Lily Allen (4)

Lily the Mong needs a cunting.The rancid bitch has said on social media and any other media outlet how much compassion she has for the environment, that air pollution is a bad thing. So when the Mong tells all and sundry that when her car lease has ended she will get herself a Prius. So instead, as Lily the Mong is so so so righteous she goes and buys a gas-guzzling Mercedes Benz so she can drive her way through London. No doubt she collects the sand-dwellers on the way through.

Nominated by Gingers Ballsac.

Lily the Alien didn’t take much of a break from Twatter. After the Westminster terrorist attack she tweeted  “Lets be calm everyone, the police need space to investigate, we need to wait for facts, digest what is happening and respect those affected” and “London I love you x”

Ahhhhh…thanks for that Alien.  I’m sure those who have now been disabled or are suffering horrific injuries will give you a big thumbs up, since a ‘crazy’ convert to your favourite religion went on the rampage. So Ms. Alien why no photo-op this time round – no tears for those dead and injured and no howls of disgust toward the perpetrator? You seem to have gone very quiet on that front, huh?

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Lily Spazmotron also dishes it out but can’t take it… The windowlicking libmong claimed she was ‘taking a break’ from Twatter because some ‘trolls’ had said some nasty things about her losing her kid… Nothing to do with her not being able to take justifiable criticism after saying things like anyone who voted Brexit and doesn’t arselick 30 year old ‘child’ ‘refugees’ is racist and ignorant, that all white men are potential rapists, and that anyone who disagrees with her about anything is Hitler then?…

I fucking loathe this spaztard snowflake cunt….

Nominated by Norman.

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  1. Lilymong has a new album out.

    Hence the fact her verbal diarrhoea is flowing free right now.

    Anything to try and be controversial and virtue signalling all the way to the bank.

    What a cunt.

  2. I think that just about covers the serial virtue signalling cretin…..
    Good skills ….

  3. Yesterday at the EEP conference in Malta a power drunk president junker actually threatened president trump!
    He told the conference that America should not be involved with/ support Brexit and if this continues he will start campaigning for American states to leave the USA!!, after this blithering oaf had finished the EU have tried a damage limitation exercise, apparently he was joking ? Having seen the clip he is anything but joking!!
    So the former prime minister of Luxembourg backed by the mighty EU thinks it’s a good idea to make threats to America?
    Having bullied so many small weak countries over the years it has given the EU hierarchy a deluded view of their power, and as many a bully finds out one day they pick the wrong fight…..

    • I caught some of that and what got me was that nobody seems to notice or be bothered about any bullying that comes from the EU.

      And cunts are wondering why we want to leave, well maybe the never ending threats are a good part of it.

      I thought the world, especially leftards, hated bullies and bullying.

      • Yes, I saw that. The clip was a determined threat to the USA, and there was NO humour. This was anything but a joke. It was Belgium who went without a Government for some time due to a stasis in politics ( Im being polite ) I think that says a lot. Junker needs to be taken aside and given a good twatting by some Yank of the Trump kind. Incidentally, and on the same subject, Hils Clinton is stirring up the campaign for Californians to exit the Union ? Any correlation there with Junkers?

      • Big Don should simply say, ‘Any more shit out of you, Junkyard, and I’ll nuke the shite out of your little insignificant dump..’

        Luxembourg… The Radcliffe of Europe…

      • I shagged a bird in Radcliffe once………. That was my soul purpose for going there.

        Nothing more to say about that really.

      • yeah it was over 18 months without an elected government, but the cunts were so busy buggering little children and eating chocolate they didn’t notice. obviously Juncker was too pissed to tell them

      • Only if it s towards them, and they consider everything critical as bullying if you disagree. If its against you then use every cheap and nasty trick in the book.

      • The EU’s foreign policy has been a disaster so far, just look what happened to Ukraine after the EU, in a typical act of chauvinism, told the then DEMOCRATICALLY elected president that he had to choose between trading with Russia or trading with the EU. He chose Russia, just the right key to get all those lovely pro democracy activists the CIA had been cultivating for years to kick off.

        And now the fuckers want an army? I wouldn’t let the cunts loose with a catapult. Cunts.

  4. I agree with all that has been said. I’ve never trusted pop singers since Johnny Rotten was a twat. As for her Prius, doesn’t she realise the energy that’s needed to make a new car? She could get an old Nissan Micra for £500. Cheap to run and reliable too. And her dad’s an unfunny, talentless cunt as well.

