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Steven Moffat’s crimes against my favourite childhood show mean Moffat is due another cunting on this esteemed website. Dr Who was (and should be) a kids’ show. It was always a bit cheesy and the effects were crap. But the point is, it was FUN. Tom Baker’s ludicrous overacting when trying to keep a straight face when faced with yet another “alien” that was clearly an extra covered in tinfoil and various bits of leftover props from other BBC shows. The goodies were good and the baddies were bad – only the Emperor in Star Wars comes close to Davros for sheer bloody-minded evil. I’m pretty sure Davros was wanking in that chair when he told Tom Baker he would release a virus that would destroy all lifeforms in the galaxy.

I saw the first episode of the latest series and didn’t have much of an opinion one way or the other. Pearl Mackie is neither the best nor the worst actress to play a Dr Who companion. I didn’t watch the rest of the series. But last night I got around to watching the first part of the Cybermen story. Fuck me, I don’t know what that was but it wasn’t Dr Who. The Cybermen should be doing something demented and improbable like taking over the Moon to use the tides to destroy the Earth or crashing a spaceship to wipe out the dinosaurs. The biggest problem though was that the episode was dull, so dull.

As I said, Dr Who should be fun; the crazier the plan by the Daleks or Cybermen or Ice Warriors the better. And I bet the BBC wouldn’t ever show Tom Baker’s one and only Cybermen story again – the Doctor and a couple of other characters were forced by the silver maniacs to wear suicide belts to blow up the planet of gold. They wouldn’t show that because retards would say it was a coded attack on everyone’s favourite victim group.

I’m not actually opposed to a female lead if the producers had a particular person in mind who they believed would be right for role. But it just seems that Moffat wanted a woman, any woman for the job. And most of the wankstains who go on about this don’t seem to be Dr Who fans anyway; why the fuck do they care about who plays the main character in a show they don’t even watch?

And Moffat, I’d just like to say that anyone who comes up with their own nickname – like perennial ISAC nominee Bonio – is a total and utter bellend. “Grand Moff” for fuck’s sake! What’s that sound I hear? It’s peter Cushing spinning in his grave.

Nominated by Cunts mate Cunt

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  1. The thing with the ‘Moff’ cunt is this… If this bird is a success as the ‘Doctor’ the pube headed egomaniac will lap up all the credit…. Saying he did the ‘groundwork’ (he craves PC kudos enough as it is) and all that crap…. However, if she falls on her rather nice arse (sexism?! Tut Tut!) and fans just refuse to accept it and there’s a massive backlash, the pube headed cockgobbler will say ‘Hey! It wasn’t me! I didn’t give her the part! It was that Chibnall bloke! I’m old school like you guys, I was with you all along! Honest!’

    Moffatt is the worst thing to happen to Who since John Nathan Turner (cunt) attempted to ruin it in the 80s… The RTD/Tennant years were far from perfect, but it now seems like a lost golden era compared to any crap that Moffatt has served up…. Too many cringeworthy bits to mention… River Twat Song, the dyke lizard woman and her dyke housemaid, UNIT as all wimmin, that ‘Osgood’ cunt, ‘The Clara Show’ (cue Muppets theme), that mekon headed goggle eyed ‘Me’ cunt, fucking Missy etc… They are just a few, but the gruesome nadir was the Bill the Black Lezza… Shame The (real male) Master didn’t put her in a tin of cat food instead of a cyberman suit….

  2. Worst bit ever? Well, apart from every fucker having to fancy the Black Lezza everywhere and anywhere (‘Errr… I’s into wimmin, sorree to crush yer dreams like, Bro’), for me it was the Ice Warrior Queen (another never seen before PC invention! Even the villains are fucking wimmin now!) totally ignoring Capaldi’s Doctor and deferring to ‘Bill’… It was like ‘2000 year old Time Lord? The hero of this picture? Fuck him! He’s just a daft man! I want to hear what the Black Lezza has to say! Lezzars are doin’ it for themselves (Oh ye-es we arrre!)!’… The Grand Cunt Moff and his partner in err crime, Gaytits, killed it for good there and then… I bet Capaldi wants to chin the pair of them…. I know I fucking do…

  3. If they were going to replace the Doctor with a woman it should have been nurse Gladys Emmanuel, open all hours has as much to do with Doctor Who as the program itself now does. If they wanted a show with a female lead ten create one.

    Call me a man baby but when I start replacing female heroines with blokes don’t flab your bitch mouths at me.

  4. You should see the discussion over at the Guardian. Colin Baker – the worst Dr Who ever, by ten billion parsecs – wanking on about how great this is. And the contributors are quite content to make anti male comments about Dr Who fans.

    Can I be the first to say I’d like to bang Jodie Whitaker?

    • I’d give Jodie a seeing to and all… There should be a couple of new songs to celebrate the first female Doc’s arrival…

      (To the tune of ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’)

      ‘Oh The TARDIS is wonderful! Oh The TARDIS is wonder-ful!
      It’s full of tits, fanny and The Doctor!
      ‘Oh The TARDIS is wonderful!’

