Babies on planes


The tiresome selfish cunts who let their baby scream it’s self out for the whole flight, saying “it’s unusual, he’s normally quiet!”

Fuckface was on the flight yesterday, beard ,hair done up in a bun , black framed glasses to look important and his wife who looked like his mother ,who left the care of the fucking air raid siren to him.

Mr fucking Sophisticated actually bragged to the stewardess that he had just come back from Dubai, I bet that staggered her that such a brave adventurer was amongst us.

Meanwhile no one got any sleep or peace to do anything because the little shit was bawling and the perfect couple had no fucking idea what to do. Babies do not like planes , the pressure ,the noise ,the general upset in their routine, who knows but you have to be one selfish selfcentred arsehole to inflict that on someone else.

Nominated by: Trouserbulge

Babies on planes are cunts. But parents who take babies on planes are bigger cunts.
They don’t give a fuck about anybody else.

It’s unlikely but if the parents of the 6 cunts who was on a flight to France at the beginning of September are reading this then fuck off you cunts and cut their tongues out to prevent more noise.

Also cut the feet off your massive brood so they stop kicking the seat in front.

Nominated by: Johnson

28 thoughts on “Babies on planes

  1. A very good cunting, why can’t the stewardess put a sedative in the fuckers food? And when the parents and their howling brats are asleep, gently push them into the hold, where they can then freeze and hopefully fall out of the landing gear compartment, ideally onto, and thereby squashing, some lovely rapeugees.

  2. I’d like to nominate those cunts at supermarket checkouts who stand right the fuck next to you as you’re about to pay. You know the type, as you’re packing your bottle of whisky and 20 cans of Stella and a pot noodle into your bags, come and stand right next to the card machine, I presume (because they’ve no idea of ‘personal space’, or because they want to try to ‘hurry you on’), so when you put your card in to tap in the PIN , have the cunt eyeballing what you’re tapping in. I used to not say a word, but now I just turn to them and say ‘do you want me to tell you the fucking number mate, so you can tap it in for me, you’re fucking close enough’. Cunts!

    • Me too, I always say something to them, normally on the lines of, “Er, do you fucking mind, would you like to get a bit closer,fucking ignorant cunt”
      One one occasion, it was an older snooty cunt lady, who looked down her hooked nose at me. She refused to back off, so, I refused to pay until she moved.
      I was as polite as you like to the checkout lady, but gave snooty cunt a right gob full, folded my arms and declared I’d got all day!
      Snooty cunt, finally backed off, to which I said, fuckyou very much and paid…..and they blame the younger generation of being ignorant.

  3. Back in my day, if you misbehaved or kept crying, you get a slap and a threat of, “I’ll give you sommat to bleeding cry about!”
    It’s all about ‘new parenting’ these days.

    Well, Fuck new parenting, I got plenty of belts for not behaving when I was a kid and apart from being a bit of a cunt…..I’ve turned out alright.

    • I always got a ‘crack’ if I misbehaved or acted up… Whether it was school antics or fighting at Old Trafford… Now kids get away with anything because softarsed parents let them… Saw one little brat being a complete cunt… His mother did nothing, and all his father could do was say casually, ‘Not good, Curtis’ Curtis was the little antichrist’s name….

      Another horrible little twat was victimising his younger sister, and when their mother finally said something, said evil kid cunt said bold as brass, ‘Are you gonna hit me? I’m only a kid!’

      Kids are fucking evil cunts these days, and that’s down to the spineless ‘modern parent’ cunts who bring them up…

      • And the fucking law, who banned smacking your kid.

        All thanks to the fucking paedo parents and drug taking chavs who couldn’t look after their kids and abused them
        And the floppy tit, hairy legged so called social workers, who probably never had a kid in their lives, missed the signs of those poor kiddies.
        Because they’re all overpaid useless cunts, tarred us all with the same fucking brush and changed the fucking law…….
        It still doesn’t protect the innocent, you still hear of some poor kid dying at the hands of these cunts, no, it penalises the good parents………cunts, the fucking lot of them!

      • I tried that with my mum (May she RIP) in the middle of the high street many years back. She walloped me so hard for doing it, on the street id never dream to try it again and no cunt on the street seemed to disagree.

  4. My dear old Mum didn’t hesitate to give me or my brother a whack if we got out of line. On one memorable occasion she belted me across the legs with a large wooden spoon, and hard enough to break the fucking thing too. That, apparently, was my fault, so I got dealt to for the spoon as well.
    Ah, happy days!

    • Ahhh, the wooden spoon. We got the fish slice or a wet tea towels as well.
      God, was my mum a good shot flicking that.
      The dreaded brush(Hair) only came out for serious offences, executed by my dad.
      I think it only ever came out twice, once on me, once on my brother, never on the girls, my mum dealt with them….taught us all a valuable lesson….we never did it again.

  5. Yeah, that’s happened to me. I persuaded the stewardess to find me another seat, for which I was extremely grateful. Same goes for buses and trains. My local bus service provides one screaming kid for every trip without fail. I don’t know how they do it. Cotton wool helps, but not that much.
    I hate the fuckers. If the nearest kid was a hundred miles away, it would be too damn close.

    • You’re so right about that, King. The wife and I have all but stopped eating out now because whenever we do, invariably there’s some evil bastard brat from hell which will ruin the meal with its antics. Of course, say anything and you’re immediately the bastard. WTF?

