Toby Young petition to sack him.

213,274 (and counting) nominations for anyone who signed the petition to sack Toby Young from the Office For Students.

The usual confected outrage over a few tweets is only cover for the real reason these people don’t want him; he’s a conservative columnist and blogger who doesn’t hold to the modern shibboleths of politically correct doublespeak or identity politics. Oh, and he’s a leave supporter. The reasons his opponents cite as to why he is unsuitable are, in fact, the reasons he is ideal for the position.

Just as one should never be on the same side of an argument as the BBC, It’s a clear truth that anything opposed by teaching unions is, by definition, a good thing.

Another 100 have cunted themselves in the time it took me to type this.

Nominated by Harry Axwound.

53 thoughts on “Toby Young petition to sack him.


    This does NOT apply to all of you, however, some posters have been complaining about comments in moderation, nominations and what can and cannot be said.

    Volunteers run this website – the administrators are NOT paid – and they have jobs and lives to manage just like most of you.

    Their time is valuable and they give it up to keep the site running without expecting anything in return. There may be times when they are unable to clear comments in moderation or post new nominations. These activities need to be actioned from the administration level, which requires access to a computer. It is impossible from a mobile phone and is difficult from a tablet due to the screen format. Unfortunately, ISAC is not a call centre, with “staff” sitting in front of a computer all day, just to deal with your comments that fall into moderation, unless you would like to pay for a full time admin person…… that the sound of crickets?

    With regard to what is acceptable language on ISAC, I think most would agree that it is a very open place and free speech is more welcome than in most other places. We do not make the law on what is acceptable but we must stay within it. If you do not like the current limitations on free speech, then please feel free to lobby your local M.P, the media or the judiciary – for all the good it will do – but do not complain to us.

    None of the administrators are lushing it up from this venture – there are no advertisers bringing in gazillions (unlike most social media) and no begging bowl being passed around asking for donations (unlike some national newspapers). There is no financial upside and a lot of treading carefully to manage nominations and comments.

    For those of you who are not happy or grateful, you could always take your views, opinions and comments to other sites, such as the comments sections of the lamestream media, unsocial media and other outlets. Of course, you may find that your opinions and views are not so well received in the snowflake world, either being deleted or earning you an outright ban. Lastly, you could offer to give up your precious time and volunteer to become an administrator…any takers?

    In the meanwhile, enjoy ISAC and appreciate it for what it is, an unusually open and welcoming place for expressing opinions and views, which relies on the goodwill of a few people to keep it going.

      • It’s bloody hard going on a tablet, believe me!

        I’ve got a Mac and a strat and a gibson semi acoustic. The guitars are useless to editing this site ☺😊😀😁😂

    • It depends if you took honest questions about whether or not the site had changed direction to be a complaint or not?

      • I can’t say the site has changed much since I joined.Only it has got a lot bigger.I have not uploaded any cuttings for some time but have always tried to stay neutral as we all are on the administrative team.There is no bias and we are not pro censorship but there is a limit to what we can publish in terms of legality.I.e no libel incitement to violence threats etc but they are very rare on here.

      • As I said Shaun I asked an honest question a while back as cuntings of indviduals were sitting at a ratio of 1 to 10 at the time. There was no criticism it was an honest question given the current climate of fear surrounding the free expression of opinions in the world right now.

        It genuinely seemed to me at that point in time the site had morphed into grumpy old cunters. The admin team do of course have to run the site as they see fit and be careful when navigating legalities,

        I do fully understand that.

        Secondly there was the issue with Dick Fiddler which I like many others only witnessed the fallout from and not the actual trail of comments that lead to there.

        B&WC made the most pertinent comment on the bigger picture there and I would hope that on here all creeds and colours are equal when deserving a cunting or indeed when not.

      • As I recall, Dick’s post fell foul of Section 19 of the Public Order Act (1986), so was removed by admins.

        Dick subsequently took umbrage, then sadly chose to fuck off.

        Btw, I read the post in question, and it was classic Dick Fiddler.

