The actual photo used in the Barnardo’s campaign.

Barnardo’s need a cunting…the dense cowardly cunts are running an anti Female Genital Mutilation campaign and using a picture of a young white girl in the sodding poster!.Firstly, I resent the implication that indigenous Britons would get involved in this medieval shite and secondly why not show faces from the actual community that practices it?? Fucking appeasing PC cunts.

Nominated by Mary Hinge.

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  1. If the idea of FGM is to deny the female pleasure through intercourse,they should just send them to me…I’ve been consistently disappointing women for 35 odd years.

  2. Unbelievable PC bollocks.
    Just checked up though and the stupid cunts have been forced into an apology thanks to upsetting just about everyone who saw this misrepresentation.

  3. If a positive image is required it is invariably someone of colour. However when the whole thing can only be negative they use a white girl. Why? Is it now racist to represent the truth? This vile practice is African and Muslim. An inconvenient truth which the appeasers have tried to get around.

  4. Mike Ashley is a fat cockney tight fisted cunt. This bloke who is somehow a multi billionaire came out a few years ago claiming he wanted to win something with Newcastle. I would usually have not blamed him for any problems that occurred after he started spending money on the club. But now the fat cunt has decided because we haven’t won anything yet he doesn’t want to spend anymore money on Newcastle. He reckons he can’t afford to giving anymore money yet Jabba the cunt has recently bought 200 million worth of property! And I wonder where it came from since he hasn’t got that money to spent? Fuck off back to your hole and sell Newcastle while your at it you lying humongous sub human tub of lard cunt!

    • I was about to post loikewise, Limpers…

      Given some of Barnardo’s past practices, I wouuldn’t be remotely surprised if they subjected white girls to FGM.

  5. Surely they should use a non-binary? Leftie immigrant appeasing Guardian reading peaceful loving granola crunching sandal wearing Green party voting CUNTS!

  6. The pc brigade are always barking on about the ethnic population being under-represented in the media.

    Here is their chance to improve the situation. I personally believe they are more than fairly represented on BBC’s Crimewatch.

    Never satisfied these non reflectives are they?

  7. I saw the poster. I too am quite pissed off at this distortion of truth. It is an African and Muslim practice to mutilate the genitals of young girls. It is also a practice ( and an accepted practice at that ) for men to sodomise young boys as an initiation rite.
    This “respect” for these cultural anomalies is a betrayal of humanity. It is our gutless politicians who are entirely to blame for allowing the gross import of fucking retarded cultures. To the showers with all of them. Cunts

  8. Saw a story today about a supermarket in Germany that has taken all foreign products off the shelves and replaced with a notice saying “isn’t life boring without diversity?”. Apparently this was to highlight a rise in hate crimes against immigrants.

    These virtue signalling cunts would be better off highlighting the problems of Merkle’s open boarder policy and the terror attacks,mass rapes and sexual assaults that cultural enrichment and diversity has brought them. A typical wankey liberal approach denying cunts ethnically sourced fair trade coffee and mung beans for some pc point scoring.

  9. Barnardos have harboured their fair share of child abusers and rapists over the years.

  10. Cunting inspired by comments above.

    Brighton, the Place to Be.

    Spotted a number of cunters admitting that they reside within the purlieus of Brighton and thus generating a fools paradise of interest. Allow me to mark some cards. Have had connections in Brighton for many a year. Have seen it evolve from Poof’s Paradise (which it still is me darlings) to a multi-gender-multi-cultural Greens/Labour cesspit. Along the way the classically (allegedly) dodgy council is obsessed with obliterating its delightfully seedy Vicky/Edwardian seaside heritage. After allowing the wonderful West Pier to burn and rot and replacing it with a glass doughnut viewing ring riding up and down on a phallus that grinds to a halt mid air whenever punters are aboard, next move in “regeneration” is stripping out all the remaining genuine heritage. Replacements? Endless booze joints stinking of stale beer and “clubs” thumping out mega loud bass.
    The greasers in The Council have trousered a vast quantity of Heritage, Lottery and EU Regeneration cashola. Natural next step? Use that money (though not all of it apparently, allegations of diversions into private slush funds, council bribery and corruption ect ect) to fuck over that for which it was intended ie The Heritage in favour of a weird pastiche of concrete and aluminium (in place of cast iron and brick) reminiscent of Ostend on speed. You can view this EU Remainers paradise from the new Zip Wire dear hearts.

    Fancy a walk on the wild side? An evening stroll skipping over spilt booze, used syringes, dosser turds and sharps safes (plastic boxes for used needles cunts) ? Watching a couple of dykes tongue fucking is sure to melt the hardest of hearts. The moon is out, is that a shooting star? (could it be Elizabeth Hurley or one of the slappers from Strictley?) Take a seat in a Magic Booth, one of the few remaining seaside shelters (avoid if possible unless they remind you of home, the ones with dosser cardboard that stinks of human piss and any with blood on the seats) . Your drugs of choice will be brought to you, Also avoid, unless that way inclined, the attentions of the dosser prossies, occasionally genuine refugees but mostly Rumanian skanks. Gotta be hard core to shag one of those. Respect if you can.

