The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame are cunts…

Not only is this gold plated music industry junket a load of snobbish and arselicking bollocks (David Bowie rightly turned then down and told them to fuck off), it is also now a PC sucking fest that embraces ‘diversity’… Just like the Academy Awards and all that other Yankee shite…

OK, The great Moody Blues have been nominated this year (Hurrah!), but Nina Simone has also been accepted into this year’s Hall Of Fame bash… Now, I have nothing against Simone as an artist or as a person… She was one of the few individuals and true to herself and her work artists of her time… But only a couple of years ago The Hall Of Fame said they could not accept The Carpenters into their ceremony, because Richard and Karen were not a Rock N’ Roll act… But neither was/is Nina…

Nina Simone was a soul (and some might say jazz) artist… Simone was anything but Rock ‘N’ Roll and she’d be the first to tell anyone that… I also doubt that Nina would have accepted this patronising pat on the back from Jann Wenner and his monkeysuited champagne sipping cronies… But because the great lady is long gone these cunts are using her name and legacy to prove how ‘diverse’ and PC they are… Yet they won’t let in other acts because they ‘don’t fit in’ (Carpenters, Monkees etc)…

And any Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame that doesn’t include Slade, T-Rex, Joy Division, The Jam, or (Leslie West’s) Mountain is a load of cunt anyway…

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Just back to my house in the colonies after a month back in the old country and I’d like to point out the following:

    1/ whoever designed the arrivals area at Heathrow is a total bellend;
    2/ lorry drivers who overtake other lorries on hills deserve a special place in Hell;
    3/ there are SO MANY fat bastards with ugly tattoos in the UK;
    4/ fucking Ipswich lost two and drew one of the games I went to. There’s four and a half hours of my life I’ll never get back.

    After a month of exposure to the British media, I’ve got plenty of ammunition for my website. Will post a new rant when my body clock gets back to normal. Up at 4am this morning. Jet lag is a cunt.

  2. Arrivals at Heathrow is designed for Gimmigrants, health tourists, drug traffickers, people traffickers, asylum ponces and assorted visiting terrorists not for the likes of you.
    Who the fuck do you think you are ?

  3. Interesting post and good argument there Norman!

    I think you are spot on. To prove diversity and “inclusiveness” is the slope on
    a downhill ride.
    It is a fact that Rock’n’Roll, Rock, Metal,Grunge and so on are white dominated genres, where’as Soul/Jazz and so on are dominated by Black musicians. To include a Soul singer into a Rock Hall of fame is an obvious political attempt at “inclusion”
    A good thought provoking post Norman.

  4. As I understand it there is nothing new about this. These cunts already include Ray Charles and various hip hop and rap wankers. How is that RnR ?
    The fact is, that black people and white people tend to like different types of music. There are historical and cultural reasons for this and it has nothing to do with racism and discrimination.
    There’s a jazz and soul club in Streatham that i’ve been to 4 or 5 times. I would say 80% of the audience and performers were black. So fucking what? Who would be surprised by that? I went to a bikers rock weekend a couple of years ago. How many black people did I see?… !
    Oh….and a couple of others working on a burger van. It’s no big deal, that’s just the way it is but the snowflakes can’t handle that.
    They look forward to a Cowellised world where we all consume the same standard, bland old shit whether it’s music , tv, films , books, food, whatever. They claim they believe in multi culturalism but they don’t. They want us to be docile little worker ants sitting in front of screens filling our empty heads with what ever shit they deem is good for us.
    Well not this cunt. Fuck you Snowflakes !

    • Don’t forget we have the Brit awards coming up, what’s to bet it will be an all out diversity, virtue signal wank-fest. Cunts.

  5. John Lydon’s open letter to the Hall of shite:

    Next to the SEX-PISTOLS rock and roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain. Your museum. Urine in wine. Were not coming. Were not your monkey and so what? Fame at $25,000 if we paid for a table, or $15000 to squeak up in the gallery, goes to a non-profit organisation selling us a load of old famous. Congradulations. If you voted for us, hope you noted your reasons. Your anonymous as judges, but your still music industry people. Were not coming. Your not paying attention. Outside the shit-stem is a real SEX PISTOL

  6. The concept of a rock’n’roll hall of fame is about as un rock’n’roll as its possible to get. RnR is about rebellion, not recognition from the establishment. Likewise those fucking hard rock cafes, overpriced burger joints with zero personality. RnR has become the junk food of the music world, corporate and tasteless pap designed to sell product. I listen to very little music produced in the last decade.

