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  1. It should be Niggerians 🙂 seriously they are all thieving violent bastards anyway and various vile celebrity cunts want them packed on the streets. Remind me to never see another film again especially if these cunts like cunterbatch, jude law and 1000 other bellends are in it

  2. An old flat mate of mine had a Nigerian bird for a month or so, she come to the door for him shouting ” weh de fack iz Bob, weh de fack iz Bob deh madder facker , and would then brush straight past me yelling “madder facka ,weh ah you madder facka. The cunt even brought her to my missus’ birthday party. And it was at said party that we all found out she was a hooker. The ugly cunt had been swanning around with his younger bird all smug as fuck not letting everyone know that she was a Nigerian whore . who the fuck shags an Nigerian whore ,without twenty rubbers that is. Anyway i moved out sharpish ,she moved in ,took him for everything and facked off. The two of them were a pair of madder fackaz..

    • Ha ha good one Birdman. It fucking annoys me the way a lot of them speak English.

    • I did…..I lost the skin off the end of my bomb head in the procces (I was very pissed, and she had a badly fitted coil)
      I then had to explain my injury to a doctor who gave me a sick note excusing me from marching and then spent the next 3 weeks explaining to the Provost staff as to why I was alowed to saunter round the base at my own pace. (much to their myrth)

  3. Nigerians have a bad reputation even in Africa. They are known as lying, thieving, lazy, violent sell their own granny cunts and are widely dispised throughout a continent of other lying, thieving, lazy, violent sell their own granny cunts. Now, that takes some doing.

    • But be fair, that’s only because it’s totally fucking true. They are mostly horrible cunts and that is the worst kind.

      • In my experience there are three types of Nigerian but maybe they overlap only on the second type: The raghead variety of mad bombers, the thieving bastard benefit fraudster cunts and the devout catholic saintly type. They have ripped off the left wing soft git boroughs of London for millions in benefits fraud. Gambling, prostitution and fraud the cunts are into it. I evicted a cunt once who had got housed on the basis of a passport stolen at Heathrow. One thing in common, if you’ve ever had to use public transport, as JRC said they are fucking so loud they don’t need phones. Cunts the lot.

  4. I’d like to nominate Ben Smith for a cunting.

    This smug cunt has run 401 consecutive marathons for absolutely no reason whatsover. It no doubt beats working for a living and the way he was talking to the appeasing cunts on the ABBC sofa you could almost hear the book deal forming in his head.

    That will be 401 pages of “Went running today!” A calendar has more interesting content and that only goes on for 366 pages at most!

    The most nauseating thing however is when he banged on about visiting 101 schools to tell them about his own “journey” as he experienced bullying when he was at school.

    What a fucking role model: if you’re the school punchbag…run like fuck! Yeah what a great message that sends out and obviously it was good training for undertaking this pointless exercise.

    I’d have more respect for him if he’d taken up boxing and offered to show kids how to smack their bullies in the teeth – most bullies are fucking cowards anyway and a bunch of fives usually guarantees that they’ll leave you the fuck alone for the rest of your school life. Run from the cunts and you’ll be running for ever – just like this Ben Smith cunt!

    He also claims he suffered no blisters whatsoever. Well the blisters on my eardrums listening to your self-righteous bullshit certainly need lancing – you cunt! Get a job twat and actually do something with your life!

      • Well said Rebel without a Cunt, I have noticed that a lot of these blatantly posh cunts seem to do fuck all as in getting a job. I reckon a lot of them don’t live up to Mummy and Daddies expectations and end up taking three gap yah’s and go to Nepal to ‘discover’ themselves. They then think ‘Oh shit’ I need to work now so they start a ‘Micro Brewery’ with their mates, or plant vegetables in unused areas, or try to sail across the Atlantic. They are lazy cunts who still think they are at University. The cunts.

  5. Right I am getting really really sick of posh cunts like Jo Johnson (brother of Boris) and their protestations that only thickie cunts with no education voted Brexit and that all people from disadvantaged backgrounds need brainwashing by the leftie education Establishment…oops sorry sending to impartial universities, where they can learn to think the right way.
    WTF does this cunt think , that there are enough trackie wearing red bull drinking, dope smoking morons, who walk around with their trousers around their arses in this country to total 17 million and force a leave vote!? CUNT.
    He said and I am quoting from the telegraph here “correlation” between levels of “education generally” and a “propensity” to vote Brexit.
    Sanctimonious entitled posh boy still missing the point. Some of us also went to private schools , and some of us who are not total dumb asses. living on council estates also wanted out of the Brussels controllium , some of us went to universities and still wanted out of the social communist experiment.
    Jo Johnson I suggest you shut the fuck up you cunt and get your facts right.

    • Rachel Johnson is just as bad. Don’t these privileged Londonistan centric fucktards get the message? We aren’t listening to you any more, we have had enough of the condescending elite who think the term “populist” and “demagogue” are insults. No they are not, you cunts.

      Demagogue; a leader who espoused the cause of the common people.

      Populist; a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people.

      These cunts do not like democracy, they see it as a threat to their strangle hold on power. Cunts.

