Redefining ‘vulnerable’

I want to nominate – NewSpeak no. 1: “Vulnerable” – for a cunting.

Dictionary definitions – 1. Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. 1.1 (of a person) in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect.

Cunt definitions – 1. A person or persons who, while ostensibly the subject of caring left-wingers, remain for the most part a resource for certain left-wing activities, or ammunition for a political agenda. 1.1 An adjective used to categorise a person or persons for further use in achieving a left-wing political goal.

Examples –

“These homeless people are vulnerable, let’s help them for one day to make us feel good about ourselves, then forget about them for the rest of the year.”

“But the cyclist is vulnerable, so it can’t have possibly been their fault.”

Cunting details –

First of all of course there are vulnerable people (as in definition 1.) who require and duly receive help, from all people. This is good, and not the subject of this cunting. However, the nature of help that a certain type of lefty cuntbag – without enough self-awareness to see any kind of picture bigger than their own ego – likes to engage in, results in far less assistance for those that need it deserve, as their needs are absorbed into the whirlwind of ego-plumping, virtue signalling, and agenda bashing associated with such “help”.

To wit, (and here is my primary example), in a moment of “Brave New World” shock, I heard the term “hierarchy of vulnerability” used by a lady (who’s intentions were obviously bad to anyone other than herself) regarding the subject of road safety. The idea was that a persons responsibility for road safety was inversely proportional to that persons vulnerability. So, no matter what the circumstances, a pedestrian was less responsible than a cyclist, who was less responsible than a car driver etc.

To her, and possibly to many other cuntfaces, this makes perfect sense. “Yes”, they would say, “let’s make sure those horrid car drivers keep clear of the precious cyclists who can do no wrong. Oh won’t somebody think of the children!”

But of course this only would make any sense if everyone was exactly the same – but they aren’t are they you stupid fuckin cunts. Everyone is different, and there are a lot of stupid and dangerous cyclists and pedestrians on the road, while there are a lot of sensible ones too. Just like there are likewise drivers and pedestrians.

By unnecessarily classifying people as “vulnerable”, the result is that rather than their being a brave new world of safety and happiness for everyone (they are just trying to save lives remember), what actually happens is that those identified as vulnerable feel a undeserved and disproportionate sense of empowerment, and consequently act with less care, and more arrogance.

This literally results in a reversal of the natural order – and this isn’t a coincidence. The humanist and vapid ideology behind liberal thinking can only gain traction if it is seen to be working towards something better than what we had before. Unlike religion, liberal humanism doesn’t have the power of the fear of the collapse of civilisation behind it that religion does – it has to invent its own, so its power is the fear of a lack of perceived (yet non-existent) “equality”, which activists (cunts) are required to continually gossip publicly about until the state (god) is required to intervene.

So this is what vulnerability is mostly (there are exceptions) about for these bastard cunts. It’s about showing that this new utopia that they are creating is caring and appeals to the sympathetic urge in the short term. It doesn’t matter what the long term effects are, it doesn’t matter that cyclists run over red lights or undercut articulated lorries with impunity, paying for their life-taking risks with the entitlement afforded them by feel good bullshit propaganda. It doesn’t matter that school children walk in the middle of the road drunk on arrogance and ignorance while cars queue up behind them. No. As long as somebody feels that somebody cares about a victim group more than a perceived Victorian caricature, then someone (a cunt) can feel progressively more that there is some point to rewriting all the rules.

How about homeless people, are they vulnerable? Are they bollocks. They’re fucking tough as shit to be able to not only put up with the weather, lack of food and security, and the chance of being vomited on by a group of Marxist Society students (it should be the other way around) – not to mention the sympathetic looks from experts in pretending to give a shit. Of course you could easily be under the impression that almost all homeless people are just down on their luck, and couldn’t help it, but only a deluded self-satisfied cunt would think that. People are different, some like the chaos, some aren’t capable of living with others, some are just twats. The point is, most of them probably don’t deserve our sympathy, and none of them fucking want it.

But they are vulnerable, and so that means that hoards of do gooding twats will be up in arms anytime another sympathy slot comes up on BBC Breakfast (8.10am usually), a journalist needs something to do at the Guardian, or the Joseph Rowntree foundation needs to meet its monthly targets. Reality doesn’t matter – what matters is that there is a river of sentimentality flowing through the valley of homeless cyclists into the quango-mire of sympathy for more intervention by the state and state funded charities.

