Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly is a cunt.

Can you believe she’s never been cunted?

The cunt is sayin ” let the memory of Jo help us bridge this great divide”
Memory of Jo?

No one knew the cunt until she tried catching bullets.

And the division was their doing not ours.

They are the ones who cannot accept anyone who goes against them or their thoughts.
They were the ones who labelled us all thick racists if we didn’t go along with popstar/actor dictators.

I ain’t the sharpest tool in the picnic basket and I thank all of you for putting up with my nonsense, but nor is Lorraine Kelly, yet she gets paid handsomely for spouting ideas she picks up from other soft soppy cunts.

That non stop gurning smile and squeeling is also the sign of fuckwittery and cuntitude.

I bet she wants every child to ride a unicorn at least once in their lives.

That’s all I’ve got the now, so in the words of many cunters, “someone should cunt Lorraine Kelly”.

Nominated by birdman.  (you have!)

181 thoughts on “Lorraine Kelly

  1. Splendid cunting indeed. A complete cunt to every man.

    Latterly she keeps posing in swimwear, attempting to show the world how good (in her mind) her body is. Put them away FFS!

    Her morning slot is good money for old rope. Many presenters could make a much better fist of the job than this silly oohhing and aahhing old trout.

    With all the charisma of roadkill, this is a perfectly justifiable cunting.

  2. This square-jawed cunt, like Schofield and Lineker, is developing a late, ignorant political slant. I’m not really sure what these featherweight fucks think they are achieving going on such rants and crusades; it’s like some form of middle-age crisis.

    Or perhaps, Twitter has made every z-lister think that they are Martin Luther Fucking King, a few followers and they start preaching ill-founded bollocks. This insipid cunt also fawns over every fucking guest and even the shitest quality slacks from Primark.

    A final mention has to go to her ‘celeb correspondents’, especially that balding, short one who looks like a Turkish paedophile and the fucker stationed in Hollywood – the latter of which has to be the most deserving recipient of an unprovoked barrage of fists to the face – what a stratospheric cunt!

    • I agree with you Empire, that scotch cunt in Hollywood looks like a slimey wanker who seems to think that because he can get close to all the glitterazi he is now actually one of them. I would imagine they all hate him and think he’s a cunt. Which is exactly what he is, the cunt.

      • That cunt in Hollywood…is that his real hair? If not, then what the fuck is it?

      • Is the Hollywood based scotcher a bit camp ? Although to take any interest in slebs lifestyles you’d have to be a bit of a vertiginous landscaper. Can’t stand her. Words fail me regarding this current crop of media politicians. Please put up and shut the fuck up.

  3. Ah yes…Lorraine IS becoming more of a luvvy day by day. She is (as I would say,) one of those cunts who is “all embracing”. That is not a good sign. Her recent comments on the mediterranean holiday packages for camel jockey’s and itinerant Chemical processors is really fucking irritating me. Those “poor unfortunates ” and the “wee souls” that they bring with them are fucking Europe well and truly, yet we have crunts like Kelly providing inspiration and encouragement for the army of the unwashed. Have you noticed that TV is producing clones of these “all embracing” types. They are spreading at an alarming rate. Kelly, yer a cunt and all hand wringing virtue signalling camel jockey loving cunts are all the same. Useless fuckers!

  4. Luckily I tend to miss daytime TV but I am well aware of the cuntitude of Ms Kelly. It’s the voice, I’d have her bound and gagged, and not in the fun way.

  5. Just before I forget and go off and earn me crust I’d like to say ‘poor old Timmy Tosser’.
    I bet the poor cunt hasn’t slept a wink since he was forced to go against his beliefs on gay sex. He must have been praying his arse off for forgiveness from the Lord. Too late now Timothy my boy, you said it. You will be judged!!

  6. I know Lilly the musical mega mong is the most cunted person on isac, but would it be possible to give her yet another cunting, she has rocked up at the towering inferno offering people lifts and of course making sure everyone see,s here doing it…..Any way she can get her face in the press what a fucktard…..Also Adele has turned up to have a look,as if the now homeless havnt got enough going on…..
    The M O is wait for some reason for the press to be gathered anywhere in proper numbers and the use ant excuse to show up and take advantage of so many cameras in one place,oh and usually say something totally retarded…..

