‘Counter Demonstrations’

A cunting please. A cunting for the intelligencia that approves “Counter Demonstrations”

It has been known to man that throughout the course of history, if you put black powder and a naked light together, then somethings gonna happen.

You dont have to be a genius to realise that this lesson has perhaps failed to register with the numbskulls who approve “Counter Demonstrations”.

If an application comes in for a march on….say “We like bananas”….and 2 days later, a request to march in opposition as “We fuckin hate Bananas” Then surely it is obvious that when the two meet, there is gonna be trouble.

This shit in the US of A is a classic example. White Supremists wish to march to voice disapproval of the immigrant and black. And Left Wing and Liberal Cunts wish to march on the same day on the same route at the same time to “Out the Whitey’s”

Now forgive me for being a trifle slow here. Does that seem a common sense decision? Nah…me neither. ( Some Cunt WANTS trouble )

Now think of all the demos that are to be held in Londonistan. The initiators, ( those who wish to air a grievance ) Will be allocated a date time and place.

Sure enough, a day or so later, ( when the word has got round ) A counter demo of the unwashed will be approved. It will be held at the same time and the same place as the “opposition”.

I have noticed that “Counter Demos” are always in opposition to something that sensible reasonable people would want. That just cannot be allowed.

In Londonistan, our beloved leader has the power to approve or disapprove a march. It would be reasonable to expect that the decision to allow a “Counter Demo” would be based upon common sense, the desire to preserve peace, and the avoidance of unnecessary death and destruction upon the streets.

Suque Khan ( Dadee was a buz driver ) seems to not have the ability to exercise much in the way of common sense. He seems only too keen to allow chums and apprentice anarchists to take to the streets with his blessing.

Surely in this day and age, it would not be too difficult to have a rationale that takes the lunacy out of political decision making of this nature.

Look overseas to see that this IS entirely possible. Kim Yong Un seems to have no problems with any ” Counter Demonstrations” he simply shoots the fuckers.

SK is a Khunt, and all libmong cock sucking left wing LGBT politician whore mongering rabid scum bags and itinerant scrotes are likewise.

Long live the Indigenous.!

Nominated by Asimplearsehole.

84 thoughts on “‘Counter Demonstrations’

  1. Change of subject from peacefuls and useless politicians. I would like to cunt the US Navy.

    The flagship of firepower if the western world and the cunts cant steer destroyers.

    They have killed, oh no, on a boat “gone missing” another 10 sailers ramming tankers in Asia. We could at least think they could go do some good and ram a few with ignition on coasts where it matters.

    If the cunts can’t steer a boat god help all if they try snd steer the big one to Kim Jung.

    • If American ship steerers are as competent as American bomb aimers, then no-one should be surprised. The sea obviously isn’t big enough, and should be made wider.

  2. I see the DPS says that ‘hate crimes’ online will now be treated the same as face to face abuse. Where does that leave ISAC? at what point does an opinion become a ‘ hate crime’ . Is Diane Abbott now no longer allowed to be called the flabbapotamus? What is or isn’t fair comment and who will decide? Is everyone on here going to be tempering their language?

    • I don’t think telling the truth can constitute a hate crime. So calling Diane Abbott a fat lefty pig shit cunt is not a crime because she is a fat lefty pig shit cunt.

    • No I’m fucking not.
      Muslims are cunts. As are Christians, Jews, white, black or yellow skinned people. Feminists and misogynists are cunts. Gay, transbender and hetero people are cunts. Vegans, vegetarians and outright carnivores are cunts. Cannibals too.

      Anyone else I’ve not yet offended is a complete and utter cunt.

      We are all cunts some of the time and some are cunts all of the time.

      Take you’re concrete pills and harden up for fucks sake, stop being offended by every little thing in life because being called a cunt will NOT kill you.
      Unless it’s followed by a hail of lead. In which case you should’ve run, hid and told.

    • Orwell’s world is on it’s way and we’re not going to stop it. Get ready for worldwide fascism of the 2020 kind???

      • Spot on BVM, Its the drip drip erosion of free speech, i have noticed that we don’t see impressionist comedians much anymore , they fear being sued by the likes of fat cunt Eamonn Holmes. What a sad and depressing society we’ve become that we can’t express the basic ingredient of humour which is taking the piss, no matter who the cunt is on the receiving end.

    • Saunders says they are intent on curbing the use of social media to attack/harass etc. Websites are not social media – social media is Twatter, Facefuck, etc. where you can contact the object of your hatred and attack them directly. ISAC doesn’t do that.

