One Love Manchester “Zleb Fest”

I’m fucking dreading this concert thing tonight in aid of the Manchester victims.

I reckon it’ll even surpass Diana’s funeral for mawkish sentimentality. A load of ignorant pop stars wailing away to a VIP section of minor soap stars, reality tv show actors, assorted right-on social commentators and a bunch of vote-hungry politicians. They’ll all be at the front,with extra security, while the “ordinary” folk can hold their mobile phones up at the back.

Of course,there’ll be no mention of the Elephant in the Room, just endless cant about “Standing United” and “Love conquers Hate.” Nobody’ll dare utter the dreaded “Muslim terrorist” phrase, instead we’ll get tales of how the muslim “Community” helped the victims, and how “shocked” they all are. Presumably not so shocked that they bothered to do anything about the terrorists who they hid,and continue to hide, in their “peaceful community.”

Saints Bono and Bob’ll probably put in an appearance,along with whichever “star” Simon Cowell is currently plugging…is it a dancing dog this year? The over-the-top grief signalling will be unstoppable. Even “Self-Pity City”, Liverpool won’t be able to hold a tear-doused tea-candle to it.

All the weeping and wailing won’t change a fucking thing. Unless this country wises up, and fucking quickly, this muslim terrorism will increase and spread.

Nominated by dick fiddler.

Ticketmaster put aside 14,200 free passes for those people who attended the original concert. They received 25,000 applications from those people claiming to be there that fateful Monday. So, over 10,000 false claims.

Good to see the human spirit of honesty and compassion is burning strong.

The thieving, lying scum that will stoop so low, so as to get a free ticket on the back of other people’s suffering and misery.

Contemptible, miserable fuckwits. I despair.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

163 thoughts on “One Love Manchester “Zleb Fest”

  1. Just had a peep at this shite fest, and Katy Perry was telling the audience that love conquers hate. What an insight from such a prolific historian. It’s a shame that some people will believe it. Well it doesn’t. Strength conquers hate, the will to do what needs to be done, whatever the cost may be conquers hate. And above all, superior firepower and the will to use it conquers hate. These cunts need to learn that freedom isn’t free, it has come at a heavy cost, and millions have died and countless more have suffered to put us where we are now. And because this lesson has been lost, we may have to go through the whole thing again. At some point, we have to stand by our belief that ours is a more civilised society, and needs to be defended by any means. We can be fair, but we need to be firm, are you with us, or are you against us.

  2. Anyone see the bloke running from the ‘peaceful attack’ last night with a pint still in his hand? At nearly £6 a pint I’m avin this cunt.

  3. I hope Chris Martin keeps any political statements to himself this time….

  4. How I wish we still had a TV licence, so that I could not enjoy it with my fellow cunters…

    • For a guy whose wife was murdered, this cunt has been posturing far too much for the last year.

      Pretty sure most people who had been through such a tragedy wouldn’t want to be in the limelight so much.

    • Me, i tell him everyday.

      Best r’n”r voice ever.
      Best front man ever


      Live forever, baaaabe. 🙂

      • Really Birdman?

        I thought you’d be the type to tell him; ”you’re a cunt who can’t sing for shit and your mother was a dumb whore with a fat arse!”

      • I’d tell him “now we are two” and we’d take over the universe .

        Slag him all ye’s want, coz Liam Gallagher’s High Flying Birdman don’t give a shiny sheeeeiiiite.

      • Ahh, ye-eh-eh
        I’m al-ri-e-ight.

        Well not really, i never knew Liam Gallagher was on that pile of tat.
        I’d have definitely listened to that.
        Beady eye are my favourite band, mainly because there’s no Noel Gallagher wining away on backing vocals and putting some dull tunes with him on lead vocals on every album.
        No one wants to hear the guitarist sing and Oasis shouldn’t have split just coz the guitarist left.

        Noel spud Gallagher rarely names band members.
        He calls them “the bass player”, “the drummer”, so he’s just the guitarist.
        Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer and Andy Bell can write great songs, imo.

        Now that Gallagher is a cunt.
        And a brown nosed/tongued one an’ all.

    • If The Rutles were a Beatles tribute band then Oasis were a Rutles tribute band.

