Gareth Snell

While we’re slagging off Paul Nuttall for behaving like a cunt, it would be a shame to not nominate and even bigger cunt. Enter Gareth Snell, Nutter’s Liebore opponent in the Stoke byelection.

Snell reckons that people who vote UKIP are the “sort of blokes that nick your bike” and that Brexit is a “massive pile of shit” but strangely none of these things get much of a mention on Al BBCeera.

So while we’re on the subject of old shit surfacing from Nuttall here’s some from Smell –

In 2011 he tweeted that Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow should be given a “good slap”.

In 2007 he described panellists on ITV’s Loose Women as “squabbling sour-faced ladies”, called presenter Janet Street-Porter a “polished turd” and said a “speccy blonde girl” on BBC’s The Apprentice should “piss off”.

He said: “I said some very silly things back in 2007, so what’s that? Almost ten years ago. And I apologise for those because it was wrong. And I think I should be judged not necessarily on what I said in 2007 but the actions that I have taken subsequently.”

Shame the fucking hypocrite cunt doesn’t apply the same rules to his opponent.

Nominated by ‘Appy ‘Arry

104 thoughts on “Gareth Snell

  1. 2017,s off to a flyer!! The Cunts are coming thick and fast…. I’m barely able to keep up with this smorgasbord board of utter Cunts!!😂

  2. Wanky things said over and over again year after year . This is why i love social media, these idiots just can’t help but show how cunty they are and its there forever lol.

  3. It got me when he told Nuttall to ‘get back where you come from’. Snell doesn’t even fucking live in Stoke. When asked how he was going to vote in the US Presidential election, my Uncle replied; “I’m not sure yet. It’s like being asked what pile of dog shit I’d rather step in”. That’s the dilemma the people of Stoke face.

    • Paul mason is one of the most inarticulate cunts I’ve ever heard, how far have labour have fallen ? when a person in his position uses generalisations to make very badly illustrated points , any free thinking person would dismiss him and his narrative instantly……

  4. I don’t give a fuck about what someone “tweeted” or whatever 10 years ago about Loose Women or some old bag off Corrie. Hell, 10 years ago I thought that Angelina Jolie was worth a ride…not now,obviously.

    Both this bloke and Nuttall are undoubtedly cunts,but what someone said years ago about some trivial television slags doesn’t matter a fuck to me,or the other cunt embellishing his tale about a load of Scouse wankers.

    It’s a fucking by-election,not some silly playground squabble… “He said, She said”. As for this cunt’s view that Brexit is “A pile of shite”,well, I don’t agree with him,but I’d rather someone said what they actually thought, than hide behind a load of waffle. Most politicians wont even give a “yes” or “no” answer to a question,never mind actually nail their colours to the mast.

    I have an extremely low opinion of all politicians,and these two are no better or worse than any other self-serving,duplicitous snake of a politician.

  5. “It’s a fucking by-election,not some silly playground squabble”

    Absolutely right. Unfortunately this is what passes for political debate these days. The US presidential election revolved about one of the candidates joking with his mate 10 years previously.

    The western world is becoming infantalised, you are supposed to get your jollies watching superhero movies or overgrown kids playing a school yard game, anything challenging or difficult is edited out for our own benefit because we are too thick to understand it. Just believe what you are told about the nasty man in another country, do as you are told, don’t ask questions and for fucks sake keep buying shit you can’t afford to impress people you don’t like.

    Is it any wonder the rag heads are just walking in and taking it all?

    • That maybe true but would rather live in the west where you have the choice to think than in pretty much any other part of the world.

      Russia they drink anything to ease the pain of life, even if it kills them

      China, speak out and watch your organs go on ebay
      Africa, nope just no
      South America, if your loaded and can afford body guards
      India, Pakistan and surrounding shite holes, no fucking
      Israel and greater Israel, too much beach not enough see and full of Israelis and Arabs.

      The west has its issues but its up to the individual to shape a life in it.