      • I reckon what Rickie is posting about me on the Penguin might count tho’

        And for the record I am NOT a paedophile.

        Trying to get Google interested is a fucking joke. Good luck to the DPP with them…

      • I dont think ISAC will be affected.As friend says this isnt a tool of communication and I have never seen a post advocating violence.As the disclaimer says though all users are responsible for what they post and a cunt who cunts cunts is anonymous and could be a number of different people.I can think of at least 5 people who any given upload could be .You can still get away with shouting cunt at someone in the street so we should be ok.There are far far worse sites out there plus most of the police time will be spent on people being mean on twitter or Facebook.

      • Quite right, Fred.
        Faceache, Twarre &c. are “social meejah”.
        A website is a website.

        On that happy note, I’d just loijke to say that Diane “Two wrongs make a right” Flabbott is a monumental pile of old toss.

        Cressida Dick is a complete waste of space and oxygen thief, with a sort of Beatrix Potter-y name. If she’d been in one of the “little books” (like the current Hendon Manual of Common-Sense Policing, a remarkably slim tome, it would seem), she would have been battered, deep-fried and had her arms ripped of by the Black Swan.

    • Never was a fan of Brucie, didn’t like his “Mr Showbiz” persona.
      No matter who he performed with, always needed to steal the limelight.

      So I think we should spare a thought for Bruce Forsyth’s wig….died aged 32.

  3. “I have noticed that “Counter Demos” are always in opposition to something that sensible reasonable people would want. That just cannot be allowed.”

    USA ruled by White Supremacists/KKK is desirable? Just checking.

    • Yes Fred, I picked up on that. The Yankee morons were chanting something about jews in the bit I saw. What the fuck did that have to do with Confederate statues? These redneck scum are beneath contempt. However, it is clear that the Antifa lot were also a bunch of cunts and probably more dangerous to free speech than the whole of the fucking KKK.

      • “USA ruled by White Supremacists/KKK is desirable? Just checking”

        Well its more desirable then being under sharia law and having a bunch mexican gangs peddling dope and raping killing anyone they want. Take the lesser evil and prepare yourself accordingly. Check out the Klans stance on hard drugs btw you don’t have to be a klansmen for that to make sense

        Is UK ruled by EU spineless traitors and a islamic caliphate is that desirable? just saying I can’t believe people are buying into lamestreams media depiction that america is under white supremacist rule Do some research FFS white supremacy is completely fringe and their are much bigger threats

      • The KKK are fuckibg insane and go around lynching people for their skin colour or sexuality much like the peacefuls.Neither is remotely desirable if you want to live in a free society.

      • To call white supremicists and the KKK a better alternative to Sharia is insane.Both are totalitarian political cults that would shoot all dissenters and cause a brutal civil war .

      • Comparing which is preferable is like debating whether you want a litre of wet cement pumped into your front or back passage.

      • “The KKK are fuckibg insane and go around lynching people for their skin colour or sexuality much like the peacefuls”
        Hahaha Prove it mate they don’t go around driving gigantic semi’s into people and throwing acid on people and they don’t harass queers like muslims do. Seriously tho kkk is a dead organization they only operate politically thats at best like 1 person and thats David “Can’t Spook the” Duke imperial grand wizard hes literally the only one. The 1910-30’s are over they don’t lynch blacks anymore

        I can’t believe how many people have a hollywood version of the Klan in their heads. I will agree on one thing tho forcing your pet into the klan is not cool Don’t do it ,its mean! https://imgflip.com/i/1944hp

      • Any extremism is a bloody menace.
        If someone tries smashing your door down at 3 in the morning, it doesn’t matter a jot whether the bullet was supplied by Uncle Joe or Onkel ‘dolf. It’s going to traumatise your brain terminally.
        NB Beware of ANYONE who “passes themselves off” as Uncle X, or avuncular… Usually a weirdo, likely a diddler or the next KidMongIll.
        Victor Lewis-Smith said “It’s time to put the fun back into fundamentalism”…

    • Even if they did shut the site down(which would not be easy) us admins have ways of contacting each other so the site would be up in a new place on the web.

  4. Agree with point about right leaning comedians on TV, they are as rare as rocking horse shit. Every panel show especially on the ABBC or C4 is packed with limp dicked leftie luvvies who all have the same material, racist Brexiteers, anti Trump and pro-EU.

      • Do you remember when Viz did ‘scrounging Pikey bastards’ or similar? With Ros from the social services making sure their rights were protected? While they were thieving and wrecking all around? They had to apologise for that.
        I don’t see Viz as falling into the ‘right on’ cunts category.