  5. Christ, I’d love to see Liam Gallager swagger into my local with his “hard” look…he’d get fucking knocked shitlless before he had a chance to open his flap..What a total wanker.

    • The cunt’s now chanting “We’re gunna live forever”…..must be a comfort for the families who are burying their children.

      • Actually, the songs about being remembered forever, i think ye’ll find actually.


        Liam, Liam, Liam, Liam, Liam

      • The list of your crimes continues to grow Birdman…..Liam-lover,veggie, Katie Hopkins fancier ,pushbiker…is there no depth that you’re unwilling to plumb? :). .

      • Two peas in a pod , me and him.

        Liam Gallagher gives no fucks about any critics, bit like myself.
        He bows to no cunt, says and does what he wants and pisses o er every other front man there is or has been.

        There’s not many slebs , if any, that have the balls to slag off any cunt who he deems a cunt.

        Maybe JBiebs.

      • I’d plough Katie Hopkins, I remember her getting ploughed in a field.

        She wasn’t even sheepish afterwards

  6. Even with that A grade, top heavy rack of hers I can’t stand that mad eyed, rubber clad, happyclappy Katy Perry cunt. Wearing bondage gear and disguised as a fucking sweet shop, clumping about on stage while a couple of poofters dressed as liquorice allsorts mince around her. Who wants to see that at a gig, except maybe for the sort of people who take LSD. Screeching into an autotuner so everything comes out sounding like it was piped through a fucking Speak and Spell machine.

    Still, at least she’s given people great joy with this hilarious video of the inner tube clad, feathered tart, medicated up to the eyeballs and collapsing to the stage, her fall being nicely broken by her face.

    I bet the bodyguard that picked her up copped a feel on the way out. His fingers must have stank of Russell Brand for a week.

    • Kunty Perry telling people they should look into the eyes of the next stranger they meet sand say ‘I love you’…. Fucking thick slapper…

      • Anyone who spread their legs for a cunt like Russel Brand should not speak. Period.

      • My last girlfriend dumped coz i was “too immature, period”

        “Pmmfft, you said period” was my response.

    • Daft cow looked totally off her face.
      Shame Russell isn’t there with a snort of marching powder to get her going again…

    • Ariana Grande has invited the entire cast of tonight’s astonishing, moving show back on stage to join her in a rendition of One Last Time.

      The song – from her 2014 album My Everything – became the unofficial anthem of fans following the terror attack on 22 May. In the UK, the single re-entered the charts at number 11, considerably higher than it’s original peak of 24.

      Although it was originally written about the end of a relationship, the lyrics have become symbolic of Ariana’s bond with her fans, and as a farewell to the people who lost their lives in Manchester: “So, one last time, I need to be the one who takes you home.

      Bond with her fans!?…. Is that why this professional jailbait fucked off back to the US as her fans were dying and/or injured?…. Glad she’s cleared that up…

  7. It’s over……

    No verbal potshots at Trump.
    No poncy political statements by snowflakes.
    No ”surprise” appearance by Comrade Corbyn.

    Fuck me, I’m actually shocked at that!

  8. Looks like Corbyn is back on the campaign trail. Fuck that is opportunistic, what a complete and utter vile cunt!

  9. Liam Gallagher wore an orange anarok in the style of the Guantanamo Bay inmates. I expected him to make a gaffe but he must have been under strict instructions not to.

    The problem with this country is that nobody is allowed to incite racial hatred anymore, except Prince Philip obviously.

  10. Apparently, according to the ITN News the police will be visiting the mosques that yesterdays 3 murdering cunts frequented and
    ‘The people there who knew them say they will be cooperating with the police’.

    Fuck me, how oh so jolly good of them. Shame the despicable cunts who must have known what they were up to didn’t do something about it before they killed our people.

    Fucking Corbyn…so much for suspending their campain. The cunt has just been on the news slagging off Treezer for cutting police spending. talk about taking advantage of tragedy. Fucking spineless slimey cunt.

    • And to think this worhtless cunt could be our next PM……. the very thought of that makes me ill.

      • Absolutely PMS.
        Difficult to believe isn’t it that is a real possibility.
        Oh Fuck….