As stated at the beginning, yes there are vulnerable people who really need help – so go fucking help them you cunts and stop going on about it. Oh and FYI helping them doesn’t include giving money to charities who spend almost all of their money on high street shops, huge offices, and advertising campaigns. It doesn’t mean making them feel like the world owes them a favour. It doesn’t mean using them for political gain. And it cunting well doesn’t mean liking anything on facebook or retweeting something.

Fucking stop redefining language to make it suit your political agenda you ignorant, self-aggrandising cunts!

Nominated by Cunting Rank Wags

53 thoughts on “Redefining ‘vulnerable’

    • I have just discovered this guy thanks to someone on here, I actually watched that yesterday! Just started to watch his “meaning” series, its incredible.

      I have for several years realised that the religious age isn’t over, and never will be. There will always be faith and a “god”, the problem comes when there is enough of a subconsciously agreed group self-delusion to believe that rationality is the driving force behind what are essentially ignorant and fear based lazy and emotional assumptions. Its like we’ve been transported to communist Russia, and everyone is scared of simply saying the wrong thing, but somehow half the population is happy with it.

      Peterson seems to know so much more about this kind of thing. Its exceptionally interesting! And I have only just started his stuff 😀

      • Glad to be of service, I’ve watched the maps of meaning 2017 series and all the biblical lectures, utterly fascinating.

        He has studied totalitarianism for decades and really knows his stuff and by his own admission works 14 hours a day, which becomes clear given his output. the two Joe Rogan interviews are good two, 3 hours long each!

        He is popular because he has really hit a nerve, basically saying pull yourself together, take on responsibility and live a meaningful life, contrary to the SJW left wing nanny state nihilism.

      • I’ll be watching some more this weekend. 😀

        Haha responsibility, poison to a liberal.

  1. ‘Deprived’ always boils my piss. Deprived of what exactly? Apparently I live in a deprived area, but the only thing it is deprived of is good honest people who want to work for a living.

    • Usually NOT deprived of hard drugs, particularly in Wrexham…

      If you’ve had a tough life, I can be sympathetic, but the hard drugs biz only encourages the pushers, and although the alcohol issue is often raised, I still get the impression that alcoholism can be dealt with a little more easily (apologies in advance).

      I’ve drunk myself into near-oblivion on a few limited occasions, but I didn’t have to worry about HIV, syphilis, Hepatitis, or unwanted visits from the people that sold me the gear…
      I’ve now knocked it back to 96% strength Polish Spirit. Try a splash in Fernet Branca…
      May Dog bless the BVM of Czestochowa !!

  2. A brilliant cunting and the subject matter , well deserved our attention. This newly defined and applied politically engineered definition has crept in by stealth over many years!. It has been increasingly evident in Custody suites throughout the country and has been the cause of much irritation.

    Let me explain. Said cunt gets arrested by plod for some act against the civilised population, is taken to the custody suite ( used to be called a nick ) where he is kid gloved and addressed as “sir/madam” ( but never ( not now ) “Cunt” )

    Said piece of detritus then has “needs” Medical, Social economic etc.

    The Custody Sergeant then calls the on call Forensic/MO and I attend.

    I am confronted ( most often ) by a piece of shit that is clearly playing the system, has fuck all in the way of needs except a swift kick in the balls and a slap about the face.
    However, we have to play the game by the current set of left wing all inclusive cock sucking rules and we do so within the sight of cameras and audio pickups so we can be castrated a little later by some spotty faced overpaid po faced lefty cash hungry twat of a “brief”

    The poor cunt of a custody sergeant has ( when I am finished ) enough fucking paper to complete that would embarrass the bog roll puppy!

    The overriding concerns that he is compelled to establish are. “Vulnerability” and “Fit for Detention”

    Under the rules and the current distortion of the definition, every cunt is “vulnerable” ( Like shite they are ) This means that plod now has to risk assess this piece of shite as ” Vulnerable and at risk, perhaps of self harm” and it means that valuable Police time is spent watching by direct observation on the appropriate ( thats a fucking laugh ) frequency.

    Every vulnerable twat ( with only a few exceptions ) has been a social reprobate, pierced, unkempt unemployed ( deliberately ) labour activist, tree hugger, environmentalist, pro European gender undefined etc.