    But the re branding of RnR is just s symptom of the disease which has gripped Western Civilisation. Words have no meaning any more, or at least they have taken on completely different meanings. So RnR is no longer RnR and therefore it’s racist to criticize an ideology, it’s racist to criticize a nationality, it’s racist to recognise facts such as some countries are better places to live than others. ( and btw, if these african countries aren’t shit holes, why are we sending them £13 billion a year in “aid”?) The left have taken control of the language, changing the meaning of words or completely banning others. In so doing they have placed a strangle hold on speech and monopolised the narrative.

    This might be a bit heavy for a Sunday morning when I’ll bet a good few cunters are hung over to fuck, me too. But have a little google or youtube about Post Modernism. There is lots of good stuff on youtube especially from Jordan Peterson and Stephen Hicks. If you want to know where PC came from, why it is now illegal to tell the truth and where the utter double speak bollocks that is multiculturalism, diversity is strength and cultural relativism came from then look no further than Post Modernism.

    On a lighter note, here is Big Phil talking about the army spending £1.6m on an advert to get nancy boys to join the army. I wonder why they didn’t have him on Sky “News”?

  7. Here’s one for you cunters. Every April the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation hold the Radio 2 Folk Music awards. The trouble is British folk music is performed and followed exclusively by white people. Have a look on their website and see if you can spot a black face.
    So last year they decided to give a lifetime achievement award to Joan Armatrading.
    Now I have been a big fan of Joan’s for years and am very familiar with her body of work. If you can find any “folk music” in there I will kiss your arse and you can call me Lucy.
    But… (tick)….lezzer (tick)……get her down to the Albert Hall and give her a gong !!

  8. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame is the very antithesis of the Rock n’ Roll spirit, or at best an irrelevance, imho. I have loved (to the point of obsession) music and Rock music in particular all my conscious life, but never once have I taken the slightest notice or interest in that pile of music industry cuntage known as the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame.

    “A PISS STAIN.” John Lydon was spot on.

  9. We go to IOW festival every year. All the security people are black but hardly any of the audience. Last year we counted three!!. Fucking bliss and no muzzos.

    I used to like black music in the 70s. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Bob Marley, Third World (are you allowed to say that?) et al. Nowadays it’s absolute bollocks. Why do all the British acts perform in an innit accent? And rap, fuck me, I can’t even call it music. Cunts.

    • Oasis, Loch lomond 96

      Small Scottish town invaded by cool cunts and dodgy students acting all madferrit.
      The only black guys were the ones selling dodgy merchandise outside the gates to the park.

      I’ve read an article about oasis where it stated that they play to a mainly white male audience……. So fuckin what????? It’s only because “white” music has more than four rhyming words and mixes the beat up a bit.

      (OK, I gerrit, you all think oasis are shite. I’ve heard it all before, so do one)

  10. Couldn’t give a shiny shite about awards or accolades, but, as it states in the cunting, but if Slade can’t get a wee nod then it shoorley is a pile of tat.

    Greatest voice ever belongs to Noddy Holder and How Does It Feel is probably the second greatest song ever written, second only to The Only One I Know by the greatest band of musicians I’ve heard, the mighty The Charlatans

  11. I wonder when the country music awards will go ‘diverse’, as they have a particular racial demographic artist and fan base. Like the bar owner in Blues Brothers said, “we have both types of music, country, and western”. I couldn’t give a fuck for the existence of the MOBO awards, something I would never watch, or have any interest in, as the music is soulless drivel, but how would they respond to calls for it to diversify? I think we all know the answer to that. If the music isn’t classed as rock and roll, the artist shouldn’t even be considered for the hall of fame bollocks, that’s if it wanted any sort of credibility. Fuck them.

    • The Hall of Famous Cuntry Cunts inducted Charley Pride, so diversity box already ticked.

