Theresa May (7)

I’m gonna cunt Theresa May.

What an utter cunt she is.

I’ll vote for her anyway but only coz I don’t have a choice.

She called a vote and when she did. she was way, way, way, ahead of the lefties, the commies and the incompetant, wind farm loving cunts she was up against.
I think I may even have said that it was a great idea and that she’d be able to consolidate her power.

She called an election coz she knew she’d win.

I knew she’d win.

We ALL KNEW she’d win.

…but let’s face it. She’s not the sharpest tool in the box.

Einstein proved that everything in the universe is relative …

…well …

Compared to comrade Cuntbyn she’s a leviathan.

Compared to the Greens she is a genius.

Compared to minor fart of the illiberal undemocrats she’s a human being.
(They’re an unclassified species as far as I’m concerned. …somewhere between rats and cocroaches).

I would mention Angus McPorridgecunt of the SNP but fuck him.
Go eat some leaves and bitch to a country that gives a shit.

…Try the Reich.

But they’ll probably call you a cunt too!

Theresa seemed so promising. “Strong and stable” (aherm aherm…You’re no Thatcher)
“Best deal for Brexit” (not too bad the first 500 times I heard it) (oh and to be honest, fuck the EU. They’re an irrelevance in my life and I have more important things to think about other than “is Junkers on the blob this week” and “the best team for Brexit”.

Am I the only one stopping and thinking    ……Oh fuck.

Imagine the country with comrade Cuntbyn, Pie Anne Flabbott and “Stalin II” McDonnell in charge.

That’s why she’s a cunt.

She’s too thick to even beat the most useless, Incompetant and unelectable cunts in British society and she wants me to believe that she won’t get fucked by Vanhogtaft, or whatever the fuck.

The dump that I took this morning could organise a better campaign than the Tories this election.

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  1. So we’ve got Theresa Mayflower (should have been sacked as home Secretary more than twice), Che Corbyn, Yosemite Sam (cress the dick) and Khomedy Khan clogging up the airwaves. I feel very safe. Ill up my security level to stable door and wait for the apocalypse

  2. that Lynton Crosbie bloke is a clever fucker eh? the ‘ mastermind’ behind the tory campaign came up with the ‘ strong and stable’ bollocks failing to realise that it invited the ‘ weak and wobbly ‘ retort. thats the reason they’ve dropped it.

  3. just saw Gerry Kelly that murdering IRA bastard observing the minutes silence for those who died at London Bridge. fuck him and fuck Jeremy Corbyn.

    • Sad-Dick Khan is like one of those talking dolls my sister had in the 70s… Always says the same thing… Ask him to openly condemn IS and even use the words ‘Radical Islamist Extremists’ and he’ll just repeat ‘Dey weel not ween! My Daddee woz bus driver! A thousand apologees (to IS)! Oh Blimey!’

      The man is a terrorist loving cunt!

      • And of course this spineless cunt can’t have it out face to face and man to man with Big Don and have a debate…. Nah, Khan just spits his dummy out (in the true ‘You’re blocked!’ snowflake way) and squeals ‘Me want him banned! You banny President of States America of United izznit! I give you one pound! You let me have for one pound! etc’…..

    • Corbyn wants ‘dialogue’ with the ragheaded cunts, you cant negotiate with these animals. Jezza would be on YouTube with his head on a pike in a heartbeat.

      • Remember this from a film released in 1984?

        Just replace ‘That terminator’ with ‘Islam’ and sums it all up nicely.

        Islam is out there.
        It can’t be bargained with.
        It can’t be reasoned with.
        It doesn’t feel
        pity or remorse or fear.
        And it absolutely
        will not stop ever!
        Until you are dead.

  4. A vote for Labour is a vote to put that vast cunt, Diane Abbott, in charge of police, borders, immigration, and MI5…. That should be all anyone needs to know…..

    • That’s the equivalent of putting the wests in charge of an orphanage……,

  5. Apparently the big Muzzie states are all turning on Qatar… Of course none of them are clean where aiding terrorism is concerned, and wouldn’t it be something if they started bombing the shit out of each other?…. As long as they flattened Libya and Pakistan into the bargain…

    Wouldn’t it be lovely?….

    • It would be lovely to watch, but I fear the West would take sides and bomb the wrong fuckers.

      • Big Don should phone Bad Vlad and say,’Look, Vlad, me old mate… We bomb the shite out of every Muzzie shithole on the map, including the rich ones, and me and thee split the whole lot up 50/50… Like we did with the Krauts after the war….’

