Ancestry DNA

I’d like to nominate “Ancestry DNA” for a cunting.

This is an (expensive – hence why price is never mentioned in the ad) “service” which allows you to trace what percentage of the world community makes up your genetic code.

Who cares? The only cunts I can see even being remotely interested in this shite will be the whiter-than-white libtard Tristans and Poppys of this world trying to claim some ethnic background one upmanship against their similarly odious virtue-signalling peers.

“Oh yah but I have one point TWO percent Africunt in me, so that makes me far more ethnic and able to feel their plight more substantially than your point nine percent Jemimah!”

Utter shite!

Any geneticist (who is not on gravy-trains such as these scams) will tell you that we all come from the first hominids to evolve in Africa. Fact.

They evolved from apes. Fact.

They evolved from primates. Fact.

They evolved from various mammals. Fact.

They evolved from various lizards (as did birds), from amphibians, from fish, from sea bound invertebrates all they way back to some amino acids which got lucky 4 billion years ago.

Who gives a flying fuck!?!

So I’m related back to some cunt from Japan 20,000 years ago – so that makes me Japanese right? Wrong!

I am British and that has fuck all to do with my genetic make-up or skin colour and everything to do with nurture and my sense of belonging, and – shit as it is becoming – the love of my nation.

There are cunts born and bred here who – through nurture – cannot stand their country of birth (mainly “peaceful” twats from the former Northwest territories of the Indian subcontinent – you know who I mean, cunts to a one). They are here to take and for the easy ride our system provides for them but they do not think of themselves as British. Which is fine because neither do I!

Folk who have come here from India and the West Indies, etc., who have raised British families are as British as black pudding and fish & chips are far as I’m concerned.

It has fuck all to do with genetic make-up you cunts!

“Ancestry DNA” another scheme to part the feeble-minded, easily lead, libtard crew from their soft-earned cash!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

86 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA

  1. Great Cunting…..
    I will do it for half the price….. Send them any old shit back ….and can they Prove it’s Not true…?
    Can they fuck
    Seems an easy way to fleece the Snowflakes of this world….
    Any other daft cunt who cares to pay up
    Utter cunts

  2. Apparently one of my very distant relatives was some very posh and titled cunt from Prussia… But do I consider myself a Kraut? Do I fuck as like… This sort of turd is for virtue signaling scum who want to use the ‘diversity’ and ‘race’ cards when convenient… One can imagine the scenario…

    ‘We’re having to let you go…’


    ‘Because of your negative affect and presence in the office… And – truth be told – you are a total cunt…’

    ‘I don’t believe it! How can you say that I’m a cunt?!’

    ‘Oh, come off it! Even your wife and your own mother say you are a cunt…’

    ‘ But… But… Ah! You can’t sack me! I’m 0.00002% black! I have a 3’000 year old relative from Bogo-Bogo Land! You can’t sack me! Racist! Racist! Is it ‘cos I 0.00002% black?!!
    Racist! Victim! I’m going to tell Twitter! Racist! etc’….

    • I believe that way back somewhere, I have gyppo blood in me. Not proud, but there it is… BUT, I AM an Englishman! And anyone who says otherwise can fuck off…

  3. Is this the one where you smear a bit of shit on a card and post it off?
    Anyone who thinks i’m sticking a roll of cardboard up my arse and paying for the privilege can fuck right off. Dirty cunts.

      • How DARE you?? I am an amphibian , a member of the most persecuted ethnic minority in history. You see these snowflakes with all their Rights For Fags but what about Rights For 🐸 Frogs? You never fucking hear that do you?
        As Disraeli said……”though I sit down now the day will come when you will hear me.”

  4. Is this the one where you smear a bit of shit on a card and post it off?
    Anyone who thinks i’m sticking a roll of cardboard up my arse and paying for the privilege can fuck right off. Dirty cunts.

    • In my genetic soup I’m made up of:

      – Greek cunt.
      – South Africunt.
      – Scotch cunt.
      – Northeast of England cunt.

      Given that mix then I had no chance of not being a cunt.

      However I consider myself to be British so that makes me a double cunt.

      I am also proudly English and so that makes me a triple cunt (and quite clearly a RASSSSSS-EEEESSSSTTTTT according to that doyen of mathematics, Dianne Abbott).

      But I really don’t care what others think of me or my cuntry because I am a cunt!

      Folks from other cuntries should take a leaf out of my book and not give a shit about what any other cunt says about them or their cuntry.