      • Why don’t you place the site on a non UK server then it wouldn’t be regulated under UK law? A bit like Radio Caroline transmitting from international waters. I’d recommend California whose state law actually stipulates web masters are not responsible for user comments. Individual cunters would still be liable for prosecution if they make their comments from the UK but the admin would not.

        PS. What has prompted this wave of paranoia? Has plod been round for a word?

    • Not once have I knocked ISAC. I’ve always championed ISAC.

      But if I ask a question, I get treated like I’m having a whinge.

      I’ve always appreciated the work and time involved in keeping ISAC up and running and have expressed my gratitude many many times……… so, I’m left wondering why I can’t ask a question without it being ignored every time.

      If I could help out I would, but I struggle with all things t’internet.

      Thanks to all involved in running ISAC, but remember, I’m yer friend.

      • Don’t worry about whingeing it is part of the point of this site.I don’t recall seeing a question from you.Feel free to ask again here and I will answer tomorrow.

    • I’ll throw my hat into the ring. You still won’t publish my posts, perhaps for the reasons above. I have some time throughout the day (I’m a carer for my old folks), and I’ve been a fan of ISAC for some time now. I’ll leave it up to you.

    • Verifying moderate comments and filtering out trolls and spam and uploading noms that are in the comments into posts.There is other technical stuff you can do but that is the basics (I.e my technological limit)

    • @cuntflap @grumbleduke
      I’ve still got the stuff I sent the others. Mail me at and I’ll send it to you so you can see what’s involved.
      Setting you up as an editor is easy but I would ask the current four to approve any new members of the team before getting admin to set them up.

  2. There are serious issues in this country that need to be resolved.

    It seems to me that there are many efforts being made by many people to deflect from those really important issues, and instead to try to focus our minds on pathetically trivial and highly hypocritical PC nonsense such as this.

    This country deserves everything it gets as those that run it and the vast majority of those now living here are brainless snowflake cunts.

    • It seems incredible that someone can be threatened with the sack for comments made years ago,that no-one could be arsed to complain about at the time. I’m expecting the knock on the door at any moment now seeing as I lived through the 80’s!. The cunt Government will need to build loads more prisons at this rate.

      • Agree totally.

        Dredging up something someone said that has been in the public domain many
        years later in order to stir up controversy, either for political gain and or simply to get them sacked, is ridiculous.

        Along similar lines as with the American actresses all now claiming that a producer or co-star looked at them in a funny way 20 years ago.

        There are many serious crimes or miscarriages of justice worthy of investigation years later due to cover ups or vital information being suppressed or withheld however would respectfully suggest the instances above do not fall into that category as the only damage done here is to offend the fragile snowflakes feelings many years after the event.

      • Ive just googled Jarad O’Mara and I’m struggling to find anything on this mysoginist, fat shaming homophobe cunt post October ’17.

        I understand he’s been suspended by the I want a Unicorn for Xmas Party but not sacked however given his historic remarks are on line just as Toby Youngs were I’m left wondering why the Twatter mob led by the mighty Owen ‘MGBGTV8’ Jones hasn’t been more vorsiferous in calling for his head, or have I missed something?

      • Not a good idea to ignore what politicians have said in the past – the opposite in fact!

        Corbyn, Flabbott & McDonnell’s anti British, pro IRA statements.

        Corbyn’s 30 year campaign to leave EU, then campaigned Remain in Referendum…

        Flabbott’s many racist statements thru the years.

        McDonnell has a veritable treasure trove of cuntish misogyny and calls for violent overthrow of democracy…

        Stuff like this needs to be “dredged up”. These just a few Labour cunts, but ALL politicians must be scrutinised and held to account for past statements, cunts in sheep’s clothing a lot of them. Especially Corbyn & his cronies.

      • Politicians are a different kettle of fish in my humble opinion. Most change their minds like the fucking weather whenever it suits them and very few are seriously held to account for what they say or do now or in the past. Look at Tony BLiar.

        Whilst it makes them liars and not credible to anyone with half a brain, the vast majority of snowflake voters these days seem to want to ignore what has happened in the past and just want believe everything that they are told now.

