Transformation Street

I’d like to nominate the latest reality, virtue-signalling, neo-liberal shitfest to be shown – prime time – on ITV1 this week called “Transformation Street”.

Well if you hadn’t already guessed by the title it’s yet another promotion vehicle for transexuals.

Please understand if folk want to transform themselves from a man to a woman or vice versa then please feel free to do it, but prime time promotion of which is a tiny sector of modern society makes this stand out – yet again – as the norm, when it simply isn’t!

Furthermore – given vehicle and time slot – it merely promotes this as being “cool” and the “way to be” to impressionable kids.

I mean it’s bad enough our kids get railroaded with neo-liberal group-think bullshit in school without having it shoved down their throats on TV as well.

Please feel free to do what you like, when you like, to yourself but I don’t want to hear about it ta very much.

Hey ITV why not do another series of Morse or summat else worth watching rather than this cheap TV bollocks that most folk will only watch to cringe at the obligatory sausage off/on operation!

ITV you’re not as big as cunts as the ABBC but by the Christ you’re fucking getting there! You CUNTS!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

55 thoughts on “Transformation Street

  1. It’s shit like this Transformation Street crap that makes we wish Hitler had won…
    And Granada and/or the estate of Tony Warren should sue over the name…

  2. Apparently only 0.3% of the population suffer from gender dysphoria. But transgenders get a lot more than 0.3% of media coverage.

    Some doctors think gender dysphoria may actually be a mental illness like anorexia nervosa. You don’t buy into anorexics belief that they are fat so why buy into someone’s belief that they are the other sex? Ho hum.

    I agree with RWAC, do what the fuck you like. Marry another bloke or a fucking tree if you want. Just don’t expect me to ‘celebrate’ your choice.

    You can put on a dress and call yourself a girl if you want. Call yourself a liberal whilst closing down free speech if you like. You can even call yourself a feminist whilst following a dress code insisted on by viciously misogynistic clerics if that’s your thing. You can do all these things if you like. Doesn’t make them true though does it?

    • Not all tranies suffer from gender dysphoria. Its a subtle distinction but for gender dysphoria to be indicated the subject must experience clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. I.E. Being a tranny makes them unhappy. However there are plenty of tranies who are happy as Larry, I met quite a few of them over the last 6 months in Thailand where there are loads of them, far more than the 0.3% you quoted.

      As with anything, if your not directly hurting any one else then get to it, no fucks given.

      • Being a tranny or ladyboy in Thailand is likely more a remunerative career choice than anything else.

      • Not in my experience. They can get more selling their arse on the poofter side of the street. In fact their career prospects are worse after transition as they find it difficult to get a “normal” job.

      • Chickens must be two a penny compared to ladyboys, shemales & trannies, no? However I bow to your greater knowledge and experience.

      • Before I went to Thailand I was told you couldn’t tell the ladyboys from the girls. What a load of bollocks. You could spot them a fucking mile away.

      • The trannies are the really good looking ones. Honestly, some of them are fucking stunning, especially the ones who perform in the high class cabaret shows. I went to a tranny beauty contest and all of them were well tidy.

  3. The most annoying thing about it is that they think they are rebelling and making their own choices against some kind of opression.

    For decades the idea of counterculture has been a marketable entity for morons and imbeciles. It appeals to the western youth who no longer have to strive and, without any kind of value system to speak of, it gives them some meaning.

    So these bastards force this perverted nihilistic bullshit down our throats and expect us to swallow. Well fuck you cunts, I will forever vomit your bullshit into your own fucking face!

    Now get fucked!

      • Laughing all the way to taking power you mean!

        The flakes we’re producing nowadays will offer as much resistance as a set of bike leathers made of a single layer of tissue paper!

      • Several peacefuls employed by the Home Office, falsified asylum and immigration claims for several thousand of their kind ( DM this morning )
        No peaceful should ever be employed in any capacity.
        Cunts have made millions.

    • My old man loathed the counterculture, especially in the 60s and 70s… His view was there was nothing wrong with being an ordinary working bloke, working hard, getting dressed up at weekend to take the wife (my mum) out, having a pint and going to the football… He saw that hippy bollocks and all that Leary/Kesey/LSD crap as looking down on ordinary working men… And it was a load of elitist and exclusive shite…Then -just like now – all that counterculture crap was for celebricunts. rock stars, rich ‘daddy’s paying’ students, and never done a day’s work libfucks… It was -and still is -a load of total bollocks…

      • That ‘Me Too’ crap is another piece of counterculture shite… This ‘movement’ is all about Tinsletown celebrislags (who are 99% hypocrites and serial cocksuckers anyway), and those who ‘follow’ it on social media are clueless virtue siganling snowflake cunts (and mostly students and daft wimmin or ‘effem men’ abominations)… They don’t give a fuck about ‘ordinary’ women and girls who suffer harassment and abuse… And they certainly don’t care about the poor victims of those peaceful gangs…. Cunts!

    • Tranny suicide rates are fucking brutal. They think they are a woman, have their dick chopped off, then realise they were just a garden variety poof all along so top themselves.