  12. This is probably obvious but here goes anyway. The current situation in this country with politicians constantly moving the goalposts on anything anyone says and does can be summed up easily:- ORWELL 1984

  13. How about a cunting of the Blues?

    How shite and easy is it to write a blues song?

    Here goes

    I woke up this morning
    And read some comments on ISAC
    I said I woke up this morning
    And read some comments on ISAC
    Then I put a cd on and listened to my favourite track

    The rain fell hard this morning
    But it don’t make me sad
    I said the rain fell hard this morning
    But it don’t make me sad
    Coz soon the sun came out
    And then things weren’t so bad ad

    I looked at my woman
    And asked to get my dick sucked
    I said I looked at my woman
    And asked to get my dick sucked
    She just looked right back
    And told me to go get fucked

    (some shite twanging of a guitar)

    I went to bathroom to have myself a wank
    I said I went to the bathroom to have myself a wank
    But my phone fell down the toilet
    And with that my downloaded porn collection went and sank.

    (more twanging of a guitar and repeat first verse)

    I woke up this morning and read some comments on ISAC
    I said I woke up this morning and read some comments on ISAC
    Then I put a cd on and listened to my favourite track

    Pile of pish but could’ve been a hit for any non white non yellow non Asian performer………. And would have been a “classic”

  14. How can country music be taken seriously. Twangy shite about depressed truck drivers, divorce, dead dogs and blankets….

  15. I could never understand the appeal of Freddy Mercury and Queen.. Stuart Marconi describes them accurately when he said they were a Pantomime version of Led Zeppelin . Good musicians no doubt but something very novelty about them.

      • Pretty Things were great… SF Sorrow is a masterpiece, and they had the original mad as fuck drummer in Viv Prince…. Keith Moon was a loon, but Viv was just as bad (and mad)….

      • Yes Shitcake ,good album Parachute. They first came to my attention on the Harvest sampler called ‘Picnic a breath of fresh air ‘
        Anyone remember that ?

      • I most certainly do Fenton! 1970 wasn’t it?

        Still have my copy somewhere…though followed the Pretty’s from 1965.

  16. Jann Wenner is such a nauseating hypocritical cunt… He lauds the Beach Boys for ‘Pet Sounds’ when only Brian and Carl Wilson out of the band actually play a note on the album (the rest was done by wrecking crew pros like Hal Blaine, Carol Kay, Glen Campbell etc)… Yet then Wenner will sneer about The Monkees… Yeah, they began as a TV series, but both Nesmith and Tork were very good musicians and Nesmith was also a fine songwriter… But Nez and the rest of the lads will forever be blacklisted from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Cunts because Wenner and his Rolling Stone mob of hippy cunts don’t have them on their ‘cool list’…

    Wenner has also ignored Humble Pie, so that proves beyond doubt that he is a cunt…

  17. What a sad cunt I am because I have compiled a playlist of about 700 of my favourite 60’s songs, I’ve even put between them radio Caroline and London pirate jingles and the intro to the Simon Dee show. Stick my headphones on smoke a spliff plus a bottle of Vodka and I’m in heaven. I worked it out , it’s taken me the good part of 5 years to find all my favourite songs. It’s like listening to a radio show without one duff tune coming on. I think I might have exposed my self as a cunt now.😂🤪

    • Nah… That’s great… I was a big listener of Piccadilly Radio in the 70s and 80s (Manchester’s independent radio station and still never been bettered) and I have almost all of the ‘Piccadilly 261’ jingles and intros (‘Sweeney’s Sixties Classics’ etc)… Used to love the Saturday afternoon/evening football phone-in… Where the City and United managers (Tommy Doc and Big Mal) would actually talk to supporters, even after a defeat… Can anyone imagine those cunts. Mourinho and Pep, taking time to talk to ‘lowly’ fans on radio now?… 261 was magic… Great records, live sessions (Joy Division, Buzzcocks etc), DJs who knew their shit and their audience, a proper football programme which involved fans, great summer roadshows and a good laugh… Now it’s the soulless ‘Key 2’ and no fucker listens to it…

  18. Does one (or ones surviving relatives) get a say as to whether one is inducted? – and has any artist ever been booted out of the Hall of Fame, say for crimes against political correctness which no one (because it did not then exist) failed to notice at the time of the induction?

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