    They all have needs. The need to be cunted for the fucking little cunts that they are.

    It is the real Vulnerable people that I feel sorry for , not the new age wankers.

    • How do you deal with all the people who are wilfully blind? I thank God that I currently work in the Countryside in the south-east of the UK where it seems the general populous are switched on to this is the sense that they never bought the PC bullshit in the first place. How common this must be, and how misrepresentative the broadcast media are in the west. What utter cunts.

    • Vulnerability follows one of Newton’s Laws, and comes with an equal reaction.
      The “Safe Space”….

  3. When I was driving in my van when I heard that bitch say that, it wasn’t silent in there I can tell you.

    There’s going to be a breaking point when the general populous wakes up to the motivations of people like this, lets hope that happens and your ideal world comes about before its too late.

  4. Superb, accurate and fitting cunting. I doff my cap to you.

    Every single person in the eyes of the neo-liberal (old fascist) agenda is “vulnerable” with the exception of one group of individuals: the hated middle-aged white man.

    They are evil because they’re a) white and therefore racist (see the Abbott/Shah principle on race where it clearly states any white person is racist and therefore deserves everything they get from non-whites including, rape), and b) they’re fascist because they work, pay taxes and can afford things which the work-shy can’t afford (not yet at least, once Jezza gets in fuelled by the Abbott/Shah principle they’ll be getting handouts in order to afford Galaxy 8S’s rather than just 8’s and 60″ TVs rather than the 50″ one they have now – is it me or do all of the cunts on benefits seem to all have fuck off TVs, latest phones and Sky?).

    If you were to replace the word “vulnerable” (as used by the ABBC) with the word “cunt” you’d probably be right 99% of the time.

    Just the other day – in reference to “peaceful” cunts in Barcelona – some neo-liberal, gob-shite, lickspittle twat was exclaiming that most of the “misguided” “peaceful” individuals became terrorists because they felt “vulnerable” withintheir communities.

    Fuck off! They become terrorists because they hate any cunt not of their own sick belief system. They must feel really “vulnerable” while emptying and AK-47 into a crowded stadium, ploughing through a crowd of people in an articulated lorry or wearing that bomb vest!

    Again this is all part of the neo-Liberal agenda fuelled by the “vulnerable” cunts at the tech giant firms (“vulnerable” as they are targeted for “hate speech”) propagating this shite via their social media group-think applications.

    The cunts!

    • Fuck that reminds me there was something on the radio the other day where some twat had aligned priviledge with original sin and had written some shitty poem or something about it saying things like if you are priviledged then you spend your life in shame etc.

      Fucking cunt I have to remember that shit!

  5. To her, and possibly to many other cuntfaces……wins the internet this week. Hands down. Speaking of hands down. I’m expecting a robust policing of the Nothing Hill rum and stab fest this weekend. So we’ll be seeing on the BBC many reports of arrests and accompanying pictures of said offenders so we can know the race involved. Fasten your seatbelts, tune in and drop off …and be robbed and stabbed in the process.

  6. You are given £11 million by the government. Do you

    a) Spend it helping the homeless. Only the genuine homeless who have mental problems or other conditions that make them truly vulnerable, as opposed to cunts who can afford a dog, tattoos, pieces of metal in their faces, and a diet of fucking special brew.


    b) Spunk the whole lot on the Madeline Mccann investigation.

    • I look forward to the next “5yrs on” anniversary media frenzy of her disappearance just so we can see that stretched-faced (crocodile) teared woman and her cuckold husband “pretending” to look for her.

      • The McCunts should get fuck all… It’s because of their own selfishness and stupidty that the kid vanished anyway… There’s something I don’t like about them anyway, and it’s not just the way they’ve milked the young ‘un’s ‘disappearance’ either… I have always smelt a big fat stinking rat where they are concerned..

      • Totally agree Norman regarding the MC Cunts, there’s something very wrong with whole thing, and I also found them instantly dislikeable…..
        Excellent cunting CRW
        And some top quality posts….👍

      • Heard the one about the two highly-professional medics who accidentally OD’d their stroppy kid on Calpol ?

