Menzies (Ming) Campbell

Pre Question Time:

By the way, can I just give a massive pre-cunting to that Goliath of a cunt, Ming, Mong, Mung or whatever the fuck his name is Campbellend. He’s on Question Time tomorrow night so brace yourselves for a flood of meaningless shite to be flooding from the daft old cunt’s pie hole with his jam jar bottoms glasses. What a cunt.

Nominated by kendo nag.

Post Question Time:

Ming Campbell is a cunt. He was on QT and had a moan about Norman Tebbitt referring to “foreigners” in the Lords debate on the Brexit bill.
The description of a foreigner is “someone who comes from a country other than ones own”. So now it’s wrong to be factually correct is it you soppy liberal cunt ?
Absolutely typical of his wishy washy type, where absolutely anything and everything, can be construed as being offensive.

Nominated by Johnson.

Spot the difference Pre- and Post-Question Time?

The voters say not, it would seem.

57 thoughts on “Menzies (Ming) Campbell

  1. Another rambling old dinosaur who like hezeltine, Blair , kinnock, clarke and co has absolutely no self awareness, all have been expressly rejected by the British electorate at one time or another but are so deluded they still think their opinions carry weight, they are living in the past, yesterday’s men yesterday’s politics!!

    • Yes we certainly need an ELE (Extinction Level Event) to tear through the House of Cunts and House of Paid-For Cunts to rid us of these cuntosauruses!

    • All of the above are political failures (only Heseltine and Clarke got anywhere because of Maggie)… This ‘Minge’ cunt is like all other LibDem leaders: a fucking joke.. Like ‘Lord’ Steele, Paddy Pantsdown, Pisspot Charlie Kennedy, Judas Clegg, and now that smear of shit, Timmykins Farron… Minge is just another in a long line of LibDem political clowns…

  2. It’s fucking idiots like him that sit there and tell us that ‘The voice of reason and tolerance can overcome any obstacles in our way’.
    BOOOOOOOOOM…. Soft cunt.

  3. Also how come the cunts 👀 don’t get burned out when he goes out in the sun with those 2 inch fucking thick 👓.

  4. I’d like to nominate (a daily occurrence these days) the ABBC for yet another cunting.

    This morning I caught the start of the Victoria Derbyshire programme (as the ABBC news channel is always on in the canteen and I have no fucking idea where the remote is).

    The start of the programme showed a rabble of “peaceful” cunts kicking off in Holland (Turk or otherwise it doesn’t matter – they’re all cunts) presented by Kasia Madera where the headline read: “Turkey Diplomatic Protest”

    And within 1 second – literally – this then switches to the poe-faced Derbyshire waffling on about cancer sniffing dogs!??!

    Looks like some producer miscalculated their flip-switch and we managed to get 1 whole second of real news out of the cunts. Which is 1 whole second more than we usually get on a monthly basis from these cunts!

    • It got a tiny, tiny, wee, tiny, little, tiny bit at the bottom of a page in the Sun.

    he’s on the Wright Stuff on Channel 5 and said people who voted for Brexit are the Turkeys that voted for Christmas, hes turned around and said people who voted Brexit can’t think of any EU laws that we didn’t like. Terry Christian is a loud mouthed overbearing Manc! It’s one of the reasons I will not go to Manchester because the mancs are loud cunts who like to be right all the time!

    • Tez is a cartoon Manc… Also, don’t let his United fan bullshit fool you… The little cunt was City fan until the late 80s (and many reds and blues can substantiate this)… It’s only when he got the job on ‘The Word’ and found out the Mondays and (three of) The Stone Roses were reds that he switched sides… The ferret faced cunt…

      • The last Wright Stuff I caught before we blew out broadcast TV and the licence was pretty good.
        Mainly because Lee Hurst wound that awful Yasmine Alibiah-Brown woman up into a frenzy by refusing agree with her. She was seething and frothing but old baldy stood his ground.
        I always though Hurst was a bit of a cunt but he rather redeemed himself. Probably fucked his career though…

      • Lee Hurst. Underrated comedian. Especially as he’ll likely skewer the left as well as the right. Makes him PNG at the bbc.
        On tour at the moment too

    • Without Manchester, there’d be no music.
      IMHO, Manchester is the music capitol of the universe.

      Thank you Man(d)chester. 🙂

  6. Why is it when you see “20 Million People Facing Famine in Africa” on the telly, the only “people” you see are the women and their xylophone of starving kids – which they shell out literally every 9 months!

    You never see the men folk do you? Or if you do, they’re all armed to the teeth with sub-machine guns and adorned with a couple of ammo belts.

    Now I’m pretty sure that these guns, whether AK-47s or M60s, are pretty expensive pieces of kit. So here’s a plan: SELL YOUR FUCKING GUNS!!!

