The BBC [8]

Emergency cunting for the BBC,
So the cunts have published their ‘Top’ stars earnings (how much they pay the cunts with licence payers money).
I personally don’t give a fuck as I have never and will never pay these cunts a penny (although I do enjoy a few of their programmes) but paying Chris Evans over two million and other ‘Stars’ ridiculous amounts shows the cunts for the cunts they are.
What will happen? People will have a moan and carry on as normal.
Typical of a country full of too many sheep like ‘Do as your told’ cunts.
What a pile of cunt, with a piece of cunt on top.
The cunts.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

102 thoughts on “The BBC [8]

  1. The only way to stop this shite is to abolish the tv license, thus ending the pissing up the wall of the billions they make from it. I don’t think they’d last 5 minutes if they had to fund themselves. I wonder how long the linekunt would stay around? I also wonder if any other network would employ any of the other useless cunts?

    Sign this petition today and hope saggy sad sack doesn’t call for another election.

  2. Just read yesterday’s Sun were it says that ‘Brits Top Magaluf Yobs List’

    Yet no one can say that ‘Muslims Top Worldwide Terrorists List’

    Racist cunts are the Sun.

  3. I’m Happy bout Trump pulling out of Syria Soro’s NGO’s were using it as a ultra gay excuse to take 10 million retarded somalis, 4 million nigerians, half a million gypsies and 6 million war torn arabs to force into europe against our will Putin is killing ISIS that much is certain CIA was arming anti-assad jihadists thats just a fact Its fascinating the lefties are butthurt now and want more wars in syria and saying Trump colluded with Putin they are fuming over this right now

    Also John Mccain has brain cancer praise Jesus 🙂 lol I might just celebrate with a beer but my gallstones will probably get a swift kick oh well

    • Ah poor John.I am not a big fan of his politics but he doesn’t deserve an aggressive brain cancer.

      • Glioblastoma is an awful way to go.Seen it first hand.Wouldnt wish it on anyone …well maybe Peter Sutcliffe Ian Huntley and Charles Manson but generally speaking.

    • Those figures seem wildly optimistic.A neighbor of mine died from it at 80 the exact same age McCain is.She lasted 15 months which although is the average we were told it wouldn`t be that long.The last 6 months were bleak.She only lasted that long because she had surgery to remove a large chunk of it and they aren`t talking about surgery with McCain.He is fucked.

    • “he doesn’t deserve an aggressive brain cancer.”

      Oh he definitely deserves it the warmongering cunthead I hope he gets colon cancer too. He is responsible for countless deaths millions look up songbird for his backstabbing in Nam The guy is a ruthless warhawk and a fucking bellend The amount of suffering hes responsible for is unimaginable

  4. Am. I the only one fed up with Kate and Wills, every damn day they are front page news, in some country somewhere doing their ‘Work’.
    Fuck off you cunts.
    I swear kate wears a different at least two grand dress everyday. Who the fuck pays for that, I want a refund. The cunts.

      • The tourists would still come and if they didn’t there are plenty of cunts on the housing list. I’m sure you could get at least a hundred flats in Buckingham Palace.
        Sometimes I think the Royal family is a good tradition but at the moment I think they scrounging arrogant cunts, in this day and age having all that property mostly empty a lot of the time is a joke.

      • The Windsor’s on C4 is great, but without too much imagination could be a fly on the wall documentary of the Royal Family.

  5. Power. Is the ability to channel public money into the pockets of your chums without the consent of the ignorant public contributor. ( and getting away with it )

    Fuck the muslim broadcasting service.

  6. Life’s questions no. 497

    Why is it only small breasted or average breasted wimmin that go topless at the beach ?
    Where’s the jugs at ?

    And why do they cover up when going for a splash ?

    Tits out lying down, but bikini top on in the water. Strange.

  7. I reckon the real cunts are those gullible morons who sit there night after night in front of the t.v. lapping up absolutely everything that’s thrown together and served up to them and in so doing willingly paying whatever is asked of them with out question, believing everything they are told, not ever wondering for a second whether they are really pay for manipulation and contempt disguised as entertainment and those who are pretending to be there wonderful, perfect friends on telly are really pissing them selves with laughter and disdain right behind their stupid idiot backs.

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