        Or maybe just sold her to some itinerant diddler…

      • As an anaesthetist I think there was some “slightly stronger” items available than Calpol (not available over the counter mind)…

        Like I say, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

        Still I bet the meal was good. Away from the hotel. Round the corner in another bar/eatery. What could possibly go wrong…

        Whether they DID or didn’t do it is irrelevant. The fact that they are lorded over by the virtue signalling media just because they’re “professional” and work in the NHS (i.e. signed on neo-liberals in the meejahs eyes) then they are unimpeachable.

        Sad as it may sound, had it been the skank I mention above and one of her kid’s many Uncles in a bar round the corner of their hotel in Albufiera then they would have been pilloried and ostracised, and – for that matter – the remainder of her Xylophone of kids taken off her and put in care.

        Not so Kate and Jerry. Accidentally losing one of their kids (through dereliction) was just a bit of hijinks wasn’t it…

        Fucking cunts!

      • It’s how the Mcanns spend a lot of time and money trying to silence anyone that attempts to expose them either through books or media. Anyone else would be so consumed looking for their kid that they would rather spend the cash on that. No, there’s something very iffy about them especially Jerry Mcann , he seems a very controlling manipulative cunt.

      • Oh you can invest your time and efforts against publications, etc., which may besmirch your name, when you know that investing your time and efforts on the matter at hand is futile…

      • They did it! Everyone kniws it. They are highly manuipulative individuals who have pulled the wool over many eyes: but not mine…

  7. The word ‘vulnerable’ is now misused and abused like so many others… A 35 year old greasy as fuck Dave Clark look-alike terrorist cunt from the Calais shitheap is ‘vulnerable’…. That useless, diving, ‘I cried at Anfield when I got fouled’ sack of shit, Nani, is a United ‘legend’… The skeletal media whore that is Dog Spice is a ‘fashion designer’… While tuneless cunts like Bonebag Swift, Chickboy Gaga, and that Ginger Gargoyle Sheeran are ‘musical icons’ and ‘gamechangers’… Oh and Jodie Thingy is some sort of ‘feminist crusader’ when in actual fact she is just an actress who got a part due to a baying PC femstapo mob and who just might kill off Doctor Who for good… What a load of shite….

  8. ‘Poverty’ is another corker… There are cunts who have mobile phones and laptops who cry ‘poverty’ these days… And that horrible snowflake cunt, Jim/Joe/Jack/John Monroe: bleating on its ‘foodie blog (I know, for fuck’s sake)’ about being in poverty, while living in a nice flat and coming from a rich family… And this dyke gremlin had the nerve to call out Hopkins over telling porkies…. Cunt….

  9. Food banks is another. Listen to the fucking do-gooders bleating that 20 million cunts now use food banks. They fail to mention that 98% of these cunts blow their entire disposable income on fags, booze and drugs.

    • Dead right… Like these scum who go into ‘Maccy-Dees’ and ‘KFC’, then they’ll saunter into Bargain Booze, and then complain that they can’t afford to buy food or pay bills… Like a real life version of Mrs & Mrs Eight Ace from Viz…

      • Always used to tickle me – well actually no, piss me off – when the local skank used to drop her xylophone of pre-school kids off at the nursery FOC where it was costing me a fortune to put my youngest in (while the Mrs worked), via the “peaceful” corner shop (you can tell by the placcy bags they use) armed with a 3ltr bottle of White Lightening, a small foil pack of Golden Virginia and a pack of green Rizlas. I’m betting it wasn’t just a filter she was putting in her rollies either!

        Occasionally the “Uncle of the Week” would drop them off armed with the same bag of goodies.

        These “Uncles” would usually hang around long enough to get said skank up the duff again before disappearing quicker than Lucan on Shergar!

        Nice to know I’m picking up the tab for the jizz that didn’t run down her leg!

        But her and hers are “vulnerable” and so need that fully-loaded 5 bedroom house (FOC) that I couldn’t afford in my wildest fucking dreams! The cunt!

    • Another place to find a high quality cunt or two is in your local coop? , I was standing in the queue the other day behind 2 mums both appeared to have about 5-6 children with them, I couldn’t count as the kids were running around the shop screaming like fucking banchees!, at no point did either peroxide haired soft clothed ( 2 piece fleece suit) cunt try to reign them in!, first woman ” can I have £20 on the electric?, 80 benson and hedges, 4 euro millions tickets 4 lottery tickets ? ” and what appeared to be a fucking fistful of scratch cards!!
      Although their kids were completely unruly at least I found comfort in the fact their mums didn’t waste their benefit hand outs buying fucking shite!!

