Ancestry DNA

I’d like to nominate “Ancestry DNA” for a cunting.

This is an (expensive – hence why price is never mentioned in the ad) “service” which allows you to trace what percentage of the world community makes up your genetic code.

Who cares? The only cunts I can see even being remotely interested in this shite will be the whiter-than-white libtard Tristans and Poppys of this world trying to claim some ethnic background one upmanship against their similarly odious virtue-signalling peers.

“Oh yah but I have one point TWO percent Africunt in me, so that makes me far more ethnic and able to feel their plight more substantially than your point nine percent Jemimah!”

Utter shite!

Any geneticist (who is not on gravy-trains such as these scams) will tell you that we all come from the first hominids to evolve in Africa. Fact.

They evolved from apes. Fact.

They evolved from primates. Fact.

They evolved from various mammals. Fact.

They evolved from various lizards (as did birds), from amphibians, from fish, from sea bound invertebrates all they way back to some amino acids which got lucky 4 billion years ago.

Who gives a flying fuck!?!

So I’m related back to some cunt from Japan 20,000 years ago – so that makes me Japanese right? Wrong!

I am British and that has fuck all to do with my genetic make-up or skin colour and everything to do with nurture and my sense of belonging, and – shit as it is becoming – the love of my nation.

There are cunts born and bred here who – through nurture – cannot stand their country of birth (mainly “peaceful” twats from the former Northwest territories of the Indian subcontinent – you know who I mean, cunts to a one). They are here to take and for the easy ride our system provides for them but they do not think of themselves as British. Which is fine because neither do I!

Folk who have come here from India and the West Indies, etc., who have raised British families are as British as black pudding and fish & chips are far as I’m concerned.

It has fuck all to do with genetic make-up you cunts!

“Ancestry DNA” another scheme to part the feeble-minded, easily lead, libtard crew from their soft-earned cash!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!