      And of course….

      ‘Get yer tits out for the Daleks!”

    • Seen the Grauniad ‘discussion’, Cunt’s Mate Cunt…. Anyone can see that Colin ‘Worst Doctor Of All Time Ever’ Baker is using this to get publicity and kudos for himself… The old twat is probably angling for a part in the next series… And of course anyone who disagrees with Whittaker’s appointment is demonized as mysoginist, sexist, a ‘vile troll’ (that old classic), and a ‘broflake’…. This is the libmongs favourite new term and cat call… Apparently a ‘broflake’ is a nappy wearing man, who is a ‘vile’ (cymbal crash) sexist who can’t deal with ’empowering’ wimmin…
      The usual ‘everyone who has a different opinion is evil!’ one way street leftist snowflake cuntery then….

  5. I’ve never ever got the Dr Who craze or Star Trek or Star Wars for that matter. I prefer my Sci-Fi dark like Alien or The Thing.

    • I always loved Planet Of The Apes… The original films that, is… Not the current CGI shite… Space 1999 (starring the late Martin Landau) was great too, and although made in the 70s, it still pisses on every single episode of post-2005 Doctor Who…

      2001: A Space Odyssey is the definitive sci-fi masterpice though….

      • The Origin Of The Planet Of The Apes is great.
        Watched it last week and watched the repeat last night.

        Its the only POTA filum I’ve watched and I’m not into the franchise, but i do enjoy that filum.

      • Definitely the first series. UFO weren’t bad either. Gabrielle Drake…….👉👌

  6. “Look Doctor, It’s a Dalek battle cruiser. The only way to escape is to reverse the Tardis”

    “Reverse? Oh shit…”

  7. I bet Kris Marshall is going to be the companion… Introduced as a dickhead oafish bloke who drunkenly follows this cute woman who looks like she’s in her mid 30s into this telephone box she runs into in order to escape him… Either that or there will be a black poove or the horrendous Black Lezza will return… It’ll be shite either way…

    • Marshall has built his whole career around playing dickheads.
      It must come naturally…

      • Whoever the companion is, you can guarantee it won’t be an adventurous choice (like Jamie from the Battle of Culloden, or Leela from a primitive tribe)… They will be yet another 20 something tosser from the south of England… Because that’s all they’ve been since 2005….

  8. Although Whittaker is no slouch, I wish they’d got someone saucier for the female Doc… Keeley Hawes, Gillian Anderson (oh yes!) or Sarah Lancashire would have done nicely…

    • Bet Lynch preferably. Surprised the haven’t got that Lancashire lass who played a trans woman in Corrie.

  9. Whichever women play The Doctor in the future, none will ever have as huge or extravagant a wardrobe as Jon Pertwee did.
    Something for the girls to bitch about…

  10. Cunters should note that Moffat has fucked orf oit orf it leaving a slime trail of dodgy BBC semen behind it. Replaced by one Chris Chibnall formally orf Broadchurch and similar shite.

    • Agree, Sir Limply… I recall Chibnall’s ‘ ‘drama’ based on the Busby Babes and the Munich Air Crash… It was total crap…. David Tennant as Jimmy Murphy?!? That’s like getting Graham Norton to play Henry Cooper…

  11. Libmongs, feminazi, and effem gaytards say there’s no reason why Doctor Who shouldnt be female, but you can say that about everything…There’s no reason Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple can’t be Mr Marple; there’s no reason Shaka Zulu can’t be white; Alien’s Ripley, Buffy The Vampire Slayer etc… They could all be recast as male roles…. But they’re not, and or good reason… The BBC has done this because of its extreme political correctness and fanatical misandry… The same misnadry that sees all new BBC sports presenters now being women, regardless of ability or knowledge… Now they have fucked up a TV institution that is over fifty years old, all in the name of PC lunacy and diversity…. Fucking BBC cunts…

  12. I have indeed started on a Marple script…”They do it with the index finger”

    Marple, a morbidly obese black transbender in a wheelsofa is called to Twombly Towers (an ancient pile now rented out for corporate events) to investigate the sus death of Tarquin Minceing-Pinceing at an amateur proctologists’ conference

    Marple is both assisted and hindered by Inspector Willy and Cuntstable Savage. The investigations unintentionally reveal the shocking state of the anus of one of Britain’ stateliest treasures, playing Lady of the Manor Mrs. Helena Carey-Hunt !!

  13. The BBC seems to be conducting some really heavy social enginneering by showing homosexual behaviour is more normal than hetrosexual .This has major implictaions and explains a major decrease in the birth rate of naturlized British people .Explains why we need a major import of foreign stock to repelenish are decreasing mating stock. I don’t have a trouble with peoples sexuality but what i do have a problem with is making it hip to be queer.Were are in danger of wiping out are population .Oh by the why he is a timelord not a timelady

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