    There you go, problem solved! Now fuck off and solve your own problems Africa!

    And here’s a clue, get rid of the despot cunts who run your countries, who annex all that aid money to feather their own nests! Your men folk seem more than adequately armed so go and put the fuckers to good use! Either that or sell the cunts because otherwise they’re just jewellery like a set of gold teeth and a gangsta necklace!

    The west has donated billions upon billions upon billions of pounds/dollars to Africa in aid over the last 40yrs (at least) and what positive effect has that had in that time? None whatsoever!

    So maybe those billions of pounds which leave HM Gov’s coffers every year (courtesy of OUR taxes) on a fruitless exercise should be redirected inwardly on our own poor and starving, or even our crumbling NHS.

    It would be better spent and once the money to the despot dictors dries up maybe it will put their own people in a position of power to overthrow the cunts!

    • They really ought to teach them plumbing so they can get the water to where they need it. That’ll irrigate the land and provide the water they need. They’ve had 40 years to do it. Or are they so stupid they keep breaking the pipes during their constant wars? Daft buggers.

    • Rebel your words are strong but tainted with weakness. WE robbed the African nations of their assets, gold, diamonds.
      Why do we aid these despotic tyrants of African governments?
      How come they have these expensive weapons? WE supply them for to secure our foreign policy in their countries.
      That is why WE give them aid.
      Which us then, as you rightly say goes to these dictatorship leaders. That’s the way the West wants it to be, that’s the plan. J
      Keep the governments happy doing the USA and UK etc., dirty work. Screwing the African nations over, again and again!!!!

      • That’s a good point,in any other walk of life this cunt would be considered too old and senile to do his job,he’d just be shuffling about at the day centre.

      • Ming Campbell is a granstanding pumpus self important cunt who billed the tax payer for a set of silk cushions.

  7. Every time I look at remoaning old fuckers like Minger in my head I see them covered in cobwebs, a bit like Miss Haversham lamenting the day her bridegrooom fucked off with some more interesting bird. The cake is still there, the table is laid but the guests are sniggering behind her back. The Minger cunt, like Miss H, looks a lot older than he is which just shows you that a lifetime of freeloading ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I suppose all that arselicking and the fear of being found out must take it out of you. Well you’ve been found out now fuckface so stick to the House of Lords, collect your 300 notes a day (tax free plus expenses) and shut the fuck up you cunting old has-been.

    • These old cunts have spent the majority of their “working” lives building a regime that lets them keep their snouts in the trough without being accountable to the taxpayers.
      Now they’ve suddenly realised that they fucked it up and it’s all been a waste of time.
      They’re gonna cry and whinge but there’s nothing that can do.

  8. Speaking of the Lords how is it that the LibDems cannot muster 10 MPs in an election but qualify for 102 members of the Lords?

    Time to abolish the unelected chamber and replace it with unelected cunters.

    That would warm up the debate a tad.


    • i can’t see them abolishing the lords (despite my signing every petition going in favour of it)
      i suppose what they could do as means of reform is to cut the number to 200/300 and at each general election they all get sacked or have to resign and reapply for their “jobs” but the number of party peers is proportionated on the percentage of vote achieved in the GE – cross-benchers can fuck off because it would be too difficult to select them.
      i did consider that if say 40% of people didn’t vote there should be an quivalent % of apolitical peers but fuck ’em if the elctorate can’t be arsed to vote – mind you if the “noble crossbench lords” feel strongly enough about it they can create a crossbench party, they can fuckin well afford it
      and the lords spiritual (26 of them) can fuck off too – don’t like it, see above

  9. So strident motormouth Nicola sturgeon is going to call for a second Scottish independence referendum?
    Hopefully they will leave and get the independence they so desperately crave..
    Independent of the UK
    Independent of the EU ( Spain will veto them joining)
    65% -70% of Scottish exports (depending on which article you read) is done with UK, Scotlands trade with EU has been flat lining for years! Sounds like a hard scotexit to me!! Good luck good riddance……

    • Why doesn’t the stunned cunt sturgeon just go in the kitchen and make me a Burns supper instead of another Scotxit?! Also she has to address the haggis in a burka after shes cooked it

      • I’m in favor of scottish independence truly am and I’ll go as far as saying I think the 2014 polls were hacked or tampered with Its her EU shilling and immigrant reform I can’t stand

    • It would be better if the SNP failed at their goal of independence and then lost their “power”.
      That way, the UK/Britain (can’t get me this time, Mike Oxard 🙂 ) can carry on rather than breaking up.

      I for one would hate to see the UK/Britain break up as we are already weakened by all those Muslim cunts coming to blighty.

