My sister

I crave indulgence from my fellow cunters, but today is my sister’s 77th birthday and I need to get this off my chest.

How the fucker has lasted this long is frankly beyond me. She is without a doubt one of the most truly evil people I have ever met. Her very existence is based around thinking “Who can I fuck up next?” She could give lessons to ISIS on being a cunt.

I not seen her since my mother’s funeral over 30 years ago. I even moved house twice without telling her where I live. While my mother was lying on her death bed, she was clearing out the house of her stuff. She persuaded my mother – not in the best mental health – to change her will to cut me out of it and then tried to persuade me to break my late father’s trust fund to get her hands on that as well.

She is so fucking evil that her husband committed suicide rather than live with her. Really. I can understand that. If I had to live with her, I’d kill myself.

At the age of 77 she is living proof that only the good die young.

Guess what, sis? You’re a cunt – and a fucking evil cunt to boot…

Nominated by Dioclese

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  1. Radix Malorum Est Cupiditas

    Avarice… of the seven deadly sins and, if you think about it, practically all the cunts cunted on here are infected with it.
    It doesn’t matter how rich they are they constantly yearn to be richer.
    I’m not really a spiritual person but there’s a Buddhist temple near me that has often attracted my attention. I say “temple” it’s really a big house with a load of statues in the front garden. Yes, i’ve often found myself drawn towards it.

    Does anyone know a pikey with a pick up truck?…..those statues must be worth a fucking fortune!

    • If a pikey hasn’t already got a pick-up truck, it’ll never take it long to acquire one…

      I haven’t seen my sister for years and, as if by magic, my niece’s name dropped off Christmas and birthday cards I received this year.

      Nobody has told me if she’s carked…

      Dio, you have all my sympathy, as my mother was as toxic as Sarin.

  2. I am I’m the very fortunate position of being an only child and – though I loved them dearly – am now also an orphan.

    I only have two close relatives who I see regularly on my Mam’s side. I know nothing of the cunts on my Dad’s side because he disinherited the lot of them when I was a kid – for being cunts!

    “Oh don’t you feel you missed out by not being part of a big family?” – nope, I feel fucking lucky!

  3. I’ve wanted to nominate relatives too… enjoyed reading this, Dioclese!

    I have two stepsisters who are unadulterated cunts and I share much of your anger over how they manipulate other family members; and how they keep getting them onside despite doing some seriously fucking heinous acts. My all time fantasy is that one of them needs some kind of organ transplant, I turn out to be the only match and I get to say “no, fuck that for a game of soldiers”…

    Family is so often a cunt. I’ve never truly bought into ‘family is everything’ – fine in principle, but in reality, family can often be intolerable or worse.

    Any likelihood your sister will see this fine documenting, Dioclese?

    • My middle nephew follows my real Facebook page and Dioclese friends it so you never know. Maybe I’ll cross post it to my blog just to make sure 😈

      I’m not angry. Just disappointed. She’s too inconsequential to provoke anger…

  4. An excellent nomination. It’s nice to see cuntings of a much more personal nature alongside the regular ones. Sisters are indeed cunts. My own one is a chronic alky who somehow manages to simultaneously fuck over everyone around her *and* avoid a justifiable visit from the Grim Reaper (bottle of Vodka a day for 20 years) and contributed directly (through never-ending stress) to the untimely death of our Mother last year. Families, eh? Buncha cunts!

      • That’s true. But she was a cunt long before the alcoholism! And her long-suffering hubby is quite high up in the echelons of the NHS and even he can’t get her sectioned/ get help, etc. I wonder who are bigger cunts out of chronic alkies or class-A consuming druggies?

      • I personally think that alcohol unmasks or amplifies the cunt in a person, it was always there to start with. Same with drugs, they are great excuses get away with being a selfish obnoxious cunt. How many times have you heard the line, “they are alright when they are sober”……

      • Alcohol would be a Class-A drug if it were made illegal.