  6. I want to nominate sexy serial killers for a cunting.

    There seems to be a trend in recent years, where serial killers are no longer the deserved antagonists of TV shows, but are now protagonists. Im talking about shows like Dexter, Hannibal and now the Santa Clarita diet. They are attractive, intelligent, rich…and thats about it to be honest. Its worrying that we are supposed to sympathise with these monsters, or even find them endearing (!) or, god forbid, aspire to be like them?!? Yet another reason why I dont watch TV anymore.

    • Dexter pisses all over any other series made in the last twenty odd years, IMHO.
      Far better than the supposed “greats” like Mad Men, Soprano’s, Breaking Bad, 24, Lost, etc.
      The only thing that comes close to Dexter, again IMHO, is Gotham.

      I even liked Jada Pinkett Smith in Gotham, and that says a lot.

      • These so-called serial killers like Hannibal Lecter, Paul Spector, and others are portrayed as handsome intellectuals,cultured connoisseurs, and a type of nietzschean supermen… When in reality these killers are like Ted Bundy and Peter Sutcliffe… Horrible cunts: sad and ugly little men with shitty lives and horrible haircuts…

        Best series of the past 20 years? I would say Life On Mars… Not the crappy American remake though…

      • Life On Mars was good, but the ending let it down.

        Serial killers are undoubtedly cunts, and if i wasn’t an insomniac ( late night documentaries), i would know little about the cunts.
        The story about Ted Bundy is mind boggling.
        This cunt relied on his suaveness to get away with it for so long.
        The evil cunt represented himself in court and was allowed access to the library to work on his case.
        The cunt jumped out of a bathroom window and started his killing spree all over again.
        Women all over America fell in love with him, just as they did for Ricky Ramirez.

      • Bundy once picked up a young Debbie Harry… Harry, sat in the car, saw a hole in the door… She put her hand through it, opened the door and decided to run off… Talk about lucky…

      • My mates thought i was weird for having Deborah Harry posters on my wall, yet they had pictures of Pink Floyd.
        Never got that.

        Saw Deborah Harry in Glesga, in 91, at the Barrowlands.
        Great gig, and Chris Stein played too.

      • “The evil cunt represented himself in court and was allowed access to the library to work on his case.”

        Well he was almost a lawyer wasn’t he? he was very smart most serial killers are and lawyers are good liars

      • The lawyer i used was a total pisshead.
        I used him coz he could speak English (his wife is Welsh) and i sometimes struggle with technical Spanish.
        Any time i met him he was pissed and all he wanted to talk about was Scotch whisky.
        No joke, most of the time we spoke, it was about what new tipple he could try.
        Thank fuck the charge was dropped, coz my faith was small in that cunt.

        See when ye see a poor cunt getting represented by a scruffy, sloppy lawyer in a filum ?
        That was my lawyer.

      • Very well said, Norman. I have done a bit of reading about “serial” killers ( I prefer the term signature killers ) and they are all narcissistic nobodies with a history of petty crime and social failure. Pathetic individuals who use their crimes to gain the social recognition that has eluded them in every day life. Cunts.

      • What concerns me the most is that increasingly this is becoming the standard, not the exception. The fact the show seems to sympathize with the villain, even justifying their behaviour, and mocking the hero is also worrying. This break down of what is morally acceptable for the sake of entertainment is disgusting. It is no longer cartoon violence, but actual violence.

      • Another thing that gets me about sexy serial killers is that they seem to get treated like royalty when they get incarcerated.

  7. Anyone who ties themselves to the liemore boat deserves to drown.

    As we rightfully cunted Nutall I am unable to find anything that he is quoted as above cunting worthy, nothing I wouldn’t of said and lets face it with a few expletives thrown in any of the above quotes could of been a cunting nomination.

    But alas he is a member of the Liemore party is standing as a Liemore MP so there is not way he can use the above quotes to redeem himself.

    Cunt 101

    • The only thing he got wrong was that Janet teeth Porter is not a “polished” turd.
      Just a regular turd.
      Yes I voted brexit and yes I would steal your bike. If by bike you mean your Mrs.
      I haven’t seen her but I hate labour so I’d do it anyway.

      • I have sympathy for Janet Street Porter’s partner Peter Spanton.
        Poor cunt must wake up every morning, see what’s lying next to him and think that the Mafia are trying to make a point…..

