Sir Bruce Forsyth [6] and Jerry Lewis [2]

This past week has seen the passing of two A list celebs.As a tribute here is a rehash of their previous cuntings!

Bruce Forsyth:

Bruce Forsythe……just do us all a favour and fuck the cunt off our screens of a Saturday night, you dilapidated old cunt (I don’t even watch Strictly Come Dancing…..but its like its a constant presence isn’t it….like a buzzing fly, or genital herpes?)
Nice to see you! To see you nice! Why don’t you stick your chin up your arse and see if it fits? You Cunt! I’ve nicked that from Scarface obviously

Nice syrup, too!

Nominated by : King Binge [2013]

Bruce Forsyth has been a cunt for as long as I can remember.

Now Sir Bruce for services to mediocrity.

What a camp, talentless, consistent cunt.

Nominated by cuntstable cuntbubble [2011]

‘Strictly’ host, Bruce Forsyth, is a bald cunt

Nominated by Dioclese [2010]

Bruce Forsyth is a big chinned, rug wearing, coffin dodging cunt.

Nominated by Gigits [2009]

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis, The Cunt orf Comedy
In his heyday in the fifties and sixties this prize wanker sported a greasy looking barnet with that “slicked back with me own spunk” look. Clearly the total tosser always had a ready supply on hand. In all his career on stage and in innumerable crap filums the mugging cunt has never made me laugh once. Although in fairness I did manage a little chuckle over his last coronary.

Needless to say considered a comedic legend by the French (as was Norman Wisdom by the Albanians to mark yer card) and received an “Homage” at last years Canne Film Festival. Needless to say the little circumsized cunt continues to lap up the pretentious adulation of the frog fuckers (who incidentally regard tuneless fuck Johnny Halliday as a rock god) . “Mais oui. Ve are zo out zair. Cool n’est pas. Ve zo get ‘im. Jerry is zo zo funnee you anglo fuckairs.”

Famously the cunt despises his deminishing audiences and anyone dumb enough to give the talent free zone a living. Oh how ironic mes amis. Difficult to think orf another performer so hated within his own profession (although Topol is a leading contender) for being such an irredeemable shitehole (steady on might start to admire the cunt).

Reasons to be cheerful. Jerry is now 88 and fills in his down time collecting terminal illnesses including prostate cancer, meningitis, a dodgy ticker, diabetes and drug addictions various. Now me pet vulture Gristle does not usually eat kosher but is very interested in trying this one. So tough cheddar old sports, have already nabbed the cunt for the Dead Pool.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke [2014]

Also a cunting to all of us for missing these two in the Deadpool.

Here is an old episode of the Generation Game for you all to watch at your leisure.Brucie at his best :P:

34 thoughts on “Sir Bruce Forsyth [6] and Jerry Lewis [2]

  1. Bruce Forsyth I have no real knowledge of other than the cringe-worthy TV programmes.

    Jerry Lewis however back in the mid 90’s he did a film called Funny Bones (in Blackpool I think).

    My Uncle was on security there (or whatever seaside resort it was) and he stated that Lewis was the most miserable, unacknowledging, poe-faced cunt he’d ever had to deal with.

    I wouldn’t care my Uncle was a really easy going bloke who you never heard saw owt bad about anyone.

    That alone consigns Lewis to the annals of Cuntdom.

    • Jerry Lewis was very ill throughout his life, heavily on medication and various other narcotics wouldn’t be surprised if this added to his bad mood. Then again lot of actors act like cunts and have a toadying quality to their ego doesn’t surprise me that he was difficult

    • My old man was a mechanic in Salford and he was on a job near Chapel Street when David Lean was filming Hobson’s Choice…. My Dad said Lean and John Mills were great blokes, proper gentlemen… But Charles Laughton was one of the biggest and most arrogant cunts he had ever met… A few years later he did some mechanics jobs for then Man United players (and used to occasionally drink with then): he said Kidd, Stiles, Crerand, Fitzpatrick, Sadler, and George Best were great lads, but that Willie Morgan was a massive cunt…

      • Willie Morgan was a cunting wanker who thought he was bigger than the club. When in fact he was shite.

  2. A fresh cunting at 12:30 am.
    We truly are Twenty Four Hour Cunting People. 🙂

    Bruce Forsythe must have pinched himself every fuckin day.
    What a creepy cunt?
    Rember the way he’d hold onto any female he could get his hands on?
    Not unlike most gameshow hosts, who would wrap an arm tightly around some housewives waist, gently nudging her tit with their forearm and not letting them go for nothing.
    If Bruce Forsythe or Jerry Lewis lived down your road, you’d be warned to stay as far away from them as possible. Also,you’d better run as you pass their house. Just to be on the safe side.

      • We’re here for the nation when our MPs are off snorting a line from between some rent-boys’ cheeks…

    • Forsythe to me always came across as creepy as fuck. The sort of neighbour who would always have sweets for the kids but you had to get them out of his pocket for him. Add to that he was about as funny as jimmy tarbuck and you had quite an entertaining package. Very BBC

  3. I didn’t really have any strong feelings about Brucie. Yeah, I’d say he was a cunt – LOLd at ‘coffin-dodging cunt’ written above – but a relatively harmless cunt nonetheless. Call me a misguidedly nostalgiac cunt, but when his crap like Play Your Cards Right and The Price is Right were on TV, I was a mere bairn and remember it as background noise during lego rummaging sessions and furiously colouring books in like a cunt.

    Mind you, I always wanted his back to violently seize when he opened whatever shitshow he was presenting with that fucking stupid ‘thinker’ pose. It would have been funny as fuck to see the stammering, rudder-jawed twat stuck like that for 5 minutes in agony before they closed the curtains again in a hurry.