    • Yeh the talentlessness 😂 Runs deep in the Allen family…
      Keith Allen thinks he’s such a geezer! 24 carat cunt!

      • It makes me laugh all these hybrid car drivers. What do the silly cunts think the batteries are made from, fluffy cotton candy clouds and unicorn tears? No, Nickel–metal hydride batteries, the most common type used in hybrid cars are made of such lovely stuff as lanthanum, cerium, neodymium, praseodymium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminium. Not only is a lot of this shit toxic, but it is mined by 3 year old w@gs in DRC for pennies.

  5. I’d call her a fanny more than a cunt.
    She does talks shite, but its harmless shite.

    We’re probably the only ones talking about lily (sounds like a tart singing along to the radio at work) Allen.

    She’s a gobshite nomark that is only something to upper middle class ladettes who go for coffee in Primrose hill while their fopp haired kids are at school.

    • Saying all white blokes are potential rapists ain’t harmless… Neither is encouraging people to welcome ‘child refugees’ who are in their 30s, who then get arrested for rape or terror related offences… Also calling anyone who doesn’t want Blighty to stay in that EU snakepit ignorant and racist is also despicable…Not forgetting trying to ruin the reputation of black cab drivers by making up lies about how ‘racist’ they are…. Never made a decent or significant piece of work in her life (and never will), yet she sees herself as some sort of oracle who can speak for -and down to – people…..

      The Ultranong is a Mount Rushmore sized bumper pack cunt of the highest order…

  6. I fucking hate Lilly the musical mong, she is such a fucking retard its untrue, she should have been flushed down the fucking toilet immediately after birth….this utter muppet of a cunt is I think make Harlotte Church look good……if isis want to run any fucker over it should be Lilly the mong, they would get some publicity then…..anti cunt sniper required here

    • I’d probably bang Charlotte Church (cunt though she is)… But do Lily? To quote Hitler (Eddie, that is) ‘I’d rather cut off my penis with a rusty bread knife…’

      • Probably bang Charlotte Church ?

        She might talk shite, but surely most of us would jump or leap at the chance of rooting her.

        She’s dynamite.

      • I would bang her… If she kept her gob shut (apart from for the obvious, of course)…

      • If you’ve ever seen the Oasis filum Lord Don’t Slow Me Down, she’s pissed backstage at the Millennium Stadium.

        Looking at her there mkes me think that if she’s pissed, ye could do anything to her.

        Not that I’m condoning that behavior, but eh, I’m just saying. 🙂

        I will definitely say I’m attracted to her, and if she’d stop the nonsense, I could see a bright future for us both.

  7. These outpourings by the not very bright Lily Twat are sadly an indication of a troubled mind with far deeper issues than are showing on the surface. Go find the best shrink you can afford would be my advice.

  8. Lily Allen is representative of her whole generation… Generation Spoiled Bastard.

    Personally, I blame the generation before hers for allowing the teaching profession to be hijacked by an anti-Britain,and what it stood for, ethos. Empire was bad,,national identity was bad,and,fuck it,yes I’ll say it,the class system was bad. These were all things to be sneered at and mocked,never mind the fact that they had served this country well for generations. Before anyone starts,I’m working class as was my family,but aspiring to better oneself is not something to be sneered at,and my father and grandfather worked fucking hard to achieve something better for their family.

    Nowadays the likes of Lily Allen have a totally hypocritical stance where everyone should be living in the gutter,with the only exceptions being her “more evolved” type. A typical example with Allen was where,when someone had said that they wouldn’t be buying any more of her records,she replied that she didn’t care because she already made enough off royalties to last a lifetime…no fear of Lily giving up her luxuries,let the “uneducated plebs” pay for her bleeding-heart ideals.

    In a perverse way,I’d almost enjoy seeing her generation get the world that they seem to want. I’ve a funny feeling that it might not be the multi-racial Utopia that she imagines.

