this ignorant cunt?

    • Because two million quid a year means he’s more than willing to toe the far left line. I used to like Lineker, he seemed a decent, down to Earth sort. Then he took the BBC’s coin and he became a nasty, tax dodging left wing gobshite.

    • Are the FA going to use VAR to see if Aguero’s punch actually landed?
      Have they ever won THE Treble? Have they fuck

  20. I’m sure if the Al-Beeb paid him the same as one of the wimmin, he’d fuck off and have a hissy fit…

    It would save licence-payers’ money, too.

    The jizz-dribble.

  21. It’s been somewhat both disgusting and humorous to watch various members of the left jumping to the defence of Brendan Cox. Disgusting because these people would crucify anyone who isn’t a left wing shill, even if there was no evidence of wrong doing. And humorous because they’re so fucking predictable. As soon as the allegations first appeared, I just knew that his fellow lefties would gather around him and try to deflect the shit being thrown at him. My only surprise is that the Noncefinder General himself, Tom Watson hasn’t raised his ugly head. He’s usually the first to throw rocks.

  22. Not being a telly watcher or newspaper reader, I had absolutely no idea what the man looked like.
    Is that a picture of him, or a colourized still of Anthony Perkins at the end of Psycho?

  23. Ubercunt libflake, Jennifer Lawrence, is to take a year off acting to do some ‘activism’…
    The hubris of these celebrislags is monumental…. Part of an unholy trinity with Portmouth and Johansscunt…

    However, J–Law will wholeheartedly continue her duties regarding munching tadgers and consuming sticky love piss…

  24. The most honest labour party member i know was lord micheal cocks of hartcliffe chief whip and kept the looney lefty in order under Callagns watch and a good one if you got caught by the dhss and read his obituary TOP BLOKE and in the end as always we ended up with a skinny dyke dawn Primarollo
    but thank god the coxes are not related And a big difference

  25. Whether Cox cunt resigned or not, the investigations should still be carried out to establish the truth and full extent.

    Resignation should not be a ‘get out of jail free card’ and every person who supported and put a single coin in the charity buckets deserves to get answers.

    Shame on Philips and anyone else who shields this pervert.

    Really disgusting after they all pursued ‘the Presidents Club’ until they got it in the jugular a couple of weeks ago, yet they shield this so called “charity helper?”

    Rules for some and rules for others.

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