        The distinction between alcohol and other drugs is purely artificial anyway, both having a serious propensity for individual and social destructiveness.

      • HM Govt couldn’t afford to make booze illegal because of all of the lovely taxable revenue it generates.

        Like smoking HM Govt publicly condemn drinking but privately hope we all bath in the stuff and have a soot fall.

        How else would they pay for benefit scroungers from both within and without, because the revenues generated from drinking and smoking never make their way into the NHS coffers that’s for sure.

        Just like road tax never finds its way onto the roads – unless there are a few ‘n’ year motorway “improvement” contracts worth billions a pop where lots of kick-back greasing can be made and easily hidden amongst all the zeroes!

      • Which reminds me, I’d love to know how many Govt “advisors” are getting in kick backs for the multi-billion, decades long, pointless farce that is HS2?

        An ideal vehicle for a bit of Westminster greasing – especially as the EU gravy-train is about to be decommissioned for the corrupt bastards – because by the time the cunt is built, never works, and is seen for the white elephant that it is, those cunts bathing in HS2 grease now will be long dead!

        £30bn (so £100bn in real money after all the delays, set backs and “previously underestimated” monies are accrued) pissed up the wall to make a trip between Birmingdrabad and Londonistan 10 minutes faster! Yaaaaay!

        Hear that? It’s the sound of one hand clapping! Cunts!

      • What a fucking scam HS2 is. Doubt anyone would be surprised to know it was Lord Adonis’s baby…

        BTW, agree 100% Rebel on subject of booze, though don’t think anyone here is suggesting it should be made illegal, are they? If nothing else it would be totally impractical, and would likely result in bloody revolution, considering around 70% of the adult population are alchol addicted to one degree or other, not that most would admit it of course!

        On the other hand I would advocate legalisation of other widely used recreational drugs, if not all. Regulate and tax them like alcohol & tobacco.

        But because we live in a shithole country with the shithole Government we deserve, nothing approaching common sense ever gets a look in these days – too many multi £billion vested interest cunts making whoopy out of our endemically stupid and economically illiterate population for that to happen any time soon.

        It’ll probably take the peacefuls to take us back to the Middle Ages before we wake up and yawn “Oh…how on earth did it all go so horribly wrong?”…

        This country is well and truly fucked.

      • It is a shithole country, and I’m happy to say it, and no it’s not fucking racist either!

        Fucking media cunts!

        Every cunt quick to condemn The Don for saying what every cunt thinks and yet no cries of foul play when Flabbot proves herself to be an ultra racist cunt time and again!

      • I agree with your statement entirely……. Whilst sitting here at half past mid day on a Sunday, happily knocking back my third can of Tyskie.

      • It’s weird. Everyone is up in arms about £40 billion divorce bill, but £100 b on HS2 is perfectly ok. I just don’t get it, the time saving is minutes. How the fuck does that make it worthwhile?

      • All that cash, and it’s still going to be as miserable and disappointing as any other train journey in the UK. Fuck HS2.

      • Not to mention a very likely taxpayer-funded bailout for Carillion, contractors-in-chief. I believe they’re going down the crapper ?

  5. She’s ten years older than me so I console myself that I may one day get to piss on her grave.

    Evil cunt will probably have thought of that and get buried at sea…

    • You could also apply for Power of Attorney if she loses her marbles. You could then wheel her, a la Davros, straight into the local depository where all the other dribbling, farting incontents are dumped.

      I’m sure she’ll thank you heartily! 😁

  6. You can choose your friends, but not your family.
    I consider myself very fortunate that I have had a fairly decent family, well those I talk to, and I put that down to both my parents who were extremely loving and giving when I was being brought up.
    For those who had shitty family members and need cunting….they are truly cunts.

  7. Financial lasting power of attorney is a powerful thing and I recommend any cunter with elderly parents explore taking one out.  Don’t pay a solicitor to do it,  you will get ripped off.  Do it yourself online for under £100.  Deffo explore it if you have an inheritance to protect.

