Matt and Lori Duron

Matt and Lori Duron are utter cunts.I think the picture above speaks for itself.This is their 10-year-old son C.J who is “gender nonconforming or gender variant”.They took him to a pride event and anyone who is familiar with pride knows that it is overtly sexual and filled with cunts wanting to shock and disgust people and blame it on homophobia.As you can all probably guess the Mother Lori has written a book based on a blog called “Raising the Rainbow” discussing her son’s fondness for girl clothes and toys despite him also liking boys clothes and stuff.I tried reading the blog but it was badly written narcissistic garbage (No surprises there) but was filled in the comments section with vacuous brown nosing comments with key buzz words such as “inspirational” and all that utter new age wank.I bet these arse licking commenters would cheer if the parents made their son shove a used tampon up his own arse!

What perfectly illustrates these morons despicable lack of self-awareness and responsibility is their response to Hollywood Actor James Woods tweeting to the above picture “This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you’ve done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage “.They accused Woods of attacking their son and did not mention or seem to comprehend he was criticizing them as parents for blatantly using their child in an exploitative fashion in order to further their Social Justice agenda.Turns out the boy has been documented by his parents publicly since 5.Fucking 5? I bet if a child was being raised in a religious cult then these modern parents lookalikes from VIz would gasp at how awful it was even though they are guilty of the same sort of coercive abuse.I love how they and the Twittermongs and their fans such as shirt lifter Neil Patrick Harris don`t appreciate that exploiting a child in such a way is likely to cause them severe psychological problems down the line which is what James was getting at.

The funniest irony is that these so called parents would not let their son stay at Pride when they went home.So that is where they draw the line.At least there is one I guess.Fucking pitiful excuse for parents!CUNTS!!!!!!

Nominated by Shaun

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  1. some parents are just plain cunts.
    lets hope this youngster sorts his own stuff out before he starts secondary school cos if he goes to one anything like mine was the poor cunts fucked.

  2. How long ago would this behaviour been seen as child abuse and the child taken away from the parents?

    Not long I reckon, as little as 10 years.

    Poor cunt is going to grow up severely damaged by this. How much is his ‘behaviour’ coercion from the parents, most of it clearly, imposing their agenda on their offspring, quite sad really.

    • Some time in the next few years we’ll be reading about what happened when this little cunt snapped and took an AK-47 to school with him.

  3. This pair of cunts have to be Yanks…..California surely? Matt’s t-shirt gives the game away….”on the right side of history.” These wankers have watched too many documentaries about the 1960’s and said ” where’s my fucking heroic cause?” It could have been animal rights or anti abortion but gender bending is the latest fashion and gets the most attention. I wouldn’t worry about the boy…..some young girl will wave her arse at him and nature will do the rest. Teenagers are naturally rebellious and like to make their parents look even bigger cunts than they already are.

  4. I tried the wife’s skimpies on once. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t make me a homo, “gender fluid”, or anything else, but I do know one thing for certain. The male body sure as fuck isn’t built for wearing womens clothes. Bits hanging out everywhere. Once CJ (Cunt Juice perhaps?) develops and decides that he too looks, and always looked, a cunt in womens attire then I’d be running for the hills if I was his parents.

  5. The sooner this kid escapes from his parents the better. They should be done for playing with his impressionable mind. LGBT Im with Islam on that one.

  6. I didn’t get where I am today without knowing anyone who calls their kid CJ is obviously a cunt….

  7. I don’t get it. You can be a boy and like pink. You can be a girl and like football. These people all claim to be ‘anti-labels’ etc but these are the same cunts rushing to the papers to label their kid ‘gender neutral’ before it’s out of nappies.

    Just fuck off and be normal will you.

  8. These sick, evil cunts are the sort of blight on humanity that sometimes make people wish that Hitler had won….

  9. I notice that mum and dad are very conforming to their gender, so why the fuck are those hypocrites pushing their dipshit, PC beliefs on their son?

  10. Poor kid. Those parents should let him be what he wants to be and nurture it. Not fucking force what they want on him for publicity. Total cunts.

  11. But we all know the libtard left are inherently racist and homophobic. Hence why they wouldn’t leave their son/daughter/ gender translucent person at the festival. Same reason sir blob goatloaf and Mary Linekar will still have zero immigrants in their multi million pound homes and why George the Looney Clooney rambles on about how great immigration is yet is thinking about moving from the English countryside to LA as it’s safer !!

  12. This is exactly the sort of mess the liberal left are prepared to make of their own fucking kids. God only knows what will happen to the country if they ever get their Birkenstock-clad feet in the door of no. 10.

    I despise this sort of thing on so many fucking levels. The absolute fucking idiocy of the concept of non-conformist genders, the enforcing/pandering of this notion to a pre-pubescent child, and the fact that these cunts are only too delighted to go public and scream ‘look at us – progressive parents’.