    • Fucking celebs can now see how much extra fawning they can get from sycophantic Twatterati if they show up during a crisis/the aftermath. Cunt Grande showed how much limelight can be shone their way – nevermind the fucking paramedics and firefighters; who cares about the fuckers actually saving lives, eh?

      • Suggestions that “GREEN energy issues were prioritised” at Grenfell Tower, and may well have contributed to disaster.

        I should like to nominate The Green Party for a corporate cunting…along with the others who will rightly get it in the neck

  7. She’s fucking attractive compared to most scotch woman over the age of 30. They tend to be bloaters with no teeth and bad skin due to their diet of deep-fried Mars bars and Irn Bru. They usually have more tattoos than a Maori warrior,and a weight to match. Inevitably they are accompanied by a sallow,hollow-cheeked,jobless drug addict partner as they push their snotty-nosed,screaming benefit-ticket “wee’uns” along in pushchairs as they head for either the pub or chip-shop,all the time jabbering at their brood in some language which can only have been invented by a Tourette-suffering ,stroke-afflicted product of generations of inbreeding.

    Scotch women under the age of thirty can be OK,but over 30.. No fucking thank you….So for that reason,Lorraine Kelly isn’t a Cunt in my book because she’s one of the few not to morph into a total horror.

    • Hilarious repost Dick Fidler ! The best fucking laugh Ive had in fucking ages.!

  8. I reckon Lorraine should get Rickie on her show. For sheer entertainment value look no further than the latest at the penguin. He sure has hell doesn’t like his own medicine :

    “Im really pissed off withyou lot ffs you will not take a telling. im not rickie doubledaynand you are wasting your time you cuntbags and fuckpigs.that family is innocentand have nothing to do with me and you will be seen in a court of law to be wrong and you will all be prosecuted for your vile filth.I am not in the building business and you are wrong and my car is not a toyota with old rubbish in the back because I ride a motor bike and dont have a car. It was fun to start but you cunts are making it less than funny so fuck off and dont come back here you fuckpigs and shitebags are all the fucking same and call people sick names and cunt them and are racist cunts who Abbot will detect because she said she will look into internet cunts like you . we all know wich site you are from and this nwill ultimately be your downfall as the site will be closed following the inquiry that is going on . You asked for it and you are going to get it and I have no sympathy for you.The innocent people of this world will be far better off when youn are all barred fro isac. And that bastard Dio will get his consequence HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Fuck off fuckoff fuckofffuckofffuckoof”

    I’m shitting myself. “Consequences” Oh no! Sounds just like Project Fear all over again…

    • Must admit, I’ve been looking at that site occasionally,…It’s fucking hilarious. The sad little fucker appears to be heading for a full-on meltdown. I can’t make head nor tail of half of it,but it seems that he spends a lot of time pretending to be someone else,and trolling himself…Very disturbed.

      Rickiebaiter appears to be his Nemesis,but it appears that Rickie is now so confused that he has taken that identity on also. Must say,he’s far better at belittling himself than I ever imagined possible.

      What a weird,pathetic soul he must be.

      Whoever it is winding the cunt up…Sterling work.

      • He’s sectionable.
        I’d also have him sent down at Her Majesty’s pleasure, for his heinous crimes against the English language !

    • Just for the fun of it, I googled little hunchbacked rickie the other day, I got the autofill, of rickie, but just tapping do… brought me rickie doubleday Norfolk. I usually hate the autofill, but this made me laugh. Little hunchbacked rickie is famous-ish.

      • Ah good old Doubledouche, he makes a good source of entertainment, it shows he’s useful for something after all!

    • Is that the best the cunt can do. Realised he must be a bit retarded but he proves it once and for all in that garbage.

      • It’s quite hilarious….. and disturbing, his behaviour that is.

        Credit to whoever is driving the cunt insane though.