      Please feel free to tell the protagonist in question to fuck off rather than point the finger of racism with one hand whilst holding a begging bowl in the same direction with t’other!

      As I say, if your cuntry is no longer a shithole then that’s great news and you won’t be needing those billions in aid anymore will you? Cunts!

  5. Good cunting RWAC. You’re right, what fucking difference does it make?
    Same with tracing your family tree. My brother-in-law is one of those obsessed by it. Suppose he researched back to 1066 and found that my great great however many greats grandfather was called Godfrey who was a blacksmith. Or maybe he was called Archibald and he herded pigs. Whatever. How does that affect me, or him or anyone else? Fucking waste of time.

  6. I must take issue with this cunting. It is NOT a fact that we are evolved from an Africunt. Recent research has found humans evolved in Europe, specifically Greece and Bulgaria.

    Not only that but British DNA can be divided into 17 distinct groups has been unchanged since 600 AD and we still live in our ancient tribal lands.

    But ancestry DNA are still cunts and so are anyone who uses it. We are not a nation of immigrants. Were the Romans immigrants? Were Saxons immigrants? Were the Vikings immigrants? Were the Normans immigrants? No they fucking were not, they were invaders you dos cunts! But I guess Britain is a nation of invaders doesn’t sound quite as nice.

      • Sot on Skid. The Northern Races evolved separately from Africunt., It is likely that Northern Tribes evolved first, and certainly predate the existence of Africunt. Northern soils are quite acidic, and therefore remains perish in these soils. It is for this reason that little if any evidece remains in any significant quantity.
        The stasi of course not only deny that this is a fact, but actively shout down with a race card at the earliest opportunity. The existance of Hobbit Man is a fact that is denied by liberal sock jockey’s.

      • The things is, whether we evolved from Africunts or proto-Vikings, is not the point IMO.

        The belief in your country and your sense of belonging has far less to do with your genetic make-up, or even origin of birth and more to do with your attitude and your commitment to the country which you have chosen tO make *your* life in.

        In the late 90’s I toyed with moving to the States – I had a good job offer. Alas my home-bird cunt Mrs pooh-poohed the idea (even though we had no kids then) and so we ended up staying in this shithole (through the 2nd Dark Age of the Tony B. Liar years).

        However had we moved then – while I am British – I would have lived quite happily as an American, taken on citizenship, raised my kids as Americans, pledged my allegiance to the stars and stripes, and saluted the commander in Chief (whoever that may have been – you respect the position of office not necessarily the cunt holding it).

        What fuck’s me off is when you have cunts – and let’s not beat around the bush, mainly “peaceful” cunts – who come here with nothing more than a pair of sandals and a couple of bedsheets to their name, are gifted everything including a free health service, schooling for their (6-8) kids, etc., and yet hate everything about our culture, our country and would have us all beheaded as soon as look at us!

        That’s my point. The Indians and West Indians who came here in the late 50’s thru to the 70’s adopted our culture, integrated and raised British kids. They brought the right kind of diversity to old Blighty, and, they fucking worked hard!

        The “peaceful” cunts raise “peaceful” kids first and foremost and teach the fuckers to hate everything about our infidel country, whilst also teaching them how to milk our infidel country for every cunting penny they can get their bastard hands on!

        Those cunts aren’t British even if they were born here! Like I say just because a dog may happen to be born in a barn, it doesn’t make it a fucking horse does it!

      • Agreed Rebel. Sorry I fucked up and posted down the page in response. The point being mad by skid was to counter the broad statement made by Ancestry and the Media that we are all immigrants when in fact we are not.
        The issue of colour and race has ( as you say ) little to do with the sense of Nation and commitment. I think on that matter we are all agreed. An excellent posting of yours has really stimulated the intellectual juices. Cheers.

      • Also I’d be the wrong kind of gimmegrant in the US of A because I’d unreservedly vote Republican.

        For that alone I wouldn’t be welcome as part of the Democratic “dreamer” vote consortium.

        Fucking corrupt libtard cunts.

  7. You could discover things here you don’t want to know. Supposing you found out you were related to the Blairs ?
    Imagine that dirty little secret!

    • Yeah I wonder if they have an advice line for folk wishing to top themselves after realising they’re related to cunts like the B.Liars and Killary Cunton mob!

  8. What boils my piss about Ancestry is that bloody TV advert where you just enter you name and up pops an entire family tree all magically done for you complete with photographs.

    How the fuck do they get away with presenting such a pack of lies? Why does the ASA not step in and say “Oi! That’s bollocks!”?

