Blighty’s Brexit Buggering

Get ready for it. Classic softening up orf The Great British Unwashed going orn. Same buggering tactic – float an inflated figure (in this case a £50bn Brexit bill) then reveal a lower actual figure (intended all along) that the electorate will swallow in relief orf say only £45bn.

So that’s all right then!

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

78 thoughts on “Blighty’s Brexit Buggering

  1. Cheap at half the price! Labour would offer €100bn+.

    Next stop, outraged electorate clamours for election. Snowflakes give Corbyn a landslide. Brexit cancelled, economy implodes, Tories back in 5 years to pick up the pieces, but with no pesky Brexit to worry about… Cunting plan indeed!

    WE PAY NOTHING! Time we put in our claim for our share of EU assets!

    • Super McCunt Nicola Sturgeon (is it Peter Mandelson in drag?) has started her sabre rattling again. It seems when the old has beens get forgotten by the press for a couple of days the ld fuckers ike her have to draw attention to themselves by rexit bashing because they know they’ll get loads of BBC interviews.

      • She wants to do her day job in Scotland and her constituency of Govanhill in Glasgow given the media were all over it yesterday.

        ABBC tried toning it down claiming it was a problem all over Glasgow and Scotland too.

        That might be the case but the people of Govanhill have been screaming out for something to be done and its fell on deaf ears.

        Are these other alleged areas the ABBC speak of crying out for something to be done?

        Govanhill is the main hub for all the trafficking, drugs, prostitution involving children and Sturgeon has done zilch.

        Spends more time on the phone to / visiting other countries causing trouble to undermine the democratic decision to leave the EU.

        Got to laugh how it isn’t OK for Britain to leave the EU, but she thinks its OK for Scotland to leave GB?


      • Good point about Scotland leaving GB Bob. Its the same in England where everyone ignores the crimes committed by the immicunts. Its an open secret that the Poles are smuggling millions of cigarettes into the country and they advertise drug selling in public because the police can’t read their language. We can’t even deport the fuckers because of EU laws. There’s a good reason why the people living in areas with mass immigration voted to leave while the cunts who don’t have the problems voted to stay.

  2. And don’t forget the original figure as floated by The Torygraph a while back was 100bn Euros.

    Next we’ll be told that the retention of free movement of goods and people is imperative so as not to create a hard border in Ireland and endanger the Good Friday Agreement – and basically we end up paying £45billion for the same arrangement with the EU as we have now, but with none of the influence.

    David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson: what a bunch of halfwit cunts.

    In the immortal words of Johnny Rotten, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

    • But there’s some consolation to be had from the howls of uneducated outrage in the Daily Mail’s comments sections from the silly cunts who didn’t see this coming a fucking mile off.

      Perhaps we should vote for a most cuntish moment of the whole Brexit palava? For me it’s a close call between the cunt Cameron resigning and retiring to that shed in his garden rather than deal with Brexit – or David Davis giving his best “the dog ate my homework” excuse when, having previously talked at length about the “58 detailed sectoral analyses” that he claimed both he and May had read, he finally admitted that actually none of them were finished. Cynics might say that they’d not even been started…

      Fuck knows how the Tories will have the gall to stand on their usual platform of “strong and stable” (or some typical variant thereof) at the next election. Given the catalogue of chaos, incompetence and unfettered borrowing they’ve unleashed on the country over the last few years, it’s going to be a bit fucking rich for them to scaremonger about other parties doing the same.

      • Treesa May assuming leadership of Tory party uncontested must also be in the running for most cuntish Brexit palaver moment. Boris would no doubt have been a disaster, but a proper contest might have brought some cunt to the fore who might have done a half decent job, or at least secured a respectable majority in an election.

        But agree, Cameron walking away has to take the biscuit!

      • Juncker will find me ‘bloody difficult woman’ in Brexit talks, says May
        Surely a contender?

      • I’d hate to think what her idea of a ‘bloody easy woman’ would be then…..

      • A terrahawk bitch running through a corn field without the farmers permission whilst commando.

        Wonder who was chasing though?

      • Strong & Stable sounds like a dodgy act from the City Varieties… along with Mong & Mabel.

  3. The £50 billion is,if I understand it properly,roughly equivalent to the projected interest alone to be paid on the national debt this year . Every year we pay the Brexit “divorce” bill just in interest.That really is a frightening thought. You wonder when it’ll all come to a grinding halt.

    • Your figures are correct Dick. Current U.K. National Debt just under £2trillion pounds! £48billion a year paid in interest alone! Fuck knows what will happen when interest rates double, as they surely will at some point…check out the awful reality below:

    • I have a fear of GB committing to pay an agreed sum to an organization that falls apart shortly after and we still have to carry on paying in to the thing that exists corruptly only by a piece of paper with a name, address and bank account details.