    I can give you my real life example, and sorry if it’s a bit rambling.

    My brother in law is a cunt.  His mother, my mother in law is a stroke victim and for the past year, needs around the clock care, and although she owns her home, does not have the income to pay for it.  Said brother in law has said he doesn’t want anything  to do with it, doesn’t help at all, has completely walked away, and says all he wants is half the house when she croaks.

    So I’ve been caring for her in the Isle of Wight while Mrs CnR  runs our business in Brighton.  I’m not bemoaning at all.  The island is very  nice and the slow pace of life suits me, and I have my stereo set  in the conservatory.

    Well, I was fucked if he was not helping and still getting half the house so I suggested to him we take out LPOA, critically, jointly and severally.

    With that in place I am taking out an equity release mortgage and I’m taking the maximum loan, 60% of the value of the house and paying myself for the care.  Totally legally  if somewhat morally questionable.

    So, when she croaks,  unbeknown to the cunt, instead of getting 50% of the value of the house, he gets 20%.  I cannot fucking wait.

      • Tying people up with the finance brigade and lawyers is probably a slower and more painful demise.

    • Hope it works out for you CnR and I think your retribution is to be applauded!

      Care costs are horrific as I know only to well through bitter experience so hope the money lasts.

      My situation isn’t exactly the same as yours but I have LPA for my old man and it’s one of the best things I did as I’ve had to battle the NHS for the last 3/4 years over his care and without it I’d have been fucked.

      Like your mother-in-law my dad required 24 hour care on a one to one basis and after many exhausting battles we eventually secured Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC) at a cost of £3k a week that the NHS pays.

      So not sure if you’ve looked at or are aware of this option but just wanted to pass on my experience just in case…….

  8. t’s so true I think that you’re either born a cunt or not. I think if anyone tuned into this site by chance and read a few of the posts they would think what a shower of cunts. However I get the impression after some time participating on here that the majority of us would rather help someone in genuine need rather than trip them up unlike most of the selfish, self indulgent and self important cunts cunted on here. We all come across cunts every day of our lives including some family, work colleagues and general acquaintances. I unfortunately unbeknown to me started a business with someone who I thought I knew well. Turned out I couldn’t have been more wrong and he turned out to be a monumental cunt. 16 years after we split he’s apparently still as fucking miserable and money grabbing as ever. No wife ever and no kids just a cunty wrist and money to accompany him. It’s just the way the world works.

    • In my estimation the vast majority of posters here (including the late great Dick Fiddler) are good people who simply know a Cunt when they see a Cunt, and like to call a spade a spade and Suckdick Khunt’s Londonistan a veritable SHITHOLE.

  9. I agree, Dio… There really is no justice where this sort of thing is concerned… Our Andy gets mashed up when he is knocked down by a car, and my sister also goes two months later (cot death), and then my mum gets the Big C and that’s that… But my grandparents (on my dad’s side, who were weirdos and total cunts) live well into their 80s…. It’s a total pisser…

    • I used to hope there was such a thing as Khama, but too many good people I know suffer, while the cunts of the world live on.

      • Ain’t that the truth.

        No good deed goes unpunished, just as no bad deed goes punished.

  10. I know some of this family anguish.
    My father was a lazy, drunken, violent cunt who made my mother’s life a misery for 60 years. She was Irish Catholic and so divorce wasn’t an option for her even though me and my brother tried to persuade her. The old cunt died after beating her up one last time (they were in their mid 80s) so she at least had a few years peace.
    I have always hated my father and was glad when he died. Probably seems strange to most of you but as it says above Dio’s cunting. Families can be poisonous.

    • CC. Absolutely not strange at all. Almost every person I know who became a friend had skeletons in their cupboard re shitty family. Violence, drugs, alcohol, divorce. Every single one. There is not one person who had an ideal childhood.

