#The ISAC general election game#

Dear Fellow Cunts/Cunters

Seeing as I will be up all night on Thursday despairing at the shitstorm that is modern British politics I thought I would host a game that exists purely to help facilitate further joy at MP`s losing their seats.Pick 50 names of MP`s who had a seat when Parliament was dissolved and are fighting to keep that seat in the comments below and the cunt who correctly has the most MP`s lose their seats wins.

Will anyone predict the Portillo or Balls moment that perfectly encapsulates the political downfall of a so called rising star?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_Kingdom_MPs_by_seniority,_2015%E2%80%9317 :Here is a list of current MP`s by seniority in case you can`t be arsed to look.

You can put as much or as little effort in as you want but get 50 names of current MP`s you either think or want to lose their seats by Thursday at 22:00.No entries after this.
I will put a master list up after the deadline by editing this post.That way we won`t get lost and can come back to this thread for fast pace cunting of events as they unfold.

-Entries must be in by 22;00 on Thursday 8th June
-No entries or changes count after that
-You can pick up to 50 names
-The cunt who has the most amount of MP`s on their lost that lose their seat wins.
-Cunts that have been in parliament and are fighting again e.g Vince Cable Simon Hughes George Galloway Esther McVey Julian Huppert etc can not be picked as they dont have a seat to lose technically.
-Sinn Fein MP`s count.
-Best of British luck.


46 thoughts on “#The ISAC general election game#

  1. My entry:
    1)Cat Smith
    2)Helen Goodman
    3)Clive Lewis
    4)Liz McInnes
    5)Byron Davies
    6)Gavin Barwell
    7)Tulip Siddiq
    8)Gavin Barwell
    9)Gareth Snell
    10)Liz Kendall
    11)Dennis Skinner
    12)Nick Clegg
    13)Tim Farron
    14)Simon Danczuck
    15)Holly Lynch
    16)Chuka Umunna
    17)Yvette Cooper
    18)Owen Smith
    19)Chris Bryant
    20)Paul Flynn
    21)Kate Hoey
    22)David Winnick
    23)Rupa Huq
    24)Calum Kerr
    25)Ruth Cadbury
    26)Wes Streeting
    27)Daniel Zeichner
    28)Joan Ryan
    29)Dawn Butler
    30)Ed Miliband
    31)Alastair Carmichael
    32)Tom Brake
    33)Ian Murray
    34)Jess Phillips
    35)Ben Gummer
    36)Tom Watson
    37)Ian Austin
    38)Neil Coyle
    39)Kerry McCarthy
    40)Geoffrey Robinson
    41)Ruth Smeeth
    42)Ivan Lewis
    43)Jon Cruddas
    44)Angus Robertson
    45)Mary Creagh
    46)Emily Thornberry
    47)John McDonnell
    48)Diane Abbott
    49)Jermey Corbyn
    50)David Lammy

    • Another game…

      “What will be the Tories’ next put-their-foot-right-in-it moment ?”

      Every time i think they’re going forward…banana-skin, and a bloody great fall back.

      Bound to be another monumental cock-up before Thursday…

  2. Chris Matheson
    Rupa Huq
    Ruth Cadbury
    Holly Lynch
    Margaret Greenwood
    Wes Streeting
    Paul Farrelly
    John Woodcock
    Rob Marris
    Tulip Siddiq
    Joan Ryan
    Peter Kyle
    Paula Sherriff
    Cat Smith
    Natascha Engel
    Gareth Thomas
    Madeleine Moon
    Tom Blenkinsop
    Karen Buck
    David Winnick
    Rosena Allin-Khan
    Ian Lucas
    Richard Burden
    Mary Creagh
    Vernon Coaker
    Clive Efford
    Robert Flello
    Gisela Stuart
    Susan Jones
    Jim Cunningham
    Jenny Chapman
    David Hanson
    Gordon Marsden
    Mark Tami
    Nic Dakin
    Kerry McCarthy
    Paul Flynn
    Alan Whitehead
    Helen Goodman
    Lindsay Hoyle
    Daniel Zeichner
    Albert Owen
    Rob Flello
    David Crausby
    Neil Coyle
    Liz McInnes
    Tulip Siddiq
    Alan Meale
    Julie Cooper
    Ivan Lewis

      • Ah fuck it, I avoided Wikipedia and compiled mine from pundit lists. How did you put yours together?