  6. my brother was born in Nigeria and he is a lying,thieving,violent,conning bastaaaard so it must be Nigerians even if they are from a brittish family are still cunts,the other thing I love about Nigerians is the con men asking you to deposit money in an oversea,s account,or reply to a car add saying they are buying the car for someone else so have to make a last minuite paypal payment before the car is exported,,,,,,so Nigerians think we re all retards……..the cunts fuck off back to zaria cuuuunts

    • I have a small collection of Nigerian scam letters that were sent to a company I used to work for. You know, ‘we’ll give you a lot of money if you send us a small amount first’. Ok, they certainly aren’t amateurish and it’s obvious that a lot of effort has gone into composing them, but it amazes me that people actually fall for it and end up losing thousands.

    • I am a Nigerian Prince who works for the government. A couple of years ago a friend of mine died in an accident and left £34m in an account. It needs to be moved and if you help me I will give you £2m for helping me.
      All you need to do is give me your bank account details and a letter with your signature on it and I will do the rest.
      I look forward to hearing from you all.

      • You never left your details so i gave it to the cunt selling tje wooden bracelets on the corner , he said he knows you . look forward to hearing from you ,and thanks again for helping me to help you…….PS. Do you have any relatives in Calais i can do a favour for ,if so i will just give the money to the guy on the corner again …..cheers my friend………

  7. And of course the most widespread internet scams originate in Nigeria.

    There’s a fabulous online community at 419eater.com who devote their time to scamming the scammers. A book containing the most hilarious examples of the tables being turned on the Nigerian internet fraudsters is called ‘Greetings In Jesus Name’ – I thoroughly recommend it to all cunters.

    • A mate of mine got the “Please help with my Grandmother’s medication bill.” scam email.

      It was his (no cunt cares) Hotmail account and replied like he was all concerned, etc.

      Soon as they thought he was hooked they sent through the: “Oh thank you, thank you! Now if you could deposit the money in a Western Union transfer and let us know the number we will all sleep easier knowing that ‘Nanny’ will get better soon.”

      So he sent them a bollocks number (a made up one but which looked legit). Immediate response: “So sorry but that number was not recognised…” blah blah blah.

      So he sent an apology with 2 digits transposed as though it was a mistake. Sane again they asked him to send a picture of the transfer receipt. So he took an out of focus pic of a Tesco receipt with some illegible number circled in red pen.

      Even more desperate mail ensues at which point he replies: “You’re that hard up for ‘Nanny’s medication – sell your fucking computer!”

      The emails dried up after that but the to/fro stuff was hilarious. Rob-dogging cunts!

  8. The Nigerian Lottery… That’s a classic scam from the gollies, Fred…

    Also, isn’t it funny how it’s only these celebrity cunts ( Tramp Geldof, Judy Law, Benderdick Cuntbertwat, Hairy MuIligan, Fanny Izzard etc) that want these thieving wacky pakis, somalian vermin, and rapeugee wogs here in Blighty… Them and thick as fuck ‘daddy’s paying’ blue haired student cunts are all pro-migrant too… But ask any working class (and working) Brit (Black or white) if they want an infestation of migrants, I will guarantee they will say ‘No’…. So why doesn’t Madame May put it to the vote? ‘British people for migrants…Yes or No?’ Brexit was close, but I reckon the wogs welcome lot would be hammered if such a poll was ever to take place… Then of course we’d get the likes of Fanny Izzard, Vanessa Shouldbeinagrave and students like Grizelda and Pukeykins totally ignoring democracy and throwing their toys yet again out of their expensive, fur-lined pram… Amazing: these tossers carp on about ‘diversity’ and ‘what is right’, yet they will ignore a democratic decision and the laws of the land, and are therefore committing treason… What a load of cunts…

  9. They fucking stink too. I’m sorry but they really do, try getting on a bus full of the cunts and you are lucky to hold onto your breakfast. Lifebouy would not touch the smelly fuckers, a week soaking in industrial strength bleach might do the trick.

  10. I don’t know what you lot are on about. A certain lovely by the name of Precious Umbongo has agreed to marry me and share her fathers millions as a dowry when she gets here. He was a government Minister. I’ve sent her the airfare and the money she needs to free up Daddys millions. It’s like I’ve won the lottery..a nubile 20year old African goddess worth a million.
    None of you are invited to the wedding.

    • That better not be my sweet African princess Umbongo you’re talking about…………..when i spelt African and then pressed space , the predictive spelling came up with American as the next choice of word….wtf…..

  11. 419 eater.com funny as duck from Fred west…. good enough for the cunts….make a pleasant change to see some poetic justice

  12. there was a case a few years where a British woman actually re-mortgaged her house to pay for her Nigerian online lovers urgent health care. she said she was ‘in love’ and believed everything he had told her. if you send out millions of the crap it only takes a very small % to fall for it and yer quids in. sadly such gullible people do exist.

    • Norman mentioned last week about a bint buying sports gear for her Turkish beau. We all come on here to vent and also have a laugh , but that story really pissed me off. I know they’re stupid tarts for doing it and its easy to slag them off but i wanted to track that stupid cunt down and sincerely help her come to her senses………. I’m a soppy old cunt really……

      • She was ugly as fuck, birdman… He was probably the only ‘man’ she’ll ever have… And the (cough) ‘migrant’ looked (and smelled) like a shaved rat dipped in gravy browning…. Revolting, they were…

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