      Young stupid cunts are identifying themselves as all sorts these days, I think there are 71 different genders on Cuntbook now and some daft cunts are even identifying as being non human. This particular set of loons are called otherlings and include dragons and fairies. Then their are the transracial, one daft fat yank cunt says he is a Philippino chick and drives around in a pink tuk tuk. You can’t make up, there is literally no lunacy so out there that the left are not on board with it and anyone who says otherwise is a bigot.

      It all stems from Post Modernism, the philosophical doctrine of the 1960/70s which does not recognise facts, says everything is relative, there is no meaning to anything, and that feelings are all that count. I cry therefore I am in other words. Their aim, and they are quite open about this, is the destruction of Western Civilisation and they are using a certain peaceful religion to achieve it. Cunts of the first order.

      • That parrot bloke is a right stupid cunt.

        But it’s not all bollocks – I changed sex so I could get my State Pension 5 years in advance. Smart.

  4. Mentioning Morse got me thinking… I have to wait several more months for another series of the excellent Endeavour, while this transbendeer, chopper chopping libfuck dogmuck plagues our television screens… And, has anyone else seen the new Army recruitment advert?… Here’s a sneak preview:

  5. It appears libfuckery has infested even classic TV shows other than Doctor Who…
    That new X-Files series is good… There are no token and box ticking ‘minorities’ or Bill the Black Lezzas in it, but when the Smoking Man does his monologue in episode 1, there is footage of loads of US Presidents: JFK, Dickie Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bush Senior and Junior, Bill (and Kilary) Clinton, and (naturally and more than once) Big Don…. But there is one missing… Could it be Saint Barack of the Blessed Obama?… For a moment I forgot he was untouchable and beyond criticism because he is black and peaceful…. I’m sorry, but that’s just bollocks…

    • Yes I watched the new Xfiles Norman. Fox Muldar looks a right boozer. All bloated and puffy🍻

  6. Sadly, the feeble of mind are now running “Asylum-4th Reich-GB”

    Indeed, I find myself drawn to re-runs of Morse and Foyle’s War. Good tv (oddly, my fingers even now feel a tad unhappy typing “tv”; I fear for most of the brainwashed, it might mean something else…

  7. Did anyone have the misfortune to see ITV evening news Wales last week, using Tonypandy Miners’ Riot to smear Churchill?
    Topical for Welsh news, I agree, but a typical example of MSM twattery.
    Thank Dog there were some sensible peole vox-popped who saw the man as being the bloke we needed during WWII

    • If they’d had Fleecebook and Twatter in those days, Churchill wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes, and my parents’s generation would have been fucked.

      As it is, only their grandchildren’s generation is fucked, thanks to my generation.

  8. Further to Cunt’s Mate’s Cunt’s post above, a UK study showed that 0.1% of the UK population as of 2016 identified as transgender.

    0.1%. That’s roughly 65,000 people. Consider all this gender neutral crap: campaigns for neutrality on passports, schools, workplace issues; not to mention the daily outrage when someone uses gender in context (i.e. Lewis Hamilton and that kid’s dress debacle).

    All for 65,000 fucking freaks.

    The population of Bognor Regis is just under 65,000 according to latest data. So imagine if every social facet across the country was tailored to the sensitivities of residents from Bognor Regis: equal employment for people from Bognor Regis, diktats in schools so that people from Bognor Regis cannot be offended by mentioning cities of other parts of the UK; endless media pushing for recognition of people from Bognor Regis and the right for UK passports to not mention anyone’s place of birth, for fear of discriminating against people from Bognor Regis.

    That should tell you what sheer fucking liberal insanity we are now living in.

    P.S. talking of Regis, RIP to ex-footballer Cyrille Regis who died today. As one of the first black players to be in first division football, there’s someone who could have told these fucking snowflakes all about discrimination and prejudice; but no, he just fucking got on with it.

  9. TVs these days are amazing. I just bought a new one and it has loads of features, like I can watch youtube and netflix on it, browse the web for HD hard core pornography, listen to music off the radio, play media I have downloaded off pirates bay and even cast directly from my phone.

    But without a doubt, the very best feature it has, and I think this is in common with most other TVs, it has an OFF BUTTON.

    • HD hard core porn, you say… And Homes Under The Hammer presumably?

      Think I need to have a word with the wife.

  10. Henry Bolton, he is the leader of UKIP in case you didn’t know, is a cunt for dumping his bird over “racist” texts regarding that yank bird that ginger royal cunt is going to marry. When are people going to learn? There is no appeasing the twittermob. The only defence against them is a good straight bat, play down the line of the ball and tell them to fuck off.

    • If – when questioned about if he used the term “shithole” – Donald Trump had said: “Yeah, so?”

      His approval rating would have gone through the roof. All the ass-hurt Democrat cunts would have still been as faux-offended as they are now but…and here’s the rub that the (anti) Democrats hate…whether President, Senator, Governor, party toadie or Jon Doe in the street, yours is ONE vote.