      • Precisely…

        £45billion is equivalent to 5 years net payments. Does anyone seriously believe the EU will be around for that long given its present state of disarray? The sooner they face up to reality and fuck off the better.

        Why are we agreeing to prop up this terminally corrupt organisation? They take us for mugs. We are if we give them anything we’re not legally bound to.

      • EU is fucked, the media is shielding us from the unrest in other member countries who are as divided as we are.

        Can’t help think Le Pen was rigged out for Macron as that would have been France out, and I bet they would article 50 and have been out before us.

  4. It isn’t worth going into the complexities of this slight of hand. It is better to bludgeon to death the miserable bastards who have fucked us over for years, But first, the landslide of shite from a giants arsehole needs to be dumped upon the most useless titless incompetent Euro sucking feckless bitch ever to hold office. Yes, I refer to the cunt bitch May. A fucking useless Home Secretary, propelled to a position in history that will be remembered for ever. The Bitch who Killed Britain. May a fountain of pus from the gangrenous cock of a rabid bull elephant infiltrate every nook and cranny of the bitches body, before giving her over to the camel shaggers for after dinner entertainment.

    As for the fucking Tory Party. They deserve the fucking Labour Government that we will now get.

      • I hate being right. I much prefer to be proved wrong, as being a pessimistic cunt, when I am wrong, the world seems like a slightly better place to live. That’s cunters logic, as I’m sure most here would agree.

      • With you 100% Gutstick.

        I get fed up saying I told you so, especially when its a shit circumstance that I predict. I think the worst and anything better is a bonus.

    • Jesus fucking christ is May going for Cunt of the decade? Calls an a needless election, and loses the majority to Steptoe. Now this Brexit committed stalwart is back peddling faster than a retard on a unicyle on brexit by now offering the EU all the money they want before even getting any sort of agreement on trade or border controls. And now She is attacking Donald Trump publically for retweeting Britain first tweets – great, lets alienate America, who are offering us a trade deal.

      The useless fucker is actually starting to make Blair and Brown look competent by comparison. Let’s hope this fucking lightweight loser of a PM finally does the decent thing and quits. She is even making David “Dave” Cameron look good

  5. This is also known as the Connex South East trick: They announce that the train will be delayed by eight minutes. Subsequently the train arrives five minutes late and everyone says, ” Oh, it’s early!”

    • Brighton buses are the antithesis. You have to use buses becoz you need a secured loan to park anywhere.. Guarantee if you get to the stop and it says bus in 5 minutes, it will be 10. Fuck me, if it says 1 minute, it will be 3. Every fucking time.

    • SDV – you’re too right, and while Big Don is being cunted at the moment for retweeting his ‘far right’ videos on the peacefuls, why are the virtue-signallers silent about the far-left views that are common currency now? As usual, it’s OK to cunt him and not the far-left. Why? CUNTS!

      • Usual double standards, that’s why.

        Has Suckdick said anything yet about Big Don?

      • Had a scout at Lammys twitter, what a laugh. Go see how much he thinks Meghan Markle does for black Britain.

        Guys a fucking joke, regardless of skin colour, we need MP’s that make a difference and do things, not say things, but do fuck all.

        Pointing the finger all the time at others failings doesn’t make you any better than those you point at or benefit Britain in any way.

      • Lammy should be pointing out other people’s failures when he’s nothing but just another useless bastard.

      • Lammy would give May a run for her money in the uselessness stakes. Shit for brains, his Grenfell utterances have been disgraceful. Racist cunt to boot…Flabbott in drag.

      • Can’t believe how much Lammy thinks Meghan Markle is one of “them”.

        He’s put her on a pedestal as an ambassador for black people in Britain. Going by his tweets he must have creamed every fucking set of underwear he owns.

        Like she will be joining the Grenfell Gang once she’s married and her job will be royal services to peacefuls.

      • and the cunt Brendan Cox twatting on about “giving a platform to right-wing nut-jobs”. Fuckin spaz.
        And the Al-BBC don’t give a platform to left-wing nut-jobs ??!

        My knee is killing me slowly and painfully, so HBH might well let rip with some particularly off-colour language in the days to come.

        I hope some pathetic, whiny, self-entitled snowflake CUNTS stumble accidentally across this post…

      • He is a bigger cunt than his wife was, and that takes some beating.

        Another one who neglected her day job, choosing to be some spokesperson for other countries people instead.

        She would have let everyone of them in without question, while she bobbed up n down in her half million quid river barge.

    • Sly news were full on virtue signalling about big Don’s Tweets today. How dare he portray the peaceful ones as aggressive backward thinking bastards that they are. The muzzies could piss all over Kay Burley tell her its raining and she would believe them. The same with all spineless mainstream media. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of the News anchor’s did a Howard Beale and right in the middle of the 6 o’clock news shout all peacefuls are fucking cunts. Now that truly would make my day.

