Kia Sportage Drivers

I would like to cunt drivers of Kia Sportages. Apparently not a bad car for the frugal outlay, despite it having the longevity of a prawn sandwich.

No it’s the fucking arrogant prick drivers running around in what are pound shop Evoques, who are attempting to steal the crown of cuntitude from traditional BMW and Audi cocksuckers. Several occasions I have been overtaking in the fast lane only to have one of these wretched bum grumbles drive about 3 feet from my rear bumper, only to tear past me at 90mph plus, like Jack fucking Regan as soon as I move over.

High priests of the Church of our Cunting Saviour are these Sportage drivers.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

I would just like to state for the record that my Kia of choice is an 11 year old piece of shit Rio CRDi and not a Sportage. A Sportage is a poor man’s Chelsea Tractor and I don’t care how poor you are………. if you drive an unnecessary and oversized car which is hard to see past and over at T-junctions……….. you are a cunt by definition.

Nominated by Two In The Stink

18 thoughts on “Kia Sportage Drivers

  1. I would like to cunt stuff that I have absolutely no knowledge of or interest in at all.

    • Used to love those ads. I think it was probably banned due to the obvious connotation of all those crows who wanted to ‘be your dog’ being depicted as blacks.

  2. Little wonder they’re cunts – the one depicted above is driving on the wrong side of the road from the wrong side of the fucking car.

  3. TBH Kia isn’t really on my radar but living in Hove the 4×4 4 no fuckin reason whatsoever most definitely is!
    Is Hove in the middle of butt fuck nowhere? No it is not!
    Is most of my driving done on extremely hilly country lanes?
    Not it’s not!!
    Being on the south coast am i likely to hit with Siberian winters? Or experience huge snowdrifts? Highly unlikely!!
    Infact the worst weather I experienced last year was some frost!! And some morning fog
    So why oh why does every other car appear to be a large 4×4 cunt gas guzzler? Because I live with some of the most hypocritical Cunts in the UK!!
    Was walking the dog past one of the private schools and happened to notice that two of these snobby 4×4 Cunts actually had greenpeace stickers in the back of their BMW X5 tanks!!
    Planet saving recycling virtue signaling Cunts who obviously don’t understand the word ironic!! They would probably think it’s the name for a Mercedes 4×4 ……. daft Cunts..

    • Used to have a big Pajero then a v6 frontera cos I used to have a horse living out in the sticks so needed it for towing the box and competition cart around and being able to get up into the south downs 365 days a year. But when I let him go to help with riding for the disabled at Ferring. The Frontera went as it cost too much to run and too big to park with no reason. But selfish cunts will always be selfish cunts and the irony of the Greenpeace is absolutely lost on the cunts in Hove

      • The funny thing GWD is don’t you just know that those two X5 drivers are friends, one has joined greenpeace and gave her idiotic mate a spare sticker!!
        They must actually think they look worthy!! Fuckin muppets…

  4. I drive a pound shop Range Rover – a Suzuki Vitara. I do live in the sticks, so don’t block city roads with the fucker but I am also a cunt.

  5. Most Kia drivers either drive similar to, or are old women. I on the other hand drive like I should be clad head to toe in burberry – a proper cunt. I’m like the tranny of drivers; an audi driver trapped in a Kia driver’s car.

  6. I drive a hilux. A magistrate a few years ago said that I had a driving record like Toad of Toad Hall. She had a valid point. But at least I have a valid reason to drive a 4×4,I need it to get around where I live. It’s not so that some daft bint can take her overweight brats to school.

    Fuck them.

  7. love my little Clio. it’s only got a 0.9litre engine but i recently did a 600 mile trip. was perfectly adequate!. slightly sluggish on steep hills but otherwise i don’t really know why anyone needs a 3litre engine.

  8. Audi Q7 and the very wankstained Evoque designed by the unshaggable skeleton Beckham or so she thinks [cant see out the back but are they bovvered?] and those fucking great pickup trucks with wheels three foot wide and a knuckle dragging cunt at the wheel who thinks he looks like a redneck because that is the extent of his ambition .
    Any cunt in a Range Rover Sport is cuntable unto death, a piece of overengineered junk driven by massive cunts who think it suits them ..and it fucking does.

  9. Had a golden moment on my way into work this morning!

    Having turned onto on one of the cities secondary inbound routes, I noticed a refuse lorry coming over the bypass flyover towards me and indicating to turn right. Not wanting to inconvenience the CUNT, I sped up get past him so he could make the turn. However, as I approached, I noticed the driver waving his hand indicating to me to slow down. I immediately thought you can FUCK RIGHT OFF and promptly gave him and the cab full of lowlife cunts the finger. The look on his face was a picture! I thought YOU CHEEKY CUNT! All the times you’ve held me up and never moved an inch. Have some of your own medicine you CUNT! I’ve seen the CUNT before and he’ll get more of the same! OR WORSE, CUNT!

  10. If anyone tailgates you in the outside lane if the motorway while you are overtaking, very slowly, but very deliberately, release the pressure on the accelerator.

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