Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong is a smug wanker.

The cunt does a quiz called Pointless with some weird looking cunt called Richard Osman.

“Xander”,as the pretentious wanker styles himself,is another of the Oxbridge comedians and was one half of the dreadful, formulaic Armstrong and Miller, who thankfully seem to have sunk without trace.

His singing brings to mind a bullock being castrated without pain-relief, and yet the bastard is convinced that he is a cross between Pavarotti and Elvis,and never misses the chance to plug, on the BBC, his latest collection of “Songs to Cause You To Burst Your Own Eardrums With An Ice-Pick to.”

The cunt wears a very poor hairpiece which looks to have been wrenched off Bruce Forsyth’s mechanically kept alive corpse. He is also related through marriage, to Giles Coren, Victoria Coren and the appalling David Mitchell….reason enough to cunt him, for not running amok at a family get-together with a flame-thrower.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler.

128 thoughts on “Alexander Armstrong

  1. Hellooooo?

    All this nonsense about cookies and java has had me brewing up and eating loads of biscuits.

      • I’m using my work phone just now and the browser isn’t working so I tried chrome, for the first time, and here I am.

        Why is there an option between browser, orange and chrome when it’s all internet access ?

        Remember, I’m a Luddite. 🙂

        Is it chrome that’s getting us in ?

        I’m always being told by my phone to use chrome as its better, but doesn’t tell me how its better, so I’ve just carried on with browser.

        Sorry if I’ve just posted the biggest pile of shite ever to appear on ISAC, but there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. 🙂

      • I just heard an ad on the radio that reminded me of how much of a Luddite I am.
        Remember when they first came out with the red button that they told you to press on the telly ?

        Guess what doss cunt got up off his couch and pressed it over and over and then thought it might not have reached here yet ?

      • My Dad used to hear that and press the red button and would be crestfallen when the telly went off.

      • I was pressing the corner of the screen.

        This is about 1997, years before touch screen.

        I was a visionary. 🙂

    • I’m always wondering where most of the world got their computer knowledge, yet I know fuck all.

      I only ever used the internet to talk budgie breeding, download music and porn, and look up football.

      Then one day Brendan Rodgers pissed me off again, so I wanted to know if anybody had called him a cunt and that’s when I discovered ISAC.

      That’s my limited experience with computers and the internet.

      How lucky was I to find this place ? 🙂

      • My first cunting was that utter cunt, Jack White (and his mute one armed drummer sister/wife/igor) of The Shite Stripes… Think I googled ‘Jack White is a cunt’ and it pointed me to here… I think White was mentioned in a cunting but wasn’t nominated until I did him…

      • I found it by googling ‘who is that cunt in the Tesco advert’. Didn’t find out who the cunt was, but up popped ISAC. So, I can thank the annoying cunt who played the son in the Christmas 2015 Tesco ad campaign for something…….😀

      • That’s the thing, Gutstuck Japseye, even though we all hate the cunt that brought us here, we have sorta got to be grateful to them for being cunts.

        But I’m not in a place right now to thank Brendan Rodgers.

      • I was browsing “Slobbering, thick-lipped cunt” when Jamie Olivers’ cunting came up…. Not what I was expecting or hoping for.

      • I googled the magic words;

        “ginger cunt evans”

        and the rest is history.

      • Yours truly has been plagued by browser shite and ISAC error messages for years. From bitter experience the type orf browser does matter. Chrome seems to be prefered by ISAC over FireFox. FireFox seems to work fine if you allow all cookies and javascript but for troll security reasons I refuse to do this hence no go for me. Chrome seems to cope better with all the shit oit there and is more forgiving orf ISAC’s security measures.
        In short all this error crapola escalated once The Eye did some fiddling many moons ago after a rather tiresome troll fuck.

      • David Cameron brought me here! Be interesting to hear who other peoples first cunts were.

      • For me it was googling “Tony Blair is a cunt” and since that day this has been my favourite website.

      • Yeah me too. Heard O’Shithead this morning crying his fucking eyes out about the “breakup of the UK” all due to the thick deluded racist cunts who voted for brexit. Nothing to do with Wee Jimmy and Fatboy’s sly political acumen then?

      • Luckily that cunt didn’t get chance to pollute my ears today.

