James Bolam [2]

James Bolam is a cunt…

The sad death of Rodney Bewes has once more brought home what a twat his fellow ex-Likely Lad really is… I doubt there will be any word from Bolam on the passing of his former friend and colleague… Bolam never even said a word when Bewes’s wife passed away a couple of years ago…

Also, his attitude regarding The Likely Lads stinks… Refusing point blank to even acknowledge its existence, never mind talk about it… David Jason doesn’t hate Only Fools and Horses, Harry .H. Corbett didn’t refuse to discuss Steptoe & Son, Ronnie Barker was not ashamed of Porridge, and Leonard Rossiter never dumbed down Rising Damp…

There’s nothing worse than a ‘serious’ actor who thinks that certain roles are beneath them and that they are the dog’s bollocks… Martin Shaw in The Professionals and that daft cow from Father Ted also spring to mind….

Luvvies are cunts…

Nominated by Norman

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  1. I wouldn’t argue that luvvies are cunts. That is if anything a kind description of them, but unless they stayed friends why would Bolam need to comment on somebody he worked with over 40 years ago? All I know about Bolam is that he is exactly the same in whatever role. That is not unusual amongst these self important cunts. I will take onboard the description of his general cuntitude.

  2. I met Rodney Bewes back in the mid 90’s. I was travelling on a train to Manchester on leave, from London. Rather than use the Army travel warrant I was given, I decided to splash out and go first class instead, because I wanted to see what it was like. By chance, Rodney had booked the seat opposite, and we ended up talking all the way to Manchester. I think he was doing something in the theatre at the time. I know people say this a lot, but he really was one of the nicest blokes you could meet, no airs and graces to him at all. And he was very interested to find out I was in the Army. We even had a bit of a laugh when he told me that he’d served two years National Service in the RAF. I didn’t ask him about James Bolam, but he did mention him a couple of times, and there was no sign of any animosity. Then, again, he probably wouldn’t tell a stranger anyway if he did problems with Bolam.

  3. Nice cunting for a major fucking bellend.

    As equally as I agree with this nom, I also agree with the concept of ‘ashamed’ actors who don’t acknowledge prior, popular roles or otherwise pretend they are ‘too good’ for what they once starred in. Martin Shaw is an excellent example and fuck me, does that flat-faced gargantuan cunt deserve an almighty tolchoking – preferably until he is sans critical faculties and the only spoken noise he is capable is a weird farting sound.

    Back to Bolam… if truth is to be believed about Bolam having some kind of sanction on when and where WHTTLL episodes could be repeated, then that makes him a cunt of biblical proportions – not only denying significant repeat fees for Bewes (£4,000 per episode if reports are to be believed) but all the other actors who may have got a bit of an extra crust. The sort of cunt who does not give a continental fuck about others just to pursue their own selfish grievances/beliefs.

    A lot of similar examples in music, too – XTC frontman (and cunt with an ego the size of Jupiter) Andy Partridge quit touring in 1982 after a supposed nervous breakdown on stage. For years the other members were denied earning from lucrative tours and even when the others were invited to play live without Partridge, he put a stop to it. What a cunt.

    Bolam is a nasty old cunt and no mistake. The sort of embittered, mean cunt who you hope draws his final breath after an epiphany on what a pitiful, warped shitheel he’s lived his life as.

    • I saw Martin Shaw in “Twelve Angry Men” playing the lead Peter Fonda role. His name was all over the posters but, trust me, he was fucking shit.
      His American accent was laughable , a kind of Dick van Dyke in reverse. If it wasn’t for the professionals nobody would have heard of the cunt.

    • So he didn’t even have to ‘act’ in Likely Lads? Just turn up, read the lines, take the money, fuck right off. No acting skill required. Lucky. Cunt on screen and off then.

  4. Not only is Bolam a fucking luvvie cunt, he is also a hypocritical luvvie cunt. He tried to justify his cuntitude last week on a local radio interview, but he wasn’t asked if he thought The Likely Lads was beneath him, why he had allowed repeats of a much more inferior comedy series to be repeated. t was called Only When I Laugh and ran for several years with the same three blokes in a hospital ward (one of the others was another luvvie, Peter Bowles). Richard Wilson was in it as well.