    It makes me laugh when people keep telling me that kids are so important to be tomorrow’s doctors, scientists and carers. No, tomorrow’s kids are going to be one giagantic fucked up collective; panicking about safe spaces and infested with all the fucking dreadful nuances of the far left. I think I’ll take my chances with infirmity and illness in old age than be dealt with by these creations, thanks.

    • Pity the teachers who have to put up with this shit. And I don’t usually have any time for teachers.
      Good on James Wood. A Hollywood star who isn’t a complete cunt.

      • Christ, 100%. I wouldn’t be a teacher for any money. Literally, the entrance salaries could be upward of £200k and I would not consider it for a second. Bad enough teachers being screwed at every opportunity; now they have to be psychologists and fully up to speed on the full list of fucking different ‘made-up’ versions of gender/sex. (yes really – read.)

        This, to me, is what the consequences are for not disciplining children appropriately at the right age, and for the continued deterioration of the man’s role in family life/society. It is only going to get worse. Nobody can be given a stern talking to without being a ‘victim’, ‘shamed’, ‘bullied’. Holy fuck what is going to become of the world.

        James Woods is a rare animal – a straight-talking, famous, non-cunt.

    • Its complete bollocks all this gender crap mate . Being gay is natural in mammals around 10% of any mammal species give or take a few % either way are gay.
      so some reason evolution has worked this way .

      i don’t see many gender fluid , non binary, pansexual lions, tigers or bears (oooo my ) anywhere in the animal kingdom. Proving its all made up victim status bullshit .

      • “James Woods is a rare animal a straight-talking, famous, non-cunt”

        I agree I really like James Woods voice. He could probably sell you a popsicle dipped in ketchup he’s such a good sell anything kind of salemens thats how powerful his voice is. Loved Videodrome and Cop my favorite films from him

      • Videdrome is one of my favourite films of all time. Woods however is unmatched in ‘Once Upon a Time in America’, outshining De Niro.

      • White House Down is an overblown, preposterous, ludicrous movie, but Woods as the crazy bad guy made it fun.
        Bet the poor sod never works in Hollywood again…

      • I DO believe that London Zoo has some gay penguins, but I think months ago a fellow cunter posted a link to a Tone Bliar photo of the President of the Universe holding a placard “I bummed a penguin once, but think I got away with it”
        I guess Hampstead isn’t too far from the Zoo, so the current gay penguin was probably Bliar’s victim…

  13. BMW drivers. I have an early finish today due to one of these cunts, who the fuck pulls into the path of a 40 ton artic? A BMW driving cunt using his phone that’s who, then he tried to blame me for writing his car off, he should be thanking me for reacting quickly otherwise I’d have gone right over his car with him in it.

    • Any cunt using a phone while driving should have their lives terminated.!They are all arrogant cunts.

  14. Goddamit it ain’t rocket surgery FFS. Has it got cock or a flange? Whatever junk the poor cunt is packing, just dress it accordingly and leave it grow up normally. Christ, life can be hard enough without adding pointless shite like this to it. I hope he makes the fucktards suffer when he’s old enough to realise what they’ve done to him.

  15. ‘My son wears dresses and makeup, get over it’

    Get over it?
    I wouldn’t have known or given a shite if you hadn’t thrust the wee wierdo on the world.

    No, i’m not going to “get over it” just to make you two cry yerselves to sleep .

    They should maybe realise that all us naysayers are actually the voice of reason, and that gender is real.


    When i was four, i spied my sisters ballet tutu and put it on.
    My mater burst into the room, took a Polaroid and used that pic as a devise to make me behave myself or I’d be shamed.

    The bitch shamed me anyway and was always showing any pal that came to our house.

    Thankfully i turned out OK.

    • Apart from the bodies in the freeze, wardrobe, garage walls, crawl space and attic ? We’ll not mention the pillow cases made of real skin either lol

    • Could you use this photo of as your avatar ? You’re facebook friends would enjoy it,as would I.

  16. James Woods i salute you sir one of the only rational statement s to come out of hollyweird in a long time . I cant think of anyone else from that fucked up place except Arnold Schwarzenegger who seems to have his head screwd on right .

    Shite parent s like this only strengthen my belief that every person should have a birth control implant so they cant have kids , unless they can prove they can a) financially support that child ,b) are mentally stable and c) not fucking stupid dribbling morons .

    Already have to many ppl in this world we don’t need more damaged or thick kids to take there parents places .

  17. Bring back the School Bully…Spoiled,pampered,effeminate freaks like this brat need toughening up. A good beating every now and then might help the nancy-boy to make up his mind about what gender he is. Peer-pressure is a useful thing when it comes to sorting out attention-seeking “individuals”. It does them good to realise that not everyone is quite so “enlightened” as their parents would have them believe…Indeed,although I’m forty years too late,I’d still go to the trouble of gobbing on this little weirdo if I saw him fairying around in public.

    The parents are probably deviants themselves. Why else would they encourage such behaviour,unless they had an eye on some prize? The police should investigate their “little peccadilloes”, they’ll probably discover that the parents are into…well,anything small and tight.