      • Howard Beale a fictional character but the words and sentiment of someone we really need to have running the show.
        “”All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.”

        You’ve gotta say, “I’m a human being, goddammit! My life has value!”

        So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell,
        “I’m as mad as hell,
        and I’m not going to take this anymore!!””

  6. And there it is! The inevitable Brexit stitch up we’ve been expecting.

    We should have just walked away. The EU have always been intransigent corrupt fuckers – it’s why we voted out!

    But no, when you get a worthless PM who has no spine and less guts and even less competence, this happens! Hoo fucking ray!

    • In a reworking of Churchill “never have so many been fucked over by so few”. Absolute parasites.

      • The stitch up was always going to happen imo. But what can you do? Where’s the government in waiting committed to delivering genuine Brexit? Fucking nowhere, that’s where.

  7. We should have had that Leadsome woman as PM. She comes across as a right nasty bitch…..just what we needed to tell these EU cunts to go and fuck themselves.
    The whole thing was a stitch up from the beginning……they only let us have a vote because they thought they couldn’t lose. They won’t make that mistake again. We’re doomed and our enemies are gathering for the kill. Just glad my old Dad isn’t here to see this debacle.

    • The problem with Leadsom is that she doesn’t have the ability to match her ambition, and she isn’t as clever as she thinks she is. Her political hatchet job on Fallon made her a lot of enemies in the Tory party, she’s far too toxic now.

      • Ham fisted or not, May is a washout and Leadsom could hardly be worse. Besides, if this £50billion stuff is true, May will surely have to go sooner rather than later…

    • Leadsom got buggered out with the media bandwagon over the statements that were made where she said she would be a better PM as she had kids/ was a mum.

      Media didn’t want her, they wanted May out of those two. However I think they really wanted Boris for someone to bully and prod into making mistakes and gaffs.

      I think leadsom was weakened by all that and maybe why she became the victim. Maybe Fallon did worse than reported, after all has he still been investigated or does resigning wipe your slate & record clean now?

      • Given the PC nature of this country, Leadsom should have realised that she would get an almighty buggering out by the media for saying something like that.

        Like I said, she ain’t as clever as she thinks she is.

        Regarding the Fallon thing, she would have got more sympathy out of that is she reported it at the time instead of as a blatant attempt to avoid getting sacked from her job. Sorry, but she didn’t do herself any favours there.

      • I agree, if it wasn’t a criminal offence worthy of prosecution, it wasn’t worth dredging up and if someone else had brought it up, she could have brushed it off like Julia Hartley Brewer did.

        I didn’t hear the exact questions, but I bet the media asked her if being a parent / mum was advantageous but they only reported her answer as if it was a statement in her campaign fight.

        Media are right dirty two faced trouble orchestrating cunts.

  8. Kuntsberg was very Kuntsberg this evening luvving all negative Brexit stuff.

    She was that moist down below over the whole affair that when she walked off she left a trail like a slug behind her.

    Kuntsberg is Queen Kunt at the ABBC!

  9. Fuck me £50 billion it is and there is cunt orf cunts Boris Johnson looking all fucked and shifty selling the old “we all can move on now” after total capitulation. Bugger me, not even in me wildest dreams did I think these tory cunts would lead us to such humiliation. Well to be honest there was the light bulb that they deliberately went for a total crap oitcome so the EU could turn round and offer us a slightly better deal if we stay.
    Bastard Munich all over again.

    • Might as well have lied on their backs and let the EU piss in their mouths.

      So the great sell out begins. No wonder why we all think politicians are cunts. It’s because they are cunts, cunts who deserve the worst imaginable.

    • Munich Sir Limply? Are you referring to Appeasement or the Muzzies spraying bullets around at the Olympics? Oh well, the latter will follow the former so no matter.🙈

  10. It beggars belief that May and her cronies have fallen for the industrial scale 409 scam perpetrated by Junkert and his motley squad of halitosic petty bureaucrats.

    • Shows how useless she, Juncker and his mob aren’t even a bunch of hack politicians – they’re really about as useful as Kravdarth in the Playboy Mansion (no offense Krav, if you’re reading this!).

      • That’s the explanation I’d go with. The whole self serving lot of them, brainwashing and manipulating the shiny-eyed idealistic twats and using them as foot soldiers.
        Too many enemies, on too many fronts…

  11. Could we please afford a lavish cunting to ‘safe spaces’ and the Marxist maggots that promote them?

    Rod Middle and Brillo recently destroyed Milli-Tant lookalike Kaite Welsh, who is a fervent supporter of such safe spaces and wholesale banning of free speech. But only where it happens to contradict her own pea-brained and warped feminazi, minority, trans-fat-headed views.