        ..might be why I came me home in a good mood for a change!

    • Jeremy Corbyn is a cunt was typed in and this site came up. That’s the only time I will thank Corbyn for anything.

  2. British parliament are all cuntheads this makes me so angry There is no shortage in England of white families barely making ends meet or homeless people dying from frostbite because they cannot get a place to stay during the harsh winter season.

    People mock right wingers like myself when they use the homeless argument to debate against helping refugees, but why do leftists love pretending that white people don’t experience poverty and aren’t in need of help? This is disgusting when we have how many british ethnic citizens underneath the poverty line? Pssh….

    • I’m with you, TS. Charity begins at home and while 1 in 10 rough sleepers are ex-services it is a national disgrace to be letting in a single so called refugee.

      • I’m in the process of writing a charity single to be released in December, highlighting the problems faced by those sleeping rough.

        ‘Duvet know it’s Christmas’….

    • Because the left despises white people. Apparently we’re to blame for every shitty thing that has ever happened. According to the lefties, we caused Krakatoa to erupt. We were responsible for the 1908 San Francisco earthquake. Slavery was all the fault of white people, despite the fact that there would have been no black slavery without the co-operation of various African tribes, who sold off captured members of rival tribes.

      Strangely, they’re somewhat coy about the white slave trade, which was carried out by the Islamic Barbary pirates and was on a much larger scale and went on for longer. I have no idea why lefties hate white British, particularly English, people so much, but they have a definite dislike for us.

      • Probably because we have elections and the vote and consequently have rejected full on socialism time and time again.
        Basically we are “in the way” of the dream…

  3. I have to agree he’s a bit of a cunt but I thought he was ok when he did Brabbins and Fyfe, a kind of filthy Flanders and Swann.

    Richard Osman might be a cunt. He looks like a horse or a dodgy roofer.

    • Osman has been on me cuntradar for quite a while. Actually started and continues as a vastly over paid BBC producer. Obscenely full orf himself the cunt.

  4. Armstrong is an inoffensive if terminally vapid little cunt who rarely intrudes upon my conciousness. Victoria Coren, however makes regular incursions there and I’d be more than happy to intrude on her any time she likes. I’d also quite like a soapy tit wank of her too.

    • Fucking agreed! Though the fact that terrible human from Peep Show has impregnated her makes my blood boil.

      • Yea how the fuck did that happen!?!?
        I still think it must be a lie.


  5. Sorry, that was just a test because of this java bollocks. I thought it was an EU conspiracy to shut me up..cuNts

  6. If anybody is watching the” intro” to the Leicester game, check out all the white flags waiting to be picked up by fans.

    It looks like a KKK convention. 🙂

  7. Gina Miller needs an epic cunting, again. According to the Daily Express, Miller has “declared war on the UK Government”. If that’s true, then she has also declared war on the majority of the voting British public and democracy itself. After both the House of Commons AND the House of Lords gave up and handed the Government the legal authority to trigger Article 50 without any guarantees regarding EU nationals in the UK, OR giving MP’s and the Lords a vote on the outcome, Miller is threatening to go to the High Court to try to get MP’s a final vote.

    What this deeply annoying pile of monkey shit has against the British people and our democratic system I don’t know. What I DO know, is that Miller has become someone I despise every bit as much as I despise Blair. I mean, this motherfucker isn’t even British, she’s from Guiana. She came here years ago, and has had a better life than most British people have. Yet for some reason, she has chosen to show her contempt for us, by happily becoming a woman so hated, that most people would toast marshmallows on if she were on fire.

    This fucking cock sucking cunt should be stripped of her British citizenship and sent back to the shithole she came from. We have enough home grown anti-British cunts in the UK, without adding foreigners to their numbers.

    • You beat me to it, ya cunt. I guess that’s why they call you Quick Draw.

    • Declared war?

      …be interesting to see what her army looks like.

      Let me guess ….snowflakes and twats with signs on sticks.

      • Declaring war on the British government?… Isn’t that sedition, or high treason, or even a threat of terrorism?…. Time for every bit of dirt the government, the media, the tabloids etc have on this bitch to be thrown in unison: and bury her in a plie of her own steaming shit…

      • One problem norm.