  9. Memory of Jo?! This is griefjacking to the extreme I can’t even.. her name lately is being invoked at everytime someone dies and every terrorist attack Fuck Jo with a rusty screwdriver Fuck Jo in the arsehole. The cunt was a ruthless advocate of immigration and some way shares some responsibility in these recent terrorist attacks. Next time I fart I’m sure someone will mention blessed Jo and what a kind women she was lol I mean Cunts are talking about her like she’s Jesus Christ or something

    • Agree, TitSlapper… Saint Jo Of The Blessed Cox did not give a fuck about British working people, pensioners, the unemployed (unless they were benefits raping johnny foreigner cunts!), and she was an ‘I’m right! You’re wrong!’ Remainer cunt too…

      And as for Archbishop Brendan?… I’m surprised he hasn’t had his wife stuffed and toured the country with her to make money… The man is a total disgrace…

  10. David Lammy M.P has saved the country millions of pounds by doing away with the need for any enquiry into the London tower-block fire. This expert in building,engineering,fire prevention etc. has decided that it was “Corporate Manslaughter” and people should be jailed….Way to jump the gun,you uppity wanker.

    • I don’t think we understand Dick. He’s black so he must be right. We whitey’s really should know our place shouldn’t we ?

    • Lammy is a monumental cunt but I will cut him a little slack on this one.He lost a friend in the fire so is understandably angry and not thinking straight due to grief.He shouldnt have gone on the radio while he was processing it all.

  11. Even the fat arsed blimp Adele waddled over to west London to comfort the victims and attend a vigil, is their no end to their suffering? Perhaps she’s looking to pull an Ariana Grande and get a Grenfell Tower charity cuntfest in the works.

  12. Never liked Lorraine Kelly…. She’s even worse than Anne Diamond (no mean feat)… Wouldn’t mind a bit of Susannah Reid though…

  13. i’m a bit reluctant to post this. i know its a terrible disaster and the death toll will probably be in the 100s , no one deserves to die like that but fuck me . Grenfell Tower known locally as ‘ The Tower of Babylon. ‘ apparently the occupants of the tower were 90 % Muslim. anyone watching the coverage and seeing the residents being interviewed can’t fail to be struck that its like the United fucking Nations, people from all over the fuckin world . what the fuck are they all doing here? who thought it was a good idea? what are the benefits? did any body ask us if we wanted it? Jo fuckin Cox might have thought it a marvellous idea but the majority who think it isnt have been silent for too long. no point kicking up a stink now it’s a done deal, get used to it.

    • Fair comment, and very appropriate. Quite a few interviewed spoke very little English. All are reported as “poor” and hence people are now raising funds to buy them whatever. So, yes, a fair point, what is the value to our society?

    • They’re now saying that the final total may never be known, I’d suggest that they contact the benefits office and find out how many haven’t been cashing their Giro. Of course this might be a bit misleading because some of them will have been making multiple claims under different names.

      • I don’t think so, I’d imagine every occupant was receiving some kind of benefit,particularly housing benefit.

      • “They’re now saying that the final total may never be known”

        Doesn’t that clearly imply that there may have been a number of illegals in that building? Otherwise, I would imagine tenancy agreements etc would be pretty easy to track. Obviously none of the fucking Liberati will dare draw attention to that, of course.

    • It’s an infestation, Richard… I attended the funeral of one of the young Manchester Arena victims in Bury the other week… Most people (Brit OAPs out and about, a couple of Polish lads) paid their respects and stood silently as the hearse travelled by to the church…. But Bury centre was also full of these muslamists… Mostly parking stanley wimmin with their hordes of uncontrollable spolit brats, and they showed no respect for the occasion… Just doing what they do every day: clogging up the town centre, blowing all their benefits, and acting like they owned the place… Not one acknowleged the procession or the occasion… They simply didn’t give a fuck about the dead girl in the hearse or her family… They really do have no fucking respect for British life, British values or British people…

      As you rightly say: the tower block fire is a genuine tragedy, but we are becoming strangers in our own land…

      • maybe i’m a bit naive but we have a housing problem don’t we. ? we are constantly told more houses need to be built. and yet the council is able to find homes for 120 families, the vast majority foriegners in Grenfell house. is it too simplistic to say that if we hadn’t allowed those families into the UK then Grenfell Tower would be full of British families and the housing shortage crisis would be somewhat ameliorated? ? we cannot solve the problems of the whole world, we have our own problems, that may sound mean spirited but whats the alternative. let everyone in? Adele and lilymong could help the current situtation in Kensington by taking home a few who have lost their homes in their chaffaur driven cars. maybe they have.

