Migrant violin players

Migrant violin players are cunts…

Went on a job to Bury the other day: and there’s this dirty looking foreign cunt ‘playing the violin… Was in Manchester yesterday, and I saw three (fucking three!) more of these gyppo fiddler cunts in different parts of the city… Is their some sort of laboratory that’s cloning these bastards?…. They are all the same…. All fat, smelly dirty, greasy gyppo cunts… All ‘no speaky Engleesh’….

All have a ridiculously loud ‘backing track’ (ie: a Mantovani CD) that they ‘play along’ and/or mime to…. All ‘play’ the same tunes (‘My Way’ Strangers In The Night), isn’t it amazing how they all ‘sound’ identical?…. And all are irritating, noisy, benefits fiddling, begging w@g cunts….

Nominated by Norman

117 thoughts on “Migrant violin players

  1. There is a cunt who sits in the middle of Broadmead shopping centre in Bristol who hides himself under a curtain so it looks like a tent and out of the top he sticks a sort of crude wooden horses head thing with jaws that clap together. He plays some kebab house style music with accompanying wailing and claps along to it with the horse head thing. I don’t think I can really convey here how crap and dodgy it looks. This must pass as entertainment somewhere,fuck knows where though. No one seems to give the cunt anything but he keeps coming back. Makes me wish I had a flamethrower every time I see the cunt, which is most days.

    • Agreed Mary Hinge. That fucking awful Eurovision contest has over decades convinced all of these deranged urine soaked clog hopping arseholes that Europe is a magical place , where all are blessed with the most amazing musical ability.The fucking dreadful assault upon the ears as some fucking Hungarian ape massacres a classic is too much to bear. If I have to suffer another accordion rendition of “Viva Espana” I swear to god that squeeze box no matter how big, will be occupying the cavity that is the morons fucking arse.

      • Eurovision is actually a kick in the goolies to the EU. So far as English being a “dying Language” in Europe I am always struck by how many orf the songs are sung in…….English. We should get royalties.

      • Agreed Sir Limpy,

        I’ve just been sad enough to tune into this shite, and the last song sung I’ve witnessed, are, well I’m disgusted to say it, even fuckin contemplate saying it, it’s…errrrrr that fuckin…. errr I’m gonna go for it, errrrr english?
        Who the fuck do the errr english think they fuckin are eh? Allowing other fuckin nations to hijack their vocab?
        Yes we fucking are, and proud so fuck yas all, and sack that piece of shite Yuncker, cos the ENGLISH LANGUAGE is alive and well, CUNTS!

      • Everywhere I lived in Europe, pop music was defined by nationality… so you had Swiss pop, and German pop, widely advertised on the U-bahn in … Vienna (well, I guess, after the anschluss and Fat Angela…).

        As is very well known, GB is the only place that produces decent pop music. As for Schweiz, Deutschland and Osterreich, it’s just “on with the lederhosen”…

    • Not as bad as those peruvian cunts who are all over the country. They are clearly a professional franchise who are raking it in by fucking miming to a backing tape. Cunts.

      • Funny you should say that VCS…..the pan pipe cunt and his missus of the Market square in Cambridge, were seen by us very recently in Funchal when we went on holiday! Same songs same backing, same shite.

  2. These dirty Roma cunts have a great trick here in London. They get on the Tube in the middle of the day and put a little packet of tissues on every empty seat. It has a note attatched to it talking bollocks about his starving 6 kids living in the gutter. Of course if you want to sit down you have to pick it up and the cunt jumps in front of you demanding a quid for something that costs 35p from the station kiosk. You’d be surprised at the number of arseholes who cough up. London is crawling with thieves, pickpockets, shoplifters, beggars and muggers from the EU. Unfortunately none of our politician cunts have noticed their presence. I think they need to get out more.

    • A good response to anyone trying to sell you “lucky” heather thats been pinched from the local park…after politely declining it,after which you get threatened with the usual curse, point out to the thick cunt that they’ve got a big bunch of it there, and they don’t look very lucky!. Pisses them right off.

  3. Remember years ago when there was real talent oit orn the streets. Old cunt used to play Beethoven’s Fifth on a comb with a bus ticket stuck in it. Then there was an old whore who used to whip her tits oit and tap dance for the theatre queues. Said tits would revolve in opposite directions. That was worth seeing until old bill moved her orn.
    Suppose fake violins is a move orn from that infestation orf snide peruvians with pan pipes that used to be a fixture orn the streets. Must be a shylock renting oit this gear alongside the human statues and sand dogs ect ect. Will look into it.