    • Totally agree. My grandkids use something called YOU Tube, and on it, you can watch an odd assortment of Millenial Morons, doing the most inane and stupid fucking things you could think of. A 10 minute vid of mixing smarties with jelly tots! And these fuckers are making a mint! ( No pun intended ) The shite they are peddling , and the moronical idiots who follow….! I fucking give up

    • Unfortunately dick fiddler im the same generation as lily the mong and also hail from London too.

      i would have to say your pretty spot on with most of my brethren,though we live in a age were all the knowledge you could ever want is at your finger tips most of them are fucking dribbling fucking morons. But that’s not the problem.

      the problem is they all think they are super knowledgeable about everything because they heard it on the news ,twatter or facepuke.

      the other problem is that most of them think the older generation s are all dumb mindless racists bigot s who beat there wives etc etc.

      give me a room of ppl 20+ years older then me and i will take that any day over a room of 16-35 s who cant hold a conversation, debate, think for themselves or even speak properly .

      • I think critical thinking is… When you have had a shite, you need to know the best way to wipe your arsehole. To do this .you will need the following tools. An i-pad / i-phone, a facebook account, twitter account. Seek advice from facebook users to find out how they resolved the same issue. Seek out the best advice. Then, and only then, clean your arse. …..I think thats what is taught at the moment.

    • Yeah, that’s going to happen.
      She and her ilk (Linecunt, Cunterbatch etc) are quite happy to slag the rest of us off because (a) she doesn’t have to live with the rapeugee cunts, (b) she doesn’t have to pay for them.
      If these cunts put up some money or even a few of their empty rooms I might have a bit of time for them but as it stands they can all fuck off.

  9. Let’s hope lily Allen gets run over by a Toyota Prius , we all need a laugh……

  10. If she’s so happy to help out middle aged child refugees why not donate all of her profits from her new album to the cause. Although I can’t see what £1.63 buys you these days . Chins up Lily

  11. Actually I would like to add to lily getting run over, hopefully the driver is one of the (man) children from the Calais jungle who has mown her down on a pelican crossing whilst driving under the influence of cannabis….. if only carlsberg did traffic accidents 😂

  12. Sky are crafty Cunts!! After a morning of biased anti Brexit shite they are now speaking to international trade lawyer
    Miriam gonzalez? Oh they forgot to mention that she is the wife of ? Oh yes that’s right NICK CLEGG….. utter CUNTS
    Unsurprisingly it’s more negative stuff from mrs cleggers … She was wheeled out during the referendum by the guardian and independent with no mention of who she was!, it would appear she is the only international trade lawyer in the Uk?? Pathetic biased shite!!

    • Just grasped the enormity of this one.If Cleggers Mrs is engaged formally to advise , then does that mean that we, the taxpayer will have to fork out to fuck ourselves over? Or does it mean yet another political hanger on gets free meals from the gravy train? Either way, SHE is a CUNT!

      • Not sure uk government want her services plus she’s always busy doing shite for the guardian the not so independent amongst others……

  13. Great scenario. After he runs her over, said manchild rapes lily who instantly forgives him because he is not white, and then has to attend the STD clinic for 20 years.

  14. Why do all those famous ppls kids go to the “best” schools in the country, which coat 10s of thousands of pounds a term!!.

    all of them come out as complete dribbling simpletons, Lilly alien , peaches Geldof,Paris Hilton, all the kard ass ians , Jayden and willow smith etc etc etc.

    what are they teaching these fucking kids that they come out so unable to actually function on a critical level . They just lap up any old shite that there leftie friends tell them with out bothering to fact check the basics of want they are being told .

    • Some schools teach utter pointless shite.
      Algebra ffs, why do they teach that, what’s the point.

      I’m never gonna go there…

      • I remember getting into a pretty intense discussion with my old maths teacher about the pointlessness of teaching us spherical trigonometry. I found it particularly difficult to grasp and could not for the life of me see how this could in any way be useful to me. Even at age 16, I categorically stated that outside of that class room, I would never have any use for it for the remainder of my life. So far I’ve been proven right. I bet that bastard will fucking die before me and deny me the chance to stick it to them. That’s maths teachers for you!

      • I assume you have typed this on some sort of computer/tablet /phone etc? In which case you are making use of something which could never have been invented and put together without someone making use of trigonometry.

      • I make use of a the wheel everyday.

        I did not invent the fucker, nor concern myself with it’s circumference or diameter

      • Just as well some cunt did think about it or you wouldnt be making use of it everyday you daft cunt.

      • I had a 1ry school teacher who humiliated me over a 3 / 20 test result for long division. That was in the late 60s.