      Let the leftists stew in their own piss with their faux-outrage while the same majority who voted in The Don are bolstered even further into Trump seeing things their way.

      “Ok Senator Cunt of Cunts. You say ‘shithole’ is racist right?”

      “Why yes sir, I most certainly do!”

      “Ok, prove it! But before you answer, if I name any place here which is predominantly white as a ‘shithole’ you do realise that that negates any statement that ‘shithole’ is racist?”

      And wait…

      • Saw some liberal cunt waffle evading the question on “where would you rather go on holiday, Norway or El Salvador?” on the news, needless to say they didn’t want to answer.

        Not surprising since a year a ago they ‘celebrated’ going a day without a murder for the first time in two years and had the highest murder rate in 2015 for any country not at war. I think The Donald was being kind.

      • Let’s try that one out:

        “Yeah, Africa’s a shithole. And so is Detroit.”

        Something to be said for both, particularly if you live there. However, Detroit’s majority population – by far – is Afro-American…

    • That must of been a tough decision for old Henry ? Shall I stay the leader of UKIP or carry on shaging a dirty bird half my age ?????

  11. It’s cheap to make TV. No sets not much real travel, no stars . And it fills that quota which says somewhere that commercial TV has to make some serious stuff occasionally.
    What these poor mixed up dick or gash mob don’t realise is that it makes them figures of fun not sympathy . It’s a hard world and if you are different people will notice, just hope they laugh and don’t get angry.
    The islamic dwarf mayor of London was commenting on how many gays get beaten up these days , yes it’s wrong but they think that looking like the bloke on TV last night who was wearing a pink dress with his beard and high heels , got thumped by a passing drunk and was whining and asking why his assailant was so scared of his own sexuality he took it out on this pathetic creep.
    Because some unpleasant people don’t need much to set them off you muppet and you were practically begging for it. Cunts.

    • Exactly – this ain’t the garden of Eden. Or Disneyland, no matter how much the snowflakes want it to be.

  12. I’m species-dysphoric, and I think you’ll agree the transformation to a lizard went pretty well. But when I go out in public I am surrounded by hateful herpetophobics who throw things and scream. I think that ITV or someone should make a programme to educate the public, and tell it that bloody great reptiles with bad temper, bad breath, and a poisonous bite should be fully accepted into society.

  13. Fuck me. Auntie Nicola has just announced a no deal Brexit will mean the Scotch GDP will be down 8.5% in 2030!! What the fuck? Is she mystic fucking Meg? Can she seriously stand up and spread this bollocks? She’s quoting from a report she commissioned. Sounds like a good job, being commisioned for a report that takes ten minutes to write. Er, yeah, let’s say 8.5% in 13 years time, that’ll do. Cunt.

    • Yes, a report commissioned by the Krankies predicts doom outside the EU. What a fucking surprise. Although, given that the Jocks get more tax payer’s money per head than anywhere else and the EU largesse (via UK, of course) will dry up, they could be right. So not all bad news.

      • 1. Separate membership of the EU by Scotland isn’t a given.
        2. The EU signing up to anything like the Barnett Formula (which gives the Scots more per capita than the English) is very far from being a given.
        3. While Sturgeon is very keen to play the fear card, there isn’t yet a hint of any planning taking place for a separate post-Brexit Scottish economy.
        4. The outlook for struggling states in the EU, or trying to join it, isn’t rosy at all.

        These factors are noticeably absent from the SNP’s published thoughts. There may be a time for independence, but this definitely isn’t it.

  14. I hadn’t realized that there was a TV programme called “Transgender Street” until I read Rebels post. ( cheers )

    Rightly stated , crap, cheap prog delivering further indoctrination to the masses.

    Right up there with the other programmes attempting to normalize the abnormal. Constipation St signalling its right to be queer, Emmerdale, its alright to be queer, and Question Time, It’s compulsory to be queer.

    This country is fucked.

    • And, on the awful Archers, the mandatory gay couple is about to have a surrogate baby by an immigrant agricultural worker. I am truly sorry even to know this, but I didn’t hit the ‘off’ button in time.

      • God I wish you hadn’t posted that. Even the wife, who follows the wretched thing religiously, has the decency never to mention it, or hint at the nauseating storylines, in my presence.

      • STOP PRESS
        (SB – stop reading NOW)

        The immigrant agricultural worker has, after much deliberation, decided not to rent out her ovaries, and it looks as if the loving couple will have to look elsewhere.

        Forgot to turn the bloody thing off again.

  15. SNP – CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS everywhere
    They just DONT get it
    Listened to Mike Russell ( failed education secretary) going on and on regards how much it would cost if Brexit took place and how wrong and mad it would be not to be in the free trade etc – im screaming at the Radio. Its fucking already happening you thick bearded bunglecunt, like it or not we ALL voted that included Scotland and as a collective UNITED KINGDOM we are out !!!!!!!!!
    SNP – toys out pram n we want another referendum
    You know what no we don’t all we need to do is kick out the all the shite that are in our countries back to the shitholes they come from !!!!!!
    Thats for starters

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