    • There’s this old bloke on Market Street in Manchester, and he’s a great guitar player… Does all the Shadows stuff and a bit of Clapton, Buddy Holly, and Chuck Berry… Nice old bloke too… Not one of these ‘Me no speaky to you! Me only want ya money!’ cunts, who hide their bad playing (or not playing at all) behind a loud CD blaring out…. Skiving opportunist w@gs…

      • Great guitarist in Cambridge, plays all Classic Rock, Pink Floyd riffs and everything. he’s English and brilliant. the support acts of polaroids are fucking useless though.

      • and a brilliant old guy played the accordion in Norwich, but that’s going back 15 years or so. guess he’s probably moved on by now.

        As for the talentless cunts, I remember a Peter Sellars sketch, “Balham, Gateway to the South” with the lines…”Here’s the local busking talent. The locals give him the occasional penny so he can save to go to Rome, Vienna, or…anywhere”

      • Used to be a guy with only one leg played the accordion years ago outside Woolworths in Piccadilly Manchester. He used to interrupt his playing shouting to the crowd with random bits of news that were hilarious, such as ‘Read all about it, Six Foot Navvy found dead in a Matchbox’

    • As long as you are alive, Sir Limply, the Music Hall will never die. Whatever happened to Dan Leno eh? Now there was a talent. I’m off to a pub in Balham now. There’s usually a foreign beggar sitting under the railway arches. If he’s still there when I come out I might piss on the cunt………or at least ask if he’s heard of Bud Flanagan.

      • Nice used to work in Balham near a pub near the train bridge cant remember the name, used to do comedy nights . Its amazing how that area used to be full of whores , crack dens and pykies . Now its all the middle management bellends and fancy coffee and bread shops.

      • You are referring to the Bedford Arms…..just came back from there…..pissed. They still do comedy and music upstairs. Alas, Sir Limply, the Balham Empire was demolished in the 1970s. The space is now occupied by a branch of Foxtons……the cunts who are carrying out class and ethnic cleansing in London. Soon my city will be nothing but rich cunts served by pisspoor EU foreigners living in huge council tower blocks. Does anyone remember “Clockwork Orange” by any chance? It may be here sooner than you think.

      • Mrs. Shufflewick was a bloody good act, resembled some of my granny’s (female) friends !!

      • Leno was a bit before me time young laddie cunt. Croaked aboit 1904 after a nervous breakdoine. Now Bud Flanagan and Max Miller, saw them numerous times at the old Balham Empire doine your neck orf the woods. As ever some orf the best entertainment was while waiting in the queue oitside.

  4. The cunts should sell their violins if they need the money.

    I see a lot if “living statues”, and every time I see one, I’m always amazed that that’s the cunts job.

    They must feel right daft getting the bus to work dressed like a gargoyle.

    • Christ, living statues are shit. Whoever thought that one day someone would make a living from painting themselves silver and standing still for a while outside Primark. What next, holding their breath for ages.. actually that has possibilities!

    • The dedication to their art shown by these living statues soon dissapears should you nick a quid from their hat…..

    • Birdman,this comment should have been moderated….and then an attack mounted on your phone. 🙂 .

      • Some quality posts on this thread. From my experience these Eastern European street performers often resemble a mummified version of Harvey Keitel. The same look but sometimes in a dress, if female.

        Particular fly-fingered, filthy looking little dungballs who would lift your wallet in a heartbeat.

        One of those butane weedkillers with the fuck off flame would be an effective deterrent against these fucking pesky Roma Australopithecines.

    • Saw some metallic green guy with big ears in Queen St. in Cardiff – just assumed it was the Prince of Wales. Plus the usual wanks moulding dogs out of sand. If they could do something imaginative, like getting ears or tail to stand up, that might be impressive. Otherwise, please just FO.

  5. Mel Giedroyc is a cunt…
    I know Sue Perkins usually (and rightfully) gets the cunt gongs, but her horrendous ‘other half’ makes me want to throw up… This smug and unfunny melon farming cunt now infests our television screens like a dose of Colarado Beetle… That freak circus benderfest, The Eurovision, has been made even worse (like Norton wasn’t bad enough!) by adding that self satisfied dyke cunt, Giedroyc…. And having both Mel Giedroyc and Sausage Bandit Norton on screen at the same time is torture worthy of Pol Pot….

