John Lennon (2)

John Lennon was a cunt. I appreciate he’s been dead for nearly 40 years but all the same he can get fucked.

I’m under no illusion that if still alive he’d have put Bono and Geldof into a minor league.

Imagine a world with no possessions whilst walking round your country Estate, fuck that takes a special type of arrogance to come up with that one or a ‘sleep in’ protest with your ugly bird, refusing to work or conform to the capitalist model whilst living off your immense wealth generated as a result of kids having enough disposable income to buy your products.

‘hey Yoko life is what happens when you’re busy doing other things’.

Oh Jaaaahn you’re such a cunt, but I love your fame and money. What other things have you done then, oh well Yoko don’t you know I abandoned sorry had to give up a child, some cunt called Julian, looks absolutely fuck all like me you know, mothers a gold digger and won’t leave me alone, constantly wants child support money but I’m a scouser so she’s fuck all chance of getting a brass bean.

Oh Jaaahn that’s so sad, how did you cope… well you know Yoko I packed him off with a little note, it said ‘imagine no possessions I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man, imagine all the people, sharing all the world….. so fuck off…..

Oh Jaaaahn that’s so nice you are the second coming, what did she say, oh you know Yoko she’s a capitalist stooge who gets off looking down at the proletariat,
she said she’d send her mate Mark Chapman round to sort me out whoever the fuck he is….

hey Yoko I’ve got this idea, imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for and no religion too, imagine all the people living life in peace…. fuck yeh I’ve seen the future.

World Peace man!

Nominated by Cunty McCuntface.

53 thoughts on “John Lennon (2)

  1. This cunt would go on about peace, then he would go home and slap Cynthia about (she was way too good for the cunt), and even his precious Yoko was also on the receiving end of a clout or twelve… As for his ‘genius’? Take George Martin’s stuff out of ‘A Day In The Life’ (Lennon was also a cunt to George Martin), or Martin’s sounds and Macca’s basslines out of ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ and ‘I Am The Walrus’ they go from psychedelic epics to dirges… And while his solo debut was decent enough, the rest was just self indulgence and total bollocks…. Crap like ‘Bring On The Lucie’ and ‘Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)’? Even the titles are shit… He was a useful part of a unit with The Beatles (and Martin), but his (and Yoko’s ) extreme arrogance and cuntitude made them believe they could do better and more worthwhile work, which was bollocks… None of the other Beatles wanted to go solo, but just because he did Lennon forced a split and wrecked a way of life for three other people and he shat on his mates… He was also a pussywhipped under the thumb cunt and all… When Paul asked him ‘Why the fuck did you bring him (Allen Klen) here?!’ Lennon replied ‘Well, Yoko chose him… He’s the only one Yoko liked’… What a pair of cunts…

    • George Martin’s own recorded releases outside the Beatles were mostly pretty naff or uninspiring, e.g. Side 2 of album Yellow Submarine. He needed the Beatles as much as they needed him.

  2. He was a cunt to even get involved with that stupid cow .Anything she did with him was unlistenable to , absolute honking bollocks but the twat just stared into her eyes and thought paradise was on.
    Yoko is way ahead of Bear Grylls, she’s lived off a dead beetle for years.

  3. Loved George Harrison’s quote about that ‘Two Virgins’ LP cover… He said ‘It just is what it is: two not very attractive, not very nice naked bodies… And if they wanted to save a fortune on contraceptives in poor countries, they could just distribute this album… It would put couples off sex for life’…..

  4. There’s also the tale of Lennon (for no other reason, apart from being a cunt) poured a pint of beer over a sleeping Chris Montez… Montez then got up and leathered the Scouse cunt… Lennon also attempted to bully George Harrison in Germany… Harrison just got his dinner (pie, chips, gravy) and promptly threw it in Lennon’s face, he never picked on George again… Alright cracking women, not so tough with other blokes….

  5. Lennon was indeed an oafish cunt. Treated Cyn and son like shit and then became Yoko’s bitch, buying into her ‘talent’ and being dominated by her. How the fuck the other Beatles tolerated (at Lennon’s behest) this stupid cow being in the recording studio and advising on form, structure and performance is beyond me.