        They’re lefty remoaning cunts too!

        If she was on the right politically, every single thing she’d ever done since she took her first shit would be studied and published to discredit her.

        May should just trigger article 50 now. …Surely the twats will get the message then.

        Or maybe not.

      • Old Fyffes Features must have a string of enemies… Such a massive cunt must have a good few, surely?… Shafted business contacts, even (loads) more shafted ex-lovers, a few members of gentlemens’ clubs in high places who loathe uppity interfering wimmin etc…Time this arrogant, self serving, and self appointed slag was brought down a peg or two hundred…

      • Yea there’s bound to be someone!

        …and if not we can always just lie! 😈

      • Student types who are happy to scream and shit the most ridiculous shit, but scuttle off to their little safe spaces when confronted with facts and logic. And when you win the argument with them, you’re a paedophile, rapist, murdering, animal abusing, racist, homophobic, misogynist, fascist Nazi.

      • Yea they call us normal people every name under the sun but they never call us “violent”. Wonder why. Us Brits have violence in our blood (in a good way of course).
        Maybe it’s because they don’t want to remind us or them that we could easily beat all their heads in and tell them to fuck off! ….not that I’d ever do such a thing.
        …as long as my vote is counted and brexit goes through I’ll just be a grumpy cunt as usual. 🙂

      • You forgot their new favourite word to win an argument, HATER.

        I hate hater but love hating cunts who call me hater.

        Nothing has me clenching my fists and jutting my melon headbutt like, when I hear that.

    • Fuck me that Miller bitch was all over the meejah yesterday saying that M.P.s should have a secret ballot for any brexit vote. Yeah let’s reverse centuries of parliamentary procedure because you fucking say so cunt. This slag likes secrets of course. I’d like to know who is bankrolling this whore but she ain’t saying. You can bet that beardy horse-faced cunt Branson is one of them. You can take my arse to the bank on that one. The front of these remoaner shits takes my breath away. If you don’t like it bitch fuck off back where you came from. I’m sure beardy bollocks will loan you his private jet to go anywhere you like. Let’s hope the Ruskies do us a favour and put a heat-seeking missile up its arse.

      • Sorry my fingers are too fat. Mixed with auto spell.

        ….about 10,000 of them.

      • Secret ballots are for communist shitholes like North Korea. Miller would fit right in there. She’s as much of a fucking ignorant cunt as Pyongyang Porkie.

  8. Our dear old chum Vagina Miller is at it again. It seems like the banana addicted ape creature is planning to go to court over Brexit, again. It seems she thinks the vote on the Brexit bill which passed through Parliament last night should have taken place in private and if she doesn’t get the deal she wants out of the EU in the end she will be going back to the courts. I hope she chokes trying to eat one of her potassium flavour fruits sideways.

    • Why doesn’t the cunt fuck off to the Fourth Reich and live there. She will be in the EU (for the time being anyway) among like minded cunts and can leave the rest of us alone.
      She must be a S and M fan as she previously complained about the abuse etc she got so what does she do now but go and threaten something that will bring on more opprobrium.
      We don’t want to be part of the EU you banana eating cunt so just piss off.

  9. Theresa May also needs a cunting. There is nothing now to stop her from triggering Article 50. So, I find it baffling that she is refusing to trigger it until the end of the March. Why? Is she giving some traitorous piece of shit, like Miller, the chance to come up with a ploy to derail Brexit? There is no good reason for her delay triggering Article 50 until the end of the month. She could do it by Friday, and she knows full well that we want it triggered right now. Yet despite her claim to respect the will of the British people, she’s fucking stalling.

    I’ve never trusted this bitch. She has a habit of not being open or straight with people. That’s not a good in an MP, and it’s an even worse trait in a Prime Minister. When politicians keep secrets like May does, it’s never for a good reason.

    • Quite agree, QDM. May doesn’t seem too keen on pushing forward. I think that all these delays and challenges suit her and give her the excuse to present a watered-down version of what we expected from Brexit. I think that we’ll end up with a half-arsed,ersatz compromise.

      I still blame that fucking bastard Cameron. He should have signed it immediately,before crawling back under his stone. Blair might have been a God Amongst Cunts,but Cameron did a pretty good impersonation.