      It wont be long until the SNP are gone and not long after that, forgotten.

      The quicker they are done, the better, coz i cant stand to look at that cunt Sturgeon’s face one more time.

      I can laugh at the Flabbot and other cunts with annoying faces, but this little nyaffs face needs regular panel beating with an elephants arse.

      Ugly little cunt, with quite possibly the worst hairdo ever.

      • I couldn’t believe it when i saw the pro immigration rally in Barcelona the other week, and then another one the next Sunday.

        Every Sunday is is manifestation day, but its usually about living standards and jobs.
        The living standards are still poor and there’s still no new jobs, so to have a rally encouraging non European foreigners is mind boggling.
        It wasn’t just yer usual dreadlocked do-gooder, it was old grannies as well.

        I cant see Spain ever giving them the chance to vote anyway.
        The main reason being cataluña is were Spain makes most of its money.

        As for the language, its just Spanish, but spoken as if ye have a cleft palate. 🙂

        The SNP wanting to remain in Europe and wanting to bring in Muslims, shows that they are truly a clueless bunch of cunts.

        And very soon, even more Scottish will get that.

        The Scottish voted no to independence, so the SNP should be getting it big time for going against the will of the people of Scotland, but for now they are getting away with disrespecting the people, but hopefully not for long.

        Again, Scotland voted no to independence, so to disrespect that, is the same as remainers disrespecting brextiters
        I love Britain, and i believe it would benefit no one to see any of it break away.

        Rule Britannia. (even the isle of man. 🙂 )

      • Once again wee Krankie is attempting to make herself, her English hating party and her pathetic shit hole of a country relevant. For all their obvious faults, like not being able to speak fucking English, the Scots are not daft. They know that if they had voted to leave the union the first time of asking they would have now been in the shit. They also know that as a nation, they are incapable of independence, that is why they are so desperate to stay in the EU. Cunts.

      • This explains Scotland’s performance at Twickenham on Saturday – lose badly and make the Jocks hate the English just a little bit more as an hors d’ouvres for WJK’s announcement this morning.

        I’ve been following this a bit today and don’t think I’ve seen the question raised as to who is expected to pay for it. Surely it’s being called for in the interest of the SNP, not the UK taxpayer?

        Krankie should be told “very well, but we’re far too busy this side of Brexit so you’ll have to wait and, by the way, you’ll have to pay for it yourself”.

        Personally, I don’t want Scotland to leave the UK, but there a fair number of Scottish people, mainly in the SNP, I’d gladly be rid of. Maybe they can all move to one of the islands and declare UDI? Leave the sensible Scottish population to get on with things in the UK without being tarred with their whining, chippy brush.

        And I see that half-witted Welsh bint has been at it again today. Silly cunt.

      • Cannae speak inglish ?

        Wit ye tok’n aboot ?

        Ah’ll hea ye ken ah kin fine weel, an ye’ve nea cloo mon ! 🙂


        Trying to get that “joke” past spell check was a fuckin nightmerrr.

        I wonder if there’s a Scottish spell check ?

      • Do you think the refugees would honestly stay there, independent or not?

        I don’t but I can see a flood of the cunts using a Jockland’s “Open Door” policy (Frau Merkel style) as a means to rake their arses into England!

        Well they can still fuck off cos England is full! You can bide your refugee arses there!

        Should they ever vote to leave the Union then I hope Theresa May’s first phone call goes like this…

        “Hello? Don? Theresa here?”

        “Hey PM Tess how’s it going?”

        “Fine Mr President thank you. So, those contractors you used to build the Mexican border wall?”

        “Great guys, great guys! They did a first class job.”

        “Yes, er, any chance they could do a bit of contract work over here, refurbishing an existing wall?”

        “Sure. How long and where is it?”

        “It’s 84 miles long between the Cumbrian and Northumberland coastlines.”

        “84 clicks!?! Why my guys could have that done in a few weeks. They’re great guys! Great guys! Glad of their jobs. Great guys!”

        “And Don, one last thing…”

        “Sure Tess, fire away.”

        “Send the bill to Sturgeon!”

        “It would be my pleasure.”


        P.S. Birdman I don’t know what you mean about Wee Jimmeh’s hairdo? I mean how can millions of Lego characters be so wrong?

    • She hasn’t really thought this through has she.
      How the fuck are Scotland going to join the reich?
      How are they going trade with England (2 thirds of their exports) with tariffs in place that have been imposed by the reich after brexit?
      There will be a hard border in place between England and Scotland which isn’t good for anyone, most of all Scotland.
      Just like the first independence referendum, the SNP have no fuckin idea what they’re doing! Last time they were going to Base their entire economy on oil and whisky. Not the oil is worthless I guess all they have is whisky. …the old adage “don’t get high on your own supply” springs to mind.