    Poovery,lesbianism, transsexualism, gender-fluidity…all the same thing…. Deviancy. It should be stamped on at the first sign. It’s not fair on the kids to allow them to grow into deviants,and it’s not fair on the rest of the population who are forced to endure a never ending stream of “flamboyant” characters who would be better served by being sent to a reeducation camp than celebrated as some kind of heroes.

    • Not all bullies are bad I knew of a nicer bully from school who was just more of a shit starter then the cruel pick on weak sort. Its like he just wanted the others to stick up for themselves

      I dunno tho, a lot of mean bullies too that probably deserved to be gassed in a gas chamber somewhere so can’t say I fully agree with you I can think of a few who were just cunts to me in school

      • No such thing a true lesbian very rare, women instinctively hate each other. Lezzer Relationships are very short lived also lesbian sex usually involves a phallic object of some sort, just saying..

        They can only trib their cuntbox’s together for so long before it gets pointless

      • So that’s what tribbing is.

        I can download some now. I’d seen it advertised but didn’t want to open any trapdoors.

  18. People like this make me glad we’re slowly driving towards another human extinction. What a couple of utter cunts they are. What hope do the future generations have with mamby-pamby wetbags like that at the parenting helm?

    Stupid cunts think their ‘pro-choice parenting’ style is going to revolutionize the world. All It’s going to create is unnecessary ambiguity where there should be certainty, identity crisis where there should be happy kids finding out who they are and a socially retarded generation full of neo-liberal donkeys who think they can solve everything by asking gently and not causing their poor little angels too much discomfort.

    Little cunts need some boot-camp 1984-style education, starting with that good-for-nothing can’t-make-it’s-fucking-mind-up Jaden ‘gender-neutral’ Smith.

    Solid Gold Cunt he/she/it is.

    • Second that, round up these Arthur and Martha’s and bring Gunnery Sgt Hartman from Full Metal Jacket out of retirement to shape them up.

  19. It’s all about the destruction of the family unit.
    From there you can control and oppress.
    The freaks need to be sorted out.
    Part of me really hopes the muzzrats take over and that really is disturbing.

      • Succumbed to an aneurism whilst fuming at his keyboard?
        Wanked himself to death?
        Arrested for online abuse? That’d be hilarious…

      • Struck me as one of those basement-dwellers you see getting a knock on the door from a YouTube paedophile hunter.

      • Hopefully 32’d, now crying into his beanbag, and getting his nightly hypo-stab at the hands of Nurse Ratchett

  20. Bet the little faggot gets the shit kicked out of him every day!

    All coz his parents are a couple of prize cunts.
    What a pair of sjw wankcrust lefty twats.

    Well cunted shaun.

    • I know times change but thinking back to my comp, I can only imagine the level of brutality that kid would be facing on an almost hourly basis.

      I don’t advocate violence for a moment but this is what happens when parents have no fucking boundaries.

      • Or brain cells.
        They believe their ideology makes them intellectually superior to “mere, ordinary” people.
        The most dangerous kind of cunts, if given the upper hand in any society.
        They will do anything to anyone and consider all unbelievers expendable.
        Sound familiar?

  21. I hope the cunt never never leaves home. See how happy the parents are when their son is fifty,bald still wearing a dress and taking up room on their sofa.

    • A long spell in the army for that boy, be made to witness the most unimaginable horrors, the poor little cunt is past any help so its no longer an issue.
      Oh, and a severe beating for the parents. I bet old James woods would love to administer the beating.

    • “See how happy the parents are when their son is fifty,bald still wearing a dress and taking up room on their sofa.”

      Sounds like the not-too-distant future for Ricky’s folks.

  22. They say a picture is worth a thousand words?? Unfortunately in this case it’s incorrect!!
    I can only think of one…..

    • Spot on. A fair chance that kid will grow up to despise these two cunt-wits.

  23. As if the Al-BBC could pack in any more cuntitude to the once, various presenters and ‘stars’ are sweating as individual salaries are set to be revealed.

    Lineker expected to be named as one of 100 cunts on the gravy train paid more than the UK PM. One cunt is apparently on close to £2million. Delighted to hear my licence fee is so fucking frugally well spent.

    This should be good. The Beeb have warned those set to be named to ‘expect backlash’.

      • Linekwr is a worthless jugg eared head in the liberal trough narcissistic overated cunt!I would fuck his ex wife though.Divorced her because she wanted another kid.Would gladly do the deed myself.

  24. I once knew a couple who’s foster son dressed up and put makeup on.
    I must have blocked it out of my memory coz of the distress.

    I only saw it happen once. We were sat having a brew and he came down the stairs in a gown and blusher.
    I laughed thinking it was a joke and was told that he likes it and does it often and I’m out of order.
    The thing is, the ‘boy’ was like a box of monkeys in male attire but put that frock and makeup on and he developed a calm persona.
    He was seven when i saw this and haven’t seen him since as his foster parents stopped speaking to me after my pisstake of the situation.

    I can’t believe i forgot about them.

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