  6. Lennon would have out-Bonoed even Bono had he lived. The world is heavily indebted to Mark Chapman.

  7. The tales about this cunt are legion… In 1968 Lennon and Yoko got lackey and Beatles hanger on, ‘Magic Alex’ to try and intimidate and seduce Cynthia, so they could have her for adultery and blame any divorce on her… When in actual fact Cyn arrived home and found that Yoko cunt in her (Cynthia’s) dressing gown and acting like she owned both her house and her husband… Lennon (and Allen Klein) also made sinister threats towards Tony Cox, the ex husband of Yoko and father of Kyoko, their daughter… They hounded Cox so much he and his daughter disappeared for many years…. Living life in peace?! My arse… He was a nasty little bastard…

    • Magic Alex was the supreme con man who, like Yoko could see Lennon’s gullibility. Called himself an electrical expert and fucked up the studio.

  8. Being as how music dominates my life, the Beatles are particularly close to my heart. Four very average vocalists, three very average musicians and a crap drummer, three very average songwriters, two massive cunts and probably the most genius producer ever.
    Listen to the early Beatles singles with the Stones doesn’t even compare.

    The only Beatley record I can stand listening to is All Things Must Pass.

    My daughter’s boyfriends Dad has the White Album in the first 3000. Might be worth a few bob.

    • The Who beat The Beatles hands down… Better singer, better guitar player (and songwriter), (far) better bass player, and a (million times) better drummer… A great recording band and an even more ferocious live band…

      • Saw the Who 4 times back in the day. Great live band. But am still a Beatles fan for their versatility and invention.
        By the way. Ringo was a very good drummer. Macca was an excellent multi musician, including drums. Lennon was average and couldn’t keep time. George a good guitarist but a better songwriter and all round human being.

      • The Beatles (with 5th Beatle George Martin) was a creative unit that FAR exceeded the sum of its parts – same as most great bands. I mean, did anyone in the Stones, Who, Doors, Love, etc. come anywhere close to being as great individually as the group they were in? No. The Beatles, like them or not, were exceptional, and for 7 unparalleled years led where their peers followed.

        Individual artists who rivalled the greatness of the major bands were few and far between. Only Hendrix and Dylan come immediately to my mind, Lennon being minor league by comparison. Without his Beatle heritage he would barely have registered. And he was indeed a cunt, way past his ‘fuck off by’ time when Mark Chapman decided to become famous in 1980.

        I am / was a huge admirer of the Beatles music – cannot imagine my early life without them – but on hearing Lennon had been shot dead I barely turned a hair, could not give a fuck. Much like my dad’s response years later when he heard Princess Di had been killed, just said, “Good riddance”.

  9. When Lennon said in 1969: ‘The group is over! I’m leaving!’ Macca should have said, ‘OK… Fuck off with that old witch if you want… But it isn’t over just because you say so… We’ll get Clapton and Billy Preston in and you can fuck off!’

    The Hollies had the right idea… When Graham Nash said he wanted to go off with his hippy cunt pals, Crosby and Stills (and spend his time humping hippy beanbag, Joni Mitchell), Allan Clarke apparently said to Nash, ‘You’d better sod off then…’
    That’s the way to do it…

    • The Hollies were better live after Nash left. It is said that Nash’s guitar wasn’t even plugged in.

  10. It’s a personal view of course but Lennon’s insult about Elvis seems to me entirely wrong headed and frankly nasty. People mature not remaining teenagers for ever and at least for me Elvis was an even better singer post conscription than he was before – as if those two years out gave his voice a rest and a time for refocusing.

    Never bought any of Lennon’s discs, either with or without the fab three and despite George Martin’s modesty The Beatles later albums are for me unthinkable without Martin’s trained musician’s input.

  11. Never liked the Beatles, tried to, but always seemed nothing more than a 60’s boy band.
    Better listening at the time The Who (as mentioned) The excellent Kinks and even The Faces.
    If I never hear Oh-bla-di-oh-bla-da ever again it’ll be to soon..

  12. Saw the Who at IOW festival 2 years ago. Was not looking forward to it becoz the drummer will be crap and 2 guys in their 70’s won’t cut it.

    How wrong I was. The 2 guys in their 70’s can still fucking cut it, the set, the sound was amazing. And the drummer was Keith Moon at his best. There were 4 of us and we walked away afterwards saying who the fuck was that drummer. It was Zach Starkey. Luckily he didn’t inherit his father’s talent.

    • Zak is a superb drummer… If (the admittedly great but temperamental) Reni has had enough, Squire could do worse than get Zak in The Stone Roses…

  13. What? Lennon? He was the Bolshevik leader in the Russian Revolution and looked nothing like the bloke in the photo. I don’t think he made any records either. Somebody has made a cunt of himself here.