      • Article about Venezuelan socialism in DM at weekend, who Jezza described as an ‘inspiration’. Think on cunters.

      • Would that be the same Venezuela that’s catastrophically fucked and on it’s arse now?

    • Why are they visiting mosques?

      What has islime got to do with terrorism?

      Nah, i cant see the connection.

  11. Any political parties willing to adopt these “suggestions” before Thursday?

    1. Close all Mosques. Turn them into car parks solving the parking problem in our inner cities in snap!
    2. Register all Muslims on a “Muslim’s Register”.
    3. Deport all Muslims to a sandy place of their choice because they are “undesirable aliens”.

    Any takers?

    • Ah, the good old Boot Boys. Miss Mills down our way nearly engaged one of them but later on she fell for a Z80 programmer instead.

  12. Woah,Woah,Woah
    Liam Gallagher sang with Piss Smartin tonight??????

    Reevaluation time.

    Eh, Liam Gallagher (sometimes) is a cunt.
    Fuck!!!! I’ve lost all faith in the CUNT.

    Yeah, right now, at this moment in time, presently, Liam Gallagher’s a cunt.

    • And after last week’s promising show at The Ritz…
      He had to ruin it by appearing for a load of snowflakes and performing with those fannies, Coldplay… Silly cunt…

      • Just watched his set on YouTube.
        Stellar performance.
        Excellent version of Live Forever, sullied only by Piss Smartins shite falsetto and presence.

    • Liam’s always been a cunt, he has worked very hard at being a cunt, Noel is an amateur part time cunt but Liam embraced being a cunt early and to this day works hard at it.

      Oasis made a few good tunes but were hyped to fuck and didnt have an original piece of music in their career.

      • The best line-up was with Guigs and Tony Mac…. Gem is a good musician and good bloke, but Andy Bell came across as a bit of a cunt… Singing the praises of Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye Cunt…

      • Somebody needs to sack their drummer and get Chris Sharrock on board.
        He’s getting older and deserves the to be noticed.

        Excellent drummer.

      • Liam, like Ollie Reed, George Best, Tommy Docherty and John Lennon, has always admitted he can be a cunt…. Better an honest cunt than being a cunt who pretends not to be a cunt and makes out that they are a ‘good egg’ like Gary Lineker, Macca, Kunty Perry, Ewan McGregor, Ed Sheeran etc….

      • The most cuntish thing about Liam is the fact he tries so very fucking hard to be that cunt John Lennon and who the fuck would want to be that cunt?

  13. it looks like one outcome of last nights attack will be Chinese style control of the internet. You see the problem lies with people using free speech on the internet to radicalise each other. Some of us on here may mistakenly believe that importing people who hate us wholesale is at the root of the problem but we are just misinformed.

    So let us not decry the removal of our free speech and use of this site when that days comes, ISAC is directly responsible for the centuries old Jihad.

    On another note whilst I am still able to express myself on the internet, have any of the celebrity whore pop stars on stage tonight tried to walk past some of the mosques ion this country where their lives would be threatened and they would be aggressively informed that they were now in a Sharia area? Fuck no they have not!!

    Make a start there Mrs May, outlaw Sharia law in the UK.

  14. The police officer who killed the 3 terrorists in London has been suspended pending investigation
    … Words fail me…

    • I sincerely hope this is a fucking joke or is based on the fact a member of the public got accidentally shot.

      Authorities once again this was man acting in the line of duty, much the same as the soldiers who served into Iraq that you saw fit to prosecute.

      This officer much like those troops would never of been in that situation in the first place if our political class never made poor decisions they are never held accountable for.


    • Where are you reading that? Twitter? I can find no news source anywhere reporting such a story.

  15. A security expert on ABBC this morning has said there are 3,000 names on the watchlist, but the police can’t watch them all.

    He’s right, they should all be rounded up and fucked off in a leaky boat.

  16. Chris Martin and Paintdry were fucking shite, bunch of luvvy cunts.

    Bet his kids, Dalek and Ballsack or whatever the fuck they’re called. Got good seats though.

  17. ##############################################################################I I am sick of these things

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