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I want to nominate the Labour party for a cunting. They’ve always been a party of a hypocritical shit houses, but there reaction to the Toby Young affair have seen them well and truly corner the market. Ok, fair enough, Young was a knob for posting what he did. But there are members of the Labour party, John McDonnell and Clive Lewis being two of the most notable examples, who have openly made sexist comments toward specific women. According to Labour though, that’s different.

Esther McVey has allegedly accused John McDonnell of sexist comments on more than one occasion, even suggesting he used the words, “lynch the bitch”. Lewis was also alleged to shout “get on your knees”, to a woman in a nightclub, AFTER she had already been subjected to sexist abuse from another Labour MP.

So, it’s ok for male Labourites to make sexist comments, but Toby Young, who is NOT a Labourite is viewed by some as a misogynist pig, who must be executed and fed to stray dogs for his tweets. And it’s not the first time Labour have been hypocrites. A couple of years back, photos emerged of a Tory MP wearing a Nazi themed costume at a party during his university days. Labour made a huge deal out of it, as if none of them had ever done anything stupid while they drunken students. And this was in the pre-Corbyn era. Only last week, Keir Starmer tried to brush off criticism of his handling of the Warboys case by saying, “it was nine years ago”. Well that’s ok then. It’s ancient history, so let’s forget about his incompetence being partly responsible for a convicted rapist, who, by all accounts, is still a danger to women, about to be put back on the streets.

When Damian Green was accused of sexual harassment, Labour MP’s and followers were quick to demand his head. They weren’t so quick however, when Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins was accused of sexual harassment. That has been pretty much whitewashed. In early November 2017, he was accused of inappropriate behaviour by a Labour part activist, claims which were reported to Rosie Winterton in 2015. A week after the first claim, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy accused Hopkins of paying her unwanted attention via written notes, dating back to 1994, when they the Chairs of neighbouring constituency Labour parties in Luton. The attention allegedly resumed in 2005, when she became an MP, and didn’t stop until 2016. She even showed the notes to Labour whips, and they were reprinted in the Guardian. She even told that paper’s political editor that she was, “really, really wary of him”.

And it’s the same with Labour’s blatant anti-Semitism. Should anyone dare to criticise Islam, they and the demented halfwits of Momentum are the loudest in screaming “ISLAMOPHOBIA”. Yet when they are accused of doing to Jews what they accuse others of doing to Muslims, it’s not the same thing at all.

Then we have Jared O’Mara, MP for Sheffield Hallam. At least, he was ELECTED as MP for Sheffield Hallam. He was suspended by Labour last year, pending an investigation into allegations of sexism and homophobia, and hasn’t been seen October, four months after he was elected to parliament. He has NEVER stood up and made a speech in the commons, not even his maiden speech.

Since 2002, he’s certainly made a number of online comments that could be seen as homophobic, sexist, derogatory and even racist. He once got into an online forum argument with a Danish user and allegedly ended up calling him a pig shagger. The incident that got him suspended occurred in March last year, before he was elected in June, happened on a night out in March. A woman he was with claims they got into an argument and he allegedly told her, “I wouldn’t touch you with a manky woman’s cunt, you ugly bitch”. A number of the woman’s friends witnessed this, but O’Mara says they are liars.

What really gets me about these pricks, is that they have the nerve to call Tories the Nasty Party, and scum. Really? Was it the Tories who openly celebrated when Thatcher died? Was it the Tories who abused candidates from other parties, especially the Tories, at the last general election? No. It was, allegedly, members of that swivel eyed bunch of Corbyn lovers, Momentum. One member of Momentum is accused of pissing in the doorway of one Tory MP’s constituency office. If a Tory had done that to a Labour MP, there would have been hell to pay. Yet they have the nerve to call the Tories scum. Because the allegations of abuse are aimed at Labour and their followers though, they’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. Fucking hypocrites.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

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  1. Labour’s anti semitism is not just about ideology and crying for the poor Palestinian children, it’s about demographics:

    Jewish population of U.K. 370,000
    Muslim population of U.K. 2.7 million cunts who will vote the way their Imam tells them because it comes directly from Allah.