      • Been saying it for years now mate there wouldn’t be a housing problem, lack of police, lack of hospital s,schools , lack of ambulance s, clogged roads and public transport if we didn’t keep importing 3rd world benefit sponge s.

        Around 330,000 Brits leave this country every year for new lifes, we import over 600,000 most very low end and low skilled .

        That’s 270,000 extra non native ppl coming into our green and formally pleasant land each and every year . With these numbers the shortages to all our services is only going to continue and wages will never go up either.

        Where i live it is in London but not to Central so there was nice green areas and nice neighborhood s and busy but not to bad.

        Over last few years its become a nightmare, roads are more jammed them ever , hospitals s/police stations/ fire stations that haven’t been closed down and the land sold off to build pvt flats are chronically over full and under staffed.

        Trains and buses are the same as are all other services here all at breaking point with less money and resources them they had before but with more demand .

        It makes me so sick to know that there are British born ppl who have paid taxes and are homeless or cannot get the services they paid for because some cunts from the 3rd world somehow are more eligible then them.

      • ‘330’000′ Brits leave every year, 600,000 arrive. would it be safe to assume that most of those leaving are white british whilst most arriving are either asian or african?. is it any wonder the make up of towns and cities across the cuntry are being changed beyond recognition ? now i suppose we could choose how to react to this, we could ‘ celebrate diversity ‘ or we could say no no no. i’m not happy , i don’t like it, i like my country how it was, when we had our own identity. i choose to think the latter. if that makes me a knuckle dragging neanderthal racist that so be it . i don’t give a shit.

      • Go into any walk-in medical centre in any town and it will be cram jammed with ramjams… Parking Stanleys and their mass produced offspring… Queue jumping ‘Me want Doctor! Me no wait!’ cunts giving it large, while some poor old bugger is keeling over….

        And the cluster of bogo-bogo cunts who walk around Bury and Manchester… None of them (claim to) ‘Speaky English’, none of them can read prices on retail items (how convenient, eh?), all have walking sticks (yet you still see them in town every fucking day!), and all are wadded up with cash from the Department of Wogs and Pensions… If they don’t speak the language, don’t (or refuse to) work, and serve no purpose to British society, they should fuck off back up Banana Tree… Cunts…

      • One upside to having all these Muslims here…is they help keep up sales figures, for my Muslim Extremist Car Bumper Sticker Business.

        Best sellers include….



      • When I was rushed into hospital with a head injury, someone complained about me being pushed in front of them because they had a sprained ankle. That is one of the few things that I remember.

        I suppose if it happened this evening I would be wheeled out into the car park while they made sure some peaceful cunt got his camel sorted out.

      • If the van’s a-rockin’
        Don’t come knockin’

        Your goatbaby might be in the back…

    • Everyone I know is saying the same thing in private.It is terrible under heart breaking to watch but when you look at all the foitage it really is like wheres wally.

    • My worry is that they’ll find it was arson and then add up the percentage of peacefuls and immediately brand it as “hate crime”. I wouldn’t put it past ISIS to burn a few of their own just to turn it round on whitey.

      Sounds crazy? Think suicide bomber. These people are nuts..

  14. It’s ‘Glasto’ (Yah! Fab! Brill!) time again, and time it was cunted again….
    Once a half decent festival (when it was the old CND Glastonbury gigs), this has long been an epic cuntfest for ‘Daddy’s paying’ student cunts, rich hippies, snowflake turds, assorted celebricunts, and total twats who think it’s ‘postmodern’ and ‘cool’ to sing along to chicken in a basket bollocks like Lionel Richie and Dolly Parton (not to mention Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris!)… Became an official laughing stock when that uppity autotuned spearchucka , Kanye Cunt, headlined this deluge of shite… But who they’ve got this year has even surpassed Supercunt Kayne… Kunty Perry will headline ‘Glasto’ this year… A manufactured, talentless, peanut brained, celeb beanbag, music industry whore (and complete snowflake, Sadiq Khan dicksucker, and IS apoloigist cunt) is the best that hippy cunt Eavis can do?…. Hilarious…

    • Was never really that keen on Glastonbury, after the early 70, and with only a few exceptions, it became mediocre at best and fucking atrocious at its worst. Isle of Wight was far superior. Nowadays, plastic garden gnomes get superstar billing. FFS!

