Gareth Snell

While we’re slagging off Paul Nuttall for behaving like a cunt, it would be a shame to not nominate and even bigger cunt. Enter Gareth Snell, Nutter’s Liebore opponent in the Stoke byelection.

Snell reckons that people who vote UKIP are the “sort of blokes that nick your bike” and that Brexit is a “massive pile of shit” but strangely none of these things get much of a mention on Al BBCeera.

So while we’re on the subject of old shit surfacing from Nuttall here’s some from Smell –

In 2011 he tweeted that Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow should be given a “good slap”.

In 2007 he described panellists on ITV’s Loose Women as “squabbling sour-faced ladies”, called presenter Janet Street-Porter a “polished turd” and said a “speccy blonde girl” on BBC’s The Apprentice should “piss off”.

He said: “I said some very silly things back in 2007, so what’s that? Almost ten years ago. And I apologise for those because it was wrong. And I think I should be judged not necessarily on what I said in 2007 but the actions that I have taken subsequently.”

Shame the fucking hypocrite cunt doesn’t apply the same rules to his opponent.

Nominated by ‘Appy ‘Arry

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  1. Skidmark,the whole Sky package is a load of old wank.My Mrs watches the shit all day,but I won”t entertain it,although I can hear it from the kitchen.Only this morning,on “The Papers” on Sky News, sat round a table,I presume,were a load of nonentities giving their leftard opinions on Trump and Brexit,often saying “I don”t have a problem with this or that”.Well fuck you you cunts,overpaid blah blah blah whining lefty retards……..Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  2. “Theresa May’s government has launched a campaign to fight back alt right “nationalism”. As part of a £60m government project spent on the advertising group M&C Saatchi will be tasked with combating the increasingly widespread influence and propaganda of the so-called “alt-right”.”

    Wait wait a minute punters, 60 million on fucking memes? Is Theresa May mentally retarded? you don’t think 60 million could of been better spent on taxes rather then this stupid bullshit man thing. Well after all our mongy incompetent government spent half a billion on a shite african version of the Spice Girls so maybe 60 million on memes isn’t so bloody Bad?! WTF memes shouldn’t be sold. Theresa May your a fucking cuntface you ban hammer national action (harmless organization mind you) and now wondering why that didn’t work what a doss cunt

    • The Alt-right do not exist, at least not in the form the MSM and big politics would have you believe. The BBC keeps saying that Milo Yiannopoulos is an Alt-right poster boy and spokesman. This is despite repeatedly saying he is not Alt-right, he is a libertarian or classical liberal who is half jewish, homo with a liking for black cock. You would be hard pushed to find anyone less Alt-right.

      • Perfectly put SE couldn’t have said it better meself the real alt right is very small in numbers. MILO never started the alt right Richard Spencer. I laughed when some berkeley protestors called milo homophobic lol…. like he literally sucks cock for breakfast lunch & dinner lol milo is alt lite and a somewhat funny poof when he wants to be

      • Richard Spencer is a neo-nazi shitbag non-entity who has appropriated the term Alt-right. He claims to have coined the phrase which is unlikely.

        But when MSM use the term alt-right they are referring to people like the aforementioned Milo, as well as conservative media outlets like Breitbart, Infowars, the Daily Caller and Rebel Media. They also don’t like individual commentators like Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, Steven Crowder, Mark Dice and Youtubers Sargon of Akkad and Black Pigeon Speaks and even comedian Sam Hyde. It is a catch all label for anybody with conservative or libertarian opinions which are uncomfortable truths for the liberals.

        And before Fred West starts, Treezer and the Tories are very slightly right of centre liberals.

      • “Richard Spencer is a neo-nazi shitbag non-entity who has appropriated the term Alt-right”

        You say that like its a bad thing lol look richard is at least non violent regardless of his beliefs and he didn’t appropriate anything. He literally came up with the term alt right, how Milo gets tagged with that title is beyond me just stupid lamestream media basically stirring shit Milo is a poofta egotist he doesn’t even care bout the alt lite hes just a reporter for breitbart thats all he isn’t a dangerous faggot just a trendy battyboy

  3. Baron Dubs, (I kid you not, this cunt is a Baron. I wonder if he has a pet dragon and a wizard called Merlin?) turns up at the doors of No. 10 to deliver a petition to continue to allow refugee children into the country. He is accompanied by a group of young white children all under the age of 10. Why didn’t the cunt show up with some of the actual “children” which have been let in under his scheme? Could it be because 75% of them are not children, but rather rather surly and threatening looking w@gs?

    More “child refugee” japes here;

    • What a Cunt! Barons Dubs is a ruthless evil greedy tosser he didn’t pull this spectacle out of the kindness of his heart that I fucking damn sure of

      Fucking EU Shill!

  4. Yea Michael Moore is just a typical lefty moaning cunt.
    I don’t think he has any principals, he just wants to be the protest guy.
    He is the one that stands up because he is more intelligent and principled than everyone else.
    I’m sure that’s probably what he tells himself anyway.
    To every non lefty in the world he’s just another class A cunt.

  5. The meejah is all over a teacher who announced his gayness to assembled pupils . This was widely considered to be laudable , good for boosting BLT pupils’ self-worth etc. He seems to have acquired hero status by dint of being a pooftah , and a pretty stereotypical one , Brighton based worthiness personified , you name it.
    No , it’s all about ME , ME , ME . Gays and lesbos and bis and one legged unicorn fuckers are MORE precious and worthy of nurturing ( moulding?) so as to advance our society . Fuck me , it’s depressing.

  6. Gareth snell aka Gareth smells like shit. That goes for all lavatory (labour) party politicians

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