  6. oh fuckin hell just seen diane abbott on sky news last night, jeeez someone put her out of her misery!!! funnily enough she was due to appear on radio 4s ‘Womans hour ‘ this morning, she pulled out because she is ‘unwell’ . right.

    • Must have been the same ‘migraine’ that stopped her voting on the Brexit talks, either that or there was a limited special on a KFC family bargain bucket.

      • Just tried to watch it now, gave up before halfway, what an embarrassment, How on earth is she shadow home secretary, it is truly shocking.

        Got the feeling that she is mentally ill or has Alzheimers,

        That voice! just cannot bear to listen to her.

      • She’s just a useless, incompetent, unemployable cunt….
        Like a black Olive off On The Buses…

  7. Not a cunt, if we won’t listen to him who will get the message across?

    “An Australian Muslim sheikh who campaigns against Islamist extremism says unchecked multiculturalism is to blame for the London terrorist attacks that have killed six people.
    Adelaide Shia imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi posted his call on Twitter following the United Kingdom’s third jihadist attack in 10 weeks.
    ‘Terrorism in the UK is growing week after week. Having extremists within our societies is not multiculturalism, it’s suicide,’ he tweeted to his 34,200 followers on Sunday.
    He also supports One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s call to ban Islamic migration”

    • Today it has been announced that the Brother and the family of the deceased London terrorist have been on the payroll of the metropolitan police and the office of the Mayor of London, to reduce extremism and promote a less aggressive stance. It is not disclosed how much money that this involves or for how long the payments have continued. Fucking priceless I

    • Funnily enough, Nazir Fazwal has said the same in this country. He came out with it on Question time just 2 weeks ago, but was closed down by other members of the panel. He resigned as Police Commissioner because they tried to stop him from speaking. He wanted an end ti immigration. He never got the chance to speak properly because the cunts at the BBC did not want the public to hear it.

  8. yeh Abbotts tone of voice seems to imply ‘ i know what i’m talking about, it’s not my fault if you’re too thick to understand what i’m saying’.

  9. You have to have serious doubts about Jezzer’s judgement when you ponder the fact that this is a man who made a conscious decision to fuck The Abbopotamus. That can’t be right.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again coz it cheers me up, Corbyn took nude photos of the Flabbot and proudly showed them to his mates.
      That’s called revenge porn nowadays and comes with getting done.

      Imagine that weezley cunts grinning face when he was showing the polaroids off, and imagine his mates faces.

      She doesn’t have the same hairstyie these days, so no more spread legged shots then.

      • I bet Flabbot’s got a bush like Ken Dodd’s haircut but with more grey in it and a lot of soft cheese around the beef curtains.

      • If some stupid hippy cunt suddenly unveiled a picture of an unclothed Flabbot within my field of vision, I’d want revenge…

      • Believe it or not, she’s completely shaved and even has a sparkly blood diamond clit ring.

        It may have been an ordinary diamond and she was on the blob, but yeah, totally shaven.
        The anus too.

      • Tell me about it, it’s going to take a long of images to purge that from my mind.


      • and vagina dentata that would cause her to self-hysterectomise if she queffed

  10. Great competition in the Sun today.
    In memory of Jo Cox, Brendan Cox and the sun are urging us to hold a street-party on the anniversary of her death….”The Great Get Together,a celebration of all that unites us.”

    To get the party started the Sun is giving away free cases of beer. All you have to do is complete the phrase “I think what unites us all in this country is……….”. ,and send it to with the header GET TOGETHER.

    I feel sure my punchline of “I think that what unites us all in this country is…..a hatred of Brendan Cox”,is a sure winner. I can taste that free beer already.

    • How about……”the taste of cunt ” or ” ..a mass deportation”

    • I think what unites us in this country is…….well fuck all really.

      The south hate the north, the north hate Wick, East Wick hates West Wick, one side of Main St hates the other side of Main St, Dougie at number 29 hates Davie at number 31, Davie at number 31 hates his wife Jean, Davie’s wife Jean hates Davie and his pain in the arse mother Margo.

      Every cunt hates every cunt.

      God forbid any Aberdonian comes up to Wick.
      Dougie and Davie and Davie’s wife Jean and Davie’s mother Margo hate Aberdonians.

    • I love the idea that a Sun reader would be capable of completing an entire phrase.

      • Its the only paper that rarely has me biting my face.

        Keep up the good work Rod Liddle.
        You are one of the few journalists who don’t mind ruffling some burkas.
        Probably the only one that still has a column.

      • I do like it when Liddle calls them Darth Vaders.
        Although that’s inaccurate – they look more like Emperor Palpatine’s Imperial Guard!