    Between death and arrest for sexual abuse, there aren’t too many 70s entertainers left standing now. Chris Tarrant being probably the most well known one remaining, and I’m convinced that he escaped Operation Yewtree by the skin of his teeth. Especially after he labelled the Savile investigation as a ‘witch-hunt’.

    Whatever happened to Matthew Corbett? He was a cunt of biblical proportions. A fitting punishment for that bearded simpleton would be for someone to rip the Sooty puppet from Corbett’s hand and put it on theirs, then give the ginger dickhead an almighty uppercut with it. Canal-barge loving cunt.

    • What’s white and slides across the floor, towards the canes ?

      Come Dancing, strictly…

  4. News just in….

    Bruce Forsyth autopsy reports possible seizure.

    Nice to seizure… seizure nice.

  5. My thanks to The Powers That Be for these Heartfelt Remembrances.They go some way towards assuaging our sense of irredeemable loss.Not that they croaked but that the bastards had the ill grace to do it when off pool.
    We care.

  6. As someone who started to lose his hair in my mind twenties I was always annoyed at the way Brucie managed to maintain a thick lustrous mop well into his eighties.

  7. Brucie had a bri-nylon rug, affixed to his shiny dome by lashings of Stork SB.

    Got to give him some credit for his fanny magnet skills. I know a couple on here who would love a go on his MILF widow.

    • Apparently the “hair peace” has put in a transfer request after speaking to Wayne Rooney’s agent…..

      • A few years back Brucie appeared as a guest on a show hosted by Frank Skinner. As Brucie walked on the house band broke into The Sweets ‘Wig Wam Bam’
        Bruce appeared not to notice.

  8. Pretentious English speaking cunts who pronounce “homage” as “oh-maarge” deserve a thorough cunting.

    • As do hipster twats who infest ratsbollox coffee shops and talk about “laah-tays”

      The Italians ALWAYS did the best coffee, so it’s latt-ay.

      Sorry, IY; no offence intended. I want to visit USA and eat burgers and drink Californian red…

  9. I used to think Brucie was a cunt, but only because I fancied Anthea Redfearn and then Rosemarie Ford…. Good game… Good game…

    Not really a fan of his films, but Jerry Lewis did a good double act with Deano…..
    It is his attitude, however, that I admired… Unlike a lot of ‘comedians’ he didn’t try to be funny all the time, didn’t attempt to be ‘satirical’ and ‘zany’ when interviewed (like ubercunts, Graham Norton, Jonathan Woss, Tracy Ullman, French and cunting Saunders, Jim Carrey, Stephen Cuntbert, Russell Brand etc), and he took no shit whatsoever from media cunts (see interview clip)… The man also told it like it is where the muslamist human filth are concerned… Lewis expressed opposition to the United States letting in Syrian refugees, saying “No one has worked harder for the human condition than I have, but they’re not part of the human condition if 11 guys in that group of 10,000 are ISIS. How can I take that chance?” Naturally, the ABBC scum said in their ‘tribute’ to him that Jerry was ‘right-wing’ and ‘racist’ because he didn’t want goatfucking, murdering, rapeugee excrement in the United States….

  10. Jerry Lewis did one thing that wasn’t cringingly unfunny. His role in the king of comedy. Class film.
    The rest of the time he was the equal of Jim Carey, Miranda Hart, Norman Wisdom (insert pathetic gurning falling-over cunt of preference)

    • i always thought jerry lewis was playing himself in that film, which was honest of him because he was a rather unpleasant character. great performance by De Niro too.

  11. Both Brucie and Jerry Lewis have gone this past week, but the media still can’t shut up about Lady Died, who fucking croaked a fifth of a century ago… Now we’ve got Wills whining about how the press used to do anything to get ‘Mamseh’ to react to them… Well, it’s not as if she ever discouraged press coverage, is it?… What a load of bollocks…

      • Tv documentaries of lady di don’t portray lady diana as a one of many silver spooned princesses but basically as a god to be worshipped. Basically a feminist savior for the poverty stricken commoners if only her driver wasn’t loaded on pills and shitfaced on alcohol this world would have absolute peace on Earth had she lived

        Bullshit stories like she spent her free time saving the world and visting critically ill cancer patients on the verge of death at the hospital. Just these stupid fucking half baked made up stories to keep the griefjacking and merchandising hoax afloat

      • Will we now find out about some very dark doings that Brucie was up to , just like Jimmy Saville after he kicked it ?
        Brace yourselves

      • She’s morphed into Widmerpool…
        “Remember Widmerpool??”
        “How could anyone FORGET Widmerpool”

        Well the meejah won’t let us forget, that’s for sure.

        I wish Phil the Greek to be around to “Light the post-Brexit bonfire.”
        Am sure he will come up with some pearls of dukely wisdom…

  12. I really didn’t mind Brucie. At least he did put in the work, unlike some of these sick queers ruining our telly.

    Chris Tarrent didn’t really make it big until 1980 with Tiswas, thus avoiding Operation Yewtree. He’s a saint compared to that other cunt Noel Edmonds.

    Jerry Lewis was a different kettle of fish. A cunt by all measures. Didn’t he front “National make fun of the handicapped week” before David Walliams?

  13. To have been nominated so often and yet beat the dead pool when it mattered requires a particular type of cunt. These cunts are the ones whom, although you recognise them as a cunt, still attract grudging admiration. For me the likes of Simon Cowel is another such cunt. They are truly a superior type of cunt and have self-cuntified to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of cunts . Respect.

  14. Brucie always seemed like a decent bloke , very sincere. but then that old saying ‘ sincerity, if you can fake that, you’re half way there’, comes to mind so who knows.

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