  14. Imagine no possessions….

    Apart from a whopping great Rolls-Royce, a massive New York luxury apartment and millions in the bank..
    If still alive today would no doubt be comparing private jets with Bono and Leo DiCraprio (his fellow massive cunts).

  15. Love the Beatles music, not necessarily the band members.

    Born in 1959 grew up listening Beatles music. The first chord on Hard Days Night is my childhood.

    My late mother fancied John Lennon.

    From what I have read about him am under the impresson that Lennon was a complete prick. Unfortunately feel the same way about Paul and Ringo. Undecided about George.

    Have always felt that in general musicians carry on far too long and after their best work. Bit like comedians. Trying to keep up with changing trends and younger people makes them appear a bit sad and pathetic. Not always the case but often. Big stars think they can buck the trend. Bands from the 60’s or 70’s who have either split into two bands (as they cannot stand each other) or with perhaps only one of the original band members remaining (the others having all perished due to over indulgence of drugs/booze).

    Recently saw ELO concert on TV. Filmed in the last couple of years. In this instance Jeff Lynne and the band members seemed relatvely ok, however to see the audience (who were in their 40’s or 50’s) trying but failing dismally to recapture their youth by dancing in the aisles was truly nauseous and cringeworthy.

    Saw the Who several times in the 70’s with Keith Moon. Fucking awesome is all I can say. Would not be interested in spoiling the memories by seeing them now. Just my feeling.

    • I read a story where Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend went to see a Who tribute band in a London Pub. After Pete said to the local press, fuck me their better than we were .

    • Didn’t Pete Townsend get his collar felt for downloading Kiddie Porn ? Purely for research purposes of course. I can see some of those Who songs were a cry for help now. Songs such as The kids are alright and pictures of willy

      • He was! Maybe these lyrics harbour a few secret hidden clues…!

        From A QUICK ONE (While He’s Away) by THE WHO:

        Little girl guide, why don’t you stop your crying?
        Here comes Ivor the engine driver to make you feel much better.
        My name is Ivor,
        I’m an engine driver
        Please take a sweet
        Come take a walk with me
        We’ll sort it out
        Back at my place, maybe
        It’ll come right
        You ain’t no fool, I ain’t either
        So why not be nice to an old engine driver
        Better be nice to an old engine driver
        It’s like a dream to be with you again
        Can’t believe that I’m with you again
        I missed you and I must admit
        I kissed a few and once did sit
        On Ivor the engine driver’s lap
        And later with him, had a nap
        You are forgiven, you are forgiven,
        You are forgiven, forgiven, forgiven…etc.”

        Lyrics by P. Townsend (1966)

      • Seem to remember he reluctantlyadmitted the accusations (as you would suspect) however was adamant it was for research purposes only so was given a warning? So if downloading for research purposes that’s all right then?

        Never keen on Townsends onstage windmill or the smashing of instruments, however Quadrophenia remainsmy favourite album of all time, and for that I very much thank both him and his colleagues.

  16. I was probably a smidge too young to give a shit about John Lennon when he died.

    Now that I’m older, nothing’s changed!

  17. For me Lennon was a warning to History.

    An über cunt before his time.

    His double standards were staggering, so staggering that in order to truly indulge himself he penned songs such as Imagine so that he could really rub it in your face.

    • The cuntish fan hysteria following his death should also have been a warning to history – repeated big time 17 years later with Lady Died.

      Now the bullshit mourning of cunts is standard.

      • You get the same reaction these days from the snowflake twitterati if some famous cunt’s goldfish dies!

  18. He was parodied as Ron Nasty in the film, the Rutles.

    I think they nailed him. Lennon was a cocksucker, no mistake.

    And Yoko Ono screeching “Velly Melly Chlistmaaas” in that poxy song of his deserves a cunting on its own.

    • Lennon’s rank cuntitude knew no bounds. Many cunters may not be aware but in 1969 he and dopey bollocks Yoko Ono campaigned to have the murderer James Hanratty pardoned.

      Hanratty was hanged in 1962 after being convicted for the brutal murder of a scientist and the rape and shooting of his mistress.

      Lennon, being anti-establishment, sided with left wing commentators, campaigners and journos at the crime to accuse the government of Hanratty’s wrongful conviction.