    I’ve done my family tree. It took years. I used to run classes to teach people how to do it. There is no short cut, no magical Ancestry tree, nowhere where you just click and it’s all done for you. It’s long hard slog.

    So fuck off Ancestry. You’re full of shit!..

    • My Mum paid a woman to do my Fathers family tree for his 80th birthday. I think she traced him back to the 16th century but it took almost a year and cost a few bob.

      • 1583 – formation of the Church of England. Before that the Catholics held the records and didn’t let good old King Henry have them.

        It’s easy back to 1834 when central registration started although the first few years of that were a bit chaotic.

        Meaningful census records started in 1851.

        Initially you start with your own birth certificate and then go back birth/marriage until 1834. Then you’re into parish baptism/marriage records. The certifactes cost money!

        It’s never advisable to listen to your relatives who have selective memories. And never start with anyone but yourself. I had a student whose granny was granddad’s second wife and not her granny at all. I had another who was adopted.

        90% of Brits are descendants of William the Conqueror. Really…!

        I’ve traced my tree back to 862 in Norway. It took me 5 years.

        Here endeth the lesson…

      • Ah, 1583. That explains why my family genealogist never got back any further. Most of my more recent ancestors seem to have wound up in Lancashire workhouses, and were, when employed, workers in cotton mills. They wouldn’t even have had that without slave labour supplying the raw material, so let’s hear it for slavery!

  9. “I thought I was white British, this the moment I found out I’m part Peaceful”.

    Cue footage of me cutting my fucking wrists…

  10. Catherine Deneuve is most definitely not a cunt…

    The queen of French cinema said that the ‘Me Too’ campaign/lynch mob had ‘gone beyond exposing individual perpetrators, and had unleashed a torrent of hatred against men and sex’… She also added, “Puritanism” was running rampant “like in the good old days of witchcraft”… Deneuve also said this on the matter: “Given the nature of social movements these days, if you have reservations you keep your mouth shut…. In the social media age, you have one position that’s acceptable and everyone piles on to it…. If you get in a dissenting opinion, you’re going to get slaughtered… We’re losing the distinction between serious sexual assault and even rape and putting a hand on a knee..
    It’s as if someone finding you attractive is an insult…. I beg to differ: I’m complimented if someone is attracted to me…. The only question is: am I allowed to say no?”

    What a woman… And -in her prime – worth all (and I mean all) of today’s Hollywood celebrislags put together…

      • Y ‘know if some magic genie cunt or summat said to me: ‘You can either have the following:

        A whole year of sex with all these women: Megan Fox, Scarlett Jolibtard, Psycho Heard, Cara Delacunt, Titless Swift, Rihanna, Nicole Kidman, Cumbucket Lawrence, and Kat Dennings all circa 2017…

        Or a full year of how’s yer father with Catherine Deneuve circa 1966….

        Take me a second to decide… Catherine… No question, no contest…

      • I wonder what the fuck Bury Elephant Man Phil Neville is related to apart from ‘what were his parents smoking’ Neville Neville. On the verge of becoming England Women football boss, at least he’s probably not going to be shagging any of them.

      • Imagine if there was some horrendous mix-up and Phil Neville ended up managing Wales and Giggs ended up managing the England Women!!

        With hilarious consequences…….

      • Phil Neville, being manager of England ladies, could put the women’s game back 30 years and it’s only been going 20…. So, it might not be a bad thing then…

      • One can imagine Scholes, Keano, Butty, Big Jaap, Teddy, David May, Andy Cole etc all ‘congratulating’ Phil Nev if he gets the ever so prestigious England Wimmins job…

      • Seeing Deneuve in her peak years (and even now) and today’s celebrity skanks reminds of that line from Boycie…

        ‘Don’t worry, Marlene, there’ll be no comparison… Ours is from Royal Doulton… Del got his from Dalton’s Weekly’….

      • Fuck me but in this world of sexual harassment allegations for looking at someone funny you would have to want your head looking at to take on a job managing a women’s football team. Don’t do it Neville!!