        I have a calculator, she’s probably ash by now…

        Just saying !!

  15. I can honestly say that I have never knowingly heard any of this scrubber’s music nor would I recognise her if she walked past me in the street. (Or drove past me in her new 48 grand Mercedes) According to Wiki she attended 13 posh schools, got kicked out of several of them, and hasn’t been to school since she was 15. So what does this uneducated junkie slag know about anything? She knows fuck all about fuck all as far as I can see. There was some bitch on the radio the other day from one of those remoaner organisations. She said that they approached the Allenslag for her support during the referendum and she didn’t want to know. I wonder what caused her sudden conversion to the Noble Cause? Perhaps, like most of these rich cunts, it’s the fear that they might lose a couple of bob out of their pockets or perhaps it’s a desire to keep her name in the media. Look at the scruffbag Geldof for example. If it wasn’t for his constant bullshit crying over the poor and oppressed the cunt would have disappeared yonks ago. Whatever it is she can fuck right off the dirty old whore.

    • Geldof is a retarded cunt, desperately in need of a shave, a shower and a shite.
      Lily Allen needs a serious ruffing with the ruff end of a ragmans trumpet!

    • He should have spent his time raising his own kids rather then telling us how we need to save ppl living in desert s.

      How much of a fucking shit cunt of a parent do you have to be to have your wife and daughter both die from a heroin overdose ,fucking unbelievable.

      remember that tv show were fern cotton mouth followed peaches around to see her every day life.
      Im nor joking she used the word like every other word it was so irritating and needless. She was also a scientologist (shows a lot of how her mind worked), and even had heroin dippy moment in a cab with fern where she couldn’t stay awake.

      did fern notice ? ,did she fuck she said how deep and intellectual peaches was and that she was tired from “working”.

      as deep as a thimble and as intellectual as tree bark, both are are your pure wank extract

      • Cotton is another privileged beneficary of guilded nepotism with a dodgy record when it comes to druggies. That paedo cunt used to be her boyfriend remember.

  16. I know next to nothing about this stupid bitch other than what I’ve read on this most excellent website.

    I must say I am disgusted at her ‘I speak on behalf of the nation’ stance. The fucking nerve! If there were any common sense in this world, anyone other than democratically elected government officials, would be barred from making any such pronouncement in public. Hefty fines for doing so and jail time for non-payment. That would cut it out. Stupid, ignorant, no talent, libtard brainwashed dolt.

    There, that’s better.

      • Was I seeing things, or was there a Spiveyesque cunt on here?
        Going on about how the Rothschilds own the world and how we are cunts for bullying little Timmy Farron?….

      • If ye couldn’t make head nor tail of it, then yer correct.

        I read it a few times, but got nuffink from it.

        I did press ‘like’ to confuse the cunt though. 🙂

      • Cunt Timmy chose a bad news day to
        effect his escape with nobody there to
        question his cuntishness.

  17. If you hate Lily Allen, you are a loser. You probably have a small penis. You are probably gay. You are jealous of her smelly cunt box. Honestly, if you hate Lily Mong, you should just kill yourself just END IT right now! It’s not about whether Lily is slag bitch with no musical talent or whether she just looks and acts like one.

    It’s not about her false concepts of humanitarianism or her shameless virtue signalling on twitter. It’s not about her lack of communication. It’s not about coherency or reason or apologizing on behalf of a nation like a retarded bent cunt. And if your mindset is love, no haters can ever get to you or break you. If you don’t have love in your heart than your pathetic life needs to end…. NOW!

    • Also remember, if anyone even remotely disagrees with Lily Mong, they are Hitler… What makes me laugh is how this windowlicker makes out she is ‘down’ with the working class. .. Yet she has led a spoilt brat existence all her life… Never worked, probably never even done anything round the house to help her mum or anything like that… A knickerless smackhead who has never had it hard (unless it’s one of the many clap riddled tadgers she’s consumed!), and who sounds like Arthur Mullard on hormone pills…. I really do hope people show their disgust at this sunshine bus occupant by not buying her latest pile of shite…

      • Hitler also shows these libtards’ TOTAL lack of imagination…

        I’m not saying I’d want to have a chat with Adolf down at the local over a pie and a pint, but I’d feel pissed orf if someone called Me Mengele, Eichmann, Goebbels, Streicher, or “Gestapo” Mueller…

        But of course, mongs think there was only ONE Nazi…

        What a bunch of littlebollocks…

      • Hitler might not have been such a cunt if he’d received recognition for inventing the high five….