      • Usually there’s nothing better than waking up to a blowjob but this guy must be shitting his pants.

        …like putting your dick into an industrial guillotine.

    • i think snell said brexit was a load of bollox, i.e. the cunt is a staunch remoaner and liebore still pick him as their candidate

  8. Don’t worry everyone, the latest news from Labour is they are sending Flabbot round the country to fight the threat from UKIP. It’s either a fucking big wind up, Corbyns idea of a sick joke or they really have lost the power of reasoning. Game, set and fucking match I’d say.

    • I will toast their demise with a glass of champagne just as I did for the fourth reich after brexit.
      Don’t like champagne but it feels good to toast the downfall of such a cuntish cuntfest of cunt laden cuntitude.

      It gets you very very drunk too
      ….but of course that has nothing to do with it.

    • This’ll be about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit……..I think that the end of the Labour Party would be a disaster.

      I don’t mean the Labour Party that we’ve got now,which is totally disconnected from the “labour” that it should be representing,but a party which actually represents the “working- class”.

      A strong opposition party is a good thing,no matter which party is in power,it provides a counter-balance which surely every democraccy needs. The other parties are pretty much of an irrelevance,it’s Tory or Labour,and I’m not so sure that either party,given an unchallenged mandate to govern,would be a good thing. I understand that UKIP will have a big say in the next election,but without Farage,they’re not really much to write home about.

      Labour have forgotten their roots,but I certainly don’t want to see the last of them.

      • I do agree that there always needs to be a strong opposition to prevent dictatorship.
        The government must always be challenged, but by who?
        Labour are lefty’s. …and Incompetants. But all lefty’s are!
        Libs are lefty’s.
        Greens are lefty’s.
        Snp are lefty’s.
        Ukip are dumb as fuck.

        We need someone. ….but who?

      • Fuck me,the gallows would be trembling in anticipation of the work that would be coming their way if we were in charge. 🙂 .

      • Labour have barely given a fuck about the working man since the mid 70’s and especially since 1997.

        They like to mock the tories opposite for their big homes, kids in private education and interests separate to parliament with executive board positions in big business, while they themselves enjoy their big homes, kids in private education and interests separate to parliament with executive board positions in big business – but you’re not allowed to point that out because they’re “Labour” MPs and they represent “the people”.

        All parties are in it for one thing: themselves. They’ll do anything to get into power and once in promise anything to retain it. It was pure arrogance which drove Cameron to offer a Brexit deal because he thought there was no way on this earth or fuller’s we’d actually vote out. And then the petulant cunt threw his toys out of his pram and fucked off.

        They’re all as bad as each other and we’re starting to realise it. As with all opinion shifts of this nature you get an ultra-left mob and an ultra-right mob.

        Corbyn is about as left as it gets and the thing is he believes in his way of thinking – that’s why the Labour rank and file hate him so much and keep in trying to get him out. But that’s not left enough for some.

        UKIP is the right option and even that’s not right enough for some.

        The thing that really pisses me off is that occasionally – very occasionally – Labour or the Tories will have a good idea, and it is a good idea that would benefit the majority and the opposing party will pooh-pooh it for no other reason that they didn’t think of it and therefore must oppose it.

        Why is there no “Common Sense” Party? I’d say I’m more on the right of politics because I believe that uncontrolled and especially “peaceful” immigration is going to fuck this country and I’d also campaign a witch hunt on lazy idle state scrounging bastards – “I, Daniel Blake” – fuck you Ken Loach (fucking easy to have a social conscience when you’re minted you twat).

        However I also believe in free education for those wishing to take it to highest level (for certain subjects – useful ones in science and engineering, pointless cunt degrees could fuck off – for those who have proven the necessary acumen to warrant such a state outlay). I believe that we should invest in and look after our elders – who have paid into the system all there lives and then watch their life savings/homes decimated as they have to foot their care bills while some cunt who’s done fuck all with their lives and has lived on bens gets treated no differently and free of charge.

        I also believe in the NHS and given my way I would pay for doctors and nurses to be trained but for that they’re locked into the NHS for ‘n’ years. So we say we’ll pay for you to be a doctor. That cost (to you) is £100k but for that you work for the NHS 10yrs.

