Russell Howard [4]


Russell Howard is a cunt.

Supposed to be a stand up but got hired by Al Beeb and is now merely a mouth piece for their liberal, Marxist agenda.

Give the cunt a microphone and he won’t hesitate to give you some unamusing pile of shite about nasty the Tories are, how shit Brexit is, how Brexit voters are retards and how trump is going to destroy the world.

The cunt still dresses like a 20 year old but must be well into his forties.
He needs a fucking beating with a nailed up cricket stick.
That’s what he needs.
He’d thank you for it I’m sure.

Nominated by: Lord Ferrigno

9 thoughts on “Russell Howard [4]

  1. Russell Howard is a lefty boss eyed cunt who mentions his mums tits way too often.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some webbed toes somewhere in the family….

  2. “The NHS worker criticised for suggesting the children of Brexit supporters should suffer illnesses without a cure as repercussion for impairing international medical research has apologised profusely.
    Nicola Gorb, 47, told The Huffington Post UK: “I’m deeply sorry if what I said has been misconstrued or misinterpreted. It’s not what I meant to say. I care deeply about the care of children and that’s what I wanted to get across.”

    You lying cunt, Nicola, you despise those of us who threatened your world view and like many more remain voters you would gloat at the thought of Brexit voters suffering no matter how it comes about.

    You’re another example of the dishonest core of the remain campaign, you ilk have tarred Leave voters as the lowest of the low but the reality is the remain side are using every underhanded trick and scam to rob the people of the result the majority voted for.

    As for the lying treacherous cunts in parliament, we don’t need your sanction for Brexit, Parliament handed the choice to the people and now do your fucking jobs and implement our will.

    • She only works for the NHS three days a week, the other two she works in her private practice,

    • Misconstrued or misrepresented !
      Why is it that when people tell us what they really think and then get castigated for it it’s all a mistake, taken out of context etc.
      This cunt said exactly what she thought and what that showed was a nasty vindictive cunt she really is.

  3. Nice one Sixdog, couldn’t have put it better myself. Admittedly there were a few gasps in the audience of Question Time when they had heard what the cunt said but they remembered they were in Watford and turned into cunts again

  4. Russell Howard is one of the worst cunts out there, his entire “comedy” display involves:-
    Talk and don’t be funny
    Talk and don’t be funny
    Be rude and don’t be funny
    Talk and don’t be funny
    Resort to shouting and swearing or putting on your families west country accent and don’t be funny (which results in awkward laughter and sycophantic clapping)
    Me wishing I was close enough to the cunt to end his life.
    Close Curtains.

  5. Yep, he is definitely a cunt. Always pushing his metro sexual, euro loving agenda. And whats with the eye? He must have earned enough to get that fucking gammy peeper sorted out, surely. That should have been the first thing to address when his bank account started hitting the 6 figure mark. The Cornish, squeaking cunt.

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