        Labour were clear in their election manifesto that they were pro Brexit. Mixed messages now whether this is in fact their official party line. Also to encourage young voters they promised to wipe off any existing student debts). These are both relatively recent misleading statements however the man of principle responsible (Jeremy Cirbyn) faces no serious accountability issues whatsoever.

        Majority of politicians these days Teflon coated and can get away with saying whatever fucking bollocks they want (Treesa May “we do control our borders”) and changing their mind when it suits them to do so without serious repercussions.

        Politicians are all fucking cunts.

  3. Is the fight back underway? Speech by Sadiq Khan disrupted by protesters waving American flags and shouting Brexit. Hoo fucking ray.
    A few of us did wonder if there would be blood.

    • Sadiq Khan

      For him to think he speaks on behalf of London (and by inference everyone in the UK) shows how dangerous, deluded and completely out of his depth this fucker really is.

      Nothing more than a pathetic jumped up inept clueless ignorant rude lightweight devious fucking peaceful cunt.

      Hopefully things are on the turn, people have had enough.

      • When you put a third world person, in charge of London’s third world population, and allow this arsehole to speak for the entire United Kingdom, then we are truly fucked.

      • Indeed, Khunt is a repellant little uppity who cannot be cunted enough.

        And he resembles a date-coloured Philip Schofield. Am surprised they don’t appear in cunt-infested adverts together.

  4. Has anyone else noticed the abundance of free advertising Youtube is giving to this website at the moment?

    Every other video I click on at the moment I get an advert play for a couple of metro-fag Yank tosspots with 1970 vaginas on their faces, goofing off (as Americans call it) telling me about this great easy to design website doofanger I have no interest in.

    Every time I stare at their irritating punch-worthy faces for the 4 seconds Youtube makes me wait before I can skip, I think to myself: “I wonder what’s on the isacunt website.”

    Is anybody else experiencing this?

    • Sounds like you need to get an ad-blocker installed. I would personally highly recommend Adblock plus. It won’t cost you a penny and will take seconds to add to your broswer, from then on you won’t see another ad on Youtube, or elsewhere, unless you choose to allow them.

      You can get it for whichever browser you are using here

      If you are on a mobile device, then you can download the adblock plus browser from your device’s appstore.

      • You’re welcome, anytime. Hopefully you can see what you chose to see now, without some cunt trying to force their shit down your neck every time to do.

  5. This is the year where the worm turns.

    It starts small by rubbishing a few snowflake cunts at work (and – satisfyingly – at home by pissing on the chips of extended family flake members) and before you know it we’ll start to make a dent on hypocrisy, pomposity and group-think (TM Tucker Carlson’s show) that’s an indelible shit-stain on modern society.

    The biggest challenge however is that most meejah is now controlled by the Silicon Valley flakes at Googlecunts, FaceCunt and Twatter.

    It’s double standards at it’s most nauseating.

    Flabbot (the goto racist) tweets about naughty white folk beating up a “peaceful” rapugee…except when the facts are known, it was a set of immo Africunts who did the beating. Nothing is said and the next day she’s on Marr proving her redundancy of mathematical prowess, but that’s ok cos she’s…er…cosmopolitan, let’s say.

    The Don says some places are shitholes (and some places are, even in the US of A – ever been to Dayton or Cincinatti in Ohio? I have, shithole) and the world collapses under RASSSSSS-EEEESSSSTTTTT outrage. Shithole is not racist!

    Pointing out the Supply Vs Demand equation is not RASSSSSS-EEEESSSSTTTTT it’s just common sense!

    Concern over immigration is not RASSSSSS-EEEESSSSTTTTT just concern that your kids are going to get stepped over (for whatever reason) in deference to some cunt (basically a Labour vote) here for 5mins, or who shouldn’t even be here, because it’s the PC thing to do!

    But every sane argument that modern liberals don’t like then they the call it RASSSSSS-EEEESSSSTTTTT as the last taboo in order to make the argument go away.

    Well from now on my response is going to be: “Ok cunt, prove that it’s fucking racist otherwise fuck off! You CUNT!

    Stick to facts, stick to Supply Vs Demand, ask neo-liberals (basically old school fascists) to prove any statements they don’t like and decry as RASSSSSS-EEEESSSSTTTTT is actually racist.

