Benedict Cumberbatch

Benderdict Cuntberdinck is a ginormous cunt… When asked why he hasn’t put his huge amount of money where his big mouth is and took in some of his ‘beloved’ ‘refugees’, what he said was hilarious…. Cuntberdinck said he ‘couldn’t’ because his ‘house (ie: mansion) wasn’t ready yet and it had no electricity’…. The cunt is a millionaire and could buy a whole street of ‘normal’ houses if he so desired… He could also pay rent and suchlike for a good few ‘refugee’ cunts if he wished to… Truth is he obviously doesn’t, but he expects everyone else to welcome these freeloading filth with open arms… Same goes for the human oil slick, Lineker, and Lily the singing spaz… There’s one thing worse than a bleeding heart cunt, and that’s a plastic bleeding heart cunt….

Nominated by Norman.

Who were the others who promised to take in refugee families? I’m sure Geldof was one – we need to get some updates as to which of these bleeding heart cunts has actually delivered on their accommodation offer. I’m guessing not a single one.

Nominated by Fred West.

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    • Filling in the application form now, hopefully I’ll keep sunderland up but more chance of my hair growing back as I’m a slap head

  1. Grinning jackanapes blairs intervention yesterday has been as warmly received as ” back of the queue ” obama was, it appears to have spectacularly backfired!!, even remain backing papers the guardian and FT,s have openly mocked “The mockney ” man of the people!!, blairs arrogance and utter lack of self awareness have staggered even old political allies, only true remainiacs would have enjoyed his petulant nonsense, “rise up” pleaded the fake messiah, blairs a busted flush and after yesterday’s performance everybody on both sides of the argument knows it..
    Let’s all hope Blair continues to intervene as it will only galvanise the People’s decision to leave…

  2. Think I’ve mentioned this before, but seeing as I’m on a train now:

    Those cunts who sit on one of the seats in a train and either leave the adjacent seat empty or put their coat/bag on it. This sort of cuntishness I can see right before my eyes, as other commuters are left standing in the aisle. How can people be such selfish fucks? Really, what goes on in these cunts minds? Have you paid for a seat for your fucking bag, or is it Casper the cunting ghost sitting next to you? Pricks!

  3. Smart move by Tony, he must of took some time thinking about this. He has been fading into the back ground, once the biggest cunt in the country with no real competition he has had to sit back and watch other lesser cunts try and take his rightful crown.

    Cameron, Farron, Clegg in the political arena have all staked claims to be Britains biggest cunt.

    Even celebrities have made a stake to the title of BBC (Britain’s Biggest Cunt). Tony has sat back and rolled with the punches, he has not wavered in his commitment, he knew these pretenders may take his limelight, they may grab the attention of the public and even us Cunters were lulled into believing Tony was a spent force and a shadow of the cunt he once was.

    Tony however picked his moment and in what is comparable to the rumble in the jungle shook off the years to prove to us all not only does he hold the BBC title he is world class.

    Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the undefeated, undisputed biggest cunt in the world.

    Tony Blaire

    • Fuck! Wickle Timmy Farron is going to have a right job to retain his title now that Tony B.Liar is back on the scene for 2017!

  4. Sv your absolutely right Blair is undoubtedly the king of Cunts!!
    Where others huff and puff their way to being a cunt for Blair it is all so easy, the old adage “practice makes perfect ” holds true, Blairs been honing his skills for over 25 years!!, he has turned being a cunt into an art form….

  5. Urg…..what a hangover, I’ve ran out of bog roll, I had a idea of Tony Blair bog roll and thought of maybe having his grinning face printed on each sheet would be a good idea, it would probably be a best seller

  6. I don’t want to be a cunt, but could our new admins do what Dio did and start new cunting threads a bit more often?

    • Cheers for the feedback Allan.I have poor internet connection where I am living at the moment so can’t always update as much as I would like to at present.Unfortunately Dio`s shoes are incredibly hard to fill.

  7. BA cabin crew; cunts. Most are well past their sell by date harridans or else mincing old queens. Now they are going on strike, again. They say their lot with BA is so bad they have to sleep in their cars and live on pot noodles. They say there is no future working for BA. If that is really the case then go get another fucking job. There will be plenty of jobs available once we kick all the Eastern European gypos out. Cunts.

    • What the fuck happened to proper Air Hostesses. It used to be great to look forward to the flight going on hols and seeing some of the bootiful birds struttin their stuff up and down the aisles listening to the rub of their stockings as they went past and getting a waft of their perfume. Happy fucking days. Now it’s your obligatory mincer or two and a couple of old fucking hags. I get the fucking train now if I go to the canaries. Cunts.

      • Thing is that’s both sexist and anti-LGBT these days.

        That’s why all the cabin crew ladies are chumly flabbots and the blokes are Graeme Norton wannabes (ridiculous fucking hipster beard included).