    No contest really.

    • It’s not just that the Imam tells them to vote labour. They are also up to their necks in election fraud via postal votes. All good for Labour.

    • My brother is a Labour member who believes in boycotting Israeli produce……

      Labour is not a friend of the Jewish people. For me, it is not so much about ylthe peacefuls but more about Zionism amd Jewish philanthropy. And to think that Israel is the only socialist founded country to flourish on it’ original land mass!

  2. I really think bringing up things someone from any party did at university, provided it’s not illegal, should not be given any credence.

    University students might be educated but they are inherently dim about life. For the first time they have left mum’s kitchen and find themselves with both money and time on their hands for the first two years. Its a recipe for disaster. I was probably an unbelievable wanker at uni. I had more disposable income than ever before, coupled with a subsidised bar = wankerism.

  3. The thing is Pig Fucker and the Two Faced Cunt coalition would always beat these twats under Comrade Corbyn (who I don’t mind as a bloke, he believes in his principles – which is why the Blairite cunts hate him – but his policies and cabinet would be the final nail in UK Plc’s coffin). Pig Fucker on his own would railroad the cunts.

    So no subsequent Tory administration could possibly do such a bad job to even remotely give these twats the merest sniff of victory, or allow them any possible credence going forward right!?!

    Oh dear!!!

    When the Brexit die was cast and the Tories set about feeding on themselves, in the back of my mind – I’m ashamed to admit now – I was thinking: “I hope May gets in.”

    That was because – soft cunt that I am – I mistakenly believed we’d have another strong female figure in command as with Boudecea, Good Queen Bess and Thatcher preceding her, “sound and stable” was music to my ears.

    And then she actually got in!

    Fuck me if there was ever a book written on how to lead a party and govern a country then she must have decided to do the complete opposite in every fucking decision made.

    She should’ve invoked article 50 immediately before interfering cunts like Piller et. al. shoved their (unwanted, treacherous) oar in but she didn’t. So that shit was dragged out for months and proving the 2nd house to be the bunch of undemocratic cunts we knew they were all along.

    She’s been as weak as maiden’s piss with the EU, cow-towing to them like Renfield in the Dracula movies, instead of twatting them around the head with “trade deficit” at every juncture and telling them to “fuck off” (as politically as possible).

    Then the crowning glory: converting a 21pt poll lead – which would have resulted in more seats than DFS – into a minority government and now having to cow-tow to a bunch of pikeys AS WELL AS the cunts in the EU!

    Failure after failure, weaker and weaker, turning the whole party into a laughing stock!

    If Labour get in during the next election, it will have fuck all to do with their no-mark politicians being any good (cos they’re not, they’re utter shite from top to bottom) and everything to do with the current piss-poor Tory administration!

    Fucking Dad’s Army was better organised than the current Tory shower of shit!

    Hold your heads in shame YOU CUNTS!

    • Corbyn believes in his principles? Do me a favour! After a lifetime of euroscepticism he sides with remain. Then in the last GE his party clearly said we were going to leave the customs union, now the cunts want to stay in for an indeterminate period. Then when questioned about his life long support for the IRA he denies ever having met any, despite there being photographs of him with the murdering cunt McGuiness and that wank stain Jerry Adams. The old tramp is a cunt, pure and simple.

      • And he’s a lifelong unilateral nuclear disarmer who fought the last election on a manifesto pledging to renew Trident! The cunt probably has fewer principles than Treeza, though fucked if I know even one of her’s.

      • Catweasel Corbyn; “I am a man of lifelong principles. And if you don’t like them I have others…”

    • I have to agree with you on that. The Tories have been a colossal pile of shite since May got in. I won’t call her a leader because, like Corbyn, she has the leadership skills of a sea slug. She has proved time and again that she is too weak and indecisive when it counts to be in Downing Street. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that her pathetic performance in the Brexit negotiations is a deliberate attempt at sabotage, while pretending that she’s doing her best. Well, if that’s her best, then she falls short by a considerable way. And her policies at home are pretty pathetic too.