        Want to leave after 2yrs (like most of the cunts do – leaving us with world’s left-overs) you owe the UK £80k, leave after 5yrs it’s £50k. Thing is after 5yrs most of the cunts would be settled and would not want to fuck off to the US, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.

        Do the same for nurses and we get out of the cycle of training the best in our country only for them to fuck off while poaching the 3rd world’s doctors/nurses to work here in the UK.

        Seems like common sense to me, so where is my “Common Sense” party to propose “Common Sense”? Be right wing when it necessitates it. Be left wing when it necessitates it. How hard can it be?

        Oh that’s right, you have to get past the delusions of the other two parties the people hold so dear that *they* represent *them*. They don’t they represent themselves! Cunts!

      • Spot on Rebel . A party anyone without vested interests in businesses that they can be coerced by into voting a certain way , a party that thinks of the little person grinding out a living and gives them the tax breaks and a lift up the ladder rather than greasing the palms of their pals who promise a director / advisor role upon leaving politics. In short a real Common Sense party . I’m in who’ll join us?

  9. Labour is becoming irrelevent in line with the dwindling membership of Trades Unions partly to do with the de-industrialisation in the UK. There are other factors too including their total lack of understanding with ordinary peoples concerns over crime, immigration and Europe. Not really sure what the alternatives are going to be. Very quickly political differences have become defined by ‘in’ or ‘out’. Who knows what the fuck the future holds. Mods and Rockers perhaps!

    • Yea I thought that they were set up for the average working man but they’ve forgotten all of that. To be fair the average working man has changed but they didn’t change with us.
      I voted labour when I left school and they fucked me by giving my job away to the Polish (not the polish’s fault – Tony cunting blairs), ran up debts, didn’t build houses, opened the door to anyone and basically bankrupted us!
      They did me a favour because now I’m a capitalist and I run my own companies. Still skint but the companies are doing well. a few years I’ll be doing good. …sitting under a palm tree by a pool eventually.
      Now they don’t know what they are!
      Lefties couldn’t be further from the working man or sucking up to benefits chavs. Again, couldn’t be further from the person that slugs their guts off just to get their wages raped to pay for cunts that get the shit that they can’t afford without lifting a finger.

      Sorry for the rant but I hate them so much.

  10. “While we’re slagging off Paul Nuttall for behaving like a cunt, it would be a shame to not nominate and even bigger cunt”

    Nah – an equal cunt, neither bigger nor smaller than Nuttall in the scale of cuntitude.

    • A cunt is a cunt.

      Is nutall a bigger cunt for being a stupid, lying, hypocryitical, scouse cunt?
      Or is snell a bigger cunt for being a stupid, lying, hypocritical, labour cunt?

      It’s all semantics mate.

    • Fucking priceless!
      Anyone can start a fund raiser on GoFundMe so who says it’s Spivey that’s getting the dosh? Just saying..

      This is more like ComeShaftMe. To make a donation you have to supply full details of your debit card which effectively would allow them empty your bank account. Am I being cynical or could this be the reason they don’t accept PayPal??

      Still, as least this plea for free speech allows unmoderated comments – which is more than Spivey’s site does.

      Go leave a comment. I did and it actually got published, so fill yer boots…

    • +++++ Update +++++
      In the interest of free speech, the comments section has been removed. You couldn’t make it up!

      Oh! And the funding target has gone from £4000 to £5000…

    • Blimey! A first. He published a comment on his site. It was, of course, met with usual polite response :

      “You really a stupid cunt aren’t you. The reason for moving to a dedicated server at Orange in Iceland is due to concerted efforts to disrupt the site, which as even an arsehole like yourself knows, only exists on donations, despite people suggesting that Chris should allow advertising. Not quite sure why pratts like you have so much problem with the fact that people willingly donate to the site. Could it be jealousy? Are you a little Billy No Mates? I will willingly show you an invoice for the site costs. Where would you like to meet? I don’t think you have the balls for a meeting. Prove me wrong and meet me, I dare you…”

      I think that constitutes a threat of violence doesn’t it?

