Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate is a cunt…. Apparently we, The English, must drop our ‘Island mentality’ and ‘learn from elsewhere’… Don’t know if that’s more anti-Brexit propaganda (he was probably prompted by the BBC)…. And even if he means in football terms, it’s done a fat lot of good so far, hasn’t it?… What with Sven and then Capello… Truth be told though, there hasn’t been a decent England manager since Bobby Robson, and that was nearly 30 years ago…

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  1. This has nothing to do with Gareth Southgate, but because of Richard, I didn’t want to leave it amongst the nonsense.

    Last night I saw COTY winner Tim Farron on the telly for the first time.
    I walked in to the room as his interview about yesterday’s cowardly attack was coming to an end and saw the cunt SMILING and GIGGLING.

    No joke.

    Did anybody else see it ?

    I also saw Sad-dick Kant for the first time.
    He was doing a Barack Obama impersonation complete with pauses and it was obvious he was reading from a script, badly.

    I never agreed with this years winner of COTY, but smiling and giggling when his favourite kind of cunts kills us, proves I was wrong

    • Who did you want for COTY birdman?? For me it was snake oil salesman Blair!!
      Although farron is a mega Cunt compared to the maestro it was for me anyway a no contest…..

      • I really can’t remember, Quislings.
        And anyway, I missed the deadline after TWO days of voting.

        Not yer most organized cunter.

        Toot toot. 🙂

      • The ABBC in perpetuity for me.

        Did I hear somewhere that the ABBC had had a parliamentary bollocking for being totally Remain biased and only ever reporting the negative aspects of Brexit (their are none unless you apin the fuck out of it), never reporting the positives (boat loads even without spin)?

        I heard it off a mate so could be bollocks but I hope not.

  2. Islam is a organized cunt of a religion and terror is its main goal This entire “religion of peace” narrative has to collapse sooner or later. They (gov) are all in on it and everyone knows they’re all in on it. Even if people are trying to be PC, and saying “oh well, they’re not all like that…” they know on a biological level that they are all part of the same group and that their group is coming against our group.

    Also turkeys president Erodgan could be behind yesterdays attack The same day he says “you (europeans) won’t be safe walking the streets,” a bunch of people get run over in a car while walking the streets. Coincidence?, What do you cunters think?

    • When you have an infestation of rats you put down poison with a view to exterminating them all.

      • When you have an infestation of rats, it means the place is dirty, and needs cleaning up.

        Comic relief money could be spent on dinghys and we could watch them float back to where they came from.

        It could be televised with the Bay of Biscay being the most challenging, entertaining part of the regatta.

      • What a terrific idea! I could watch no end of that. Especially the bits with the sharks. Don’t think the “Aunty” would be willing to screen it though.

      • Don’t know they ain’t got many sports left sure Gary cuntaker could do a good commentary with underwater analysis by lily mong and benderdick cuntbersnatch.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me in the least… Turkunts doing what they’ve always done best, ie syphillitic man of Europe. Erdogdirt a typical Balkan-style dictator.

  3. Fuckin hell sky are covering a vigil being held in Trafalgar Square this evening hosted by resident bitch Kay burley!, guest speakers to include citizen khan!! I fear we’re about to get the one nation one people shite!! Not one Cunt will stand up and call it as it really is, instead any Cunt silly enough to watch will be hit by a tsunami of platitudes and liberal spin…… lucky I’ve got Prometheus to watch starring the stunning charlize Theron……. apparently her pussy smells of fine rum??? 😂😂

  4. London is the best City in the world. I am glad I live here and fuck those terrorist cunts.

    • I thought you were from Bristol.

      Maybe yer just a jet setter.

      London’s too big for me.
      I spend my time looking up and then nearly getting run over.

      I used to love Tower Records though.

      Northampton is the best place in the world.
      Cadiz comes second.

      If anybody wants a city holiday by the sea with plenty of culture and historic buildings, try Cadiz.

      Saying that, the last time I went, it was full of Scottish tourists asking me if I was also on a cruise.