    People like Welsh will smugly defend their actions and refuse to accept that others may wish to listen to other views. I suppose her greatest fear is for others to consider balanced views and wisdom in case this diminishes support for her own nutty views.

    Safe Space proponents like Welsh deserve a vigorous arsefucking with a prize winning marrow.

    • Top cunting.

      Andrew Neil is a fucking cunt in many respects but he remains the only journo prepared to take apart the overtly liberal without restraint.

      There is no debate or discourse of any kind to be had with cunts like Welsh – disagreeing with them immediately classifies one as a ‘hater’, a ‘nazi’ or a member of the ‘alt right’. Then they flee to their social media safe spaces, comfortable in the warmth of their echo chambers, getting quick and easy validatory relief from their Birkenstock-clad peers.

      Come the glorious day, die-cast cunts like Welsh will be lined up against a wall and shot repeatedly with balls of their own shite.

  12. So that’s it, just as many on this site foresaw, we’ve rolled over and are now being gang raped by a motley crew of foreign cunts.
    May and her equally useless comrades will go down in British history resplendent in the shabby garb of infamy.
    Now that the eurocunts have got the whiff of blood they’re piling on the humiliation , with Michel Barnier stating that Britain would have to leave Europol and the European Defence Agency, in fact he has gone as far as to say that UK defence ministers and ambassadors would be excluded from international meetings with EU representatives. Methinks they should be careful what they wish for.
    Michel Barnier is a total cunt, but that’s what I expect from him.
    Boris Johnson is also a total cunt, but I expect much, much better from a British Foreign Secretary.
    So go fucking whistle Boris, I nominate you for a fucking massive cunting, you useless, fat, blonde, two faced tub of fucking lard. If there was any justice you’d be rendered down and used for industrial lubricant.
    As for democracy, it can go and fuck itself till it’s seeing pretty yellow EU stars, my voting days are over.
    Fuck them all.

    • It’s now very hard to know where to go with the whole fucking mess.

      I knew this would be far from plain sailing. I knew we would get a fucking and the cuntfucks running the EU shitshow would not even attempt any kind of compromise.

      But despite all this, and even allowing for the piss-weak leadership of the government, I never expected May to so willingly spread her hunchbacked arsecheeks and apply the lube so liberally for Juncker and co.

      I said it on here before: this needed cross-party co-ordination. But that was never going to happen; ironically, it was made impossible by the most anti-EU leader Labour have had for decades, and his ‘win’ in the election which never should have happened.

      Someone elsewhere talked about key cunt moments of the Brexit debacle. As far as I am concerned, there is only one: May fucking up the Election 2017, turning a certain, crushing win into a calamitous, catastrophic loss of mandate. From that point on, the Tories have been vulnerable, headless fucking chickens and repeatedly been shot down by all fucking sides of the house, the press, and most notably, by the EU.

      This was an opportunity to correct much of the cracks which the UK has been wallpapering over for many, many years – sovereignty, properly controlling EU immigration, freedom on trade… but we all reckoned without a forward-thinking government, arguably we’ve not had one since we built the national grid.

      I get the feeling there’s a mammoth act of cuntery in store. A Brexit reversal keeps on looking likely as a manoeuvre. In fact I can’t believe it won’t be attempted at some point; possibly under the guise of another fucking referendum.

      • No, there won’t be a second referendum. What if they lost again? They would not only be up shit creek without a paddle but sitting in a canoe full of holes……totally fucked!
        No, the Establishment have been planning this since the morning of June 24th 2016.
        Don’t underestimate their snidiness or the stupidity of the great British public.

      • If they lost again there would be no wriggle room and we’d be out on WTO rules, wouldn’t we? And fuck all for Barnier & his fellow scammers.

      • They would probably try best out of five if best out of three didn’t go in their favour.

        I think the result would be even more leave votes seeing the EU have shown what bully boy cunts they really are. This is what they have done with us throughout our membership.

  13. David Lammy, YOU’RE not allowed in my country, so fuck off!!!

    What an uppity little cunt.
    I’d even say that his remarks/tweets/bullshite are the mutterings of a fascist.

    David Lammy is a fascist cunt.

    Can someone remind me what Churchill said.
    Something like ‘today’s liberals are tomorrow’s fascists”.
    Please correct me if i got it wrong.

      • I read somewhere ages ago that that phrase was coined by Joseph The Gerbil before Winston the Droopy Dog uttered it

    • I’ve scraped dog shit off my shoe with more brains & intellect than Lammy & Flabbot put together.

      Oxygen thief’s.

  14. Wee Jimmy Krankie is way worse than you guys think !!!!!
    Its virtually everyday theres a disaster
    Oh and have a look into ” Police Scotland ” now theres a fuckin imnishambles
    Snp as tucker said ” from bean to cup you fuck up “

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