  18. Do any of you cunts remember the song “Mercedes Benz” by Janis Joplin?

    Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz
    My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends
    Worked hard all my life, no help from my friends
    Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz

    Somebody should send a copy to the Allenbitch. She’s probably never heard of Janis Joplin. That was someone with real talent not a rich influential Daddy.

    • The late and great Janis, terrific live act, overdosed and died far too early in life. Lily Allen….who is she?

      • I recall a story of how Janis hit Jim Morrison with a bottle when he tried to jump her… Fucking hell, Jimbo must have been pissed that night…

      • No way, I was reading about that at half five this morning.

        They where at a party and Jim was being horrible to her in front of everybody all night, so she eventually bottled The Lizard king.

        People get caught up in the mystique of Morrison.

        Well that’s blown my mind that I’d never heard of it until this morning and then you mention it.

        Wow, heavy maaan. 🙂

      • I’ve just read five minutes ago, a review of the re-release of The Doors, eh, The Doors.
        Its a 50th anniversary edition.

        This is getting eerie.

    • Rich influential Daddy”
      Keith Allen is a bit better off than most but influential ? The only thing he has influenced is his cunt daughter to be a cunt. Succeeded there.

  19. The prius does 17 MPG, it’s actually worse than her Mercedes-Benz, but she’s a fucking idiot and as far as I’m concerned should live with the peace types in Syria if she likes them so much.

  20. Why the fuck didn’t Dynomutt Ultramong OD instead of Amy Winehouse?…
    Amy was a cunt too, but at least she could sing a bit…

  21. Kieth Allen always playing the “hard man” is a laugh.

    What is it with small movie hard men like him and Bruce Willis ?

    Remember Joe Pesci used to be a movie hard man.

    No he wasn’t, but he was a funny guy.

    Joe Pesci’s ex wife was harder than him.
    The bitch paid her brother to kill her second husband.

    Four bullets, and the lucky cunt lived, and she’s in prison.

    Fuckin stunning though.

    • When Keith Allen lived in Manchester in the 90s he became despised (and battered) pretty quickly… Hovered around New Order like a greenbottle around a heatwave turd (Tony Wilson passionately hated Allen), and the stupid twat always got pissed and gobbed off, tried touching up someone’s bird, and generally behaved like a total cunt… The twattings Allen got while in Mcr were many. (off doormen and punters alike), and all of them were deserved… I saw him get decked twice in different clubs, both for being such an obnoxious pissed up cunt… Like father, like daughter, eh?….

      • Tony Wilson, the guy who refused to even contemplate signing the Roses.

        Remember Allen in the World In Motion video?
        Acting like he was on the lookout for a barney.

        Isn’t he Welsh ?

        World In Motion is a great song and the best football song ever if ye take out the john Barnes (c)rap.

      • To be fair to Tony, the Roses weren’t anywhere near what they became… They started as a goth type act with a shouty frontman and a collectively very dodgy dress sense (Squire later admitted they looked like twats)… Only Reni had any real musical skill and Mani wasn’t there then either (Mani would never have dressed like that!)… Seeing them then (as I did), nobody could have known what would come next… Saw them at the Hacienda in 85… And apart from the great Reni, they were crap…

      • Also, when Happy Mondays drummer, Gaz Whelan played Wilson The Roses debut album, Tony was man enough to praise the Roses and hold his hands up… Tony also had a spectacular venomous hatred for Cunt Geldof and his Boomtown Twats… He is missed…

      • Woah, calm down, calm down.

        I liked the guy.

        I watched a Granada documentary on YouTube, and he was kicking himself for not signing them.

        As I’ve mentioned before, no Manchester/ Madchester, no music.

        I’m forever grateful to Manchester for 90% of the music I listen to.

      • Tim Burgess released another solo album last year.

        I listened to a few seconds of about four songs on YouTube and it sounds techno shite.

        WTF Tim ?

        Only album concerning him that I haven’t bought, and probably won’t, but its my birthday soon and I bet I get it then.

        Every Charlatans song I listen to, I’m always listening to Jon Brooke’s drumming
        I know that may sound weird, but he was that good.