        And yet, and yet…you fly Emirates or Cathay Pacific, absolute knock outs and not a Norton in sight!

        That’s because BA is “with the times.” Yeah well fuck the lot of them because I can get treated to as many Flabbots and Nortons as I care for at a fraction of the price courtesy of SleazyJet or FlypanAir.

        British Airways: Overpriced, outmoded, out of touch.

  8. I have to offer a cunting, yet again to fucking cunt kids who run havoc in supermarkets whilst their fucking fat bastard cunt mothers just let them do what in the cunt they like.

    Ok, here’s the thing: It’s a supermarket, not a bastard playground. If one of these little cunt-turds slips over and brains itself on the side of a freezer, no doubt the shop will be liable even though it wasn’t their fault. This is a national pandemic of cuntishness. Parents…if you’re embarrassed by your mini cunts being bastards in public, drop them off in a playgroup, a child minder, a landfill site, a frozen ditch or wherever. I’d like to hear myself think when I’m out and about for once in a while.

    Unruly kids should not be seen or heard. I fucking hate them. I hate their over-entitled parents who are equally as bigger arseholes as their kids. Stop sponging off the state, go out and do something beneficial instead of fucking on the rug after a night on the pinot and stop inflicting your satanic pondlife spawn on people who don’t want kids, don’t want to see kids and don’t want to hear kids.

    Today’s formula for hipster supernanny cunts:
    Discipline = Alien Concept.

    If one of these little annoying screaming brats runs past me and goes flying with a crunch because it was pissing about, I’ll step over it or go around it on my way back to the motor. I care not about other people’s offspring. It’s not and never will be my problem. Seriously new age parents, just cunt off. Cunt far off. Cunt right off. Your havoc inducing kids are not my lesson to learn. Use a fucking rubber or swallow. Enough now.

    • I got lambasted yesterday for taking the piss out of a couple of hipsters.
      Cos apparently the PC term is conjoined twins….

  9. Patrick Stewart needs a cunting. Whilst in Berlin to promote the new Wolverine movie, this pathetic, left wing cunt trumpet had the nerve to apologise on behalf of the British people for Brexit. Apparently, he’s ashamed to be British now that we’re leaving the EU. Well fuck off to L.A. then, you whingeing, baldy cunt.

    I’m fucking sick of multi-millionaires assuming they have the right to speak for the whole of the British people on issues that only traitorous left wingers give even half a fuck about. And Mongy Allen has been in the news again, believing the bullshit from the failing Deutsche Bank, and celebrating the fall in the pound. Seriously, a bank that is struggling after paying billions in fines because of dodgy business practices, is really not a bank you want to be taking financial advice from.

    Anyway, back to Stewart. He can go fuck himself with a pinless hand grenade. Fucking left wing dick head.

    • Why doesn’t he apologise for something he has a stake in, such as saying sorry for the the pathetic behaviour of his fellow thespians? If the cunt wants to express an opinion, however misguided it be, that would be on him, but to apologise for people he doesn’t represent, about an issue he probably wasn’t eligible to vote for, living in the US, he can get fucked. I’m sure Blair started this shit of, apologising for slavery, the cunt.

    • Horrible actor too… when your best known roles are professor xavier from x-men and captain cunt(kirk is it? fuck I dunno) from star trek NG its time to shut your bald gobby virtue signalling mouth and piss off! These celebritcunts are so out of touch its unbelievable that other trekkie cunt george takei is also taking the piss

      • Perhaps he could apologise for Star Trek The Next Generation being pompous, self important, endlessly moralising and not a patch on Kirk, Spock and co.

        Mr Worf and Data stole the whole show off him anyway…

    • Stewart is a monumentaly stupid cunt who thinks the right to a free trial comes from EHCR. He clearly has no idea about Magna Carta and our Common law. Thick cunt.

  10. I think the cunts get a fucking booklet on how to be a soppy cunting conceited twat when they join Equity. Back to Blairt, I’d like to see him, Clagg, Farroon, Crankie, Alex Sadmong, Sheep shag Smith, Soubery, Nicky Trunchbull Morgan, Gideon, Faggoty IsHard and Billy Blagg all round a table with Sir Nige Farridge and thrash it out. I know it looks a bit unfair but maybe them cunts could have a couple more.

  11. Time for a change of cunts shurrely. Cannot stand any more orf that smirking Cuntersnatch. New cunts please.
    As to Blair he does have a dodgy ticker so only too happy to have the cunt stressing himself oit in front the cameras and taking frequent transatlantic flights acrorss multiple time zones and fucking up his body clock. Keep the cunt at it so he does a Tommy Cooper on live TV.
    Give us all a laugh.

  12. Bend In His Dick Cucumber Snatch is a cunt, his rendition of Sherlock makes him an uber cunt, poor Jeremy Brett must be turning in grave at Cucumber Snatch’s acting and how could we forget his sidekick, Tim from the Office (Martin Freeman) another monumental cunt

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