    I think Rodney Bewes knew his limitations and so was quite modest whereas Bolam thinks he is a wonderful dramatic actor and he takes his ego with him wherever he goes.

    • Didn’t Bolam also star with the late Lynda Bellingham in some ITV series in the 90s? Didn’t catch much of it, but I seem to remember him being a wizzened old cuntmudgeon even then.

      • He was in some thing based around jazz music and mystery or something. Wasn’t Bellingham though. Pile of wank anyway. And wasn’t his acting range extended in ‘when the boot cums in’ where he played a Geordie?

      • Aye. I think New Tricks was packed with cunts, too. The old bespectacled cunt, Dennis Waterman – a special place is reserved on Cunt Coast™ for any fucker who repeatedly sings the theme tune of anything he stars in – and that fat old cunt of a woman who tried to pass herself off as ‘the sassy one’. All the sexual appeal of 80s Soviet shot-putter.

        So it was only natural that New Tricks would also include a seismic cunt for the ages like Bolam.

      • ‘Twas ‘The Beiderbecke Affair’, with Barbara Flynn. It wasn’t exactly compulsive viewing.

      • Think the thing with Bellingham was second thoughts.

        Used to remember that dirty bitch in the oxo ads and wished that she was shouting me for my dinner instead.

  5. I have a bit of sympathy with James Bolam. Why the fuck should he be nice about Rodney Bewes if he had a problem with him? I think Bolam has been fairly decent by opting to say nothing,rather than saying that he thought that Bewes was a Cunt and he didn’t give a fuck about him croaking.
    We often slate the hypocrisy of “luvvies” gushing over every two-bob nobody who dies. At least Bolam didn’t pretend do that.

    • There’s a difference between ‘not gushing’ over someone who dies and actively denying them appearance royalties while they are alive, if reports from multiple sources are to be believed.

      That difference alone helps distinguish Bolam as a corn-fed All Star cunt.

      • If I actively disliked someone, I wouldn’t help them out either . Maybe that makes me,and Bolam, “corn-fed All Star cunts”,but at least we’re not hypocritical “corn-fed All Star cunts”.

        I have no idea what they fell out about,or if it’s even correct that Bolam refused to allow reruns of The Likely Lads,but apparently Bewes never claimed that to be the case.

      • Many claim Bolam denied the LL frequency of repeats out of vindictiveness. That is beyond ‘not helping someone out’; more like going out of one’s way to be a cunt to someone.

        It could all be incorrect of course, but it is known that Bolam signed the waiver to allow ‘New Tricks’ repeats; yet not LL. That could be due to his alleged feud, or it could be due – as per Norman’s nom – to Bolam becoming too big or too important to acknowledge his early work.

        Either way, a ‘corn fed All Star cunt’.

      • Nothing the matter with a healthy dose of vindictiveness. I’m afraid I’m not one of the “forgive and forget” brigade who is too soft to take the chance to extract a bit of revenge if I consider that someone has done me a wrong ‘un.
        I’m not denying that he might well be a Cunt,what I’m saying is that he at least he’s an honest Cunt.

      • Bolam was interviewed many tears ago and stated that he couldn’t get out of Newcastle quick enough. That pissed off many of the home clan, especially when he slated “clothed capped gadgees in the dump called the Strawberry.

        For slagging me pub……He’s a cunt.

      • Chalk & Cheese…Bewes was a drip, red rag to a cunt like Bolam.

        Off topic – Chris Leslie (Labour remoaner MP) on LBC right now playing good cop to Government’s bad cop, saying it would be best if we reverted to Remain rather than pay €50b to leave. Ha! This is clearly the direction of travel.

        But I have an even better idea: how about we grow a pair, pay nothing, and get on with claiming our share of EU assets?

  6. Casual mention that Diane Aboot-lipped is making a late surge for the ISAC CotY nominations line by deviating from the already-cuntish Labour party line by declaring her backing for a second referendum on exiting the European Union – and not even the other deities on Mount Cuntlympus like Corbyn or McDonnell are advocating that one.


    Then she backtracked, as per.

    We are all lucky to be around in this glorious age to witness such legendary cuntishness at work.

    • And hopefully her mettle will never be tested, as if the gormless looking love child of Mugabe and that awful Batmanjelly woman could ever hope of the keys to any door on Downing Street unless squatting.