  10. The ‘Princess Of Tarts’, Lady Died, did the ‘vulnerable’ bit many times… Most famously on that stinking Panorama interview: where she tilted her bouffanted bonce forward and widened her eyes like a bush baby on crack, while simpering all the while to look the injured party and ‘vulnerable’… Vulnerable?! She was about as vulnerable as a rattlesnake and I think her ‘doe eyed’ routine made her look like a coked up mong…

    • I know Charlie is a bit of a crazy cunt (well he actually enjoys boffing Camilla for a start!), but he’s well out of that… Camilla may look like a coiffured saddlebag, but I bet she’s nowhere near as much of a pain in the arse as the Princess Of Trollops was…

  11. Always thought it a little strange that a music concert was held in her memory as she had no obvious association with music.

    I think they could have arranged something more in keeping with her life and work, maybe a gang bang in a minefield…..

    • “And it seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind getting gangbanged in a minefield while the rains setting in”

  12. An emergency cunting – yet again – of the ABBC is required.

    The ABBC’s Christmas has come early.

    A white paedo sex offender has been done. ABBC with the full splash of his name “Ian Watkins” (and picture) emblazoned in huge letters while they list the lead up to his arrest.

    Ian Watkins is a paedo sex offending cunt!

    However…when the Rotherham “peaceful” grooming rapist cunts were done they were “some men”, that was it. I have no doubt if I could be arsed to go online and enquire there’d be a list (well until Goocuntle suppresses it as not relevant/hateful).

    Couple of weeks back the next “peaceful” grooming rapist cunts in Newcastle were reported… “some men”.

    Look you ABBC cunts! If you do your damnednes to suppress, hide or disguise the identity of any fucker of any act of crime or terrorism then guess what? We know that said perpetrator is undoubtedly going to be a “peaceful” cunt, so don’t even bother trying YOU CUNTS!

    Oh and to just prove the point, the name “Darren Osborne” was splashed all over the place on the ABBC before that (dozy, stupid) cunt’s engine had even stopped ticking over!


    Next up (on their ticker line): “Two *WHITE* South African men have been convicted of…” – this is true. These evil cunts grabbed a black fella, doused him in petrol, chucked him in a coffin and threatened to light it.

    But what if Fox were to say: “Two *BLACK* men have been convicted of…”

    There’d be an uproar from BLM/AntiFa (i.e. neo fascists)/SJWs the world over decrying that their colour was not relevant to the story and that this is *hate*.

    So ABBC – seeing how I pay your fucking wages – if you are going to name people, name *ALL* people!

    If you are going to colour people, colour *ALL* people!

    You are after all “supposed” to be impartial. Hah that’s a fucking joke – you ABBC CUNTS!

    • When ever Muslim Kiddy fiddlers are briefly mentioned, you can fuckin be sure the BBC will divert our attention from the filthy cunts to some white nonce. Not one of these peaceful cunts were spoken about in detail but Ian Watkins gets the full lowdown . Why is this ?

  13. Maybe vulnerable could describe the teary eyed grown ups crying coz a big clock in London won’t be bonging for a while. Call me a cunt coz I am

  14. My mate who was caught with £120,000 of cocaine in his flat got only three years coz he was described by his lawyer as “vulnerable”, and felt pressure from bad guys.
    It even made the paper that he was “vulnerable” and i have never let the vulnerable cunt forget it.
    The lucky cunt got out two months ago after serving less than a year and has a curfew and ankle bracelet.
    So if you are caught doing some mad shite, the word “vulnerable” is yer get out of jail early card.
    If you can handle the shame if a national newspaper calling you vulnerable, that is.

  15. Good Christ . Craig Mackie, high up cunt in the Met is saying police will give priority to vulnerable and non-English-speaking victims of crime. I am actually speechless.

    • Why what else were you expecting from the office of Cresida Dick(less)?

      Surprised the term “Boys on Blue” hasn’t been replaced with: “Non specific gender persons in any non-deterministic colour but preferably pink”!

      The world has gone insane!