      • Irish whisky pisses all over Scotch whiskey.
        Mccallan is really nice, but Irish beats the lot.

        And how’s their economy doing ?


      • What is it with all these wiminz running things? Treezer in England, WJK in Scotchland and that silly taff bitch is on the telly now giving it the big one about independence for Whales and lets not forget the new split arse leader of the party formally known as the IR fucking A. ( I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists, now they are running the show ). In fact the leader of the Ulster Unionists is also a wiminz and so are the leaders of the Scotchland labour and conservative parties. All fucking wiminz and all swamp donkeys.

        It is often said there should be more wiminz in politics as they are less aggressive and less adversarial but judging by these cunts they are always fighting in lumps. Cunts.

  10. Too fucking right. Wee Jimmy and Fatboy Salmond seem to have misunderstood what “nationalism” actually means. If they want to kick us into touch and jump into bed with a load of greasy frogs and slimy krauts then fuck ’em. There’ll be no Barnett formula then you ungrateful bastards.

    • I don’t think Wee Krankie understands what the definition of nationalism is as for the greasy frog remark really M8? considering your username… lol

      I hope Marine Le Pen wins you think the french like hollande? They hate him even more then Sarkozy which I think is somehow impossible or somekind of record France really deserves a change

      • Apparently the French midget with the giant mouth has a popularity rating of 4%!! That’s the lowest since the Second World War, hence he hasn’t stood in French elections… Cunt!!

      • Fucking Hitler had a higher popularity rating amongst the French than this cunt.

      • Listen Titfucker I’m a frogman, as in subaqua cunt with flippers and shit. I’m not a cheese munching, wine swilling, Gaulois smoking, lazy fucking unwashed garlic smelling bastard French cunt! Not that I have anything against the French I’m just not one of the shitheads.

  11. I always confuse Campbell with that other useless Limp Dick, Vince Cable. Both are equally useless. And yet ironically, neither are as useless as Farron or Clegg.

    • Yer not confused, Quick Draw McGraw, its just when ye hear libdem, ye think CUNT. 🙂

    • I saw Campbell and Cable on TV together the other day hurling insults at the rest of the people there!

      It was a fucking disgrace to be honest!

      No, hang on a minute, I might have got them confused with the two old farts off The Muppet Show…

  12. The sooner the Scots fuck off the better, they can take the Poles, Romanians, Turks and all the other unwanted scrounging scum with them.

    We could then have a border like in Escape from New York.

    “Control: We have a benefits tourist in the water” blammmmoooo

  13. That corrosive evil dwarf, Wee Burney is a fucking cunt… Another referendum?… Wasn’t tit supposed to be a once in a generation thing?….Also, we know what will happen if the SNP loses (again)…It will be ‘Burney demands a third referendum’ then a fourth, fifth etc… This little stinking turd will keep popping up until Madame May finally flushes her away… Any of the old boys… If we were back in the days of Henry VIII there would be enough counts of treason have Burney’s head off ten times over…

    • And who would pick up that ugly wee head ?

      I wouldn’t even play football with that heed.

      Strange looking ugly wee thing.

  14. As soon as Scotland becomes an independent nation, every sponging immigrant, fuckwit and retard will be over the border here to screw our benefits system. Our useless fuckers in “Wetmincer” will do fuck all as usual, and so begins the beginning of the end. Fuck Minger Camel the useless liberal cunt, Farron ,Clegg and all the other ugly fuckers that occupy the ivory towers. They are indeed a cuntitude of cunts!

  15. Channel flicking I came across Channel 4 and Brexit: Crisis on the Wards-Dispatches. Examining the impact of Brexit on Britains health service. I can’t watch it for fear of a) getting so wound up I throw things, b) my blood pressure goes through the roof, c) my fucking head just explodes leaving a mess for my Mrs to tidy up. So no doubt the programme makers won’t look at anything else that may have contributed to the NHS as it is today. The fucking sooner May triggers Article 50 the better and we can get on as a country and focus on making it a place to be proud of. Apologies if I may seem delusional but I have been on salads for the last couple of weeks.

    • And let us hope Banana Gob Miller fucks off into obscurity… Some hope though… The daft bitch will be on Loose Women and Question Time every other week… That pompous old BBC cunt, Marr, will continue to lick her bony arse of a sunday morning, and then there will be the lucrative ‘lecture tours’, not forgetting the ‘tell-all/sob story/Girl Who Blocked Brexit’ book (wonder how many she’s actually fucked to get where she is?), and dishing out ‘advice’ to knobheads in offices to the tune of thousands of pounds… The sooner she goes back up in banana tree, the better… Can see her hanging around like a lingering apres-brown ale fart though…

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