  4. It’s hard to take Labour seriously these days. When their MPs had been real workers (in the mines, factories etc) it was clear they knew what they were talking about. Now you get little snowflakes from university who have never done a days work in their lives being the self-entitled fuckwits they really are.

    Just today that oily heap of shot Fukka Umunna is brown-nosing the EU along with rent a gob Anna Soubry and four eyed fucker Dominic Grieve. Old Fukka is going against the leadership such as it is in not trying to derail Brexit. But is Labour for against or not sure about the EU? Who knows, and in their present state, who cares.

    That horrible old cunt Jess Philips is forever on the BBC with her men-bashing and elsewhere too many old has-beens (not least piss-artist Alistair Campbell) crawl out of the gutter to try to sabotage our getting shot of the EU. Whatever happened to the biggest and cuntiest cunt of the cunts Peter Mandelson I wonder?

    • Jess Philips is a cunt to be sure, but she has a mighty set of jugs on her. Or is paying an old trollop a compliment sexist nowadays?

      • ‘Gender neutral mamary glands’ might have been a safer description. Surprised you weren’t moderated using words like “jugs”.

  5. Surely to God the electorate aren’t dim brained enough to elect McDonnell and Abbott? It would be the biggest political disaster probably fucking ever. The shadow cabinet is so full of cunts it beggars belief.

    • Labour would be nowhere if the Tories were even remotely credible. And they won’t even start to be that until they get shot of May.

  6. I cunted labour cunt Rebecca Long-Bailey for talking out of her arse earlier but it got moderated. I don’t know why as it was just a standard cunting, no racism, no sexism just a genuine loathing for the failed ideology of socialism which has led to nothing but poverty, misery and death for tens of millions of people world wide.

  7. Catweazle’s problem is that whatever he does he will piss off either the Blairites or Momentum ( who put the cunt there in the first place ).
    He is , by instinct and record, a Brexiteer but if he follows that line he pisses off both of them.
    On the other hand if he takes the remoaner line he loses a lot of traditional labour votes.
    No, he’s not a shoo In yet the cunt. Labour are just as divided and weak as the Tories.
    I suspect the next election will be like the last three….a slim majority for someone or no majority at all.
    The only certainty Is that the next government will be a bunch of lying thieving cunts.

    • The real danger with Corbyn is if he can motivate the yoof to get off their arse for 10 fucking minutes to go down the polling station. I reckon if they could organise voting on cuntbook the Tories would be toast.

  8. There seems to be a divide between those cunters who think PC’s gone mad, and that restricting the freedom to call someone a cunt is a denial of liberty, and those who think that our representatives should under no circumstances cunt anyone (except, obvs, Muslims*) A dilemma indeed. I’m not taking sides.

    But I hope I will not be moderated for pointing out that that 37,000 group (above) agitates continuously and successfully for not being cunted at all, equates the cunting of a ME country with cunting them individually and personally, and has a Friends Of (that) organisation in every parliamentary party to ensure cunting is directed only at the other lot. With a number of MP’s signed up which is out of any reasonable proportion to the numbers of Red Sea pedestrians in the country.

    Cunt one, cunt all, I say.

    *All Muslims, everywhere, regardless of sect, politics, cos they’re all the same, innit?

  9. ‘McDonnell has abused Esther McVey on more than one occasion, even using the words, “lynch the bitch” ‘

    – er no, he was actually reporting what someone else had said, not endorsing or calling for it himself (re “lynch the bitch”) – this allegation has been pretty comprehensively debunked.

    As for Toby Young, it’s not just a couple of faintly misogynistic tweets (as the rightwing press would have us believe), it’s a thirty year history of wilful, increasingly callous attacks on the working class, the disabled and women – in print as well as on social media – not to mention his advocacy of eugenics and his “embellished” CV. Deliciously ironic though that someone so opposed “no platforming” has voluntarily no platformed himself.