      • I’m originally from Bristol (another top city) but have lived in London for 17 years or so. I’m off to Barcelona in April Birdman for a lads weekend, and what happens in Barca stays in Barca. I hear it’s a bit like Amsterdam for people who smoke? London for me is grand, historical and full of beautiful women from here and other countries and although I think it’s been a bit overrun with non Brits (I include Yanks and Aussies in that as well as half of Africa and Asia) especially in the last 15 years its still the greatest city in the world and its the capital of the country I love.

      • April could still be a bit chilly.
        You may find it hot in the day, but at night, not so much.
        So take a jacket.

        Hope ye have a great time, Barcelona’s excellent, a lot of posers but then posers are everywhere.
        And where there’s posers, there’s wimmin. 🙂

      • ‘Take a jacket’

        That’s the first time I’ve said that to anyone other than my daughter.

        Sorry for sounding like yer Da.


      • Not at all Birdman, good to get a bit of advice from someone living in the region.

      • I went to Polly in London before they all became fake universities. That was in the mid 80s and even back then, for a Northerner brought up in a coal mining area, I found it very right on and loony lefty. All the “ham & high” cunts would shit themselves if they actually ever met one of the “working class” they cared so much about.

        It was a great place to be a student, but later I found out is was a shit place to live, 3 hours a day commuting, only able to afford a crappy bedsit and fuck all time or money to enjoy what the city had to offer. So I fucked off and have never been back.

  5. Citizen Khan has delivered the expected “we all stand stronger” shite speech tonight, and the heat of candles is melting the lead on nearby rooftops. This cunt khan knows how to milk a photo opportunity, and boy did he excel this evening. He was surrounded by “wimmin” and some other ill defined types with thick socks all crowing and grieving like a swarm of fucking wasps setting about a buffalo’s arse. Surely Khan neds a good cunting for this one.?

    • I saw the writing on the wall early doors and pulled the switch, that shifty cunt Khan makes my flesh crawl, I saw the assembled mass of artificially over the top professional mourners and instead decided to spend the evening watching charlize Theron sashaying around in a skin tight suit!! Rum pussy and all… she might be a Cunt in real life but fuck she’s easy on the eye!!

      • She’s a boer meisie, of course she is a cunt. I should know, I married on of them.

  6. All the panic and money spent dealing with an Ebola outbreak in Africa and yet not even a mention let alone any action on the highly infectious cunt virus that is spreading all over the world.

    Sure there have always been cunts, but it sure as hell seems that cunts outnumber the rest of us in large numbers now.

    • It’s political correctness running riot. The time will come however, when the bullshit meeja and the libtards don’t have a leg to stand on. What happens then is anyones guess. Short of another Hitler, I’d wager people just having to accept things and carry on, watching their country turn to shit.

  7. The Metropolitan Police Force, believe it or not, have a PR department. So they take our money and give a nice wedge of it to a bunch of cunts to justify taking our money. What a fine use of resources. Oh sorry they’re called the Metropolitan Police SERVICE these days…..on the advice of their PR department.

  8. Heard another Mayshit speech this morning full of the usual platitudes including the phrase “democracy is unassailable.” Oh yeah? Tell that to Millerbitch, Blaircunt, Wee Jimmy, Little Timmy Farron, James O’Shithead and all the other remoaning cunts. They have a different opinion.

  9. All too little too late, vigils, tributes, candles, yes are nice but sadly nothing will bring back the people that died because of some idiots stupid bizarre beliefs. Beliefs that are no better than the Tooth fairy, I’m angry with what happened, I don’t no what the answer is to fix it. People’s lives wasted and family and friends, kids etc lives left in turmoil because of a religious nutter.

    • Up here they lit up a local monument in pastel shades to show support for those who lost their lives yesterday.

      Me, well I’d like to see parts of Leeds & Bradfordistan, Londonistan, Lutonistan and Birminghamrabad lit up too.

      Just not with lamps!