    So much to do, so much to see. A trip down Marine Drive to watch Dyke Beach Volleyball (avoid needles in the sand) is recommended if the cunter appreciates boy shaped fillies arses (fat arsed variety can’t hack it). Down towards the Marina the discerning cunter may view Pikeys on holiday, caravans nicely parked up in a public car park right on the sea. Heavenly. Opposite on the grass a benefits “refugee” camp of our young male muslim friends . Feeling so loved up now.
    Cunters with young children are sure to want to visit and play that old game “Spot a White Face”. Main areas like Western Road and London Road not recommended to avoid disappointment. Frustration and tantrum counseling readily available in Brighton.

    Also the Seagulls down here are mugging bastards (and I don’t just mean the football team).

    • Excellent cunting Sir Limpley, Blue Van Man and myself live in Brighton and share your sentiments exactly.Its ecome a liberal leftie Lezbo Homo fucking hell hole.

      • Sadly I do not exaggerate as Brightonian Cunters will know. The cunting is longer than me usual but even so I still cut meself off short. Plenty more where that came from. It would take a year of similar length cuntings just to get up to speed and that would not touch all the new Brighton cuntery coming in on a daily basis.

        Have not got started on poor old Hove yet.

      • Fucking hell. I thought I had it bad in the Midlands.
        Mind you, having a green party MP elected just about sums up the place and should be a warning to spend your holiday somewhere more British and traditional.
        No point in going abroad cos most of Europe is full of peaceful terrorists thanks to the likes of Merkel, and everywhere else is where they come from.

  11. I wish these peaceful letter box things in black sacks could get a further mutilation job done in order to stop them pumping out even more kalifate jihadists and burdens on the British taxpayer.

  12. She actually might be palestinian or syrian, various middle eastern tribes are pale white or hu white. Just saying…

    • Which is a fucking disgrace and someone at Barnados needs to be fucking shot (if they haven’t been sacked already)!

      Were there no blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls available to make it truly authentic?


      Any red-blooded male who doesn’t get off by making a good lady get off herself isn’t a man at all.

      That kind of man sees women as baby machines and young men as the ones to be “fucked”.

      Hang on, isn’t that what the “peaceful” lot…

      • Even women with fully intact vaginas can hardly get off but with it cut off you get a whole range of problems urine infections trouble pissing, scarring, painful intercourse and depression. FGM is just cruel unusual punishment basically

  13. What sort of fame hungry cunt parent would let their very young daughter appear in such an add?

    Its the same with some programmes, especially Law & Order Special Victims Unit. They have story lines that involve beasts getting up to all sorts of bad shite with kids and the directors get the kids to act out seedy situations or explain in great detail what a beast done to them.
    Just say this guy is a beast and we got the cunt. I don’t want mental images of what these cunts do. Its fuckin perverted and i don’t watch any shite like that anymore.
    But these parents who want there kids to be famous will put them in storylines that no rating system should allow to be screened and have probably just created the “kid that was raped on Law & Order” name tag that will follow them through school.

    The missus watches Special Victims Unit and the other night they had primary aged kids playing street walking child prostitutes. Wtf?????
    I’m no prude but as i said earlier, you don’t have to film whats going on, words are enough.
    That’s desperately sick as fuck.

      • I love the Law & Order with Vincent De Onofrio.

        Have you seen Criminal Minds?

        That’s just porn for seedy cunts that love to watch some abduction and torture.
        Every episode some cunts are tied up in some basement. Every episode.
        I also find it sick that they use real pictures of Americas favourite serial killers/torturers in their titles and even copy some of the evil acts in their storylines.
        Again, the missus watches that shite. Maybe i should sleep in a separate room with a locked door.

        In other news, Gotham series three starts here next Tuesday.
        Can’t fuckin wait.
        And I’m not even a fan of superhero shite apart from Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy………………………..and Daredevil. I loved Daredevil. (shame shame), but Gotham is Excellent with a capital ‘E’.

      • Best thing about law & order is the theme music not a huge fan of cop dramas a long boring cockfest of dullards. Vincent De Onofrio was great as the cunt who shot himself in full metal jacket.

        Loved that film when I was younger I used to own that movie probably watched it close to 40 times I’d say, at least. One of the better war movies out there anyway

  14. DeploytheSausage mentioned this the other day and i, as have other cunters, have mentioned it before .
    Spelling mistakes in your post that makes you look a doss cunt.

    I write the post, proof read the post, correct mistakes, proof read again, correct mistakes that were missed on first proof read, proof read again, see no mistakes, press post, read again, HOW????, HOW THE FUCK IS THERE THREE SPELLING MISTAKES?????

    This post is definitely spelling error free at time of posting.

  15. I can’t see the words female genital mutilation without singing it to the tune of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    • lol thats funny how the lyrics fit so well. Loved the classic cartoon of teenage mutant ninja turtles the retro cartoons from the 80’s and early 90’s were ace in my opinion

  16. We had a Banardos chugger turn up at our door just last week.

    ‘Would you be willing to make a donation to help?’

    ‘Sure, I’d be happy to donate £10, however you would spend £9 of that on advertising, CEO salaries and your wages, so I’ll cut out the middle man, here’s £1, now fuck-off’

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