      • Appointing Phil Nev as England Wimmins Manager would tell you all you need to know about them and all you need to know about him…

        Which is the following… Comedy… Pure fucking comedy, a complete and utter laughing stock…

      • Cher Mon Sewer Cunters,

        J’écris pour m’excuser pour le récent torrent Celebrislag de haine contre les hommes et le sexe. Le puritanisme nous semble courir comme dans le bon vieux temps de la sorcellerie. Compte tenu de la nature des mouvements sociaux de nos jours, pourrais-je suggérer que si vous avez des réserves sur la culture millénariste, vous vous taisez…

        À l’ère des médias sociaux, il n’y a qu’une seule position acceptable. Si vous offrez une opinion dissidente, vous allez vous faire massacrer – nous perdons la distinction entre une agression sexuelle grave, un viol et une main sur un genou … C’est comme si quelqu’un qui vous trouvait attirant était une insulte.

        Je ne suis pas d’accord: je suis félicité si quelqu’un m’attire. Alors qu’en est-il?

        L’amour de Catherine xxx

      • Le me notto undestando der speel b’ thnkzy y’wanna fucko wiv le dame Catherine notty le shitbox but cuntus fuck!

        Iz me reet?

      • Anna Karina was another euro cinema goddess from those days… Charlize Theron is the only current Hollywood ‘name’ who I would put in the same class as Catherine or Anna… The rest of those celebrislappers don’t even come near…

  11. Could this be the same Mark Wahlberg that badly beat up two Vietnamese men half his size (one with a five-foot-long wooden pole) who he called “go*ks” and other racial slurs?… Or is it the Mark Wahlberg who also had an injunction against him for chasing down fellow residents of Dorchester, Massachusetts, and calling them racial slurs while throwing rocks at them? Couid it be the same Mark Wahlberg, who, in 1992, after he had morphed into rapper Marky Mark, he repeatedly kicked another man in the head.?…

    As my auntie Mary used to say, ‘You can put a ribbon around a turd… You can even paint it gold… But, at the end of the day, son, it’s still a turd..’


  12. My ancestry is Irish and Welsh with the Welsh half being Pikey and probably originating a generation back in the Forest of Dean. This makes it more than likely that I am related to the real Fred West. (not our fellow cunter Fred)
    Makes me proud to be of pure Aryan stock.

  13. Oops. Got moderated for suggesting some of our special dearest friends be repatriated.

    • They wouldn’t be especially peaceful friends, would they? I don’t know if you know this but one of them is a proud Londoner whose Father was a bus driver, how dare you suggest he fuck off?

  14. I wonder how much the bear got? Must have been a lot more than that Walberg cunt as firstly you go to see the bear, not the bears’ sidekick and secondly I have seen better performances by the products on oak furniture land adverts.

  15. My mum told me she was born in Scotland and so I’m half scotch. I was furious with her for years until she told me she lied, she was born in Bournemouth. She thanked me for years of entertainment.

    I can see the funny side.

  16. Indian great granny, 4×2 granny, English mater, scotch pater.
    But my nationality is Cuntish.

    • Forgot to mention that I was born in Scotland but always considered myself to be English, probably because the English side raised me, and probably because no cunt would choose to be scotch.

      Not anymore. Since brexit taught me that my country is run by cunts (I already knew this but it got confirmed) i’m my own island and everyone and everything can go get fucked.

  17. On a related subject, has there ever been a demographic survey of ISAC. Who is the oldest, the youngest, any females, any special friends. I guess I’m in the upper quartile, male English, 61.

    But I do have the advantage of being borderline personality disorder which means I can act like a 17 year old and use that as an excuse!

    • Being sixty one doesn’t make you an old cunt………. but going to see Noel Gallagher in concert does.

      You’ll be feeling eighty one when you leave the gig.

    • I’m forty two and three quarters.

      But all that lsd I took years ago keeps my mind young.

      Thinking of getting some tabs of acid lately…….. I’m that fuckin bored. Five hours of hour of depression afterwards. Wonder if I can still handle it……. I’ll let yous know

      • I had a tab when I was 50 and things got a little dodgy compared to when taken in my 20s/30s, but maybe it was from an iffy batch…also I had a lot on my mind at the time! Haven’t had any since, move in different circles nowadays…

      • I think I’m four sixteenths Scottie, eleven Enlish, and on sixteenth German, although I am pretty convinced that a bizarre family obsession with a Normandy village used as not one but two house names may point towards froggishness.

        Used to consider myself British, until some fuckin cunt came along soundbiting about “Cool Britannia”
        I wish to stick a size 12 part of my anatomy up his arse violently, repeatedly, and then the same with his foul facial orifice.
        Devious, lying, (conspirator to) murderous bastard cunt.

        For legal reasons, I hope this is suitably vague about the individual to who I am referring…

      • Cheers Skidmark Eggfart.
        I’m going to try this.. Coz life is shite right now and I need picking up.