  10. I want to nominate The Nightly Show. This thing boils my piss even when its advertised, can’t bring myself to watch it or I’d end up putting my foot through my nice shiny new TV. That late night shoite from America is bad enough, but this piss poor rip off is bordering on offensive its so bad.
    Yesterday’s events prove that things in the world are bad enough, so the last thing we need is another shitwagon vehicle for the usual array of unfunny, self obsessed, fame hungry celebricunts to massage their planetary sized egos.
    And who’s on tonight? Dermot O’Fucking Dreary. That fuzzy haired fuckwit needs his own cunting just fot that God awful dancing and poofy golf swing he does at the beginning of each X Factor.
    Anyway apparently the ratings for The Shiteley Show are proper turd so hopefully we won’t have to endure much more of this gash, but while it’s here, I want it cunted……NOW!

  11. Question Cunt.

    I fucking despair, they are trying to sell the line we shouldn’t talk about it because it gives the terrorists a platform.

    More like don’t talk about it because it will highlight the fact Islam is front and centre of the problem.

    • Fucking right!

      I must’ve been doing my rant below as you posted this but yes Sixdog they’re utter utter cunts!

  12. The other week I mentioned that the missus’s work was twelve days late with the monthly wages, and quite rightly her colleagues were pissed about it.
    A few of them had a go at the company on the group whatsapp, and today two of them were sacked for it.

    Fuckin out of order, but at the same time, maybe the wimmin should have watched what they were saying on the work group whatsapp.

    I told the missus to never have a whinge about her work in whatsapp coz obviously the bosses are watching.

    Why would anyone treat the works whatsapp as a chatroom to slag the employers ?

    How daft is that ?

    They’d should have just used a bullhorn in the staffroom.

    Does anybody else have a work group whatsapp ?

    I got one after months of bullying by my boss.

    The reason I need a whatsapp account ?

    So I can acknowledge my wages have been put in my bank.

    If my wages weren’t in the bank, the cunts would know about it quicker than any electronic message service.

    Slagging off the work on whatsapp ?

    The idiots don’t deserve the sack but they should’ve known better.

    • I have nothing.

      This is as close as I get to social media.

      In fact I like the fact that it’s antisocial media!

      Fuck everything else because while a kid taking it’s first shit in a potty is news to the parents, it means fuck all to me! Social media cunts.

      If ever I had an account and some cunt TwatBooked me a tweet about their kid’s bowel movements (and between recent and expectant mothers, talking shite – literally – is a daily occurrence) I’d post back a link to “Two Girls and a Cup” and let the fuckers enjoy that shite – LITERALLY! Cunts.

      • I forgot about the cup.

        Fuuuuck !

        I only go on bird/budgie sites and here.

        How lucky are you lot ? 🙂

      • The language isn’t as bad on the budgie sites I visit, bit sometimes ye do get the C word.

        Canary. 🙂


      • Talking about first shit in the potty, didn’t that uber-creep Cruise send out silver-plated replicas of baby’s first turd to friends and family ?
        What a self-delusional tosspot…

    • Sounds typical of shit workplaces of today – which is finding ways to get rid of staff without costs to a company – There’s some right cunts in workplaces now, a Ex-HR cunt came to where I worked this time last year and I said when be started he was there to swing the axe. The axe did swing and as other people on this site know, he decided the budget needed halving so that was me on the dole and a month down the line I’m still on the dole .You’ll find these cunts in work places,mine was a bitchy gay man who had no empathy or no emotion, just first a class arse lickers to ‘the management’ cunt!

  13. Well it’s Cuntsion Time again.

    Apparently we shouldn’t be talking about the “peaceful” attrocity according to the first two piss-wanks! Well I think we should be talking about it otherwise we become Sweden! And that would suit the ABBC just fine – twats!

    Oh, to put everybody at ease, the perp was “a man born in Kent”. I repeat “a man born in Kent”. Did I mention it was “a man born in Kent”?

    Ah you’ve got to love the ABBC – on message as ever – I mean the perp couldn’t possibly an Islamist Muslim Radical piece of shit could he!?!


    It all started with St. Brendan this morning on the ABBC and unfortunately I got in early to see these shits glossing straight over the terrorist attack and right into the Brexit bashing.