      • Cameron was a pussy, who spat his dummy out because us plebs didn’t vote the way we were expected to. I’m conflicted here. I’m glad he’s gone because he was one of the worst PM’s we’ve ever had. And considering Blair and Brown are on that list, he’s in really shitty company. On the other hand, I don’t trust May. I can’t, because she hasn’t done anything to earn my trust. And from what I’ve read about her style of leadership, I don’t think I would ever trust her.

    • My money is on March 25th, the day the EU celebrates 60 years since signing the Treaty of Rome.

      Plus she will wait until the Dutch election tomorrow is over, which is as it should be IMHO…

      • Is that tomorrow?
        I’ve been avoiding the news due to not wanting my new telly to get smashed.
        Hhmmmmm…..could be interesting.

      • I wouldn’t bother. If the leftards win in Holland then you’ll see nowt else on the ABBC!

        Tonight there were more Turkish protests/distruptions in Holland (courtesy of Fox News).

        Yesterday the ABBC had some yank sounding bloke on where his two kids photo-bombed his live TV appearance (including his Yoko Mrs going arse-over-tit as she slid into the room to get the little cunts out of the room) while Holland was in “peaceful” disarray.

        Today no further Holland “peaceful” shit, instead they had the same bloke back on with his brood being interviewed because yesterday’s interview had gone viral!

        Proper bit of journalism there by our ABBC friends. The more shit I see of the ABBC the more I come to realise that the W1A series wasn’t a comedy, it was a dramatised documentary.

        Fucking cunts!

      • collusion between erdogan and rutte to fuck up wolder’s vote
        dozy doped-up dutch think that Rutte has had a damascene conversion after his hard line with the turks, but once he’s safely back in office he’ll to bleedin-heart liberal again, the cunt

      • If she does that I may well prove it’s actually possible to die laughing!! With that momentum on her side she should also announce an English referendum on if we actually want Scotland to remain in the UK….

  10. The cunts at Muirfield golf club are a set of spineless money grabbing soft as shite cunts for caving in and letting wiminz join their club. How about all the wiminz only clubs, of which there are many more than men only clubs, being compelled to allow men to join? No, didn’t think so.

    BTW, I once bought a copy of Men Only magazine. What a surprise when it contained only pictures of wiminz. I thought I’d get that one in before J.R.C had a chance.

    • Golf is a game for cunts. I’d build rugby grounds and race courses over every golf course,that would teach the boring old farts and their fat-arsed women.

      • Love golf! The cunt hates me though! I’m not a silver-spoon, nor an old cunt (not quite anyway).


        Two ladies playing golf. One spoons a ball way right over a hill and out of eyeshot. “FORE!!!” she cries.

        They get over the hill and there’s a bloke bent double on the ground with his hands clasped in his groin. The two women run over to assist.

        “Oh I’m so dreadfully sorry. Here let me help you.”

        “No, no. It’s quite alright. I’ll be ok in a moment.”

        “Nonsense. Here let me see. Come on now we’re grown women nothing to shock us here!”

        So she moves the man’s hands. Sticks her hand down his keks and starts giving the auld 3-piece-suite a good rub.

        “There! How does that feel!” – she asked, all concerned.

        “Well, I have to say it feels wonderful. But my thumb is still killing me!”


  11. Vagina Miller and Nicola (hulkhairdo) Sturgeon are really scrapping it out become COTY next year.

    I say they should both win and one could tear it in half a la Boyoncie and Adele.

    PS. I’m not condoning violence, but, but, I can see some hero taking both of these cunts out.

    Russia style. 😉

    Prod prod drop

    • They were neck and neck but I think sturgeon is a nose ahead.

      Oh no …miller’s on another radio interview! She’s moved to the front.

      It’s very early in the year but you’re right birdman. Those 2 are definitely the front runners!

    • Although an outstanding cunt miller is a bit of a Johnny come lately one trick pony type , for me sturgeon is a seasoned pro who has delivered week in week out, a truly stratospheric cunt!!

      • Yes sturgeon is in the lead.

        ….but who knows what cuntitude will occur tomorrow!