        The last album had the Verve drummer and Stephen Morris on it, but still had Jon’s spirit.

        I’ll always miss Jon Brooke’s, but like him, I want The Charlatans to continue.

        As long as Martin Blunt is there.

        The coolest dresser in music.

      • I’m sure its not Keith Richards.
        Nah, I’m stumped even though I was a fan as a five year old.

      • Ah yep…Keith, the man who had his hand up Orville’s harris….sorry, Keith Harris!

      • There it is, Harris.

        Cheers Twatvarnish.

        I was trying not to Google it, but I was getting nowhere.

      • You’re not confusing Orville with Princess Margaret ? Easily done – raddled old bird.

        Just saying…

  22. Here’s a cunt for us all to despise.

    Dr Fiona Wilcox.

    She’s the Westminster coroner who said this about the cowardly terrorist who killed innocent lives last week.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to pass my sympathies to the family of Mr Masood, who are ALSO VICTIMS.

    WTF !?!?!?!?

    World….. gone….mad.

  23. If only we could travel back to 1990 and during the “E for England” World Cup tune, have John Barnes kick Keith Allen so hard, so accurately and so barbarically in the growbag that he’d never have been able to squirt out Lily Allen’s rancid spermatoza.

    “Love’s got the World in Mo- AAARGGHHH…”

    • Cheers Captain. That’s the local covered in a mix of lager and crisps. Fucking funny.

      • Better to have laughed and spat, than to have never laughed at all, Robert.

  24. Doctor Who is going to have an openly gay companion.

    The actress (PC law says I should call her an Actor, PC Law can fuck off) is also “mixed race” the BBC was masturbating to the God of all things PC when it came up with this cutting edge idea.

    Thing is BBC everyone has seen this coming for years, this was more predictable than Tim Farron being a cunt every day.

    My question is why does a sidekick in a family shows sexuality even register as an issue? When did a characters sexuality ever become a vital component of the show or a plot mechanism?

    Is there going to be an episode when an evil race of white heterosexuals invade earth and persecute LBGT people?

    Or is this just more agenda motivated casting and writing where the entertainment is sacrificed for push agenda into peoples living rooms.

    Pat yourself on the back BBC, you are alienating more and more people with your right on liberal progressive bullshit.

    • Last week I mentioned how PC Houdini and Doyle was, with sexist northerners, racist northerners, banished eastern European cunts living under a hill to hide from the northerners, the only black guy in the town being the suspect in the case of a local lass gone missing, and how the eastern Europeans helped her give birth to a mixed race baby.

      Last night they had a well spoken black doctor.

      All this is set in the turn of the twentieth century.

      • Doyle also supposedly smokes a pipe, but anytime he’s about go light it, something or someone always prevents him from doing so.

        Give us a fuckin break.

        I bet everyone connected to this pish is mighty proud of their political cuntishness.

      • Soon be a BBC show based on the time before we joined the EU. Living in caves, using goats as our main form of transport.

      • …. It made me think the other day when a BBC ‘commentator’ mentioned that Britain without the EU was … ‘Unchartered territory’ … I’m left thinking .., Eh, no, pre-’73 … we, the UK, were not in the EU. … BBC Cunts.

      • But ooooop north we are all sexist and racist. Especially in the north east where I reside. We call a spade
        ….. a digging utensil

      • I’d rather have Bodie and Doyle… Pulling chicks, being ‘sexist’, being ‘racist’, having a pint, and shooting filthy w@g terrorists…

      • If it weren’t for the perm, they two were the coolest guys on the telly when I was a kid.

        I’m sure it was on Sunday nights, and the Mater let me stay up late for it.

        At least I’ve got lily Allen’s Smile out my head now.

        Now I’ve got The Professionals theme.
        And that’s a lot better.

        dun dun dun……..

      • I’d rather watch The Professionals anyday than the load of pixiedust libcunting limpwrist manbag crying-tissues wank-banqueting on today’s TV. Lewis Collins was a hard nut by all accounts. He was good in Who Dares Wins as well.