      Myself, my father was autocratic in the extreme, I suffered 7 fucking years when my parents marriage fell horribly apart and the stigma of my mum’s brother being a double murderer. I confess it has left me quite traumatised and, of an evening I turn to my Co-op brandy.

      Your not alone my friend.

  11. My sister is a genuine ‘piece of work’, as the yanks would say. She lives abroad and asked my mother to go and live with her, which she did. I’ve never got on with my sister, all she ever wanted to do was compete with me, but I thought she cared about mum and I knew the climate over there would be better for her.
    Unknown to me, whenever her investments matured, the money was being transferred into my sister and her husband’s bank account. When they’d got all the money, my sister lost interest in my mum who became so unhappy she decided to come back to England, where she eventually died in hospital.
    My mum was as straight as they come and would still have left the money to us equally. My sister knew that and made sure she got the lot. There was nothing I could do, I had no evidence that would stand up in court.
    When we were little kids we used to tell each other “You’re just like dad”, it was the biggest insult either of us could think of. Now I could say it with complete justification, that is if I spoke to her, which I don’t. And I never will again.

    • My sister is also a piece of work. Despite having a husband with wealth in excess of US$250m told my mother a few weeks months before she died that my mother had to pay for her own care, they would only help after her money has run out. For tax reasons. Then flew back to where she now lives. This reduced our mother to tears but was clearly worth it as it saved her money.

      Decided to give up my career in London in order to help care for my mother.

      Sister also told me that when my money runs out I am on my own. Asked me why I need such a large house? It it not that large (compared to her house) and the other 6 I know that she has.

      Tells me that you make your own luck in life. This is after I got her away from her local shit job and found her a job in Londond square mile where she met her very nice and highly successful husband.

      Did not talk to her for 5 years, very little communication with her how.

      Money changes people and usually not for the better.

  12. Have you Googled BPD. it’s very likely she is suffering from neurotic Borderline personality disorder. You can’t cure it but it would explain aspects of her behaviour and give you some resolution. Good luck. My brother was the same. Evil cunt.

    • Sorry. As a psychiatric professional I have to disagree with your diagnosis. Sounds evil, though…

      • Think you are right Kravdarth.
        My late wife was in mental health and had to deal with all kinds from ex military with serious PTSD through complex learning difficulties to drug addiction and alcoholism. But occasionally she said that some people were just Evil,manipulative arse holes.

  13. That’s properly crap Dio and you have my deepest sympathies. I’ve heard exactly the same scenario from several decent colleagues over the years, and have been stiffed out of inheritance myself from so called carers persuading old family to sell their houses to them for a pittance then pay rent. It’s sadly not an uncommon occurrence, and yes the world is full of cunts. Family or not.

  14. Came to this post late so little point in adding me own doom and gloom. All I will say is been there, done that and had it done to me. My wife’s cow sister and her greasy husband are the ones fucking me up. I have got to the point where I no longer care about the consequences so will say no more for legal reasons.

  15. My sister in law is a weapons grade cunt!
    My parents scrimped and saved through their life to provide for the later years so they are “well off”
    so psycho turns up and my Brother married her, well he is a bit of a damp squib and has been financed by Mummy and Daddy for sometime. as soon as the first sprog appeared the old Inheritance thing came up, (maybe as I have no heirs I should not have any) unbeknown to me there was also a joint campaign waged against my wives and later girlfriend along the lines of “they are just in it for your money”
    well after various rewrites 50/50 30/40/30 we are now on the final draft (maybe) as she has pissed off with another bloke (Poor sod) she has decided not to divorce my brother but pursue him for finance (current and future) unfortunately this plan requires money something my brother does not have as she has spent it all, so she is hopping for the old inheritance business to come about yet again the devil farts in her face as me old Bro and her have been written out of it.
    so after 20 years of systematic campaigning against me whilst I said fuck all she has shot her self in the foot been written out of everything and has been leapfrogged by a trust fund for the kids that I control. PML

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