Stubborn Old People

Stubborn old people are cunts.

Many of us have a old person with health and mobility problems within our families and usually it’s not a big problem unless they are total cunts.They are the persons who need a lot a help, but being the cunts they are, refuse help and make the problems a lot worse for everyone.

They know they can’t drive a car anymore, that it would be a danger to everyone but they still do it in a pathetic attempt to prove that they are still able cunts, which usually ends with a car crash and someone badly hurt.

They know they can’t walk without a cane or a mighty fall may happen but still choose to do it, then they take a bad fall breaking something leaving everyone worried and feeling helpless.

They are cunts because they let their pride win over reality and don’t listen to anyone, making a lot a problems worse for them and their families.I know that being old must be hard, but not accepting it and being a cunt is worse.

Nominated by Elder Cunt.

27 thoughts on “Stubborn Old People

  1. Where I live the average age in my council ward is 84! Full of care homes and retirement flats.

    But the problem is that the general population are arrogant up their own backside cunts with no respect for anyone and the cunts can’t drive for shit!

      • Cracking little number isn’t it?

        He tells me that these days it’s best listened to on Spotify because that way he gets paid 😁

  2. Chelski fans are cunts… Not the old school ones or ‘lifers’, but the thick nu-footie bastards shouting ‘Judas’ at Mourinho… Someone should tell the ‘fick fackers’ that their sugar daddy Ivan pimp sacked Mourinho (twice): he didn’t force a move or engineer a way out to another club (see Beckham, Payet, Tevez, Sterling etc)… If that dodgy Russian cunt sacks him, what’s he suppposed to do? Not get another manager’s job? Go to a place that won’t offend the King’s Road pooves and gloryhunters (I wonder, how many of today’s Chelsea lot know who Kerry Dixon is, never mind Chopper Harris or Peter Osgood?)… Same goes for all ex- Chelski bosses: Ancelotti, Ranieri, Di Matteo… Abramovich treats them like discarded toys that don’t work anymore, so he buys new one and then gets bored with that… When Antonio Conte falls foul of the Ivan oligarch (which he will…They all do), will Chelski knobheads treat him the same as Mourinho if Conte ends up at City or Arsenal?…. These twats should also look at their own players like Eden Hazard: who basically refused to play for Mourinho (see Vardy and co with Ranieri at Leicester) and played a part in his sacking… Yet Hazard is now jimmy the one because he’s ‘suddenly’ found his form for the new manager… That’s makes Hazard a bit of Judas, I would say… Knobheads

    • Yeah, I saw all them “Judas” placards and thought the same.

      Fuckin nonsense.

      I’m thinking of starting up a placard printing company, it could be the new gold rush.

      As we’re talking football, some daft/smart trader was selling Celtic and Rangers half and half scarves at the old firm derby, the other day.

      WTF ?

      So I went looking on images and found examples of United and Liverpool, United and City, Liverpool and Everton and Hearts and Hibees among others.

      The daft cunts that buy these need strung up with them. 🙂

    • Well soft second yellow for Ander (Hazard is a fucking cunt), Rojo should have twatted that shithouse, Costa, and it would have been good if United had done the ‘Full Inter’: Parked bus, boiling piss, and grinding out a result… Ah well, it nearly worked.. That Kante, who Chelski signed from Leicester is some player… He does remind me of the midget from Musical Youth though..

  3. Right, what annoys me is when some old cunts get to about 90 they start trying to educate us about what THEY have been doing right and EVERYONE else is doing wrong. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, go to bed at six o’clock and get up at four. No hanky panky blah blah blah. Now it is true to an extent but the only reason is this. Listen up old cunts. YOU JUST GOT LUCKY! That’s it.
    Now I’m extremely happy for ya that you’ve had such a good innings but we all know plenty of poor fuckers who have looked after themselves but got UNLUCKY. We spend our entire lives dodging natures bullets, some of us get hit some do ok but eventually there’s one with our name on it. So spare us the sanctimonious claptrap and go and wait for your bullet. Very old cunts!

    • my girlfriend’s mum is 94! she drank like a fish and smoked like a chimney, both techniques are used to preserve perishables and she has sort of proves the point.
      The only reason she has stopped is she can’t open the vodka bottle and we won’t let her have matches because she keeps leaving the gas on.

  4. Old people are selfish cunts.

    They should take the hint about the “three score years and ten” and stop fighting the inevitable. They seem to ignore the fact that people are waiting to inherit, and selfishly cling on even though beneficiaries are itching to take possession of their houses, cash up their carefully hoarded savings and Spend, Spend , Spend.