      If I went to eat at McDonalds’ (which I don’t of course) I wouldn’t complain about the amount of kids and the noise. I chose to go there and you’ve got to set your expectations accordingly with regards to their clientele. However, if I go to a nice restaurant, especially at say 8 or 9 PM, I have every right to expect a pleasant, quiet and relaxing dining experience. Oh no. Fuckface parents wanted to eat up market too and brought Little Johnny Bastard with them. What joy for the rest of us. TAKE THAT FUCKING SCREAMING SACK OF SHIT HOME YOU CUNTS. And by all means drown it.

  6. We went out for the monthly meal last week and had to put with a satanic version of jimmy cranky behaving like an utter count wanting to taste everyone’s food and the parents doing tuck all, until I gave the little shit a naga chillie and the the dad said I was the count and some other stuff by I couldn’t hear him cuz I was laughing to much, even got clap from some of the other people there… made my day but the missiz wasn’t to impressed

  7. I carry a couple of pairs of earplugs for the flight now.

    I like to make a point of rather deliberately unpacking them, rolling them up and stuffing them into my lugholes in front of the cunt parents at the first sign of a whine or grizzle from little Poppy or Joseph.

    Let the little fuckers scream all the way. I won’t hear a thing.

  8. Once again, the main culprits are the Generation Snowflake devotees who believe their tree-hugging “think happy thoughts” Cinderella bullshit will actually help. It won’t help shit.

    Society has branched off into the wrong direction totally. I remember an old maths teacher from the very early 80’s dealing with a gobby twat in the back row of the class.

    This troublesome cunt was continually acting-up and causing trouble, and old teach calmly put his chalk down on the table, picked up the heavy wooden blackboard rubber, whirled round and flung the fucking thing straight across the room like a .243 Winchester and hit this mouthy twat square between the eyes like fucking High Plains Drifter! He went straight back like the JFK headshot. He never acted up again. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Sadly, old-school discipline has died out these days due to the rise of Hipsteratii effeminatum and his hippy moonbeam space cadet multi-coloured haired cunt wife and their pet unicorn from the planet Cunt. Modern parenting can kiss my self-maintained arse.

    • This comment made me piss,TwatVarnish. 😂😂
      I too remember the wooden blackboard rubber and the well deserved damage they inflicted on the misbehaved.
      Given from the teachers who, then, had the power, agreed by parents to give the teachers respect, to discipline the wayward and misbehaved.

  9. It’s the same old entitlement generation who have the attitude ‘we’ve got a kid and you’re just going to have to put up with it’. Absolutely no respect or consideration for anyone else. Utter cunts. The rule should be – If you absolutely cannot guarantee the good and quiet behavior of that fucking thing you bring on board, then you will be fined $1,000 for each infraction. The proceeds to be shared amongst the people who were adversely affected by the balling little shit. Fuckface parents would soon be fined off flights and the rest of us who quietly, respectfully and considerately go about our business can get some peace and quiet while travelling. It’s stressful enough without THAT noise.

    Fucking kids. Bastards the lot of them. As I’ve said before, if I sat in my seat and yelled my lungs out I’m absolutely certain some big burly flight attendant would stop by and tell me to STFU or else the pilot will land and I’ll be kicked off the flight and arrested. But if a screaming brat does the same thing – instant free pass like it’s perfectly fine. Hey parents – there are other forms of transport you know. If you really, really, really need to go and see grandma who lives 100s of miles away – ever heard of Hertz or Avis or Europcar? Google it you fucking ignorant cunts.

  10. I was on a flight home from BKK to uk recently never a happy moment .This kid in front 7 or 8 years? contstantly banging back into the seat so I banged back in response then while I’m eating the little rat turns round on its knees and starts gorping at me to which I glared and with a wave said GO AWAY! The little prick fucked off.A woman in my row thought it was funny but I was half expecting a lecture from some prick about hes only a kid blah blah.Yeah fuck off wont put up with it. learn them some manners cunts.

  11. cunt kids one more.Had the sack twice as a bus driver by thick as shit daily mail reading arsehole parents complaining about level of service to their bastard brats.One day 7 or 8 school kids got on request some singles some return tickets 20 minutes later little fanny bitch comes up with I asked for a single not a return so too late to cancel ticket I gave her the difference out of my pocket and her shit bag ugly cunt mother called in and complained the cunt!Another time some daily sport reading scum {who were shat not born} got on and their vile cunt kids were jumping all over bags on luggage section and running wild cos I told them to knock it off the scumbags called in and said I was shitty to some poor old guy in a wheelchair.NOT IN A MILLION YEARS is that me.Scumbag benefits cunts!Feel better now lol.

  12. Much better to get these things off your chest1 Kids!….Your’e right, the parents are the problem and are usually worse that the little cunts they pop out regularly to enhance their benefit claim. I remember as a kid I got a thick ear for nicking apples.. I cried and went home…when asked why I was crying…I told my Da the truth ( silly cunt that I was ) He gave me such a hiding. My point is, in those days kids behaved or got the shit knocked out of them. Today, fuck all happens, no discipline and certainly no respect. Just cuntitude!

    • Yep hate them. for me my hatred has grown in the last two years.My daughters got kids 3 of the fuckers 5 7 &9 yrs.Particularly hate the little girl.Gave her a choco bar one day the little bitch threw the rapper on the floor I said ” pick that up please n bin it ” NO .”ill take the choc off you ” “NO YOU WONT” “wanna bet Ill count to three 123” grabbed the choccy screwed it up n binned it,should have heard the kid one of the few times ive enjoyed listening to a kid kick off.Reason its like that is my daughter just mops up all the shit they make while they sit watching bollox tv .Its bollocked.Theyre our future ….scary.

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