    • I’m 53, male, caucasian and 100% fucking YORKSHIRE. But I don’t live in the UK because I don’t like paying tax and there are too many immigrants. And the weather is shit.

      • I don’t live anywhere, if you’re not resident anywhere, who do you pay tax to? I’m what’s termed a fiscal nomad, I never stay in a jurisdiction long enough to qualify as a resident. Most places in Europe that is six months, UK is more complicated but used to be 90 days, US is 120 days.

        I’m not strictly speaking an immigrant, just a long stay tourist. However I do try to fit in with the local customs but I’m very poor with languages so I just don’t bother trying to learn the lingo.

  18. If I paid for this and found out I was porch monkey or Joe Daki I wouldn’t be at all happy. Thankfully I am paler than Casper the ghost and my racial superiority and backgroud is assured.

  19. I think the point being made is that Ancestry are providing a rainbow service that has an agenda. On the subject matter, the indigenous pre Roman race were Celtic, and, that over several hundred years were displaced westwards and northwards by Roman invasion. Those Celtic descendants are the Scots and the Irish as we know today. The cultural assimilation of peoples arises from ( as you rightly say ) a willingness to adapt, and to adopt mantles of the host nation. The point made by skid , that we are not a Nation of immigrants ( as claimed by many ) but have a history dating back several millenia.
    The arrival of immigrants from all sources has largely contributed positively, with the exception of the peaceful invasion which has caused significant problems.
    Your example of the Indian immigrant assimilation is perhaps the best example, but I would add to that the Chinese, who have adopted and adapted very positively and without any significant issues.

    • My wife is of Indian descent, and her parents bent over backwards to assimilate, and have never claimed a penny in benefits…unlike me, for a few months in the 1980s…

    • Ancestry main agenda is to part you from your money.

      It’s owned by the Mormons. They like to trace your tree because when you’re baptised into their church, they baptise all your ancestors as well. Strange, but true…

  20. OOA is I am sorry to tell you no less believable than Genesis. The Theory of Evolution by way of Natural Selection has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. There is of course only one reason that we are being deep-throated with this theory and its corollary OOA.

    • And God put all the dinosaur bones there for us to find in order to test our faith right?

      Is it Opus or Opus Dei? How’s the cillice? Chafing a bit? 😂

      • My mistake, I should have written no more believable rather than no less.

        I hold no brief as to our origins but those theories that I have heard are palpably absurd and devoid of empirical evidence. Those who swallow OOA whole are no less gullible than those who swallow Genesis. People like certainty but I am quite happy to live in ignorance.

      • There is a difference, as in its the Theory of evolution, an educated guess based on the available evidence, and subject to change if better or more relevant evidence emerges. All the religious teachings say a bloke in the sky made us, end of, no questions.

      • Too fucking true…I fell over the edge once.

        All the more terrifying as I was on acid at the time!

  21. Only slightly off topic there was an article in the ST today about how ‘teen’ rapeugees are scuppering Frau Merkel’s attempt to form a coalition Government.

    Now clearly this is a raaaacccciiisssttt article but that aside they highlighted a number of rapes and murders (allegedly) committed by the cunts that committed them.

    In order to gain ‘child rapeugee’ status it would appear that you simply present yourself without documents and say your 12 or 14, so despite the fact you’ve got a full beard and a big belly or are 6’4″ that’s all you need to qualify.

    Apparently there are some simple tests that can be done to establish your age which involve doing an X ray of your jaw and or wrist.

    The X rays are just like the one your dentist does or the one you have at hospital and are completely safe.

    However for some unbeknown reason it appears German Rapeugee Charities are advising their ‘clients’ not to undergo such tests……..

    This brings us to the case of Hussein, a 16 year old Afghan migrant.

    At his trial for the rape and murder of a 19 year old medical student who also worked for a rapeugee charity, Hussein’s father testified that he was in fact 32.

    Thirty fucking Two and cunts are so gullible and desperate not to judge they’ll accept you’re 16. FFS
    Its hard to feel any sympathy for these idiots as they’re so blinded to what’s staring them squarely in the face.

    It goes on… another case a child rapeugee claiming to be 12 but who was actually 30 was allowed to go to school with 12 year old contemporaries where he absolutely terrorised his classmates and even sold drugs and despite over 100 clashes with the law the Police were unable to act as his ‘welfare officer’ point blank refused to subject him to an age test.

