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So all tickets for the Ariana Grande Manchester benefit gig sold oit within minutes orf going orn sale. Ticket agents old friends TicketMaster (Master minds behind London Olympics balls). Endless promises to sort ouit dodgy 3rd world/chinko/mafia ticketing bots. Have to buy ‘em at inflated prices orn Ebay now. Unless our AlKillyer friends have bought the lot as a thank you for their loyal supporters. Cunts too dumb to realise they need a few proper punters there or else not worth going.
Gig should go with a bang either way. And TicketMaster will have made their money whatever. Proves Capitalism is King.

Nominated by Sir Limpy Stoke

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  1. get on over to Spivey. they’ve all gone number loopy over there. its fuckin hilarious !

    • Richard, both you and I share the distinction of being blocked from telling these twats that they are actually twats! Sales of tinfoil are totally relient on the dickheads who haunt that place.

      • Being relatively new to these forums, I keep hearing Spivey but I have no idea what it is. Can anyone fill me in please?

        (Double entendre not intended)

      • Chris Spivey is a blogger with his own Blog Site. He is a total wanker. Even a cunt. His pearls of wisdom are indeed a National Treasure . In short, if you are retarded, dysfunctional , gullible and a complete crass self interested self serving wanker, then his site is the place to go.

      • Is he the cunt that claimed the Lee Rigby killing was staged? The one with the head like Annakin Skywalker when they popped the Vader mask off him at the end of Return of the Jedi?

      • I was referring to Spivveys head by the way. Should have worded that a bit more carefully.

  2. How can people shell out money to these fuckers?, If they had proper security at the gig that night they would have nicked him and he’d be behind bars for 8-10 years at least. Now the ticket fuck up with the original ticket holders getting screwed over for free tickets. They should change their name to Cuntmaster! I Wonder if a another bomb will go off soon if security is that lax https://i.redd.it/g4jxyftcno1z.jpg

  3. Ariana airhead can’t be that saddened by the bombing The 1love cuncert was put together so fast and shes all smiles tonight like fucking what the hell? She probably looks at the bombing victims as worthy sacrifices to her, these delusional divas pretend they are goddesses

    A proper concert would have been The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, The Fall, New Order, The Verve, Buzzcocks, The Smiths Marr and moping Morrissey could of done 2 or 3 songs at least for one more gig before they sign off

    • I like the idea that the establishment would have had to endure that festival of shite, so they can make glib comments through gritted teeth tomorrow about how great it was. The sort of people that cream themselves over a bit of ballet or some opera having to sit there listening to pop-bots bleating on over the occasional bit of dub-step. Nice.

      I don’t know what a pop-bot is by the way as I just made it up. I’m guessing it some kind of robot pop singer of some kind.

  4. If, for some reason, you need a stomach churning experience, may I recommend tuning in to James O’Shithead this morning and listening to his defence of his hard working, tax paying Muzzie pals. Expect to discover the real culprits to be exposed as The Sun, The Daily Mail, brexit and Trump. Prepare for the participants in the Manchester Snowflake Festival to be invested with Sainthood and expect numerous tear jerking, setimentalised references to “Mrs. O’Brien” and “My Girls.” How do I know all this? Oh……just a shot in the dark really.

    • Sky harridan Burley was on Sky yesterday at London Bridge interviewing our old friend Owen Jones. She gave him an almost uninterrupted ten minute monolog slagging off May for making a political statement after the attack. She’s the PM FFS! That’s her job!

      Owen of course couldn’t see the hypocrisy that he was doing exact!y the same thing. Who the fuck employs a cunt like this to spread his tasteless hate filled bile?..

    • I know very little about this O’Brien cunt, but everything i hear he says and thinks has me biting my face.
      Lets start up a group of concerned folk who feel uncomfortable with his comments and try and get the cunt sacked.
      The next time I’m in the UK , I’m gonna try a phone this cunt at his work, reel him in and then tell the cunt that he’s a cunt, a doss cunt, a weak cunt and to watch his fuckin back.

  5. Bought two tickets for Cliff Richard concert back in November. Happens in about 4 weeks time. Paid £4 extra for ‘ticketfast’ service so I could print them at home.
    Every time I look at Ticketmaster I get ‘Your tickets aren’t quite ready to print yet’
    So I paid four quid for a quick service that’s so far taken seven fucking months! And they’re still not ready.
    The cunts are taking the piss…

  6. Right. Now perhaps fellow cunters can reassure me that no one made any money out of this fuckfest? So every fucker including the technicians , catering crew, hotels, venue staff including cleaners, Promoters, ground staff and of course the (ahem) Stars themselves. Every single penny went to…..? There were NO COSTS involved, because if there were costs, then someone has made something out of it.

    PS Watched a little of the circus last night. Fucking awful, even puke inducing. A total nauseous extravaganza of righteous self serving virtue posturing fuckwits.

    • Absolutely there had to been incentive for them to do it, no way these radio sellouts did this out of the kindness of their heart

    • Like live aid, the money is to be made after the gig, with the increase in album sales that usually happen after these events.

  7. Ticket Master is in fact a division of Live Nation which is based in the United States of America. It is a Global network that now has a complete stranglehold on the world. It is reputedly the powerhouse and the instrument behind New World Order. Ticketmaster is only one division of the Corporate Mafioso. and the Entertainments Division is run by Michael Rapino. Everything that can be transacted, is transacted and WILL be transacted in future by LIVE NATION.
    The investors in Live Nation are some of the richest people in the world. The Billionaire Club. The likes of Branson and all other Tax exiles are listed as shareholders. Several of its investors are Politicians , and telgo alleged that the Clinton Foundation were active investors. A name associated with this giant is Mark Shapiro. ( his family have a reputation ) In short, Ticket master is not simply a company that issues tickets, They trade money globally with the help of pet politicians. Everything from coal to nuclear power is traded through their many divisions. Their website speaks for itself. Anyone with a little common sense reading Live Nation will see immediately that Orwell was right.It is LN who pull the strings.

  8. I recall the wailing and gnashing of teeth from a lot of my mates when Ticketmaster royally fucked up on the day The Stone Roses’ Heaton Park tickets went on sale… I was lucky because I got mine off a mate who knows Mani… But, make no mistake, Ticketbastard are cunts…

    And I bet most of those ‘peace and lurve’ cunts who ‘played’ that cuntfest of a gig last night all had massive riders, champagne on tap, lavish catering bills, ridiculous and picky ‘diva’ (ie: cunt) demands, and were ‘rewarded’ with lavish ‘gifts’ and goodie bags…. Not unlike all those scum like Madogga and Co at the pointless Live 8…. Does anybody with half a brain really think Kunty Perry would have appeared if there wasn’t something in it for her?… Apart from typical media whoring mass publicity, who knows what else she got (apart from another STD, an avalanche of coke, and ten muzzie cocks)…

  9. Forty quid a ticket!!!!!!

    I’ve been trying to find who made money but there’s nothing.

    I bet they scaffolders got paid.

    The only way it would work is for the company to pay whatever staff but not charge the organizers.
    No way the poor cunts on clean up duty did that for nowt.

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