      • It was The “Thieving Gypsy Bastards” and it was back in the early 1990s.
        Viz is still funny in places but they’ve resorted to the same “Trump, Farage, Brexit, pro-EU” themes as the rest of the media. Thankfully it’s not in every strip but they’ve definitely “picked a side” so to speak and it shows.

  5. Counter demonstrations are positively encouraged to shut down any alternate voices. The alt right in this case being the target. Brand them all as racists and send in the professional counter protesters to cause a conflict and shut down the voice of the alt right. On previous occasions professional agitators from left wing organisations have been caught dressed up like the far right and stirring up the shit.

    We constantly hear about the far right but never the far left, why is that? Is it because the far left his penetrated our institutions so deeply that the goal posts have been moved and hte far left are now seen as the centrists?

    Insidious left wing lobby groups are shaping the game and anyone protesting for the individual to have real rights and freedoms coupled with personal responsibility is tagged as a far right extremist.

    Well and truly sick and tired of being fed socialist\left wing toxin and being told it is honey. The cunts protesting no fuck all of the reality of history they just want to change the world, the clueless cunts don;t have a clue about what they are seeking to change it from and are ignorant of the endgame of those they follow.

    Fucking lefties think they know it all but are mostly clueless sheep.

    • Useful Idiots that end up against the wall along with those they themselves betrayed, only to be held with even more contempt.

  6. How about Cunting those that were behind the SAGED CHARLOTTESVILLE ATTACK.
    Shame about the helicopter that came down with all the evidence but so far no one’s really got anything on the right so as to blame Trump for inciting violence.
    Just a thought???


  7. The term National Treasure needs a cunting, and quick sharp.

    Another sleb dies, and they’re a National Treasure. So basically anyone who is British, been on the TV and over 30 is a NT?

    I remember when talent meant something.

    • Clare Balding was once described as a ‘National Treasure’ by a fellow commentator.

      I think the words he was actually looking for were ‘Over-excited, shouting dumb-fuck rug-munching shitcunt’. Or similar.

      • Old Brucie was a National Treasure in the sense he needs to be stuffed and put on display in the British Museum.

      • Brucie was unique. Looked the same age for 60 years. Had no discernible talent. As camp as fuck. A prototype Ant&Dec if you like except they still look 14 and he has always looked 70.

    • I think “National Treasure” means that they haven’t been convicted by Operation Yewtree….although they probably should have been.

      • The TV bigging itself up again.
        Ooooo how exciting, Everyone’s so sad about our wonderful National Treasure???
        Everyone’s watching and weiting on the edge of their seats to see what happens next, yes everyone?????? National Treasure, National Treasure, Ooooo how exciting.

  8. Big Ben was stopped for four years today. Any chance orf me previous cunting “Big Ben Bureaucrats” popping up before it is started up again?

  9. Of topic and nowhere near big enough for an individual cunting are those fucking Clearscore ads….they make me want to eat a plate of shit and then beg for another bowl full.

    The people who made them, paid for them and star in them are all total and utter cunts.

    First, in the UK, the idea of a credit score is pure anal discharge and the “score” they give the mindless sheep who sign up may as well be scrawled on a sidewalk using kids crayons.

    Hey Clearscore advert bloke, you’re a cunt, your wife is salad doging fat ugly bitch and I hope your stupid talking dog ends up in a Greggs pasty.

    • I knew a bloke who used to used to smear his wife’s fanny with Marmite and then watch as their labrador licked it off….he reckoned that it got them both in the mood……So in this case it was the dog kissing her on the lips. I never dared ask if they shut the dog out after he’d got her warmed up,bit unfair on the dog if they did. She was no great looker anyhow.

      • Fucking disgusting D F.
        Some people let their dog lick their face all over after the dogs been sniffing shit, other dogs arses and lick its own.
        Very nice??

      • Know what you mean,BVM. Some people treat their dogs like substitute children. No fucking way I’d let my dogs lick my face,I’ve seen what they’ve eaten over the years.

      • Incidentally, it was the same day I saw a truck carrying Marmite on the motorway.
        Think it was heading yeastbound…

      • I think the worst bit about these people n their dogs is the surrogate element of this sick relationship where the person obviously has strong emotional bonds with the animal to the point of virtual dependency and so has managed to slowly stoop down and normalize to a disgusting level where actual bestiality dose literally appear to be a very strong possibility. Their homes also reflect this incrementally arrived at depraved mental state with grimy old dog heirs decaying in corners, unpleasant smells and even (I have seen) snot splashed up walls. They even seem ok with the extreme low levels of intellectual content within their sick, dog kissing, inadequate relationship. These people are giving their love and care away to animals instead of real intelligent, feeling humans souls.