  11. I went looking for the Flabbots latest gaff on YouTube and after it i stumbled upon Tommy Robinson.
    I’d heard of the guy but had never bothered to find out what he’s about.

    What a guy?
    What a guy?

    Run for Prime Minister, Tommy.
    He has my vote.

  12. Diane Abbott and Harvey Price have never been seen in the same room….

    • Harvey price may have his issues but he still knows a cunt he doesn’t want to be in a room with it seems.

  13. Further to my last post re the London Terrorists.

    It is remarkable to learn that the family of this murdering piece of shit, were not only known to both police and politicians as far back as 2009, they allowed the family to set up and organise an anti-radicalisation programme that at the time was the brainchild of Hazel Blears and later Ed Balls. The brother attende meetings, and was given over £10,000 of taxpayers money to “fight” radicalisation. He even contributed to a report that puts the blame for radicalisation upon the Police, and a racist population. The organisation “Prevent” was responsible for receiving cash, and believe it or not , the home address of the murdering scumbag was the registered address of the organisation. How much money he was able to access is not known. If he was an honest broker, then he was absolutely fucking useless as he missed his own brother, his brothers friends, Choudhury, the collection of weapons, the Park protests, and of course the inclusion of his brother in a channel 4 documentary showing him to be a threat.
    The Office of the London Mayor is also involved in prevent, and contributes to the funds available to Islamic initiatives.
    Mrs May who followed on as Home secretary to the late lamented Balls ( such an apt name ) Had hands on responsibility and knowledge of the prevent programme.
    The whole Islamic Muzzie feeding programme stinks of so much shit! And we have knob ended politicians here in this country who are decrying Trump, and are actively trying to prevent his State Visit. KHAN KUNT being the most prominent.
    Fuck all political and Islamic cunts.

  14. It doesn’t matter about people being murdered in the street as long as we don’t have any nasty
    …….(Insert R word here)
    Sounds like there might be something kicking off in Paris.

  15. Teresa May is a gobshite. Not unusual in politics, because they are all gobshites. This gobshite however, has this evening been on the news as part of her campaign to entice us to vote for her. She started with the words “Who can you trust? Is it me or is it Mr Corbyn? ” Now what fuckwit asks a question like that in public when they are already on the back foot? May has lost ground, and as, the emerging news breaks that it was her department ( The Home Office ) who under her leadership , allowed Prevent to be continuously funded , and knowingly so, in spite of all the red flags. Teresa May was Home Secretary, and was in charge. Now tonight, she asks the most stupid question “Do you trust me?” I can only imagine her campaign manager rolling his eye to heaven, and uttering the simple words of a frustrated man, “Oh,…for fucks sake…No …”

    • I would like to know who the hell is advising her, because they are an incompetent cunt!

      Seriously, it takes a special kid of cunt to turn an apparent easy win into a major doubt. Against a cunt like Corbyn no less!

      If the Tories lose this, May ought to be cunted again!

      • Let’s wait until Friday for that eh, Asimple?

        If Comrade Corbyn loses badly, will he and the momentum cunts kindly reenact Jonestown 18/11/78?

      • They’d be doing the world a favour.

        Come on, you can all see similarities with Corbyn and Jim Jones right fellow cunters?

      • If Corbyn loses badly you can bet your fucking life that
        1. He won’t resign
        2. Half his party will resign the labour whip
        3. Wee kranky will skweem and skweem until she’s sick

        And if he wins
        1. Abbott won’t be home sec (he refused to confirm it tonight having confirmed it a week ago)
        2. The pound and stock market will free fall
        3. He’ll never get his budget through the commons
        4. Everybody will be paying more. No exceptions

      • You forgot to add Dio:

        5. That Strurgeon bitch will be calling the shots.
        6. The LimpDumbs and the Green cunts will want their pound of flesh too.
        7. Uncontrolled immigration will be worse than ever.
        8. Our security forces will be neutered to the point of non-functionality
        9. Brexit will not happen.
        10. The EU cunts will metaphorically fuck us all in the arse.
        11. We will most likely lose any semblance of an alliance with the yanks.

      • Oh no Dio, Corbyn is the sort of cunt who would happily give them what they wanted.

        Hell, if the cunt got into power, I’d bet money that he would inivte Gerry Adams and every evil peaceful jihadi filth into Downing Street. Red Len too.

        As I’ve said before, if him and his Axis of evil of McCuntface, Jabbott the Fatt and Lady Nugee got elected, I’d hope certain ”Dark Forces” do what would surely need to be done!

    • May hasn’t got the word back that ‘trust’ and ‘politician’ do not belong in the same sentence. What she should have said is:

      “Who do you trust less? Me or the other cunt?”