  7. I would love to know what Bolam and Bewes fell out about, my money is on Bewes probably knobbing Bolams girlfriend.

    • Apparently both their wives were pregnant at the same time. Rodney Bewes wife had triplets but he went and told the press that Bolam’s wife was also pregnant without asking the permission of Cunty Bolam.

      • IIRC Bewes gave a radio interview in which he stated that Bolam nearly lost control of his car when his wife told him that she was pregnant. Bewes apparently joked that he wondered what Bolam might have done had his wife told him she was expecting triplets (Bewes being the father of triplets). Bewes later said that Bolam deemed this to be a gross invasion of privacy and thereafter shunned Bewes. Bolam has never confirmed this to be the case.

      • An incredibly stupid fucking reason to hold such a destructive grudge for decades if true.What an alleged cunt.

  8. Sorry but off topic

    Can I ask a really dumb question?

    How is it that after the government have been imposing austerity measures for several years on many millions of workers, having cut back money on schools, fire services, police, the NHS, border controls etc on the pretext of saying we have no money and need to live within our means, resulting in many parts of the UK unsafe and completely run down with millions of fucking antisocial crime ridden drossy immigrants that we did not want, that there is suddenly £50b available to gift (with absolutely fuck all I in return) to the cunts at the EU that gave us this almighty never ending problem in the first place?

    Sorry, the government are nothing more than a disgraceful bunch of fucking unpatriotic cowardly lying disrespectful scum who should be ashamed of themselves.

    • It’s not a dumb question, imho. My tiny brain and limited understanding is that £50bn is comprised with what the government would have been paying in net contributions to the EU anyway; and we know future budgets are earmarked to an extent. It’s hard to distinguish the real facts from any paper because they all being so fucking sensationalist on the figure, but that’s my interpretation.

      Regardless, the whole thing fucking stinks and as has been mentioned multiple times on here, it smacks of a terrible fucking Tory government with absolutely zero fucking constitution or backbone. Almost anyone other than David or May – that includes Cameron, The Chucklebrothers and fucking Alvin Stardust – would have done a better job than these two.

    • Good point Willie Stroker. £50 bn to the EU ( at least ), £14 bn to Overseas Aid, £4.5 bn to the United Nations. £2 bn to the DUP. £8 bn to Aid for the Asylum seeking population. £1 4 bn to NASS. £2.8 million to IAS not to mention the huge payouts to the Legal Profession in bung money.

      I am really struggling to work out why we are in austerity…..? If you find out . Give me a bell

      Also..( if you are reading Dearest Leader ) the coordinates for the EU building in Brussels are……………….

      • Austerity is supposed to be ‘living within your means’, so they can’t even do that right! To be fair though, it’s those Labour ‘For The Many, Not The Few’ Scumentum slimeballs who insist on calling Govt. Policy ‘Austerity’

        Lying scumbags the lot of them, whichever side of the fence you come down on.

      • How to fix it:
        1. Military coup, evict dossers from Westminster.
        2. Tell the EU we’re out. If they want concessions, ask nicely, with quid pro quo on table, or fuck off.
        3. Evict at least three layers of management suits from everything: retrain them to harvest vegetables, evict Romanians.
        4. Start making stuff again. Quality stuff, saleable stuff. Sell it hard.



  9. We won’t be paying that because we won’t be leaving. We’ll just be paying the usual sack full of cash we’ve been paying for the last 40 fucking years. If you keep voting for lying thieving cunts don’t be surprised if they rob your pockets.

    • The EU – You’ll never leave.
      Royston Vasey looked more fun, and more credible…

      Thank you so fuckin much, Mogadon May, for sleepwalking us into this nightmare stuffed with Hieronymous Boschian images of the corrupt, inept, venomous and intellectual pygmies of Berlaymont.

  10. I too would liked to be paid again for work I did in the 60s and have thus already been fully paid for. As for those I then worked with why should I have to feign that we are best of friends especially when we have not even clapped eyes on each other for decades? Actors however bring this on themselves.

    I am told The Likely Lads is unavailable but recently I caught on the 1964(?) BBC Xmas Special hosted by Jack Warner a brief Xmas edition of the show. I thought it dire and – all Bewes and Bolam did was bicker at each other, so no change there then – as I did the other Xmas editions of then popular sit-coms.

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