      • Damn you Dio, I had to go and have a look! Read some of his ‘oh I’m so hard done by, innocent me’ bullshit, but I just couldn’t face it. The comments from his lickspittle retarded followers are depressing. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that these dregs have the brains to switch on a lightbulb, let alone a computer.

      • Is he really being charged 4000 pounds? seems unlikely but people have been fined for hate speech before but 4000k?!… is a bit unbelievable “utterly important man in a position to tell the TRUTH” at least the person who started the GOFuckme. page has a sense of humor lol

  11. Nuttall is but a minnow of cuntishness. That cunt can’t hold a fucking candle to-
    Clegg, Farron, Junker, Verhofshit, Gideon, Clarky, Taffy Smiff. Fuck this, I’ll be here all cunting night..

    • That’s like comparing Mr shit faced down the pub to Messi or Ronaldo.

      Farron, flabbott and the like are seasoned pro’s.

      A whole life of dedicated practice couldn’t match the natural cuntige that that they manage. Talent. Natural talent for being seasoned cunts!
      Though nutall is a very good amature cunt, youre right. He’s fucking nothing compared to these leviathans.

  12. Whats with all the Durex ads lately ?
    Billy Connolly once joked “when do you put it on ?, do ye arrive with it already on ?

    Nowadays there’s a whole Durex range.
    Is that what man bags are for ?, to hold all yer rooting equipment?

    Thank fuck i’m out the game.
    Ye’d pull a bird, get back to wherever, and both of you would have to stop and get all yer gear ready.

    My daughter once asked what the gels in the ads where, and i honestly didn’t have a clue.
    Not that I’d tell her anyway, i just said the usual “mummy and daddy’s stuff.

  13. “In 2011 he tweeted that Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow should be given a ‘good slap'”

    – er, Deirdre Barlow is a fictional character. Are you suggesting that the tweet was unacceptable because it advocates violence against fictional characters…?

    “In 2007 he described panellists on ITV’s Loose Women as ‘squabbling sour-faced ladies’, called presenter Janet Street-Porter a ‘polished turd’ and said a ‘speccy blonde girl’ on BBC’s The Apprentice should ‘piss off’ ”

    – hardly the insults of the century. Not remotely comparable to the death and rape threats regularly received by various female MPs of all parties.

    “He said: ‘I said some very silly things back in 2007, so what’s that? Almost ten years ago. And I apologise for those because it was wrong. And I think I should be judged not necessarily on what I said in 2007 but the actions that I have taken subsequently’. Shame the fucking hypocrite cunt doesn’t apply the same rules to his opponent…”

    – hypocritical in what way? Nuttall’s Hillsborough lies were current (until this week when he finally admitted they weren’t true) and Nuttall’s description of an empty property as his current place of residence on his byelection paperwork is equally recent. We’re not talking about something Nuttall did ten years ago and regrets – we’re talking about dishonest things he did very recently and was caught out doing. The idea that Snell is somehow “worse” than Nuttall is beyond daft.

    • Nobody said Snell was worse than Nutall – but there’s a strong case of pot, kettle and black isn’t there? People who live in glass houses and all that…?

      2007, 2012? All pretty ancient history isn’t it?

    • The Flabbot is also a fictional character; I can’t believe any real person could be such a cunt. It doesn’t stop her (?) from alledging she has been racially abused.

    • Deidre did need a good slap, Fred… Anne Krkbride was a nice and down to earth woman in real life, but her character was awful (especially by 2011)… It’s now 2017: and I think Rosie Webster needs a massive slap….

      Such a fuss about ‘threatening’ a soap character is absurd, I agree… Psychotic snowflakes and online cowards are making threats of rape and violence against Melania Trump every day, but nobody seems to be arsed about that…

  14. Fucking BBC, fucking Newsnight, Fucking cunt James O’Brien why oh why do I continue to watch this pile of shite. I would gladly punch that smug cunt O’Brien in the face. Nothing but slagging off Trump and a democrat even mentioned that this business with Mike Flynn and the Ruskies could be bigger than Watergate. I actually missed some of what was said as I was moaning, but is good news in a way as my cold is clearing up.