    ABBC you truly have been the biggest cunt of anyone since 1997 – and we all know why that is! Cunts!

    • The cunts that commit these cowardly attacks carry them out in the name of Islam/ Allah/Muhammad, so its clear to everyone that they are attacks by Muslims that hate us.

      The Sun called him a maniac.

      C’mon The Sun, you know what yer readers are calling him.

  14. A load of Welsh moaning remain voters with boring droning voices on Question Time, patronising MP – whose name I don’t no – couldn’t give a shiney shite about people in the real world. It seems to be stupid women who voted for remain – the weaker sex.

    • And fuck me have you seen the Labour lady who is the Shadow Defence Secretary.

      I mean a) I don’t even know who she is and b) she looks like the nooled wife of Angus Deayton in One Foot in the Grave! I bet she jumps at her own reflection every time she opens the bathroom door!

      Oh and yesterday’s minor misunderstanding in London was down to a disturbed bloke of no particular religious denomination from Kent!

      GRRRRRRR!!!!!! 😠😠😠

      • No way, I saw Angus Dayton’s wife from one foot, tonight in an episode of Houdini and Doyle.
        It took me ages to recognize her, and then you mention her.


        She’s fat now.

        In this episode, Houdini, Doyle and their female met officer pal went oop to Yorkshire to get a black guy off the hook, after a local lass had gone mission.

        The thick northeners hated outsiders, especially a yank and female.
        They also hated the black suspect.
        The girl who was kidnapped was found.
        She had been taken in by eastern Europeans who lived underground coz the thick racist northeners hated them.

        The missing girl was pregnant and the eastern Europeans helped her give birth to her baby who was fathered by the black guy.

        Everybody saw how wrong the northerners had been and made up.

        And they all lived happily ever after.

        That episode is set in the thirties.

      • I think I saw that, didn’t the Eastern Europeans live in a cave or something?

  15. The media never describe an attacker as ‘Muslim’, but when one becomes Mayor of London……

    Every fuckin time

    • I love watching the libtard mongs like Guru-Murphy and Fiona The Bruce SQUIRM when they get to the end of a terrorist atrocity report, and are obliged to say that the cunt screamed out “Alan’s Snackbar”.

      The total hypocrisy of starting the news / opinion item with the words “French / British / German / Belgian citizen” &c., but we ALL know where it’s leading…

  16. Kick a muzzer in the min’rals! Fuckem all! Trump is right folks, vett’em then fuck’em.

  17. Drop our Island mentality? Bit difficult, considering we fucking live on an island.

  18. Southgate has the stink of Pikey Palace about him which you can never wash off. But he is a typical FA man, safe, bland, boring and fucking clueless. The FA cunts chanced their arm with Sven and Fabio and were well mugged off so they won’t go down that road again. The interesting question is who will be the next arsehole after Southgate fucks up? Presuming they will go English again so that leaves very little choice. The demand for instant success means that English players and coaches don’t get a fair opportunity. Why give an Englishman a break when you can import the finished article from abroad? Big money has fucked up our game and we are suffering the long term consequences. They may as well give the job to me….the players will be just as shit and I’ll be an awful lot cheaper and a lot more entertaining than cunts like Southgate.

    • Agree: the Sweet FA have appointed yet another boring as fuck, safe yes-man in Southgate… Even Sven and Capello were boring cunts… They never gave the job to Clough when he was available, and the only England manager who wasn’t boring was El Tel… Southgate got the job through farce anyway… Those doddering old cunts appointing the joke that is ‘Woy Mi Boy’ Hodgson and then the even more laughable ‘Big Sam’ shows where they were, and still are, at…

      And Palace are cunts…. Most people hate Ian Wright because he is ex-Arsenal, as well as being a chippy ‘is it cuz I black?’ cunt and a TV/media clown… But to me, he will always stink of Palace, the little cunt…

  19. Doesn’t Gareth Southgate look like the hapless Captain Ashwood from ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’?

    ‘I’m awfully sorry, Sir… I am a fool…’

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