      • Wiki and a list of most marginal seats.About a third of the picks are purely wishful thinking but if you just pick 50 marginal seats it isn’t as fun in my opinion !

  3. 1. Mhairi Black
    Paisley and Renfrewshire South (SNP). Back to school for this cunt!
    2. Chris Matheson
    City Of Chester (Labour)
    3. Rupa Huq
    Ealing Central & Acton (Labour)
    4. Calum Kerr
    Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk (SNP)
    5. Holly Lynch
    Halifax (Labour)
    6. Tom Brake
    Carshalton & Wallington (LibDem)
    7. Ian Murray
    Edinburgh South (Labour)
    8. Alistair Carmichael
    Orkney & Shetland (LibDem)
    9. Margaret Greenwood
    10. Holly Lynch
    11. Wes Streeting
    12. Paul Farrelly
    13. John Woodcock
    14. Rob Marris
    15. Joan Ryan
    16. Tulip Siddiq
    17. Catherine Smith
    18. Ian Lucas
    19. Natascha Engel
    20. Madeleine Moon
    21. David Winnick
    22. Karen Buck
    23. Gareth Thomas
    24. Gordon Marsden
    25. Kirsten Oswald (SNP)
    26. John Nicolson (SNP)
    27. Andy Slaughter
    28. Byron Davies
    29. Amanda Solloway
    30. Corri Wilson (SNP)
    31. Tim Farron
    32. Jonathan Reynolds
    33. Stephen Gethins (SNP)
    34. Richard Burden
    35. Rob Flello
    36. Jamie Reed
    37. Vernon Coaker
    38. Jess Phillips
    39. Iain Wright
    40. Nic Dakin
    41. Jenny Chapman
    42. Jim Cunningham
    43. Julie Cooper
    44. Mark Tami
    45. Helen Goodman
    46. Paul Flynn
    47. Kerry McCarthy
    48. Thangam Debbonaire
    49. Karin Smyth
    50. Ben Bradshaw

    I thought about putting a little comment for each, but after a few it got tiring. I think it’ll be a bad night for Labour, but also a bad night for the SNP. It’s not just a matter of looking at the smallest majority and assuming it will change. A Conservative small majority might get bigger. In Wales, they might not vote against Labour because they like their Labour candidates. Also Corbyn’s seat looks safe as does Flabbot’s – no matter how fucking stupid she is!

  4. I’ve heard that if labour get in then they will reverse Brexit. It will be like Skynet winning the election.

    I’ve already promised the family we will leave the country if that happens, but haven’t got a clue where to go. Anywhere is better than a sinking ship.

    • Come to Australia mate. Sun, sea and sand and best of all, borders closed to ” refugees” .

      • Would love to. I love Aussies. But alas I’m a middle aged cunt and Australia – bless it – doesn’t want me any more than it wants those bastard immigrants.

    • I’d gladly go back to Switzerland or Vienna. CH has the choice of speaking French, German, or Italian, and Vienna is bloody good for its health service, quality wine, beer and food, and generally having well trained and armed polizei out on the street to stop turkunts kicking off…

    • “I’ve heard that if labour get in then they will reverse Brexit. It will be like Skynet winning the election”

      Wher have you heard that from, Breitbart??

      FAKE NEWS.

      Labour have NOT said they will reverse Brexit – their manifesto says they will respect the referendum.

      It’s the LibDems who want to hold another referendum to try to reverse the result.

      • Corbyn says he won’t leave without a deal, so…
        (1) we leave in name only
        (2) they don’t give us a deal and we talk ad nauseum
        (3) we give them everything they ask for and keep free movement

        I call that fucking up Brexit. No other way to look at it. Labour respect fuck all and certainly not the electorate…

  5. My entry is:

    (1) Little Timmy Farron

    That’ll do me

    Can’t be arsed with the rest

  6. I’ll be up all night too. I won’t be watching that shower of shite though. Some friends and I will be taking to my Man Cave, now renamed ‘The Bunker’, where we will be smoking cigars and drinking whisky and watching old war movies like Kelly’s Heroes, A Bridge Too Far, Where Eagles Dare, etc. The election will not exist in The Bunker. I’ll vote for May, but she doesn’t deserve it.

