Run, Hide, Tell

Last Friday, two German female tourists were murdered and four other foreign women tourists were injured in the scuba diving resort of Hurghada, Egypt, by a terrorist knifeman. He only wanted to kill non-Egyptian women apparently.

What is the British government’s advice, when home or abroad, in the event of such a terrorist attack?

Well….it is …….


So, would that be….

Run the 100 metres like Usain Bolt?

Play hide and seek?

Tell the teacher?

The ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ stay safe film is now being aimed at Brits abroad. Nothing like remembering to keep your eyes peeled, Shaw Taylor’s Police 5 style, during your two week summer hols in some North African/Middle Eastern pisshole khazi or even in the once safe European holiday hotspots. It’s no good, just getting pissed up at the bar, boiling like a lobster in the pool or frying like an egg on the beach. Instead, you mustn’t forget to listen out for the sound of marauding maniacs, shooting or stabbing your fellow sun worshippers to death.

Well, ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ is hardly the attitude that helped win WWII. Imagine if the Battle of Britain never happened, because the RAF just raised their hands, copying the garlic munching surrender monkeys across the Channel. Imagine if there was no Blitz spirit during the relentless bombing of London and no sense of camaraderie. Hitler with his Nazi suited and jack booted bovver boys, could have marched into Britain without needing to fire a round.

OK, so we are not at war in the traditional sense – this is a different type of war. One being waged by an enemy that does not respect the norms of civilised society.

Would not better advice be: stick together, help each other and fight back?

Obviously, if the terrorists have guns and bombs, the odds are different but when they use knives and vehicles as weapons, we can resist. Especially if we are in sufficient numbers.

So, if you see a group of knifemen or a vehicle being driven into people, pick up anything not nailed to the floor and throw it at them or the vehicle windscreen. Chairs, tables, bins, bricks, bottles, glasses, you name it….let them have it. Don’t cower in a corner, waiting to be shanked to death or mowed down.

Interestingly, during the knife attack on Borough Market it was a group of Romanians who threw bottle crates at the terrorists and a Spanish dude who set about them with a skateboard as a weapon. In a similar vein, during the London riots in 2011, it was Turks who took to the streets of North London, with meat cleavers and baseball bats to protect their homes and businesses. Likewise, Sikhs brandished their ceremonial swords to repel the rioters.

What has happened to the majority of people in Britain that they are too scared to defend themselves?  The post war generation of men have turned into a bunch of faggots and pussies. Even English football hooligans now get a pasting from Russian, Turkish and other assorted nations hooligans. Not that I’m condoning hooliganism but it is a symptomatic sign of the British population’s lack of desire and ability to fight. Men can no longer just be men. Society expects them to be no more manly than metrosexual at best, or outright queens and trannies at worst.

The young rabble rousers of the far left will don a balaclava, get together in massed groups, smashing up shop fronts and causing criminal damage, while demonstrating lemming like, in favour (or against) whichever cause is currently trending on Twatter, or some zleb is mouthing off about on unsocial media. As is usually the case they are ‘useful’ fools who are being misdirected with zero or little knowledge of the underlying issues.

Yet, where are they, when terrorists go on the rampage? Safe at home, in their bedrooms at their mum’s, playing ‘Call of Duty’, or scribbling on Facefuck. These inept, unthinking and gullible cunts, who are easily manipulated, make Dad’s Army look like Rambo.

They need to wake up, realise who is the enemy at this time and act when the need arises. It is the young generation who will have to live the longest with the consequences of failing to do so.

In fact, it is time for everyone to grow a pair.  Forget about notions of fighting for Queen and country – the elites don’t give a fuck about the people. They have allowed this situation to develop. They will always be insulated financially and be protected no matter what happens to the country and it’s people as a whole. This is about defending your own way of life, that of your family and friends and of determining your future.

This is time for a real life call of duty, not ‘Run, Hide, Tell’.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

27 thoughts on “Run, Hide, Tell

  1. A complex cunting and no mistake.

    Methinks that if British men had taken to the streets wielding weapons to defend homes and businesses during the 2011 riots, they would have been easy arrests for the police. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if any heroic acts by white men during atrocities past or present were deliberately being under-reported or swept under the fucking carpet.

    If British men are indeed now soft, perhaps it’s because those in power, media and liberals with increasing influence have spent decades telling the white British make that he is a bastard cunting scumbag of the first order – purely for being white, British and male.

    This country puts every demographic before white men – every race, women, every orientation, you fucking name it. Throw in 20 years of liberal parenting, plus roughly 15 years of exacerbated immigration, and you are now seeing Labour’s shit-fruits of labour – emasculated, confused men who are being repeatedly put to the back of the fucking queue and being cunted for every other fucker’s ills. Every aspect of male habitual behaviour has been scrutinised, attacked, invaded, branded as bad or otherwise been given negative steer.

    Fight for what? The right to be fucking demonised further? This country is utterly fucked, mate – beyond repair. In fact Northern Europe as a whole is fucked. British men are only slightly behind Swedish and Norwegian counterparts in the cuckold stakes.