  16. While appearing on Iranian television in 2009, Sadiqui Khan,the future Mayor of London,referred to moderate muslim groups as “Uncle Toms.” Hardly the words of a man who wants to root out the extremists.

  17. So can we all agree that we are gonna vote for treeza. We kna she’s a fuckin wet rag but this is an emergency!!!

    • No i will not vote for Teresa May.
      And why are you posting as Kendo Nag, Barack Obama?

    • I nominate Sean O’Grady

      Sean O’Grady is an absolute cunt.

      Now, we all know that Theresa May did not have the most……successful run as Home Secretary. To be fair, I do believe it’s been a very long time since we’ve been able to say about any Home Sec.

      But to say that he’d rather have the incompetent, racist, clueless, incoherent, British hating, hypocritical and vile Diane ”Jabbott the Fatt” Abbott as Home Secretary is thoroughly unforgivable.

      This is the woman, and I use that term VERY lightly, who has for years been an enabler for terrorist scum of all kinds along with her Dear Leader Comrade Corbyn. Anyone who says that ”every defeat of the British state is a victory for us all” is not someone who should be allowed anywhere near politics let alone the high office of Home Secretary.

      Yet, wankers like this O’Grady creature happily overlook all of this and decry any of her critics/anyone with a shred of sanity as a racist, misogynist/sexist.

      No you fucking imbecile, we all rip into Abbott because, simply put, she isn’t worth a shit in any useful way and she’s downright offensive.

      We know o’ Boris is less than stellar, that isn’t rocket science, but suggest he’s worse than Jabbott? No, not in a million years.

      To try and suggest this is all down to people being racist and mysoginist is the hallmarks of a useless, apologist appeasing cunt. Which I guess sums you up Sean O’Grady. Anyone who throws out the ”racist” card so casually does a major disservice to true victims of racism. So I suppose that sums up O’Grady, Abbott, the peacefuls and every other cunt who uses the racist card to try and deflect attention from what worthless piles of excrement they all are!!

      P.S, the Independent is also a cunt for making this cretin one of their writers and for turning out what I suspect are all these rogue polls that are bigging up Labour. Pricks.

      • O’ Grady is a huge cunt, and as a punishment I would sentence him to 5 years up Abbott’s fat sweaty arse…

      • Prime Minister Sinister’s UK is very strict of the subject of utter cunts.

        There is only one punishment.

        The sentence is death!

  18. The cunt that is Khan, has reared his pug ugly little head again. Mr Integrity himself ( Khan ) has engaged in a minor spat with the President of the USA. Following a hissy fit, Khan decided that he really ought to see to it that Trumps State Visit to the UK was cancelled. He has called in some favours and seeks to raise enough support to effect a ban. It aint gonna happen Mr Khan.
    Khan has been prominent on our screens lately, as the all embracing Mayor of the Worlds smallest Caliphate ( formerly known as London ). He has voiced the usual soundbites and feigned both indignation and threat, all the while concealing his immense satisfaction and contempt for the citizens of this country.
    For contempt is exactly what this self assured smug little twat is feeling toward us.
    This disgusting little man has a past as a lawyer, and an odious and repugnant reputation of attempting to defeat this nation and its government in the vested interests of paying clients, all of whom, demand something of our country. Entry, recompense and that other word., justice. Justice that is an absent in the little shiteholes from which they appear. Khan has helped to spread their faecal presence in this country and has been well paid to do so.
    There are two things that all ethnic Britons need to be aware of. Two events in which our beloved Mayor has participated in, and two very alarming cases where he has shown his concealed and heavily cloaked identity. This is the cunt who fought the British Government by representing a known radical from the United States, Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Fortunately for us, Khan lost, and the radical cleric was prevented from entering the UK. Khan does not like to lose. A Pan Islamic Geo Political party was given his support in Egypt would you believe.! British Muslims and political revolutionaries were defended at Public cost in the Egyptian Courts by no less a man that Sadiq Khan. The organisational aims ? Its aims were belive it or not, to establish by whatever means an Islamic Caliphate that would eventually expand to a global Islamic faith. Now….please tell me that the Khan you see, is the man you trust? The man who is truly and meaningfully a paragon, a miracle of social equality and cohesion.
    I say to you, this Khan is a cunt. A nasty cunt. And I for one would not trust this piece of shit for one moment. He has London…give him no more.!

    • Absolutely agree with everything about this.

      Something has gone seriously wrong in the world when people decide that voting the enemy to be Mayor of our capital city is a good idea.

      Khan is the nasty little weasel type who hides behind a mask of benevolence while sharpening the knife he would plunge into the back of anyone who supported him once they no longer serve any purpose.