    And watch the cunts melt!

  6. I hope Trump does eventually come to London and when he meets the Mayor of London, he decks the p@ki cunt…

    • Suckdick could show him around his multicultural utopia, curry down Brick Lane, Abu Hamza’s old stomping ground of peaceful preaching Finsbury Park and then a show in the West End dodging purse snatching acid throwing cunts on mopeds.

    • When Donald Trump gets off the plane in Londonistan, his first words will be: “Hey! I thought Islamabad was next week guys? Aren’t we supposed to be in London today??”

  7. On the one hand, Toby Young is a massive prick. On the other hand, that he has galvanised the snowflakes into hysterical apoplexy reduces him from a massive prick into a bit of a dick. Shouldn’t have backed down and their power across social cunt media is becoming a bit disturbing.

  8. On subject, re Toby Young. Seems a non pc bloke who likes to tell it how it is. Foul mouthed, pro brexit, anti Corbyn, hetrosexual, history of racial intolerance etc. etc.
    Whats not to like about this guy?

  9. Nice to read that American actor James Woods hasn’t been infected by the leftist disease that’s currently sweeping across Hollywood.
    Commenting on the alleged Trump “shitholes” business….

    “So if these dreamers aren’t from shitholes, they should be thrilled to be going back from whence they came, no”

    Nice one James…

    Ooooh piece of candy….

  10. Superb stuff from Liam Neeson too… He said that the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal has sparked “a bit of a witch hunt”…. Neeson also added said some people are “being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee or something and suddenly they’re being dropped from their programme…”

    Good to see that not everyone is falling for media hysteria, or celebrislag crocodile tears and their virtue signaling and vindictive vendetta… Of course, it’s expected from snowflake Clintonite softarses like Spielberg, Hanks, and other Yank shithouses…. But it’s good to see there’s still some real men out there…

  11. Trump continues to confound the hysterical democrats, twaterazi, glitter tits, woofters & poofters society and of cousre, the darling leftist liberal sock shaggers of society.
    ” My button is bigger than your button” is a metaphorical fact. It is also stating the fucking obvious. “You fuck with me, and you’re gonna be a fucking crispy duck”

    As for ” Africa is a shithole”. I have yet to find anyone ( including an Africunt ) who can disagree. The shithole of the planet is ( again ) a fact.

    My brother in law is a liberal cock sucking twat who subscribes to the New Statesman, reads the Gaurdian, votes Liberal and constantly annoys me with his constant anti Trump lectures. His Xmas gift from me of a new key fob freshly dragged across the crack of my arse still supports the twats car keys!


  12. If these countries POTUS was talking about are so great why dpn’t people emigrate to them?

    Oh and another thing: A nigerian nurse told me that Putin rigged the US election because it said so on the www. So it is now confirmed….

    • So why is the Nigerian nurse over here in this shithole – which is how it’s going – rather than basking in the delights of Lagos or some other utopian city of her birthplace…

      • Isn’t it obvious? All those lovely Africans are in Europe to do missionary work for charity. They feel sorry for us because we have it so shit compared to them. We should be thanking them.

      • Hmmm. OTOH, how is it that ‘we’* find it impossible to train British citizens but have to rely on nurses trained somewhere else – who send as much as possible of their wages straight home? And what do economists do all day, anyway?

        *I use the word in its widest possible sense

  13. Returning to Toby Young –
    Wikipedia confirms my impression that he’s a cunt: his qualifications to be a non-exec of the Office for Students are rather less than mine, and mine are visible only under a strong lens.

    The OfS is a cosmetic sham, of course, and it is run by a far bigger cunt than Young, namely Michael Barber, who, cunters may not recall, was responsible for delivering Blair’s disastrous education and immigration policies, and ever since has been coining it by advising anyone daft enough to listen on ‘deliverology’, which simply means ignoring informed opinion on any given matter of governance and bypassing any controls on making prejudices into hard policy. Like Blair, Barber is heavily involved with global private education providers. Like Blair, Barber will accept payment from anyone, including Gove.

    Young cunt rating: 3/10
    Barber cunt rating: 9/10

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