      • Don’t think she is. She’s married to a bloke.
        Easy mistake to make though. She looks like a dyke and you’re right Norman, she is a cunt.

      • I always thought she was up Sue Perkins’ snatch… But even if she isn’t a lezzer, Mel still laps up all that PC shite and is still a gargantuan cunt…

    • I think they worked out a while back that straight folk don’t watch the shite. Or anyone with any taste in music, which is fucked when you remember it’s supposed to be a song contest. At best, it’s like a primary school Christmas concert, where you would say through gritted teeth “ah, bless ’em”……

  6. Can anyone help a confused Cunter?

    I was told that you can no longer refer to Coons as Coons..or Darkies,Jigaboos or Golliwogs. What is the socially acceptable way to refer to them? It’s just that I’m looking for someone to give us a hand occasionally at work,but due to the drug-testing that the main Contractor insists on,I couldn’t possibly risk a blackie. How can I make this clear in an advert without running the risk of offending someone?

    Dont want any rag-heads,sand-niggers,chinks,,pooves,trannies,frogs,wops,pikeys,dagos…or,worst of all sctch,either,but one bridge at a time.

    • Remember the scene near the end of Blazon’ Saddles when everybody is from the town is gathered to discuss building a fake town?

      ” okay, we’ll take the niggers, chinks, spics but no Irish”

      :). Emoji is coming. 🙂

    • Boonga. That’s our word for them.
      Or ask for Pakeha (white man) only. Unlikely that anyone speaks enough Maori in your neighbourhood be offended by that.

      • I am of the age that has lived a life when we were once free. I could call a puff a puff, a wog a wog, and there was no problem. I could tell any foreign fucker I liked to piss off back to wherever. Life was good then. Now….the younger people are scared shitless to offend..The young have never kicked a black arse because it was black. The young of today have to accept all the fucking pc shite that goes with modern life. Poor fuckers.

    • How about you just advertise for English homosexuals who introduced buggery to the Empire in its pomp?

      • There you go, I knew that there must be something English of which you approve…Buggery isn’t up my street,but if that’s what you enjoy…Get stuck in.

      • National pastime is it not? Its on the curriculum of all the best schools.

      • Do you teach at Eton then, VCS? Bet you’re the best instructor they’ve ever had.

    • Apparently it’s now wrong to call them ‘coloured’… Funny how words like that ‘offend’ them and the libmong flakey wakeys, yet they are in heaven when Kayne Cunt is shouting ‘Nigger’ every ten seconds…

      And while Peter Capaldi (and even Matt Lucas) are good in Doctor Who, do they have to have a ‘prejudice’ or ‘racist’ moment in every fucking episode?! This week it was the (cough) coloured lezzer talking to a blue alien man thing… Shouldn’t have called her Bill, Uncle Tom would have been more appropriate….

  7. I fucking hate any cunt sawing away at a fiddle….did that wanker Nigel Kennedy die? Hope so.

    • Vanessa maes a fucking waste of space, although hugely irritating at least she’s easier on the eye than that prize Cunt Kennedy!!
      I’ve often wondered if she plays the man flute??

  8. Police have launched an investigation into a “Hate Crime” after someone shouted “Oi,Bruce,get yer dick out” at Caitlyn Janner as “She” was leaving the LGBT awards in London…. I hope that they catch the “hater” quickly,serious crime like this must take priority,as the new head of the Met. Cressida Dick, told us recently.

    • I am a simple West Country cunt so the sophisticated ways of some folks go right over my head,but what do you get a LGBT award for? Bloody confusing all this. When I think back to the times when a chap got the mick taken out of him for wearing a pink shirt or aftershave,all this now seems incredible. Also why do transgender folks (at least the ones I’m aware of, never just wear jeans, jumpers etc?

      • It had just received a Loud and Proud Award…although why anyone would want to celebrate the fact that they are a mentally-ill pervert is a mystery to me.

    • Earlier today whilst browsing through images off dirty wimmin, i, ahem, came across a pic of Bruce Jenner wearing a see through top and no bra.

      Not a bad pair of tits on that guy.

    • I expect them to drop the trivial enquiry into the NHS hacker to concentrate on this very,very,serious incident.