      He uses his race as a stick to beat other people with and then as a shield to hide behind when they inevitably return fire.

      Anyone who says that we should get used to suffering terrorist attacks is a cunt.

      Maybe Big Don misinterpreted his comments about Rozzers on the streets of London, but let’s face it, when we are facing a very real threat from a herd of fucking ugly peacefuls whose intentions are thoroughly of the evil kind, then yes we fucking well should be alarmed!

      Also, who does this petulant little wanker think he is to say that Trump’s state visit should be scrapped?! Now Trump is a bit of a cunt in his own right but he’s hardly in the league of the Rogue’s Gallery of cunts who have been afforded state visits over the decades such as; Emperor Hirohito who, in 1971 I think it was, when on a state visit to the UK had to deal with our soldiers (rightfully) turning their backs on him (national pride and knowing who our enemies were and what they’d done against us apparently meant something back then), various Middle East despots, China-man tyrant leaders and Robert fucking Mugabe!

      Yet Khan is against Trump getting a state visit?!

      Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, CUNT!

      • I would welcome big Don into number 10 with a big army of hard bastards who would not be afraid to reign blows upon lefty libtards unworthy fuckin heads.

      • From what my dad told me, he once had to go to the American embassy back in the 70s to work on something as part of his job and he told me that even back then all the guards were a bunch of big right hard bastards. I imagine that hasn’t changed. I’ll give the yanks this – they don’t do things by half measures.

    • Well said ASA!

      I had no idea about khan until earlier today when someone showed me footqge of him defending jihadis.

      I knew he was a twat but to what extent was anyone’s gusee,

      I’ll try to find the footage and post it but it just proves that his loyalties are NOT with this country and this cunture unless it suits his wallet.

      Khan is a treasonous (or loyal, depending on which side you’re on) cunt,

  19. Is there something in the water that these cunts who bend over backwards to accommodate and defend these fuckers are drinking. Why the fuck would anyone feel the need to turn our country into a third world look-alike. The fuckin fact that these cunts walk into the country, take everything that’s on offer and then treat us with complete derision is puke inducing. Now I’m not even asking for gratitude that we’ve allowed them to come in but at least treat our land and culture with respect. Sadly that quality doesn’t seem to exist in these ignorant and ill educated retards. The only advice I can offer of any worth is to go and FUCK OFF!!

    • Agreed, agreed, agreed on all counts!

      The contempt they show after walking into our country and given everything, in a lot of cases more than a fair few of us will ever earn, is one of the biggest piss boilers for me.

      For that, if they were to all DIAF I’m at the point that I would fucking celebrate! Fucking cunts!

  20. O’Shithead was having a magnificent rant today about Trump. (As usual) The cunt was highly offended that The Donald had “insulted the elected Mayor of my home town.” Well, I seem to remember that Suckdick started it, slagging off Trump long before he was elected when, no doubt Trump had never even heard of the dirty little traitor. So fuck off. As for “my home town” the cunt was born and brought up in Kidderminster. No, it’s MY home town O’Shithead and you, the son of a bus driver and all the other outsiders can fuck off out of it you CUNTS.

    • Yeah, wasn’t Suckdick Khan the one who said that he hoped Trump got hammered in the US election? Hypocritical arsewipe.

      I blame the Pig Fiddler for Khan getting in. Seriously of all the Tory candidates he could have picked, he chose Zac ‘just another rich boy’ Goldsmith. For a city with an overly large peaceful infestation. For a city which has the Islington set cunts and the rest of their ilk. Fucking Idiot.

      As a former citizen of London, let me state here and now that I would never accept a wanker like Khan as Mayor. I would’ve have said the same for that other Tosser Livingston, but by the time I became more politically aware I was no longer living in that area.

      • He should fuck off back to Pakistan and take his parents, wifes, spawn, first cousins with him

      • Isn’t his wife his first cousin? You know their lot’s practices…..

  21. Khan doesn’t want Trump in London, I don’t want Khan in London.


    • Khan doesn’t want Trump in London, I don’t want Khan in this plain of existence.

      Fixed it for you Sixdog!

  22. Suckdick is a very caring bloke. He banned adverts on the tube showing young birds with not many clothes on, supposedly because it was putting “body image” psychological pressure on young women. Ah….bless him. It couldn’t possibly be because he wants to see all women covered up from head to toe with a fucking mask over their face could it? If you don’t like it Suckdick you could always fuck off back to the filthy cunthole your shit family came from.

    • There’s a lot of images I want banned. Young birds with not many clothes on is not one of them!

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