      The cunt was way out as Hanratty’s conviction was determined safe on a later attempt to clear his name.

      I suppose it came to Lennon in a miasma of LSD that Hanratty was innocent. A disgrace and insult to his victims. Lennon was an utter fuckwitt.

      • And let’s not even mention Lennon and the old witch’s association with ex-Rachman enforcer and convicted murderer, Michael X…

        And then there was his love and donations to those Fenian Provo filth… A premium cunt….

    • You’re not wrong there Norman. Four very accomplished songwriters, musicians and lead singers in a single group. I can’t think of one similar to 10cc.

      Their lyrics were sophisticated with great wordplay and cynicism but years ahead of their time.

      It has been said that the mini opera One Night in Paris was the inspiration for Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

      Sadly very underrated. Most snowflakes have unlikely heard of them.

      • That’s what bends my head. Paul… These knobs and snowflake cunts who actually think that the Ginger Gremlin (Sheeran), Fatarse Beyonce, Dickie Gaga, Kunty Perry, and Titless Swift are pop ‘genius’ and truly great don’t know what fucking day it is… Compared to albums like Sheet Music, The Original Soundtrack, and How Dare You! this modern bollocks is shown up for what it really is: total shit…

      • The Original Soundtrack has to be my favourite for One Night in Paris. Sheet Music is a blast.

    • Excellent band Norman. Huge shame when they decided to split and go their seperate ways.

  19. Lennon and Ono were a pair of weird fucking cunts… Yeah, we’ve all done the young and in love bit, but I never wanted anyone to follow me 24 hours a day, 7 days a fucking week…. Lennon called the other Beatles paranoid, but Yoko was there like a fly around a cow’s arsehole… In actual fact, I think she even followed him to the bogs when he went for a shit…. There is something definitely not normal and strange about that… And I recall the tale of Patti Harrison popping into Abbey Road to see George and her disbelief when she saw Yoko’s double bed on the studio floor, and an ‘ill’ Ono giving orders and having ‘servants’ in an out all day while the band was trying to work… This sort of shit greatly disturbed both George Martin and George Harrison, and Harrison openly called them both out and called them cunts… While Patti said to Linda McCartney ‘The boys are not going to put up with this… I think it’s finished…’

    Also, to this day, David Crosby still refers to Ono as ‘Yoko fucking Ono’ without a hint of concealing his hate for her… In the late 70s Crosby met up with Lennon for the first time since the good old days of the Beatles and Byrds… Crosby and Lennon were good mates back then, and Crosby said to Lennon ;Why don’t we have a chat about the old times and have a smoke and a beer?’ Crosby meant a lads night out, but Lennon insisted that wherever he goes, Yoko went too… Crosby said he looked at Yoko’s miserable face with it’s ‘I don’t like you! You’re from John’s past when he enjoyed himself!’ look and he said ‘See ya, pal!’ and he never saw Lennon again…

    • She followed him to the bogs to shoot up – both fuckwit junkies who should have known better. Maybe accounts for some of his cuntish behaviour. But only some.

    • Sad that david crosby turned into this

      Mean Jokes aside Norm the byrds were ace in their prime but not really a fan of CSN&Y brand of edgy hippy folk politics and their songs weren’t that great either all their previous bands were better Imo

      Lennon was a weak beta cunt who liked being used by dominant women and was a shite father who basically hated his own kids Yoko really did a number on him

  20. George Martin was a great producer and sound engineer but that ungrateful cunt Lennon said Martins credit in beatles history was overexaggerated. FFS if it wasn’t for Martin they wouldn’t even had made it as a band!

    John also said after beatles broke up Martin did nothing of importance or of good quality Piss off John, George came out with great albums by Seatrain, Jeff Beck, America and the Mahavishnu Orchestra while you were making your shite boring solo albums who even the biggest beatles fan would have a hard time defending

    • Martin’s work with Ultravox was also excellent… I think Midge broke the ice when he said to in his Lanarkshire twang, ‘Don’t worry, Mr Martin… We’ll no be bringin’ any of our wives in the studio’… George apparently laughed but with a ‘don’t remind me’ look on his face…

      • True Norm Ultravox’s martin produced album was pretty good but I like the Plank produced albums a little more but some fine tracks on there

        Also that album he did for Stackridge ‘Man in the bowler hat’ was brilliant A overlooked british classic imo for those who haven’t heard it

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