  10. As mentioned above, further erosion of free speech and a move towards a “thought police” society took a step closer with regards to “hate crimes”.

    The issue I have with this isn’t necessarily the sentiment but more a case of “…and who will police it…” and “…who the fuck decides what constitutes ‘hate’?…”.

    The answer as to “Who will police it?” – well as plod in this country can just about manage to use a vending coffee machine technology wise then I guess that that will have to be the tech giants like the cunts at Goocuntle, FaceCunt and TwatCunt (and we all know how even minded they are in representing a *balanced* view of society).

    This then leads neatly onto “Who decides what constitutes hate?” Well that will no doubt be the same tech giants who are policing it with their socio-globo-libero “on message” filters (who are already eroding free speech by suppressing links and closing down sites that *they* don’t agree with).

    You can virtually guarantee that anyone saying: “Man up and grow a pair!” to anyone crying online about their boss not being as understanding as Goocuntle as a boss when they dodged a 15min kip on the sly. The person saying – truthfully – to “Man up” or “Get a grip!” because Poppy’s hair didn’t go in right for the school play will immediately be branded a “hate crime” and said poster can expect a visit from plod (sent there by a CuntBook app on their phone via an Uber taxi co-link which already had the route to prosecute said “hater” in it).

    Which is great news for HM Revenue & Customs because it’ll be the usual: “Pay £150-£1,000 – whatever – spot fine or go to court!” just like the stealth tax imposed for minor speeding violations (courtesy of automated cameras rather than any form of active policing).

    So then what happens when you see YouTube videos of Lutonistan “peacefuls” shouting “FUCK THE UK!” and “DEATH TO THE BRITISH POLICE!” whilst the British Police are walking alongside the ungrateful cunts defending *them* against any Counter Demonstrations!?!

    Well I’d feel obliged to report those cunts but if you did, you just know you’d get some nomenclature cunt coming back with “no evidence of hate at this time” because that’s not the “hate” they’re looking for is it (not to mention putting a watch on you for raising it in the first place as an opposer to *their* group think mantra).

    It’s a slippery slope and within 5yrs my analysis above will be born out, you mark my words. That is unless we can get the Govt to agree that the tech giants will have “no say” on what constitutes hate speech and any items reported directly by them will go ignored.

    Oh but yes, silly me, the tech giants own all the money and therefore what they say is what goes isn’t it!

    A very dark hour for free thinking indeed. Cunts!

  11. Can we have a lightweight cunting of ‘Pointless’ a BBC quiz show.
    It is fronted by Alexander Armstrong, or Zander as he likes to be called, the cunt. He is the oiliest, smarmiest cunt to have ever lived. He makes Bob Monkhouse look like Jeremy Paxman.
    His sidekick is a big cunt whose name escapes me. He cracks jokes which he must get from Xmas crackers.
    But the best part of the show is the banter between the presenters. It is toe curling. You actually feel sorry for the poor cunts. But they seem to have no self awareness or perhaps decent script writers because the banter carries on. Very much like Alan Partridge and about as funny.

    • Oh Christ, the Monkeyhouse…
      Celebrity feckin Squares, one of my gran’s favourites, bless her.
      What a pile of shil it was, his “jokes” were about as funny as cancer of the knob…

  12. Fuck the BBC.
    Not content with paying silly money to arseholes like Jeremy Vine and all the fuckers it considers talent, they now are going to spend £289 MILLION on a news service for Africa, in the gibberish language they call pidgin. This is money from the government (taxpayers cash) to piss away on a vanity project. How the fuck that amount is required to run a small office in Kinshasa, as it’s hardly known for its high cost of living.Perhaps it all started with an email from a Nigerian princess…..

    • Great post. Yes, fuck the bbc,. They have an archive full of interesting and informative recordings, but hey insist on ‘making ‘ shit programs to suit their narrative of ‘ brexit shit….we’re all gonna die’ shite. I am not giving them the steam off my piss, let alone another red cent. Do not pay for this shit. Do not pay for Fiona Bruce to go and find an fake painting. Fuck the licence fee.

    • The Beeb are utter fucking cock sucking, right-on shitbags to every man.