    His welfare officer blamed his behaviour on the trauma he’d suffered as a result of his school being bombed.

    How many types of a cunt have you got to be where you’re so ideologically driven that you’re prepared to be totally blind to the fact that some cunt is clearly a bloke but you’re prepared to accept they’re 12, you know absolutely fuck all about their background, whether they’re a murderer, rapist, child molester or god knows what and yet give them free access to 12 year olds.

    My mate has a framed picture of us both celebrating a goal our team scored against our arch rivals back in ’97 I was 26 at the time and every time i see it I can’t believe how young I looked, I reckon I could have passed for 20 but I’m absolutely fucking sure I couldn’t have passed for 12.

    So back to the article, in 2016 recorded Sexual Offences in Germany rose by 13% compared to 2015 and in the most populist state recorded violent crimes rose by 10%. Rapeugees were behind 92% of the offences.

    My best mate lives in Germany and has done since 1990. We see each other several times a year and thanks to modern tech are regularly in contact.

    We’ve known each other since we were 7 and friends ever since. He’s the most level headed person I know and until recently I would have said I had no idea how he voted, not because we never talked politics but because he posses a talent to fit in without ever really giving anything away, he’s ex military so maybe that was part of what he ‘really’ did?

    Back in December I spent a week out there and we toured all the major Rhineland city Xmas markets getting pissed and having a good time.

    As always happens at the end of a long boozy day you put the world to rights but for the first time ever my mate dominated the conversation, that’s normally my job, and fuck me was he angry.

    Be under no illusion, ordinary Germans and those who’ve assimilated have had enough, young girls and women are being harassed, assaulted and raped, everybody knows it because if it’s not one of their relatives it’s a friends yet the media have a collective blackout on reporting it. If you don’t report it it didnt happen, simple!

    It’s happenening across Germany on a daily basis and yet 15000 rapeugees a month are still entering Germany the majority of which are young males without documents.

    My mate said, 10 years ago in Germany the thought that a political party like Pegida could be formed was not just laughable, it wasn’t even a possibility. Germans were ashamed of their recent history and no normal person would even contemplate associating themselves with that part of it.

    Anything right of centre was considered ‘far right’ and the stomping ground of the Skinheads.

    However it appears that Pegida is drawing massive amounts of support from ‘ordinary’ Germans, both from the public and private sector, teachers, business people.

    Frau Merkel never consulted the Bundestag when she opened the borders, she didn’t have to, with a wave of her hand she has irrevocabley changed Germany for the worse and yet she like all politicians will never really have to live with the consequences.


    • It’s cheap imported votes at the expense of the indigenous population.

      All leftist Govts when in power do it (Democrats in the US, Labour here, etc.) because all the left cares about is staying/getting in power and flooding the numbers with imported votes so’s to make a centrist/slightly right-wing (i.e. thinking more of their own people and their corner of the globe over and above anywhere else – which isn’t common sense, it’s racist) Govt virtually impossible because the imports combined with the easily lead group-think sheep far outnumber ordinary folk with their reasonable views (which are obviously racist).

      They do this because all leftist parties are all in favour of Globalisation and a world Govt because everyone is great and nice to each other and it will be utopia!

      Except it won’t, it’ll be shit with the likes of Soros et. al. getting even richer – along with their treacherous facilitators like B.Liar, Merkel and Obama – while former great and industrious nation get dragged down to the M’Tembe level with 6bn people walking 20 miles to fight over a cup of warm bison piss!

      There are a lot of poor Christian countries around the world who’d no doubt also be grateful for a place in Western Europe and vote left. What I don’t get is the virtually exclusive importing of “peaceful” cunts??

      “Peaceful” cunts don’t integrate, they are “peaceful” first and foremost, they do not respect the societies they infect, they think it their God given right to take from the infidel – because they’re infidels – and they wish all non-“peacefuls” dead.

      Immigration into Western Europe is at epidemic proportions but if we do have to take more cunts in (and we don’t) then can’t we have a few more Christians, Jews, Hindus or Sikhs please rather than the one group of “peaceful” cunts who get on with none of the above!

      Fucking Merkel! Running a close 2nd to that cunt in the 30′ and 40’s for fucking Europe over, all while sucking at the teat of Soros (interfering auld cunt)!

  22. There is a theory that aliens dropped the big rock to kill the dinosaurs then dropped their criminals here and left them to it. They were dropped in separate areas according to race.

    The flying saucers are checking up on us to make sure we don’t escape.

    Let’s face it, it fits the way we behave…

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