  7. The whole stinking bunch of them would be out of a job if I had my way.

    I claim my prize.

  8. Liberal Demotwats have a bird in their logo
    That’s nice
    Shall i ? 🙂

  9. 1. Norman Lamb
    2. Caroline Lucas
    3. Cat Smith
    4. Ian Murray
    5. Mary Creach
    6. Jess Phillips
    7. John McDonnell
    8. Wes Streeting
    9. Peter Kyle
    10. John Nicolson
    11. Ben Bradshaw
    12. Chris Bryant
    13. David Winnick
    14. Tim Farron
    15. Ed Miliband
    16. Gareth Snell
    17. Chris Mathewson
    18. Rupa Huq
    19. Nick Clegg
    20. Sarah Olney
    21. John Pugh
    22. Albert Owen
    23. Ruth Cadbury
    24. Margaret Greenwood
    25. Holly Lynch
    26. Natasha Engel
    27. Karen Buck
    28. Rob Flello
    29. Jim Cunningham
    30. Jenny Chapman
    31. Gordon Marsden
    32. Mark Tami
    33. David Crausby
    34. Geoffrey Robinson
    35. Hilary Benn
    36. Allan Meals
    37. Tom Brake
    38. Alastair Carmichael
    39. Greg Mulholland
    40. Mark Williams
    41. Pete Wishart
    42. John Nicolson
    43. Calum Kerr
    44. Richard Armless
    45. Alexander Burnett
    46. Angus Robertson
    47. Byron Davies
    48. Amanda Solloway
    49. Gavin Harwell
    50. Tom Blenkinsop

    • Peter fucking Kyle, Hove Labour.
      The stupid cunt went to a Local Synagogue last week and would not reply when asked if he was anti Semitic.
      That cunt is another one that wants a second vote on Brexit.

      • Kyles an utter cunt, hove is covered in his stickers and boards!! Barely see a conservative window sticker….
        looks like a one horse race, but we’re gonna put that to the test tomorrow……

  10. Just watched Flabbot on Sky being mauled by Murnaghan.
    Another car crash.
    She’s fucking pathetic
    Mrs D reckoned she looked stoned…

    • What happened this time? Jabbott the Fatt had been quiet lately.

      • He asked her about a report on policing. She tried to blag it but clearly had no idea what he was talking about…

  11. How about the most appropriate name for a candidate.

    My mate in Suffolk has a Green candidate called Mrs Geake…

    Made I larf!

  12. 1.. graham Allen
    2..Chris Bryant
    3.. Liz mcinnes
    4..Mary creagh
    5.. Paul farelly
    6..Catherine mc Kinne
    7.. Alan whitehead
    8.. tom brake
    9..Elidh whiteford
    10..Tim farron
    11..nick clegg
    12..Owen smith
    13.. Kate hoey
    14..Chris matherson
    15.. rupa huq
    16..Ruth Cadbury
    17..Peter Kyle
    18..tuilip siddiq
    19..clive Lewis
    20..Liz Kendall
    21..chuka umunna
    23.. ed milliband
    24.. tom Watson
    25..David lammy
    26..Emily thornberry
    27.. John McDonnell
    28.. Gareth Thomas
    29.. Margaret greenwood
    30.. cat smith
    31..Ivan Lewis
    32..holly lynch
    33.. Wes streeting
    34..Stephen gethins
    35..Ben Bradshaw
    36..Helen goodman
    37..Paul Flynn
    38.. hiliary Benn
    39.. John Nicholson
    40..John woodcock
    41..rob Marris
    42..alistair Carmichael
    43..Ian Lucas
    44..John Pugh
    45..IAIN wright
    46..vernon coaker
    47.. Ian Murray
    48..Jamie reed
    49.. Gordon marsden
    50..Joan Ryan

    • Sorry got hiliary Benn already..
      Alex salmon for graham Allen…….NO1 on my list…..

  13. I cannot be arsed listing 50 fucking names . But a few that would case me to LOL would be
    1 Alex Salmond
    2 Angus Robertson
    3 Tasmina Ahmed Shrek
    4 Nick( Head Boy) Clegg
    5 Dim Farron

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