    • Glastonbury has sadly degenerated into more of a fashion show than a festival. Spearheaded of course by absolute cunts like Cara Delevingne.

    • Well timed Norman. Just seen the “advert” on BBC for this middle class shit fest. Three black people chucking powder about. Don’t think there’ll be three black people at the festival. It’s all yurts, granola, £300 wellies and quinoa. We’ll have No eyes Whiley spouting shite, that’s Scots one Edith Bowlegs spouting shite, and everyone else without a jot of musical knowledge. Absolutely talentless shower of pc wank …..and BBC still asking fucking ridiculous and tasteless questions about the fire

  15. I would like to nominate that bow-legged, saggy-arsed old cunt Linda Robson for a much needed, most severe cunting. I have been meaning to cunt the knock-kneed old trouting cunt for ages, but keep forgetting to do so. I read a couple of months ago that she was getting her kit off, or doing some fucking bikini thing for her 70th birthday or something, I do hope that it did not happen. I also remember reading that she wasn’t going to get a face-lift either, good job an all, she’d end up with her old mingebox where her necks supposed to be.

    My pot-bellied father insisted that birds of a feather was on when I was a kid because he fancied Linda Robson, I was about eight when it started, and thought that she was disgusting. Being that age, I didn’t think much of Sharon either, but Dorien made me want to watch it, she reminded me of a teacher at school. Apart from that, I have just somehow remembered a lad being stabbed in London a few years ago, he was a friend of this fish-faced old trollop’s son, and that she tried to re-launch her career on the back of this.

    While I am blathering away, please may I suggest a picture of John Zoidberg from Futurama without his shell for the cunting, I would assume that she looks quite him this with her saggy old bangers out

    • Top cunting. Linda Robson is a veritable cunt. Loose Women is best described as an unbalanced show, primarily because it is so top-heavy with massive cunts.

      And Jesus, the thought of that old blubber getting her kit off, pitifully dragging her grotesquely distended and well-used genitals behind her, has put me right off my ham sandwich. Cheers for that, Ram it Home.

      • I remember this cunt when he had his hand up that gopher cunt. The bbc did good programs them, cant remember what the fuck they were, but they were better than the prime time shit that they most probably put out now.

    • We’ve had some good Cuntings over the last few days,and this is another.

    • I fucking loathed Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke ever since I saw that ‘Pauline’s Quirks’ show on Granada in the 70s… They had a terribly crap group on the show regularly… Flintlock, I think they were called… They were like a prototype One Direction…

      Then, of course, there was the diabolical Cunts Of A Feather… Glamourising mockney criminal types and lagslags… Now both Robson and Quirke are confined to scraping the bottom end of the ‘wimmin’s magazine’ market… Appearing with other G-Listers like Nadia Sawalah, Natalie ‘Stallone’ Cassidy, Coleen Nolan (cunt), Fern Britton, and other old witches, as they shamelessly babble on about their ‘weight problems’ and what dildo they are using this week…

  16. Astonished that he has only received a solitary entry on here, I want to put fake fucko extraordinaire Philip Schofield up for a solid cuntwalling.

    This ubiquitous sneering twat, wheeled out on an alarmingly regular basis to present ITV’s disposable shite, as well as his daily giggling sessions with vacuous blow-up doll impersonator Holly Willoughby, is a depleted-Uranium grade shitcunt. His list of cuntable offences is indeed long and damning, but what made me notice the magnitude of this cunt was his ‘paedo-gate’ debacle on This Morning several years back. His little stunt in railroading David Cameron (who I definitely have no love for), fanning the flames of the whole Lord McAlpine saga, was self-indulgent bollocks at its finest. Schofield gloriously, and predictably, got truly out of his fucking depth when veering into ill-judged topical vigilante mode; resulting in a £125,000 fine for ITV, and egg-on-the face of this greying cunt as his employers forced him to make a grovelling live apology after the event.