  12. Some people fall because a loved one gets cancer and dies… Some people fall apart because they’ve been sexually or physically abused… Some people fall apart because they were in major disaster like a plane crash… Others fall apart because they get a tweet and some knobheads online that upset them…

    Welcome to snowflake Britain….

    • Let’s hope she/he/it gets even more abuse now.

      I don’t do twitter, but if I started, I know what I’d be doing first.

      Little freaky cunt.

      PS. wouldn’t mind rooting Katie Hopkins.

      • “Wouldn’t mind rooting Katie Hopkins” !!!!????

        Fucks Sake, Birdman. I’ve read some pretty depraved comments on this site,but that’s fucking horrendous. :). .

      • I was just just about to like your comment until I saw “I wouldn’t mind rooting Katie hopkins”.

        Ur dude …seriously …ur

      • Right, in my defence, I live in Spain and usually I get to see these wimmin in a grainy black and white pic in the paper.
        Its 2017 and its still mostly b&w ffs.

        Anyway, I have since googled images of her, and I thought, fuck me, what have I said ?

        I can now see the rubber faced goofy tart.

        I know I’ll have to earn your forgiveness, but it was a mistake, and the colourists at the Spanish newspaper printers fault.

        Mainly his fault. 🙂

        She’s still better than that wee dick Sturgeon, who’s fuckin face has been on my mind all fuckin day.

        Hulkhairdo wee cunt.

      • Oh yea I’d fuck a rotting whale carcass before nicola sturgeon.
        And to be fair there’s barely a moment that I’m on spanish soil and not more than few sheets to the wind.
        But still …
        Mate …
        Urrr ….

      • That’s what makes me laugh about this snowflake gremlin…. She/he/it didn’t have to look at anything on social media, and it is hardly any cause for a ‘breakdown’… Some people go through real hell: with disease, death, grief, abuse and other horrors… Try asking Holocaust survivors or the surviving relatives of Brady and Hindley’s victims if they think Twitter and the cunts that infest it are something to ‘fall apart’ about… Same goes for veterans who served in Vietnam, Falklands, Ulster, Iraq and Afghanistan, and not forgetting the last of the old boys who stood against Hitler and the Japanese…. Talk about war memorials, those people fought for the freedom of the British (and the world)… I’m sure a lot of them would turn in their graves if they knew Britain was to be inherited by such thin skinned and soft as shite offended by anything cunts…

    • Jack Monroe is so fucking thick she doesnt even know what gender she is.

      • Yet the cunts at the BBC and Grauniad (they sort of created it: like their very own Frankenstein) lap up this identikit gonk haired snowflake with the man’s name… At least with Hopkins (like her or not) what you see is what you get and she doesn’t hide… Instead of hiding behind a silly stage name, gender ‘issues’ and faux ‘poverty’ and pretending to be working class…

  13. Great cunting fiddler!

    Does he do that crappy show with that pervert cj and that old woman that talks weird?


    Or shitheads as I prefer to call it!

    • Only good thing Armstrong has ever done is that pisstake of Clarkson on Saxondale… Always fancied banging the office manageress in Saxondale… Then I found out it was that cunt who’s married to uber cunt David Baddiel…

      • Saxondale! Fuck me I loved that show but no cunt has ever heard of it. Lisa Tarbuck looked fucking good In the episode where she played a nympho housewife with her tits bursting out…..and I don’t care what any cunt says!

      • She looked alright, I agree… I’d have had a go at Liza in that episode… It was a great series… Love that bit where Tommy shoots that smelly ‘traveller’ hippy cunt…

  14. I’ve been watching the news today (always a bad idea. …gets my piss boiling) and I’ve decided to cunt the Turkish coup.

    What stupid cunts!
    If you’re going to conduct a military coup the first thing you need to make sure of is that you’ll win.
    Because of their incompetence and bad planning the fundaMENTALIST muslim cunt Erdogan is going to consolidate his power and be a mouthy pain in the fuckin arse for years to come!
    I’ve never liked turkey but I get the feeling I’m gonna hate them even more over the coming years.

    As anyone that regularly visits this site will know, I fuckin HATE the forth reich.
    But if comes to a choice between the reich and some bunch of muslims, hand me a frankfurter and let’s sing a round of douche land, douche land, dooby lardy or whatever the fuck.