      Instead of spunking revenue on helping out more etherniks, it is about time we got a quality, non-partisan news service commensurate with the millions confiscated from the public to fund this bloated, full-cream, lefty behemoth.

      We need a party with the cojones to repeal the licence fee and that just ain’t going to happen any day soon.

    • All money donated or used in Africa is money well spent. Take it from an expat. At least 0.01% reaches the poor and starving.

  13. On a lighter note, Al Gore’s latest “Inconvenient Truth” sequel has well and truly bombed at cinemas.
    What a shame, think I’ll pop a beer to celebrate…

    • By the time the cunt has finished promoting it in his private jet – pissing all sorts in to his beloved atmosphere – he’ll have hopefully raised the temperature of blighty by a few degrees cos it’s f’kin freezing out there for August!

      I bet Twatter are throttling the UK’s thermostat as well! The cunts!

  14. Five live pundits are cunts.

    “Yeah he’s wearing a nice suit jacket, grey slacks and some nicGOAL, what a goal”

    “It reminds me of the time jimmy Greaves was on with Ian St John and they were duscusGOAL, what a goal!”

    “The rain is pelting down and it looks like something out of a disaster movie with some players going dowGOAL, what a goal”

    “Phil started his half time pie and jacket potato before me but i, somehow, have managed to finish mine firsGOAL, what a goal”.

    Their job is to give us a live commentary on whatever match we are listening to, not talk as if they are on the fuckin tube.

    In other sporting news, i hope Connor McGregor and that little mudflap he’s fighting both give each other severe brain damage and they have to lick pussy through a straw .

  15. Hate crimes? Lennon was right when he told a reporter what the (then) latest Beatles single meant, referring to the lyrics: ‘They’re gonna crucify me, you, and everyone else…’

  16. Another gripe about 5live pundits and other cunts.
    Cunts who say “siddy” or “sirry” instead of”CITY”.

    I’m positive it comes from yank speak and any cunt uttering is a yank wannabe cunt.
    I’m all for regional accents/dialect but this is cuntishingly lazeee and twist my fuckin melon.

    Also 5live cunts, why the fuck did you have TWO Irish cunts on commentating an English game on so called British radio yesterday?
    They are foreigners so fuck them and fuck you. CUNTS baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

      • The Johnny Come Latelys in the Bluenose Brigade often refer to Manchester City as ‘Ciddy’ or (to try and sound Mancunian) ‘Man Citeh’…. Along with their ‘we’re a bunch of dickheads’ Poznan dance, their inflatable bananas (bellends) and their love of air crashes, they are the biggest load of fancunts in the Premier League (although Harsenal run them close!)… Noel Gallagher is your typical modern day take it up the arse from the Abu Dhabi sheik knobhead showbiz ‘Citeh’ fan personified…. Bitter Blue cunt…

  17. the late Jerry Lewis was not a cunt…
    Not really a fan of his films, but did a good double act with Deano…..
    It is his attitude, however, that I admired… Unlike a lot of ‘comedians’ he didn’t try to be funny all the time, didn’t attempt to be ‘satirical’ and ‘zany’ when interviewed (like ubercunts, Graham Norton, Jonathan Woss, Russel Brand etc), and he took no shit whatsoever from media cunts (see interview clip)… The man also told it like it is where the muslamist human filth are concerned… Lewis expressed opposition to the United States letting in Syrian refugees, saying “No one has worked harder for the human condition than I have, but they’re not part of the human condition if 11 guys in that group of 10,000 are ISIS. How can I take that chance?” Naturally, the ABBC scum said in their ‘tribute’ to him that Jerry was ‘right-wing’ and ‘racist’ because he didn’t want goatfucking, murdering, rapeugee excrement in the United States….

    So, Jerry, RIP… You were the man…


  18. Moderation in all things including moderation. Sometimes you have to go full cunt in order to fuck up the cunts who would slit you and your kid’s throats without hesitation. If there are psycho cunts running about stabbing people in streets or blowing up concert halls in the name of some God cunt, if there are entire gangs of child rapists going about fucking our kids in the name of Allah. Then there is only one appropriate response and I don’t mean a leaflet campaign. I simply don’t care about the human rights of those who resent my existence on religious or racial grounds. Call me a Nazi cunt if it suits you but as the atrocities continue to occur I care less and less about such labelling. If it’s us or them, then it has to be them, you lefty scum can join the jihadis in hell for all I care. This cunt does not give a rancid shit for your philosophy and would happily put you all on a boat to whatever raghead hellhole the wind blows you to. You disgust me.

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