    The coffin-dodging old sods clog up hospitals by shamelessly claiming to be ill,clog up roads by creeping along at 30mph,clog up queues by wittering on about their latest illness to the unfortunate cashier,clog up pavements by crawling along with about the same urgency as a Galapogos tortoise, clog up bookies with their 10p bets,clog up cafes by dawdling over a cup of tea for 2 hours, and even when they do bow to the inevitable and kark,they clog up graveyards just by the sheer number of them.

    I believe that it’s stubbornness and selfishness thar keeps old people going,and the government should regularly announce price rises for Werther’s Originals, cardigans, tow-behind shopping trollies and those moth-balls that they all have a whiff of. Hopefully the shock might thin the old sods out,and leave the way open for a more deserving generation (mine) to spend their way out of the recession caused by the old misers.

    • “shamelessly claiming to be ill” lol Hahahahaha good one Dick Seriously tho all types of weird cunts clog up the hospitals its not just old people

  5. Judas Fucking Priest! Yours truly is proud to be an ancient card carrying old cunt. We screwed and connived and fucked the world not for the benefit orf our orfspring, the puling “me me” entitlement cunts. Proud to have done me bit. Have had a lifetime at the frontline draining the NHS and emptying the social security bucket. Grateful to those orn the ladder below? Take that in the nuts and fuck you!
    How do we pull it orf? Easy dear hearts. Inheritance is the bait. Have managed to keep generations orf me God Forsaken family in me thrall. Cast it judiciously, just a flash orf a bauble, a hint orf a legacy and the credulous cunts swallow hook line and sinker.
    Me generation is orf stouter stock. Duty bound to shoulder orn to the Last Trump whilst conning the younger orders into providing care and benefits. Have already choreographed me final moments orn this mortal coil. Empty me bladder then me bowels in bed at the most inconvenient time to me dearest and dearest say 4am orn a Sunday. Now clean that up punks.
    In short we know how to DIE HARD and have something younger generations will never have, WILL POWER.
    Have hidden me will to give the cunts months orf anxiety ready and primed for the revelation. Me estate mortgaged orf years ago, me remainder to be be sliced and diced by taxes and probate leaving to me kith and kin, family chancers and those born orn the wrong side orf the blanket, fuck all.
    I am sure that Dioclese will agree that that is tax planning.

    • Fuckin’ right. I don’t give a fuck about the next generation, they can fuck right off. In my later years I’m going to make things as difficult as possible for them, for all the shit I’ve had to take. And as for leaving money, fuck that, in my will it’ll say “Being of sound mind and body, I spent the lot. So go and work for it you twats, just like I had to.”

  6. Met some great old’uns, but some of them can be cunts… Was in my local working men’s clubone night and a singer (nice girl, fit bird and a good singer actually) was on… But some old bitch regular openly and loudly called the girl ‘crap’ and ‘shite’… The singer’s ‘crime’ being she sang stuff that was ‘too modern’… Keep in mind these old cunts complained when I -put a T-Rex CD on, saying it was ‘too modern’ (that was in 2011, the songs were from 191-72, and Bolan died in 1977)… The singer looked hurt and I told the old witch she was well out of order… ‘I can say what I want! I’ve been coming in here for years!’ snorted the old cow… Basically saying because she was a decrepit antique she had the right to slag off the entertainment we’d booked… I told the old slag she was an ill mannered old bitch and her husband (a good bloke) didn’t argue… He actually said to me, ‘You put up with her for one night, son… I’m fucking married to it!’

  7. Glad the cunting java scripts have been sorted out and the cunting cookies put back in the biscuit tin.

    As a miserable old cunt myself I take great exception to this cunting. I’m sick of us old cunts getting the blame from everything from Brexit to the (annual) crisis in the NHS to a lack of 4 bedroom houses to store 30 year old child rapeugees in. If that wasn’t enough every second advert is for funeral insurance; “After all, we all pass away but you wouldn’t want to be a burden on your loved ones, would you?” Fuck off you cunt!

  8. Good cunting elder.

    I did like that one but I’m gonna be one of those cunts soon enough and when I get there I’m gonna be a full on, out and out CUNT! …I’ll be old enough to enjoy it and not give a fuck too!

    • A little cuntiitude is ok but i sure hope i do not become an old bitter stubborn cunt but probably will haha !!

  9. Fucking old coffin dodgers.

    Why are they always out at 6.30 am clogging up rush hour with the urgent need to buy papers, milk, bread and scratchcards?

    Why not wait until 9.00 or even 10.00 to go buy this shit.

    • It’s because despite trying to enjoy our retirement and sleep in, we get woken up by banging car doors and boy racer cunts going to work at the crack of fucking dawn…

      • yeh well that’s in retaliation for Mum coming round the night before drinking the house dry until 2am because she hasn’t had to get up for work for the past 20 years and has become nocturnal.

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