    • The place this awful crime happened Great Queen Street WC2; talk about karma. When all the peaceful ones were raping kids that was never called a hate crime was it?. Cressida Dick, just about says it all met police are well and truly fucked. One wonders if this plague of cunts is natures way of getting her own back for all the fuckfests humanity has caused.

      • Since he’s had it chopped off, I’m surprised that when the guy shouted get your dick out, old Brucie didn’t just reach into his handbag and whip it out.

  9. Is there any chance of a sort of open mike cunting, whereby we all get the opportunity to cunt off schlebs we’ve had the misfortune of encountering in the real world; who were just downright rude, dismissive, offensive or so far up their own arses they could see back out of their own eyeballs?


    • The mic is always open.

      Rant away.

      Kieth Chegwin and Gary Wilmot were total cunts when I worked round about, not with them.

      • Sorry, you said celebrities and i mentioned hasbeens.

        Gazza, who has beaten his missus and acted a bit if a twat generally, is actually a really nice guy and also very generous.

        I’ve spent quite a bit of time in his company (years ago, late nineties) and always had a great night out.
        The last time i drove a car was when Gazza gave me the keys to his land Rover and let me borrow it for the weekend.
        I drove it to my mates and made him my chauffeur for the weekend.

        My cunt of a cousin sold a story to a rag and that was the end of that friendship.
        Thank fuck it ended, coz dealing with weeping weak cunts ain’t my thing.

      • Trevor Eve of shoestring fame, now he’s an obnoxious cunt , people refuse to work with the spiteful fucker, probably why you don’t see him much. Mind you he did a great Hughie Green .

      • Mate of mine’s mrs is a make up artist… And she says the biggest, most obnoxious, celebrity cunt she has ever worked with is that Turkey necked tart, Gwyneth Paltrow…. She said that Turkey Neck treats anyone who isn’t a fellow celebrity who’s ‘in her league’ (ie: a cunt, like Madogga or Sting) like a piece of shit, and views anyone on set as ‘servants’…

      • When the Stones played Maine Road in 1990, I clocked Charlie Watts that morning when he went into WH Smith in Manchester Arndale to buy a paper… Said he preferred to do things like that himself and was a top bloke… Very dry, but a good man…

        Jagger though is a cunt by most accounts…

    • Good idea this. I was ordered off a steam train,along with some other people,down in Minehead,Somerset because Michael Portillo was filming one of his Interminable Great Fucking Railway Ramblings in the carriage and evidently plebs would lower the tone. This, from a cunt who wears a lime green shirt with a pink jacket.

  10. No matter how much I drink, Eurovision just gets shitter. Apparently there’s meant to be a backlash tonight against the UK because of Brexit, I’m sure back in 1945 people in France, Italy etc would be thinking differently, and isn’t strange how all these EU countrys sing in the English language!!

    • I let the missus watch ten minutes of it.
      I never turned it over, i just whinge and called every cunt i saw, a limp cunt, and she eventually threw the doofer/remote at me.
      We’re now watching Killer Kids about little psycho’s who love a bit of murder.

      It got me thinking,
      Would i prefer a Eurovision loving kid or a murdering kid?

      Still undecided.

      • How about a kid who specializes in mudering Eurovision acts…

        Gets my vote…where’s the phone…

    • John Ckaude Juncker must be choking on his whisky watching all these cunts singing in English. If he is not choking on a young mans cock that is.

    • but at least Ch4 were showing the Father Ted spoof of Eurovision – My Lovely Horse…

  11. The puppet man in Norwich gives street performers a good name.

    Google it, he will make your day.

    • Oh yeah, that’s standard for people like that, still at least he half entertains people…. There’s a wave of people now who just walk up and ask for money with no act…. Where’s the value in that?

      As an aside, a chap I know lost out on getting job when up against the puppet man years ago…. Must feel a complete cunt!

  12. I’ve put Red Dwarf on, luckily for me I’m not at the stage of living with my missus but live in the family home instead and live in my bedroom with all me home comforts in it, yes it sounds sad but I’ve made peace with it until I can win the lottery and move out, OR rely on a unknown elderly relative passing away and leaving me a shat load of cash!!!

    • Not sad at all Harry Balls.
      Clever, I’d call it. 🙂

      Are you wanting rid of Moyes, or are you allowing yerself to be brainwashed by the BBC to believe that Moyes never had the backing of the board?

      Some pundit know it all, said Moyes should quit and get another premier job coz he wont get backing from the chairman.