  15. Top cunting. Lets not leave out his open borders organisation distributed leaflets to the vermin invading Europe telling them how best to cross national borders illegally. Pure cunt.

  16. At least we have Question Time tomorrow night, should be good for a cunting or two, especially as it is coming from Scotland.

  17. These last two threads have become like a cunt comparison site. Compare the! This by election should be about policies, not personalities. Instead it’s a who is the least lying cunt competition. Wankers…..

    • Knowing what we know now about Cosby, that sweatshirt is creepy as fuck.

      How come all the Cosby’s were a different shade ?

      • Completely ruined his magical negro image and as the last positive role model for a healthy black family type stunt. He wore some really creepy sweaters too disgusting color patterns his sweaters could daze and stun you put you under a rapey spell

  18. If I hear another weasel worded cunt say that they respect the Referendum result but then say ” my red line is ” ” I’m tabling an amendment ” followed by the words ” for single market access” my heads gonna explode!!! As they are fully aware to get that access we have to be in the fuckin EU in all but name…. Remain and leave made that point hundreds of times!!! …. sorry about churning up old stuff but it’s so fuckin irritating!!! 😡 And I’ve got a horrible feeling the House of wax ( lords) will start all of that bollocks again next week!!, if fuck wit Peter hain is anything to go by…..

    • Why aren’t the Lords pontificating on this now? They are on holiday? So, they do fuck all of importance all year and as soon as you need them they fuck off on holiday? Cunts.

    • No apparrently when we ticked the box marked “leave the eu” We didn’t actually mean to tick that one.
      The one we actually meant to tick was “stay in the eu”.
      It was very confusing for us common people but remember these twats went to university so they must be right.

      Utter cunts.

  19. Braeking news!

    The BBC are planning a telethon in aid of refugee children. All the top cunts have signed up, Benefit Cuntabun, Lilly the musical mong and Garry Liniker will be presenting.

    They are going to call it “Shave the children”

  20. Choose Love is in need of a good cunting if only for the amount of sleb fuckwits who support said “refugee charity”. I choose love of my family, culture (whats left) and country (again whats left) over x million goat mechanic rapist shite spouting ungrateful cunts who want to marry 6 year olds, rape our schoolage girls, poison us with their stinking shitty cat kebabs, fill up our hospitals with inbred children suffering who knows what genetic disorder cost millions (free to them), for fucks sake marrying your first cousins when your tribe has been doing so for years does somewhat increase the chance of genetic disorder in any offspring but so what benefits. Choose love seems to be a suicide mission for me and mine. In the future I see civil war. Well I’ll be civil and they will be as always cunts.

  21. The dream team…..
    Benefit cuntbersnatch
    Join us for an evening of self righteousness…..
    comedy…. Mel and sue
    Music… bob geldof and bono ft lady black mambaza
    Live satellite… madogga talks about Malawi ( at length)

    • Benderdict Cuntberdinck is a ginormous cunt… When asked why he hasn’t put his huge amount of money where his big mouth is and took in some of his ‘beloved’ ‘refugees’, what he said was hilarious…. Cuntberdinck said he ‘couldn’t’ because his ‘house (ie: mansion) wasn’t ready yet and it had no electricity’…. The cunt is a millionaire and could buy a whole street of ‘normal’ houses if he so desired… He could also pay rent and suchlike for a good few ‘refugee’ cunts if he wished to… Truth is he obviously doesn’t, but he expects everyone else to welcome these freeloading filth with open arms… Same goes for the human oil slick, Lineker, and Lily the singing spaz… There’s one thing worse than a bleeding heart cunt, and that’s a plastic bleeding heart cunt….

  22. Sky news are reporting the death of Kim Jong Nam as murder, pure and simple. Not suspicious, not possibly murder, not even likely murder but plain old murder.

    The facts are that they don’t even have the autopsy results yet and so have no way of knowing his cause of death let alone if he was murdered.

    More fake news from the MSM in order to advance to MWO global government narrative.

    Sky news is the only TV channel I can get but I’m seriously considering cutting the cable as they make my piss boil on a daily basis. Cunts.

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