    At some point, this fucker was resurrected from the grave of failed TV presenters – Scuntfield spent his peak years locked in a BBC broom cupboard talking to children, with his hand shoved up the rectum of his arguably more talented stuffed synthetic co-host. Once that gig was over, that should have been the end of him; but tragically some fucker in the early 2000s decided that Schofield would make the perfect foil for lying greedy fat cunt Fern Britton on ITVs excremental flagship morning programme. This insufferable bastard has not been off the fucking screens ever since.

    Despite the veneer of his family-fucking-friendly shtick, Schofield truly belongs to the Elite Corps of absolute cunts. Throw in the now almost obligatory preaching Twatterati luvvie behaviour exhibited by all these middle-aged TV ‘zlebs’, and you have a specimen with one of the highest cunt-to-weight ratios in the entire British Isles.

    • Schofield has been a cunt ever since he first appeared on children’s BBC in the 80s… Back in the day I always used to have a gander at my sister’s ‘Smash Hits’ magazine… It was always a good read: a real laugh and featured proper bands most of the time… Then one day in 87 they put that cunt, Philip Schofield, on the cover (apparently he was the best looking bloke of 1987, if you can fucking believe that!)…. It (along with those cunts, Kylie and Jason) killed Smash Hits stone dead… From The Jam, The Specials, and New Order to a hairsprayed ponce and Gordon, his cunting glove puppet….

    • Sorry The Empire Cunts Back, I answered the wrong reply. Dah.

      • I would have definitely covered Fern Britton’s knockers in baby batter.

      • I’m sorry, but fern britton is a wobbly old bag of shit. She almost fell out of her chair laughing when a bloke came on her ‘program’ and told her that he had breast cancer. Imagine if that had been the other way around. She’s a big titted old walrus, and I would rather look at that 50 stone fat cunt who was on aol the other day. The one who got pregnant, however the fat cunt did that.

    • Moreover, i think this is the cunt that has a wig timeshare with Saddick Cunt

  17. I’ve been trying to figure why I’m having such a hard time feeling any sympathy for the victims of this tower fire, I know I’m a cunt but I didn’t think I was a heartless cunt.

    Is it because most of them look like they shouldn’t even be in the UK? nope, most of the country is filled with the world’s flotsam and jetsam who suck resources like parasites and then reproduce. I include all the British trash in that comment.

    I think it’s because modern life has turned personal tragedy into a side show of false sympathy, a Roman Spectacle in which any cunt that happens to be around can be part of.

    The 24 hr ghoulish coverage by the BBC, the Twattersphere, Cuntbook, fundraising, giving pages, crowd funding, grief jacking all dilute the event to no more than a bunch of cunts seeking attention.

    I do feel for the poor people in this fire, nobody should have to be burned to a crisp but all the above make it hard for me to actually have empathy for them.

    If that makes me a cunt then so be it.

    • Same here. I don’t know how most people can’t be frustrated by all the grief-thieves that operate after a crisis. But so many fuckers just lap it up.

    • I have an attitude of “They’re nothing to do with me,so,to be honest, I don’t really care.” I believe that a lot of people feel that they should make the right noises and “empathise”,when,deep down,they’re just saying what they believe shows them in a good light.

      At least I’m honest about it to myself. I don’t care about people and events which have nothing to do with me.

      • It’s an awful way to go, but we all know that this will be overblown to epic proportions.

        To paraphrase an old quote – 17 deaths are a tragedy, a million is a statistic.

        Forgive me for also saying this but it seems to be lost on the public at large that 95% of the tenants are not native to the UK. Suppose that makes me a heartless git for saying that in the eyes of many though….

      • Sssshhhhh better not say that in public, the snowflake mob will lynch you.

        As has been stated before, this is another result of mass, uncontrolled immigration and the cack handed manner in which successive governments have handled it.

