Lily Allen (4)

Lily the Mong needs a cunting.The rancid bitch has said on social media and any other media outlet how much compassion she has for the environment, that air pollution is a bad thing. So when the Mong tells all and sundry that when her car lease has ended she will get herself a Prius. So instead, as Lily the Mong is so so so righteous she goes and buys a gas-guzzling Mercedes Benz so she can drive her way through London. No doubt she collects the sand-dwellers on the way through.

Nominated by Gingers Ballsac.

Lily the Alien didn’t take much of a break from Twatter. After the Westminster terrorist attack she tweeted  “Lets be calm everyone, the police need space to investigate, we need to wait for facts, digest what is happening and respect those affected” and “London I love you x”

Ahhhhh…thanks for that Alien.  I’m sure those who have now been disabled or are suffering horrific injuries will give you a big thumbs up, since a ‘crazy’ convert to your favourite religion went on the rampage. So Ms. Alien why no photo-op this time round – no tears for those dead and injured and no howls of disgust toward the perpetrator? You seem to have gone very quiet on that front, huh?

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Lily Spazmotron also dishes it out but can’t take it… The windowlicking libmong claimed she was ‘taking a break’ from Twatter because some ‘trolls’ had said some nasty things about her losing her kid… Nothing to do with her not being able to take justifiable criticism after saying things like anyone who voted Brexit and doesn’t arselick 30 year old ‘child’ ‘refugees’ is racist and ignorant, that all white men are potential rapists, and that anyone who disagrees with her about anything is Hitler then?…

I fucking loathe this spaztard snowflake cunt….

Nominated by Norman.

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  1. Has this count got a new album out or something…. hence the publicity grabbing?

  2. This scrag has never been of any interest to me whatsoever. Hence a well-deserved cutting.

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