    It’s also highly amusing that Right, who are so quick to characterise the Left as offence-taking snowflakes, demonstrate on a daily basis that they themselves are just as bad.

    • Rather good from Young, considering he left school at 16 with one ‘O’ level, acquiring the grades to scrape into Oxford subsequently, at a comprehensive. Daddy had a word with the admissions tutor. And Daddy invented the term ‘meritocracy’ (ironically, but Toby took it as his creed. What a rebel.)

      • Quite – the only thing McDonnell personally called McVey was a “stain on humanity”, not misogynistic at all…

        However, his propensity to condone the words of others – “lynch the bitch” being amongst the worst – should give even the most committed snowflake pause for thought.

        On the other hand I felt quietly sympathetic when he ‘joked’ that he wished he could go back in time to the 1980s and “assassinate Thatcher”.

      • McDonnell is a grade 1 cunt, as is Corbyn. Maggie didn’t appeal to everyone but she sure was a stronger leader than the cunts we have had over the last several years. IRA loving cunts to boot, so regardless of whether McDonnell said or repeated that someone else made the comment “lynch the bitch” McDonnell is and always will be a fucking humongous cunt.

      • I think the moral of this exchange is that if you go looking for cunts in politics you are absolutely assured of finding them, in every cranny you inspect.

        However, much of the hypocrisy of Labour is down to the divided nature of the beast, and the necessity for any leader to keep it together. Which involves hideous compromises on both sides. Similar ones can be seen in the Tory ranks…

        If I were Corbyn (and for the avoidance of doubt, I’m not) I would be glad to have McDonnell on my side, though I think I would send Flabbott on sabbatical to do an economics degree.

    • But Fred, surely even you can see the double standards under which the Labour Party now operate….

      Let’s set aside Corbyn’s (man of principle) long standing hatred of the EU which now at best appears wooley…..

      Let’s brush over John McDonnell’s support for the Cuba Solidarity Campaign which point blank refuses to criticise the Cuban dictatorship who’ve outlawed all trade unions except the government controlled CTC despite his mighty leader proclaiming to a packed House of Commons in June ’17 that the only way to improve pay was through a strong and independent Trade Union movement……

      Let’s gloss over Corbyn’s attack on the DWP’s 0345 number whilst the party he leads has the same prefix for anyone wanting to call them…..

      And please don’t mention ‘tolerance and anti semitism’. The Labour Party is a beacon of tolerance and to prove it Shami Chakrabarti wrote a report in return for enoblement to prove the point……

      At the Labour Party conference in 2017 following a speech from a ‘Jewish’ women who gave legitimacy to anti Israel sentiment Corbyn remained silent and failed to attend a Labour Friends of Israel reception afterwards despite being able to attend a host of other receptions……

      Given the spotlight on anti semitism at the time you’d have thought that would have been the first place he’d have gone, anyway, nothing to see here, move along, I’m not friends with Hamas or Hezbolah, never said that, totally misreported, I was just being inclusive, you don’t understand me……

      Then we have Jarad O’Mara, currently ‘suspended’ from the Labour Party for making a literny of offensive comments towards the disabled and women dating back 15 years, with the most recent being a few months prior to his election.

      The Sheffield Hallam MP has yet to give a maiden speech and hasn’t been seen since October 17, his party report he’s working through his ‘problems’ and won’t disclose if he’s receiving a salary.

      Meanwhile the SJW’s led by that cunt Owen Jones hound Toby Young out of a job for doing pretty much the same shit, or has he been doing it longer? In the world of double standards I’m sure that must count so Toby must go…….

      so in the world of double standards it’s absolutely fine to quote A N Other who said Esther McVey should be lynched because you didn’t really say it….

      He was in no way stoking up resentment. I’m guessing most of the people in that room had never heard that statement so McDonnell felt it only right they did, just so he could expose the nastiness that won’t be tolerated by the Party, or have I missed something?

