Comic relief (4)

Be fair… it’s shit isn’t it?

Every year the chuggers wheel out a load a load of puerile, cheap telly courtesy of the BBC. It ain’t funny, it’s just a load of people arsing about to part us from our hard earned cash. Nationalised chugging persuading us to give money to spongers, third world dictators and people in famine and war zones breeding children when they should know better. How do they manage it? Anorexics don’t have children – their bits shut down. So how the fuck do they manage it in these third world shit holes?

Sir Lenny fucking Henry FFS! The only knighthood he should be have would be one to keep his ears warm in bed.

Rant over. Won’t be watching. Won’t be donating. If everybody did the same, we could get shot of this crap once and for all!

Nominated by Dioclese

As if we don’t pay enough in taxes in contributions to the overseas aid budget It’s that time of year again when the biggest bunch of left-on virtue seeking wankers appears on our screens and airways, telling us to part with even more of our hard earned… crowds of nobs drive their cars around with stupid plastic appendages attached to the grill and others dress in fancy dress crap or bake cakes for ‘good causes’. Cunts one and all.

A quick look at the Red Nose Day website shows you those ‘good causes’ there’s a picture of ….lots of little sambos all smiling like heavenly angels for the camera, with a ginger cunt (Cordon?) but you can just see in reality the little peaceful ones are really thinking, I wish my brother mustapha had returned with the AK47 sooner…

The website even have the balls to tell you they are making a difference in the UK and Africa. FFS what is this obsession with helping the lazy good for nothing sand wogs and jungle bunnies. We tried for years – but you can’t help those that don’t help themselves. Why don’t we learn.?

And if that’s not bad enough the Beebistan Broadcasting Caliphate are using our licence fee money to run adverts promoting the whole sordid event every time there is a gap in programmes. The latest I heard on the radio this morning tells me to tune in Friday for hours of comic fun and entertainment. Really??? I’d have More fun pulling me own nasal hair.

The whole advert thing was scripted around ‘Sir Lenny Henry and invites us to enjoy the evening with the likes of Jo fatty Brand, that bird that was once in Doctor Who – Cunthrine Tait the oh ‘so funny’ mincing Grahcunt Nortone and Uber Cunt Russell Bland….

Hell of night that’s gonna be, fat dykes, gay Iorish fellas and a long haired tallentles uber cunt… Think I’ll spend my cash on a whiskey or too, so I can cultivate my own red nose.


Nominated by Leonardo di Cunty

69 thoughts on “Comic relief (4)

  1. What’s the point of helping people who don’t even brush flies of their lips.

    Have you ever eaten a sugary donut and tried not to lick yer lips ?

    Its not easy.

    Fuckin flies maaannn !

    • It’s the one that’s always stuck in the corner of the screaming kids eye that gets me! Either that or it was bought from the joke shop by the TV producer for effect?

      How the fuck can you not know it’s there!?! Then in the next breath they’re cheesing off about £3 a month donation to help with curable eye diseases!

      Hey, tell you what, why don’t you tell the cunts that letting flies – which have spent most of the morning on a dog shit – land and piss about your kid’s eyes is a sure fire way of getting some nasty cunt eye infection/disease!

      I mean for fuck’s sake, it’s not rocket science is it!

      Speaking of rocket science…here comes M’Tembe back with his glass of water. He only left to get it at 3pm. That’s not bad going for a 14 mile walk.

  2. No way on this earth will I be watching any of that talentless stomach churning griefjacking emotional blackmail shite. I’d rather paint my cock with maple syrup and poke it in a hornets nest than sit and watch that vomit inducing non-talent sleb circlejerk. The only people taken-in by this are the gullible sheeple who feel pressured into parting with their cash for yet another lost cause in Africa. What has it achieved over the years? Merry fuck-all. Nothing has ever changed for the better out there. Nothing ever will. What goes on out there is not my concern.

  3. Just £2….yes…just £2 a month. £2 a month can feed a family of 15 for a whole month. Just think…£2. What could YOU do with just £2.

    If 15 of the fuckers can live for a whole month on £2 just think how many can be kept by Lily Mong,Sir Bob Bellend,Meryl in Peril and that other useless fucker Madunnah.

    And we don’t have to put up with all this red snot tube shite! Pay up yer cunts!

  4. Well that’s the thing with the rich and famous and virtuous – they’ll do absolutely anything for anyone.

    Just so long as it doesn’t actually involve doing anything!


  5. Fucking brilliant!!! I just rolled in from the pub bout an hour ago,and fortified by a bellyfull of black’n tan put the telly on……Russel Brand was just starting to introduce some comedians. It is truly MAGNIFICENT in it’s awfulness,a complete and utter car-crash,even the right-on crowd can’t raise a chuckle. Best telly since Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood did their turn at some award show. It’s honestly hilarious to see such a fucking bunch of tossers crash and burn….it’s nearly as funny as the clips they keep showing of starving gollies.

    • I like those clips of the starving darkies too, why don’t they bin all that celeb rubbish and just show us clips of the hungry Africans, would much more funny and watchable, if fact almost as funny as Joey Deacon was on Blue Peter.

      • Joey Deacon was a cunt too especially when he had that rod thing on his head to push buttons.

        His mate Ernie was a cunt too.

    • Russel Brand, just typifies the scale of megacunt that appears on this annual shitfest.

  6. Hezeltine claimed that by Britain leaving the EU Germany although they lost The world wars had won the peace? And the blithering old cunt didn’t finish on that!, apparently it’s totally unacceptable to him??
    He claims without British influence in the EU the Germans will just take over , and that America will drop the UK and get into bed with Germany? All scenarios are possible but hezeltine is a slippery old cunt and I believe its a new slant on remains favourite ploy project fear!! , with the triggering of article 50 looming some remoaners are bleating harder than ever, even the deutche bank jumped in this week again claiming that the pound will be worth less than a bottle top by Dec?
    Expect more of the same…….

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