  16. Stormzy is a cunt….
    Rubbish grime ‘artist’ and professional minority spokesperson has got himself a Twitter battle with the metropolitan police. After a series of raids by the police in an attempt to prevent some forms of crime occurring at the Notting hill carnival, this talent free twat attacked the mets’ use of Twitter to highlight the arrests, asking how many arrests did they make before Glastonbury, and are the ‘feds’ only strong arming black events. Fortunately, some cop there still has at least one bollock, and called him out, saying that no fucker ever gets stabbed at Glastonbury, unlike the 80 odd fuckers at last years carnival. The worlds supply of plywood being used to board up anything of value is a small indicator of how peaceful and friendly, and most importantly crime free this stupid carnival is going to be, as it always is. So, fuck off Stormzy, with you piss poor excuse for music, and your stupid name, and leave the current affairs to people that have more brain cells than toes.

      • Fuck da co-op.

        This tells me that i can never feel any guilt over the thousands of pounds of white goods i used to buy on higher purchase using false names and selling them on, many years ago in my early twenties.

        How fuckin dare a dying chain dictate to us what we should be buying. Cunts and muslime loving cunts at that.
        This boycotting of Israeli goods only makes me seek out Israeli goods to purchase. Some great vegetarian food comes out of Israel.

        Anyway, my boycotting of all things muslime is still ongoing and i hope my fellow cunters also boycott any parking Stanl….fuck it, PAKI or any other muslime cunt business.
        Last night going to by some smokes, i had to pass the myriad of kebab shops with all these spics and Brits eating there. It was all i could do to not turn all the tables and chairs over.
        I know that makes me sound like a chav, but lately when i leave the house i go “keys-check, money-check, hankies for my never ending runny nose-check, clenched fists-double check.

    • Grime? Sounds like shite to me… Upppity twat. Notting Hill carnival is vile. Spent many a year there as plod. Met police have rolled out it gold token : Robyn Williams. She is black so she is DOWN WITH THE YOOF, IN IT.

      Imagine if a white group wanted to hold a similar large scale event that attracted the same level of crime?

    • Said one bollock “fed” will no doubt have no job courtesy of Cresida Dick(less) come Tuesday for not being “on message”.

      They weren’t stabbings just 80 unfortunate accidents…

      • First honky plod dancing with black woman will be gold to MPS press bureau. Shut the fucking stab fest down.

  17. Craig Mackee Met police ( and I one was 16 years: had to leave as I accidentally misgendered some hyterical cock in a frock trannie) is a fat appeasing cunt. No one who sells salad would ever feel vulnerable with him around….

      • long story…. met now has a twat with two warrant cards: one as Callum and one as Abi (tranny persona.) Comes to work dressed acoording to how thwy feel that day: Abi or Callum. What an absolute load of wank. Met him when he was dragged up : cross between Danny La Rue and a gorilla.

        Some lefty peaceful appeaser is on LBC saying we should not highlight muslim grooming gangs as it is RRRRAAAACCCCCOIIISSSSTTTTTTT.

  18. A multitude of fuckers get stabbed at the Notting Hill Carnival.
    Nothing to see, business as usual…

    One biker gets offed riding AWAY (miles away) from the Bulldog Bash.
    All over the papers and TV news, Plod squeals that the event should be permanently stopped…

    Anyone else getting fucked off with being a second class citizen?

    • Some uppity twat on LBC earlier: “It is the only 2 days a year when black people can celebrate black culture.” Then blabbed on about whities stealing his land in Jamacia and being given a slave name:yawn….. Actually black culture is celebrated everyday: indeed ime got wasted last night. I can see the obituary now: Talented footballer, aspring rapper, mentor to the young…..SCUM

  19. If Abdul has 4 apples and Mohamed has 5, Salmon has 6 apples and Ali has 3

    How big is the blast zone ?

    • Hah, reminds me of this one…

      Teacher: “Sara. If you have 4 sweets and Rachel has none. How many sweets would you have if you shared them? ”

      Sara: “Two sweets Miss!”

      Teacher: “And William. If you have 10 sweets and Robert has none. How many sweets would you have if you shared them? ”

      William: “Five sweets Miss!”

      Teacher: “And Brian. If you have 6 sweets and Mohamed has none. How many sweets would you have if you shared them? ”

      Brian: “Six sweets Miss.”


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