    • So, the cunt who got the part through the BBC’s apartheid in reverse discriminatory ‘Darkies Only’ auditions is also now a tuppence flicking dyke…. As the Virgin Mary said, ‘Didn’t see that coming…’ Mind you, the companion as lezzer sort of makes sense…. She does look like a horse with an afro…

      The Red Rum on Motown silly cow who is playing this right on melon farmer says the character being gay ‘shouldn’t be a big deal’… Well, if it isn’t a big deal, then why have it in the first place?… In fact, why even mention it?…
      It’s apparently not a big deal, but they feel a need to shove it in peoples’ faces?… I ,for one, will not be watching this snowflake shit when it clogs up our TV screens once more…

      • The next Doctor is likely to be a woman. the universes aliens are going to be in for a rough ride once a month when their periods are in sync.

        Two dykes in a police box, living it up by eating out every night.

  25. I’ve just seen the widgets telling us where cunters are logging on from, and can I say hello to the brave cunter from Islamabad.

    Fuckin Islamabad, good on ye. 🙂

  26. After the success of Adele’s albums focusing on breakups, lily Allen is following suit.

    Many songs from her new album will go into detail about the break up of her marriage about three years ago.

    Three fuckin years ago.

    There’s also a possibility that she’ll do a cover of Joe le Taxi and maybe a remix version Big Black Taxi.

    • I can’t stand Adele Arbuckle… But I’d even rather listen to her crap than anything done by the spazmotron…

      • Since I saw this cunting this morning, I’ve had lily Allen’s Smile going round and round in my head.
        Even when I was on the crapper.

        I was OK for a whi-i-ile
        Then I just smi-i-ile
        Then I just—plopp.

      • Lily Mong and adele songs are so depressing its became a slut and cheat on your boyfriend type of music to drink wine too while you diddle your twat

  27. Just heard that Gibralter is up for grabs courtesy of TUK, Merkel and Junker. CUNTS

    • Spain would be shooting themselves in the foot if they tried to fuck over Gibraltar.

      La linea, the town across the frontier (where I bide my time) has thousands of cross border workers, and to end that would see poverty and possibly riots and regime change.

      Since the minute I arrived here, nearly sixteen years ago, all I’ve heard is threats from both sides, yet things carry on the same.

      Once other EU countries follow suit and decide to leave, the EU will be on lickarse mode and the threats will stop.

      If the shit does hit the fan and the border is closed, my only concern will be that the tightfisted company I work for pays half for a gaff in Gibraltar for me.
      They pay half my rent as part of my relocation contract, but Gibraltar is dearer than Spain.

      Yet more threats from the great EU.
      Are these the biggest bunch of fascists since the Nazis ?

      Why can’t the world see that they are unelected dictators with a penchant for revenge.

      That’s the first time I’ve ever written or used “penchant” in a sentence.

      I must be growing. 🙂

      • Perhaps Spain isn’t the best country to be rattling on about colonialism, seeing as they fucked and murdered a fair bit of the planet themselves.

      • This is getting eerie.

        There’s a hilarious Spanish comedy filum called Torrente and they nuke Gibraltar at the end.
        That filum is on tonight.

        After they nuke it, someone said “if we knew it would work, we should have sent it to France instead. 🙂

        Hilarious filums, and if someone remade them in English, they’d be a smash at the box office.

        Didn’t Gibraltar’s Europa Point get blown up in a Sean Connery James Bond filum.

        They should try that coz that’s where the mosque is. 🙂

  28. I never thought I’d say this but it’s times like this that we need Lady Ga Ga Thatcher. She wouldn’t put up with all this crap. She would go in there handbag the saucy bastards and tell them to go fuck a donkey. There I’ve said it now, so I’m off up the pub.

    • We really need to grow a set of balls

      Be like those fuckers in goodfellas, old Jucker and Tusk wanking off about pet passports for French poodles, nope “fuck you cunt”
      freedom of movement , nope “fuck you cunt”
      50 billion in a fine, nope “fuck you cunt”

      and if it comes down to it, wack the fuckers.

      è finito as they say

  29. The pic in the header says that The Star’s 20p, and cheaper than The Sun.

    In Gibraltar, The Sun is £1.50 and €2.50 in Spain.

    Fuckin rip off.

    PS. Its also YTL 8 and BGN 5.75.

    Anyone have a clue ?

    • It’s called ‘Lev’, 100 stotinki is 1 Lev.

      Sorry to be boring but I live in Bulgaria

      5.75 Lev for that fucking rag, fuck me, I could get a meal out for that.

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