    • Very astute observation Mr Mc Spank.

      Personally I’m quite pleased a tower block full of wogs went up in smoke. It would bother me not a jot to see it on a weekly basis.

  18. Following the tragedy in London, the media are making a lot of the visuals depicting hordes of well meaning fuckwits donating tons of fresh food , water blankets and paraffin stoves. For fucks sake. The response is well meaning, and the giving appropriate to the needs of a disaster in the fucking Himalayas, but certainly not in central London. How in fucks name are people to cook food?
    The point of my rant, is that every Police area has a disaster plan to implement, and that plan includes mass casualties including deaths. It also accounts for loss of homes and makes emergency provision for all eventualities. What we see are pictures of people rooting through piles of clothes , mountains of food that will never be used and hordes of yahoos “doing their whiteman bit, jolly hockey sticks and all that shite. The disaster happened, the services can cope and we should leave the professionals to get on with it. Sending in “Superstars” to pout for selfies, and coo and hug for the cameras, has turned this human tragedy into a fucking ego and virtue signalling fucking fiasco.

  19. did Adele and Lilymong really show up on the scene?. thinking about it i find it hard to believe that they could in any way think that, that was a good idea. any proof?

    • I think that old adele and lilly mong would make a rather good spit roast, I mean, beggers can’t be choosers can they. adele should keep a few hundred people fed for a good few days.

      • Spit roast? God’s tits, man! Are you blind!?

        Ahh, you mean EAT them. That’s reasonable.

      • Send them both to Africa, that would soon solve any famine problems.

  20. Cant say i have ever heard anything of any substance come from Loraine Kelly s mouth ,all drivel.

    But i love older women and she is one of my favs would love to show her a good night , before telling her afterwards how shes a daft cunt 😁

    • She hates the English, that’s got to be number two for her being cunted… number one being that ‘cam near me an i’ll saw ya face arf” look. The cunt.

  21. Another utterly talentless cunt who’s gone far further than she should have, she used to do the cheery wee bonnie lass routine that’s been dropped and she’s just joined all the other annoying Cunts who tell us what to think, to do etc etc, well I’ve got news for those fuckwits the penny has dropped with a lot of people, so keep your bull shit ideas and go fuck yourself!
    Also I’m sick and fucking tired of jo cox mania!! Every Cunts at it!!
    Go away!! Shoo!! ….,.

  22. Has anyone heard from B&WC? Is he still on that stag night? Just wondering as he lives at Notting Hill.

  23. Just ignore the drivel that comes from her mouth and focus on the jugs.

    • The melons remain firm and delicious. Apart from the tits. She’s a cunt.

  24. This is not a cunting. But a word of thanks to all of you who contribute to this site.
    It’s reassuring to know that you are not the only one who views and recognises the insanity around us.
    Last week I cremated a friend or to be precise I watched a box of bits go into an incinerator.
    He had chosen to head but a freight train
    Maybe if I had introduced him to you he would still be here. Maybe if isac was advertised at railway crossings instead of the Samaritans Things would be different.
    Thank you all for your postings and nominations.
    ☆☆☆☆☆☆none of the above is relevant to the inbred Ricky Doubleday who has carnal knowledge of his grandmother.

    • I know what Rckie’s first bit of carnal knowledge was – his left hand!

    • Back on Lorraine Kelly….uurgh what a thought.

      She’s a Scottish Fag Hag.
      She surrounds herself with poofs
      On her show:
      The Main Chef, the showbiz reporter, the fashion reporter and most of her guests are poofs too. She bangs on about queer and trannys and says they must be celebrated.
      Oh must they? Really?

      • Yeah, why should they be celebrated? They’re nit any better than the rest of us.

        They eat, sleep and shit like the rest of us. They want a fucking medal or something for their sexuality?

      • Poofs don’t shit like the rest of us, It’s a much more unpredictable event for them.

      • I’d assume that at least 50% of them have to wear a nappy….or some kind of a bung.

    • Sorry to hear about your friend. I have had 2 friends checkout (maybe its me) – must take alot of guts – or pain. And not for the reasons peacefuls do it.

      Fuck that shit.

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