      I think it’s fair comment that the Left take offence at pretty much everything, if you like Black Coffee your raaaaaccccissstttt, it’s coffee without milk, if the winds blowing in a westerly direction it’s raaaaacccciisssttt because if it was truly inclusive it would blow to the East in equal measure. If you wish somebody ‘happy Xmas’ or you’re hoping for a white Xmas then clearly that marks you out as a raaaaacccciiissstttt.

      If like me you see yourself as coming from ‘the right’ then this shit is getting tiresome.

      The right to free speech without the fear of being constantly called out as some fucking ‘ist’ is central to our democracy.

      It’s such a shame that cunts on the left have stretched the meanings of ‘ist’s’ so far in an attempt to close down any debate they don’t like that to me it represents one of the biggest attacks on our democracy since 1939.

      And if you don’t agree with me I’ll have you deselected… oh hang on no that’s the other side!

      • Bugger me I almost forgot…..

        Jon Lansman, like Corbyn is a former public schoolboy. He founded Momemtum which amongst other things are dedicated to the destruction of conspicuous wealth for the few in order to share with ‘the many’ Jon has just been voted on to Labour’s National Executive. Jon is a dedicated Socialist and lives in a luxury flat in Butlers Wharf on the South Bank.

        Jesus fucking Christ you can’t make this shit up.

        Then we have the Flabbott. Raged against the public school system and promptly sent her own spawn to one, in her defence though all the comps were shit so that was fine.

        Then we have Emily Thornberry or Lady Nugee as she’s known by her pedigree name, campaigns against the selling off of Council properties and the scourge of private landlords whilst owning 2 former Council properties that she rents out privately.


      • Jon Lansman – what a turd! Looks like an obese, deeply sinister garden gnome, a two-faced commie cunt oozing duplicitous insincerity – well ripe for a cunting if he’s not been done already. Dangerous twerp.

  10. The Labour Party died the morning after the untimely death of John Smith. There has been no Labour Party in the United Kingdom since that time.

    All others parties including this one, are not Labour, and have never been Labour. These fraudulent fuckers should be sued for misappropriation.

    Tony was the fucker responsible for the assassination of Labour, and the illegal use of the name since that time.

    This is not a defense of the Labour Party, as they have always been cunts. But at least they were honest cunts.

    • Agreed, I feel the same.

      The worst thing that happened politically in the UK (and for the UK) was the premature death of John Smith that allowed Blair in.

      Socialism is responsible for the shit fest the west faces and, frankly, the so called Tories are neither conservative or ‘on the right’ anymore.

      The west will slowly but surely decline and implode on itself as yet another example of the failure of socialism.

      You will here me laughing from here if Corbyn gets in.

  11. Sad to hear about Big Cyrille Regis…. A good player and a professional who took whatever came his way like a man… Unlike the softarse fairyboy footballers of today who want to be ‘loved’ and who cry ‘racist’ at the slightest thing… I am only sorry Big Ron was unsuccessful in signing Cyrille for Man United… He got that useless sack of shit, Alan Brazil, instead…

    • He was a good player proper forward not a whining cunt like modern players and like Laurie Cunningham, Luther Blisset, Viv Anderson and many more black players they came on the scene when racism was pretty rampant and they got some terrible stick but sure it made it so much better for them when they scored the winner and fucked over the racists. Just been reading about an amazing Black Player called Walter Tull played pre WW1 for Spurs then Northampton and was being eyed up to play for Rangers when war was declared. He had an illustrious military career but died in bloody battle in 1918 his body never being found. The libtards sjw of today will never have heard of him and probably would be horrified of him fighting for the nasty colonial white British empire.
      Stupid cunts.

      • First black player at Old Trafford was a lad named Dennis Walker (1963)… Greatest black United player was the mighty Paul McGrath, followed by Andy Cole…

  12. And of course you have Brendan Cox former advisor to Gordon Brown who had to leave/resign from Save the Children bacause of allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards women which he of course denied. Now there’s no way I’d leave my job because of some untrue allegations.
    Just saying.

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