      The guy has been a failure everywhere else apart from Preston NE, and that wasn’t great, so i think he should stay and try and prove himself.
      If he can.
      But if i where you, I’d want shot of the cunt.

  13. Aye Sir Birdman, I think Moyes needs to go, he’s been negative since day one, the bloke might be a ok fella but the feeling in the ground today was he needs to go, me nephews a season ticket holder and he text me from the ground saying it’s the worst performance he’s seen for a while. Claudio Ranier would be canny but that’s not gonna happen. Someone on me local radio tonight suggested Nigel Clough!

  14. Harry Redknapp saved the Brummies , might take the red and whites back up.

  15. I can’t stand being hit up for dosh on the high street by some no talent slav with a crook instrument. I found a small pile of “tipping dollars” at one of my sites a while back (I do property maintenance/cleaning). It’s Monopoly-type money for punters to tip the girls at striptease joints. Any rate, I fold one of these into quarters and when passing drop it into the instrument cases of shithouse buskers. If the noise they’re making is especially diabolical I’ll also throw a sickly smile. Fuck ’em! They need to get out there and pay some bloody taxes like the rest of us the smelly bloody dagos!

  16. So I waltz past the main TV annexed by the family to fetch my 4th beer and I see they’re up to the voting on the UselessVision Song Cuntfest.

    A surprise to me is that we’ve got a point. In fact we have over 30!

    However an even bigger surprise to me is that all the cunts reporting the score are speaking…are you listening Jean Claude…ENGLISH!

    Now I’ve not paid any attention to this shit in the last 20yrs or so but I’m pretty fucking sure that the last time I watched it, it was a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of scores reported in English and scores reported in French.

    So Jean Claude, contrary to your derision of our language, along with our country, t’would seem that you are entirely WRONG!

    You morally bankrupt and corrupt CUNT!

    P.S. How the fuck is Australia included?!!?

    P.P.S. Back to the TV in the bedroom. Got Marathon Man on. Love that film….”Is it safe?”

    • The answer to the Australian question is that there’s loads of fags and faghags that watch this shhheeeeiiiitttee in Australia that they included the cunts.

      It used to be Crocodile Dundee until Priscilla Queen of the Desert came along.

      Ay, Blue, i can see yer cock and balls from down he-ya.

  17. Juncker epitomises every thing wrong with the EU, political nobody’s from non countries made into pseudo ” presidents”
    Who and where do these utter cunts come from??
    Tusk… two bob ex polish pm!!
    Juncker… Luxembourg!! Cunt!!!
    Vehorstadt…. Belgium, the mighty powerhouse….
    Muscrat…. Malta!!! Another world leading country….
    With the EU to hide behind this bunch of assorted arse wipes would be absolutely nowhere !!
    Run by Cunts for Cunts!!!

  18. Another utter cunt who irritates the life out of me is ” best for Britain” liberal elite mega twat Gina miller!! Completely unable to accept the referendum result she has sort to thwart the result at every turn, her new attempt is to use tactical voting in general election to alter the course of our withdrawal from her beloved EU!, ” best for Britain ” ?? More like best for miller and her business!! , apparently her aim isn’t to stop brexit ? it’s just she doesn’t like the hard brexit instead she is championing a “soft brexit “??
    A brexit where the UK stays in the customs union, single market, and the EEA , obviously with all of those EU baubles comes a heavy price, free movement and no ability go and make trade deals, also having those meddling Cunts over at European court sticking their beaks into our business!!! Listen bitch as your fully aware that’s called the EU!!, we voted to leave!! Go fuck yourself……. and take your backer!! man boobed, tax dodging, self serving, sunbed surfing mega Cunt branson with you, after hammering brexit and funding miller he has a new TV ad campaign around the world talking about the positives of brexit!! Come fly with virgin!!
    Fucking toe rag!! What a complete motherfucker he is!!!

    • Virgin airways are fucking shit and all. I flew to Vegas with them last year and the service was crap. I would never fly with them again.

      • Excellent idea! Don’t buy anything from the EU, don’t buy Walker’s crisps, don’t buy anything from Beardy Bollocks. Anybody got any other boycott ideas?

      • The Virgin brand always reminds me of krusty the clown from the simpsons…. absolutely shit!!
        Virgin trains??
        Virgin media??
        Virgin holidays??
        The prick still advocates joining the EURO?? Not because it’s good for the UK but it would make his business more money as it wouldn’t be effected by currency fluctuations!! A smug self serving cunt of the highest order….