    Even our soldiers get hauled into fucking court for killing raging towelheads in a war – a war they should never have been sent to in the first place. If the army are subject to this, then what chance to regular fucking nobbers like us have?

  2. One extremely rancid part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan is the philosophy of favouring criminals over the genuine victims.
    Although with C-K, it is admittedly to pick out any “worst parts” in particular…

  3. When the Muslim, the Black and the Gook have numerical superiority, we will need to run, hide and take to the hills.
    I tell you Britain is fucked. It has been a deliberate plan, and it is being successfully applied. The young of today have been dumbed and damned. And they are far too busy playing with their technology to notice that their nest is being destroyed and their meal ticket cancelled.
    We deride the French. WHY? At least they took to the streets and had a revolution. Can you ever see the white British population doing anything to preserve themselves? I can’t.

    • This is an excellent and totally truthful cunting. Again this liberal plan has worked so well, and these cotton wool cunts are getting what they wanted all along, but have probably failed to realise is that when the monster turns on its creator (and it will), these unicorn cunts will run and adopt the standard issue “I was coerced and it’s not my fault” excuse. Today’s society is so unbelievably blinded by Facecunt and Twatter, they’re not even remotely interested in acting on a situation.

      This country is fucked beyond any known process of salvation and has been that way for a long time. These libtard fucks will reap what they sow…a pure shit-storm. The elites are only along for the free ride until they rest in a gilded coffin. After that, it won’t matter to them, or any of us.

  4. Great post Mike, one I wholeheartedly agree with but I’m also in agreement with what The Empire Cunts Back states.

    When the hated straight, non-hipster white man does anything wrong it is major news for weeks at a time.

    Even incidents of defence are reported with a thinly veiled layer of “…harbouring obvious violence tendencies…”, or are interviewed in the same manner as a football hooligan would be.

    The sad thing is I am a coward. I’ve never been any use in a scrap and have managed to avoid trouble through diligence and not behaving like a (pissed up) cunt. Some folk can end up having a scrap in an empty room because they are and behave like cunts.

    Now when it comes to our “peaceful” friends I am on high alert and if me or mine were threatened by some cunt with a knife I would do whatever was necessary irrespective of the consequences and should I best the cunt chances are that they wouldn’t be subsequently requiring an ambulance. If it’s me or them then it’s me – which is sensible I suppose.

    The thing is, should such an event occur, following it I would be big news (in the negative sense) and would no doubt have to suffer the indignation of a criminal investigation for what would quite plainly be a case of self defence because if you’re a hated straight, non-hipster white man then there is no such thing as self-defence – that only applies to foreign immigrants, ethnic minorities or anyone from the LGBTQ…XYZ…ABC (add however many letters you like next – it’s like one a month these days to appease those cunts as well) community.

    The real issue isn’t mano e mano combat with some “peaceful” cunt it’s taking the political establishment to task on how and – more importantly – why they have let this shit go so far. The same with appeasing media outlets such as the ABBC. They should be the real targets of our disdain/action.

    We came very close to this happening (public opinion finally wearing down the establishment) until that cunt Darren Osborne reset the “peaceful” cunt clock on all the atrocities leading up to and the many to follow afterwards.

    The next “Darren Osborne” could just be some cunt defending him and his but you can virtually guarantee that the press and the police will treat them the same, especially if they are a hated straight, non-hipster white man!

  5. Emergency cunting for the BBC,
    So the cunts have published their ‘Top’ stars earnings (how much they pay the cunts with licence payers money).
    I personally don’t give a fuck as I have never and will never pay these cunts a penny (although I do enjoy a few of their programmes) but paying Chris Evans over two million and other ‘Stars’ ridiculous amounts shows the cunts for the cunts they are.
    What will happen? People will have a moan and carry on as normal.
    Typical of a country full of too many sheep like ‘Do as your told’ cunts.
    What a pile of cunt, with a piece of cunt on top.
    The cunts.

      • I could manage a portion of Fiona anyday… for the others…!
        BTW…Ive just stopped paying my TV licence! Lets just wait and see….

    • Gave up watching the abbc years ago B&WC, I don’t pay that fucking licence fee either, we do not watch the shit that they pump out, so why pay for it? Gave up watching the telly altogether ages ago, its fucking great, honest, there is nothing to miss. Now we entertain ourselves with drugs and ouch when we can afford it.

      Of course my girlfriend and I see the telly when we are around mates houses, but that’s usually dave, or that channel that has that fat faced cunt mike brewer in it. All our telly is used for now is to watch films, or if I get my way, the grand tour.

    • Linekar gets payed that money to watch highlights and give his own personal opinion.
      5live phone in (ers) do that for nothing.

      He doesn’t investigate stories or uncover scandals, just gives an opinion on what we have all seen.

      Doesn’t make sense.