    Now turkey is going to gradually become Saudi Arabia. Which is fine by me as long as they fuck off behind a wall somewhere and shut the fuck up!
    …But I guarantee they won’t.
    All because some cunt didn’t think to shoot one cunt before they started.


      • No tin foil hatter, but it does make me wonder if the coup was a fix, so the cunt could get rid of any cunt likely to give him grief for becoming king. He is going to end up like Mugabe, the despotic maniac cunt.

  15. Just listening to thick fuck Gerard on BT Sport. I quote ‘ it’s THEM experiences that have DROVE him on’. Illiterate scouse cunt.

    • I bet when he was at school and not playing football he was made to stand in the corner of the classroom wearing a dunces hat!!
      He’s a tick as shite!!

  16. Alex Armstrongs just another already privileged I’m alright Jack’ rich twat on the BBC gravy train of privileged lardy daa posh sods who get on TV because they ‘know’ people in high circles of the elite rich buggers. While I’m hear having this rant, what’s people’s views on Harry Hill? I’ve never understood his act, is he permanently stuck in his character? If he is, he needs to be sectioned.

    • I don’t get him either, yet this is the first time I’ve ever heard anybody question him.

      Every cunt and his dog seems to love the seriously unfunny cunt, even though his act is very poor and the only thing he does is pant and stare laughingly at the camera.

  17. So this is what it feels like to be one of the best clubs in Europe.

    Its a beautiful thing. 🙂


    PS. It gets lonely talking about the foxes on here without our good friend and fellow cunter Alan Fistula.

    If yer reading this Alan Fistula, hope her well mate. 🙂

    • Who the fuck is “Alan fistula? ”
      Who the fuck are “the foxes?”
      Only joking mate.
      ….I’ve heard of Alan fistula.


      ….Sorry I’m a bit drunk tonight.

      • He’s a good guy and the Foxes are the CHAMPIONS of England and the last English team left in the champions league. 🙂

        Tara Man City.

    • Tried to cunt him earlier but phone wasn’t working so it wouldnt send.Anyway the geriatic cunt compared Brexit to the rise of Hitler and Mussolini.And that cunt got £300 for the pleasure of pissing on the electorate.

    • I saw that too!

      Every fucker who voted for Brexit or Trump is a Nazi!

      That’s the go-to response of any libtard snowflake when they don’t get their own way!

      In fact one yank (so-called) libbo comedienne Samantha Bee (nope, I’d never heard of her either) had a dig at young attendees of the CPAC convention (The Conservative Political Action Conference) by shouting “Nazi Haircut! Nazi Haircut!” at CPAC footage whenever a young white male appeared on the screen that didn’t look like some beardy hipster cunt (i.e. clean shaven and a well groomed haircut).

      The story, however, only came to light after one of the boys labelled “Nazi!” turned out to have stage 4 brain cancer.

      Whether the boy had cancer or not – tragic as that may be – is irrelevant to me. What gives this cunt the right to call anyone a “Nazi!” from just looking at some stock footage of a convention? Oh that’s right, because it was a “Conservative” convention and conservatives are fair game these days in the land of the liberal facists!

      However, what would happen if there was a libbo snowflake convention and while reviewing the stock footage…

      Every time a non-munter pretty libbo lady (a rare commodity it has to be said) came on-screen and the joke was to shout “WHORE!”?

      Evertime a black man in a baseball cap appeared the joke was to shout “DRUG DEALER!”?

      Or everytime a “peaceful” cunt appeared in a doylie hat and beard or a hijab and the joke was to shout “BOMB MAKER!”?

      How do you think neo-liberal facists would respond to that! Exactly there’d be riots across the whole fucking nation!

      But because it’s said by a libbo bint and is attacking anyone with a conservative point of view then that makes it all right then, and the libbo press and media excuse it off as a bit of “high jinks”.

      Well Samantha Bee, it is NOT alright and you, and your vacuous TV programme deserve a thorough cunting! Consider this your nomination YOU CUNT!

      • If ye don’t count the bearded freaks, all the other hipster cunts have Hitler hairdos.

        When this short back and sides with a slapped on side shed first came out, my first thought was that they looked like Hitler.

