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EA games are royal class cunts for fucking up on what started out as a decent franchise I’m of course talking bout Battlefield. From somebody who use to play BF Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 religiously online before the mod community fucked it up. At its peak it was very enjoyable and heaps better then most shite Call of Duty games

What EA has effectively done to the Battlefield franchise is rape it to near death and stabbed it several hundred times with a katana blade then dousing it with gasoline and setting it ablaze infront of their fans The DLC whoring, The buggy lauch despite the massive pre order support it got from fans, The massive updates for glitches and fuckups they should of been fixed before it was even fucking released EA and VICE studios you are complete and utter cunts for being greedy and mismanaged cunts!

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  1. The day I know what this is or give a fuck about I will slash my wrists. Still, could be worse, could be fucking Techno, although it might be for all I know.

  2. I know next to nothing about games but I know Electronic Arts started the whole FIFA franchise. And what a cuntish, cash-cow that became.

    I’m spared most of the frustration around modern video-gaming, because I spend around 97.8% of my free time whacking one off to old footage of Catherine Deneuve.

      • A fine, fine choice sir.

        First saw her in ‘Belle de Jour’. Haven’t stopped fapping since.

    • I spend 97.8% of my free time banging one out to old Teresa Orlowski, Sarah Louise Young and Nina Hartley footage 🙂

      • Sarah Young? Nina Hartley? Fuck me, that’s vintage stuff these days but I see the appeal. Much better than these scrawny little druggie slags covered in tats.
        It’s Vanessa Blue for me….. no racism in Freddie’s pond.

      • Yes, vintage indeed, but soooo good. And I’m only 33 years old age, a mere whipper snapper, but I collect all the stuff from that era, The Golden Age! I do love alot of the modern stuff aswell tho, I don’t live in the past, and there’s nothing wrong with Vanessa Blue, she’s fantastic, I have “watched” her MANY times!

      • I love dirty bitches like Nina Hartley too. The names of many escape my tramadol pickled memory but remember Kitty Fox & Hazel May. Was a big fan of the village ladies & vintage vixens before prescription drugs got the better of me.

      • Hazel May? I thought I saw her once in the Stamford Morrison’s.
        She looks the sort who’d serve you a lovely cream tea and then cream all over your t(shirt) before shoving her hairy gash in your face screaming that she needs fucking NOW!

      • Try ‘two teachers seduce female student’ with Nina Hartley and Lisa Ann on xhamster.

        Not bad…….

        PS. When Leicester City won the league, the good folk at xhamster put a Leicester shirt on the wee hamster.
        That’s why they are my site.

  3. Off topic cos I know nuffink about computer games but…

    My mother in law called round unexpectedly when the wife happened to be out.

    I invited her in….and twenty minutes later I was watching my cum dribbling down her chin.

    “Do you like that..?” I asked her.

    “I’m not sure” she said “What’s in this sandwich?”….

  4. I haven’t a clue wtf this games shite is! Why do adults want to play games? Pub lost its pull eh?

  5. I think you are right CC.Electronic Arts is an anagram of ‘clear it’s tecno’.

    That explains how I would rather move to Rotherham than have detailed knowledge of whatever the fuck Battlefield is.

  6. Only interested in sporting pastimes in which YT can cheat and make some dishonest moolah. From Tits rant it sounds like a business YT should be in in a producing capacity. Doine me neck orf the woods titles like “Bugger yer neighbour’s Bull” and “Sheep Shag IV” would do the business.
    In me book all gamers are cunts because orf the bandwidth they use up. Have a constant battle to connect to this site. Friday to Monday forget it. Just as bad if not worse in the small hours when the hard core are playing “Yank Wank III” with our colonial cousins.
    Complain to BT (in India for FS) and Pradesh promises a big server upgrade scheduled for next week isnt’it. Come the big day even more fucking gamers playing ever bigger bandwidth hogging games so back to square one. Withoit gamers the whole fucking pathetic bandwidth situation in this once great nation would be a damn sight better.
    Gamers (and film streamers) should all be coupled together with a fibre optic cable plugged up their arses in a dedicated network called a GAN (Gamers Anal Network). Leave the rest orf us cunts to doineload a spot orf porno in peace.

    • We have virgin 200 mg. It’s fast all the time. And if you say you are thinking of leaving when you need to talk to them, you usually get UK.

  7. I gave up With EA years ago all of there games are either rushed buggy broken piles of emu shit , or are very safe never pushing boundaries or technology.

    barely bought any games this generation as most have not warranted the £50+ price they are asking for.

    Its a real shame that this generation will be remembered for micro transactions, DLC and season passes gouging the player base to death and runing what could have been amazing games .

    Did EA get voted worst company in America again by any chance ?

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