    • £500,000 for that boring wanker, Shearer.,still, I suppose he’s got to make a bit extra cash since his tax-avoidance scheme got rumbled.

  6. In our town square the have put large low round cast iron plant pots to stop Muslimes and I’m sure it’s only Muslimes from entering with some class of heavy vehicle.
    This week is fair week, and the square gets used for concerts and the crowning of the Feria Queen, and guess what ?
    They moved one of the plant pots so cleaning and catering vehicles can enter.
    There’s a big vehicle sized gap in our only vehicle proof barrier.

    They could at least have put a ‘run, hide, tell’ sticker in its place.

  7. RUN,
    to get fighting fit.

    all plans you have on defending yer country.

    Only other patriots that yer planning on defending yer country,

    • You’ll get labelled an extremist with that kind of language dio!

      After all we don’t want to strike too much fear into the heart of the enemy.


  8. I’m dreading the day that we are in Sainsbury’s, and go to the check-out that has one of those new fangled tranny things at it. No, no, no, fucking bastarding… no. I saw one in town the other day, and there it was, strolling along like it didn’t have a care in the world.

    I know what I am, I’m a bloke, I adore girls with their juicy bits, their arses, tits, arms, legs, hands, fingers, legs, toes, knees, mouths, noses, teeth, ears, hair, thighs, and that fisty thing they do when you pull out of them to far.

    I don’t know what these cunts are on about, hopefully, in a few years, they will all be gone or blown away. (by shotguns, not poofy shitty stuff)

    I’m also a britexiter too, the fucking sooner the better, but my fingers are becoming more uncrossed.

  9. “Run, Hide, Tell”…an apt motto for Great Britain 2017.

    A people once feared,envied and admired. Not any longer. Now the British are,apparently,too pathetic to even be capable of defending themselves,never mind their women and children.

    “I’m telling on you”…. the age old cry of the weakling. Something heard in the schoolyard. Now improved on with the addition of “Hide.” just in case it hasn’t got through to us that we can’t possibly defend ourselves. We’re too weak,you see,to fight back,better to avoid confrontation and just cower like a beaten dog….hopefully the nasty bully’ll leave us alone if we don’t fight back.

    He fucking won’t. Bullies don’t stop,never mind religious zealots bent on mass murder. People must re-learn how to stand up for themselves. I can understand running from AK47,it would be a brave unarmed man who advanced on a gun,but the likes of those ones armed with knives? Surely people could find something to use to defend themselves and their fellow citizens?

    Personally, I’d much rather be stabbed in the front,trying to defend myself,than stabbed in the back.hiding and hoping that someone’ll come and save me from the “Nasty Men”.

    • I have a healthy fear of heights and require a BA burger to fly on a plane, so i cant understand how on 9/11 , some dirty cunts managed to bring down a plane with Stanley knives.
      Having received a stabbing twice and been bottled once, i can say that its not anywhere nearly as bad as crashing in a plane, even though I’ve never crashed in a plane.

    • Here here.

      The politicians are supposed to protect us but as well as allowing every terrorist, rapist, murderer and cunt on the planet to stroll in and plot against us, they now give the shittest, wettest advice possible.

      If there are 20 of you and 1 or 2 of them you can either:
      A) attack. A couple of you MAY die but there’s no way they’ll survive no matter how many knives or how much training they have.
      B) cower like a bitch and wait your turn, in which case you all WILL die.

      What kind of fuckin idiot advises B!

  10. Used to work with a bird who didn’t have a TV.
    I said I couldn’t survive without one. She reckoned after a month I wouldn’t give it a second thought, would read more and see life differently, ending with television is for sheep and the TV is the shepherd.

    Still got four in the house tho…

  11. Top cuntings as always mike!

    Ask any ex special forces (the experts in this shit) and they’ll all tell you the same thing.

    Always attack an ambush.

    Aggression aggression aggression!

    Take the initiative and put THEM on the backfoot.

    Since when has the best way to deal with being attacked been: cower like a little bitch, beg for your life and hope they spare you?

    It could be a conspiracy by the political class to demasculate society so that no one has the bollocks to resist any dilution of their democratic rights.

    …or maybe cunts are just becoming soft.

  12. Nice one Mike, agree totally. The problem with society today is we are a conformist society bound by bullshit rules from the state ie step out of line and “oh you naughty boy you’ll be punished”. Then you’ve got the fucking bleeding heart brigade who destroy your life with shit like “run,hide,tell” crap.
    There will always be a division in society between wankers like that and real guys like us that take no shit from any angle.
    And yeah lets get to fuck out of the EU as soon as.

  13. Run hide and tell? I wonder what Israrli’s would do? Run towards , give the attackers a hiding and tell their mates at the bar.

    How the fuck did we win against Nazi Germany? This is appeasement peaceful genuflecting crap. I would rather die taking on a terrorist then hide on a cupboard. I may be a middle aged fat poof but I is also a Jewish fat middle aged poof who has met holocaust survivors. No way will I EVER give in to terrorists.


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