      • Well the nobhead sorry noble Lord is certainly getting down with the kids by invoking Hitler whenever you encounter someone or something you dont like.You would think that having lived through Hitler and Mussolini he would know better.Then again the cunt was kicked out of Labour for being too pro_Europe (and yes you read that right)

        Samantha Bee is indeed an odious smug unfunny self righteous leftist cunt.The 20 year old journalist Kyle Coddington who she mocked for having “Nazi hair” who has terminal brain cancer is in fact a Trump critic and registered democrat proving even more so that her show is garbage that goes for the lowest common denominator.Bee only sent Kyle a tweet to say sorry.A tweet seriously?The guy is dying from brain cancer and she mocks him albeit unwittingly and yet she cant even be bothered to ring him and say sorry.It would have taken 5 minutes.Fair play to the guy though he has taken it on the chin and not let it get to him.

  18. Apparently, May is going to tour Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland before triggering Article 50. I have two questions, 1: What the fuck for? And 2: Why the fuck has England been left out? Just trigger it now May, you fucking twat. Quit dawdling.

  19. It seems Sturgeon’s dream of independent Scotland (under EU rule) has hit a bit of a snag. According to the Daily Express, there’s growing anti-EU feeling in Scotland. As Sgt Major Williams in It Ain’t Half Hot Mom used to say; “Oh dear, how sad. Never mind”.

  20. I’d like to cunt VOLTAROL pain relief gel. Fuckin ell you seen the price of it? £8 for a small tube. Golf was mentioned earlier. Great game , play it myself, well sumfink like it anyway , it’s fuckin difficult! But I’ve done me shoulder in. Out of desperation I bought some VOLTAROL, I can report IT DOESNT WORK. Of course anything that is plugged so relentlessly on TV is automatically going to be overpriced so more fool me.

    • It does fuck all!

      If it’s a pulled muscle then the only shit that works for me is that Tiger Balm. Stinks to high heaven (menthol type smell) but a good dollop rubbed in just before bed works wonders.

      If the Mrs twists about the smell just tell her it’ll do her sinuses the world of good!

      If it’s the joint then only the “hot then cold” thing works for me: hot bath to soak the area followed by an ice pack (or bag of frozen peas as I call it) for as long as you can stand. Again best done before you go to bed.

      My name is Dr Rebel Without a Cunt! And I’m listening…

    • I am a habitual pot smoker and I don’t want to fuck up the Free The Weed movement, but I’ve never felt any painkilling effect from smoking it.

      Headaches, migraines, slipped disc, back pain left over from fucked up slipped disc operation, toothache, broken bones, nothing I’ve smoked has eased any of that pain, yet that’s the main argument for legalisation.

      Sshhhh, don’t tell anybody. 🙂

    • When I lived abroad, used to go swimming with a friend who said Voltarol / Voltaren was crap; I agreed.

      ie. read the small print on the ads…”100% of 2 people interviewed…”

      Stick to alcohol and a few tabs… might make you drowsy, but most serious painkillers will knock YOU as well as any pain… Usually has that taste-good feel as well

  21. Mhairi Black is not “quite” as much a cunt as originally suspected… She has decided that the Wetminster bubble is full of oxygen-thieving old farts, platinum-plated gobshites and divers peddlers of the grossest moral turpitude imaginable. She also said that when the SNP obliged her to vote remain, she did so holding her nose (I’m assuming that this is an indicator of unwillingness / displeasure on her part; I shall avoid any talk of sturgeon’s parts, as some of you might wish to sleep soundly, or eat / digest your food), and that Jacob Rees-Mogg is a sort of hon. boyfriend. The wee lassie really can’t be too bad, I think. She sounds on my wavelength, HP is not fit for purpose, and it takes centuries to get anything done.
    Sturgeon is a skidmark on the soiled underpants of humanity…

    • apparently in the land of the porridge wogs 1 in 3 SNP voters (pretty close to the overall jock percentahe) voted for Brexit

  22. Well good on her I say. She’s a young person right in the middle of these corrupt time serving money grabbing cunts. No doubt some cunt will stick a fat wedge in her pocket to shut her naïve innocent gob.

  23. So the latest from MNSBC is that Trump paid fuck loads of tax in 2005.So fucking what!

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