    • Loved the rant!…Gina Nadira Singh, the immigrant who crawled her way in to the United Kingdom from the universal shithole of Guyana through her third marriage to a mega rich cunt Banker. This bitch represents everything that I despise. Business woman with a dodgy past, who describes her “passion” for ethical business practices ( fuck me ) and the equality and universal suffrage of all people, particularly herself!
      The bitch, her friends and all who surround her are nothing more that a bunch of self interested tyranical shitehawks, masquerading as virtuous do gooding fuckwits. All companies with whom she has been associated, have had some form of dodginess attached to them. Her Husbands company ( & companies ) specialise in Fund Management, and Hedge Funding. His Company, ( of which slimeball banana gob is a director ) boasts a 125% return per capita investment, on a “hedge” speciality that gauantees in massive gains for failures. The company and the bitch have found a way to make billions from win or lose ventures, and the fucking losers are always us.
      Cunt chops is desperate to keep us in the EU, as they will find it more difficult ( but not impossible ) to continue fucking over the people following hard brexit.
      Cunt Singh ( for that is who she is ) is an unwelcome foreign fucking locust of the worst kind. An ugly unfuckable rank twat.

      • And Gina Bananaslag Up In Banana Tree used to be a ‘model’… Well, we all know what that means… Talk about sucking your way to the top…

  19. Oh no!! Where’s our troll!!
    I was just about to explain that he was on the wrong site….
    This is ” is a cunt” not “Iam a cunt” ……

    • Our troll has gone sadly, I too was looking forward to some early Sunday entertainment at his expense obviously, but I have a feeling that he may return later today! He is a cunt as you say, a sad sad cunt.

  20. There are two beggars outside the tube station, one is a porridge wog and the other cunt is a paki. The porridge wog’s hat is empty, while the paki’s hat is full of fivers. After a bit the porridge wog goes over to the paki and asks him what the score is, so the paki shows him his sign;

    “Only need £5 more to get back to Pakistan”

  21. A masked armed man barges into a bank, shoots twice in the air and shouts

    “Every body down! This is a robbery!”

    Everybody drops to the floor except the security guard who makes a lunge at the robber, removing his mask momentarily.

    “You fool! Now you have seen my face you will have to die!”

    The robber shoots the security guard in the face spraying blood, teeth and brains out over all the other hostages laying on the floor.

    “Did any one else see my face? If they did I will have to shoot them”

    There is silence for a few seconds, then from the corner comes a voice;

    “I think that paki might have got a look”

  22. Two brothers from Pakistan emigrate to the USA, when they get there they make a bet to meet up after a year and see who has become the most American. A year passes and they meet up, brother 1 ‘ I’m just going to pick up my son, catch a ball game then see a movie’. Brother 2 ‘ fuck you towelhead’.

  23. A missionary passes by a young nig nog girl propped against a tree. She is eating melon, legs akimbo and cunt exposed.. “Young lady,” cries the missionary, “close your legs, I can see your pussy ! ” The girl replies. “So can de flies, it keeps em off my melon “

  24. James Hewitt is in intensive care.No one has him in the Deadpool..yet anyway.

    • Really? Well he had it coming. Prince Harry better get over there if his Dad is going to snuff it.

  25. Rooney’s lost 500k at the casino, that’ll buy you a lot of knackered old slappers.

    • Agencies, such as “Duchesses were Us ginger mingers” need not apply…

  26. Princess Beatrice is an inbred, palace-dwelling cunt.

    She believes “Social meejah” has made her generation happier to talk about their problems. And she’s going on some 5 km run…5 km, “I ask you ??!” as my old English teacher used to say. About 3 miles, in proper language. Then she can go on Twatter and Faceache, and be “liked” by all her pretend friends.

    Useless ginger bint.

    • She is a weird looking mare ain’t she, almost a fake human, like a lizard dressed up to look human but not quite right, weird eyes and weird gob, oh wait……..lizard…… Royal family………maybe Icke is right and she/it is the proof.

      • I had to look her up. Looks like she got all the bad bits from Mum & Dad. Eugenie looks like Donny Osmand in drag.

  27. Just read that Ian Brady is gravely ill with lung cancer.Having a shite day so that has cheered me up no end.Hope it is fucking agonising the evil fucking cunt!I would love to sit at his death bed with popcorn to gloat.

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